For everyone that says that Barry Bonds shouldn’t be going to trial because the government shouldn’t be involved in steroids and baseball, and everyone knew the players were using, you are missing the point. Bonds is being tried for lying to a grand jury. He never needed to lie. He was given immunity. He wasn’t in trouble. He was being questioned in someone’s else case. He lied. Simple. Don’t lie, especially under oath.  If you let Bonds go, what message do you send to other people, especially rich people who feel like they can lie because the government won’t spend the money to prosecute them?  Whether or not you think Bonds using steroids is a big deal or not is not the point. He is accused of lying to a grand jury investigating a crime. That is a big deal.

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  1. Jon says:

    What about all the crooks on Wall Street crooks. They stole from this country and lied about it. They will never be charged or spend a day in jail. So to send a message you are more worried about a baseball player then rich men who cost people jobs, and in some cases there lives. You can not be serious about this blog and be expected to be taken seriously. For anyone who is serious, you should hear Scott Van Pelt “one last thing” and Matt Tiabbi’s colunm in Rolling Stones. Before you criticize anything I have said, listen to his comment and read his article. Steve Davis you are a joke. If Bonds should be tried then you need to write in your Blog that those crooks on Wall Street should suffer the same fate. Who has done more destruction to this country.

  2. Julius says:

    Black men are always the ones who are made the example. The Rocket lied to congress and has yet to brought up on charges. When he is brought up please call me. Stop wasting money with these silly court cases and go try drug dealers and these corporate criminals on wallstreet.

  3. VPutin says:

    There you go again Steve Davis “If you let Bonds go, what message do you send to other people, especially rich people who feel like they can lie because the government won’t spend the money to prosecute them?”

    If you let Bonds go, the message you send -you must be innocent and not guilty. Let the jury decide, not Steve Davis. What has happen to this country, whereas you are tried before the court of public opinion and found guilty before the jury render a decision.

    VPutin has spoken!

  4. Spoloway says:

    Millions of $$$$$ being spent for NOTHING

  5. Denver Dave says:

    I am saying that Barry Bonds may have used steroids inadvertantly. Everyone associated with this is calling him a liar because he said he didn’t use them. Assoates are saying they saw his trainer inject him with something. Did they annalyze the contents of the syringe? Did the trainer or Bonds tell them it was steroids? No.

    In the middle to late ’60s, when I got out of high school and before I went to college on my scholarship, I was participating in summer and early fall training at my university. Our coaches were injecting us weekly with what they said was a coctail of vitamins and protein wich would help us grow muscle and stay healthy and injury free. I know that all of us did gain muscle mass, our “testicles” shrunk and we were animals during those years of going to school and playing football. If anyone asked me if I had used steroids my answer would be no and I would be telling the truth. But if anyone saw my coach or trainer injecting me they might say that they saw that and assume that I was being injected with steroids. I would honestly be telling the truth that I was not injected with steroids even if I had been. Get what I’m saying…

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