Pot Plants, Assault Rifles Seized In Western Md.

WESTERNPORT, Md. (AP) — A Westernport man has been charged with drug and weapons violations after authorities say they seized 13 marijuana plants, two assault rifles and a handgun at his home.

Colby Nestor, 22, remained in jail Monday after a judge kept his bond at $45,000.

Allegany County police arrested Nestor on Sunday. They say they found the plants and guns in his home Saturday while responding to a tip about a possible growing operation.

Nestor is charged with manufacturing and possessing marijuana with intent to distribute, and possession of a firearm while drug trafficking.

Assistant Public Defender David Schram is declining to comment on the case.

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  • Doug

    Nearly 80% of Americans want pot legalized,
    and the same laws as alcohol applied .
    Instead of spending billions to stop pot,
    we could be taking in billions in tax revenue.
    Either way,I assure you,
    the same amount of pot will be consumed.

  • Kurt

    And just what classifies it as an “assault rifle”? Inquiring minds want to know. It sounds to me like there were two semi-auto long guns which are not the same as an assault rifle. This reporting is shoddy at best. Can you deliver some additional details?

  • greg kerr

    this was my friend
    he had 13 plants in dixie cups and the 3 firearms were legal
    he bought them at my dads gunstore.. just a case of getting caught up in the wrong crowd

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