BALTIMORE (AP) — Officials say volunteers have stepped up to help the National Aquarium, even with the economy slumping. 

The Baltimore Sun reports that 853 volunteers and interns worked at the aquarium in Baltimore in 2010. They worked the equivalent of 53 full-time jobs — which saved the aquarium some $2.4 million. 

Nancy Hotchkiss, the senior director of visitor experiences at the aquarium, says 2010 was a record year. 

The oldest volunteer was 91, while the youngest volunteer was 14. 

The volunteers take on a range of tasks. Some are certified divers who go under water to help feed some of the creatures on display, while others help visitors find their way. 

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Comments (5)
  1. Doug says:

    Too expensive,
    and every time I go there,
    we’re crammed in there like sardines.
    No pun intended.

  2. peter o'neil says:

    That place is a s…t hole. High prices, dirty facility & few real attractions. If this facility were in Orlando it would go out of business in a month.

  3. Frank Washburn says:

    Disagree with ya there Pete … I love the aquarium. It is priced to high and a pain to get there but overall it is a great experience and I think it is very clean.

    So how ya been Pete?

    1. peter o'neil says:

      Crawling up your a** Frank……it is a good thing.

  4. Cait says:

    I do think It is overpriced as a consumer, but it takes alot of money to clean the water properly and to feed the fish and maintain the facility. I think it is geared for younger kids , they do offer yearly great yr packages i have thought about getting them but really i would only go maybe once a yr and that is not worth it to me the package deals they offer are do not fit the 2 parent 2 kid household.

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