By Jessica Kartalija

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baseball at Camden Yards is turning into an all-star feast.

Jessica Kartalija checks out the new concessions.

No matter how you slice it, cuisine at Camden Yards is a cut above the rest.

“It’s more about cooking in the moment and giving the customer a great experience,” said Camden Yards Executive Chef Joshua Distenfeld.

The Orioles have spent $11 million adding new food choices with Maryland flavor.  There’s a crab enchilada, beer-battered soft shell crabs, Little Italy meatball sub, Old Bay wings, crabcakes and even Berger cookies.

“We are trying to really get out there and see what’s cutting edge and what’s new and infuse that into our own theme here at the ballpark,” said Distenfeld.

There are even healthier options, too.

“We have healthier eaters at baseball games and [salad] goes with a meatball sub so it works out,” said Eric Borgia.

“This has kinda evolved as a science now and people kinda like it,” said Boog Powell.  “I think we’ve improved on it this year, too.”

Several of the chefs spent weeks tasting foods through Maryland so they could get the flavor just right.

Several of the old favorites will still be served with new names like Baseline Burgers.

Comments (10)
  1. Doug says:

    Bet the prices are eye popping.

    Figure on $100 for a family of four to eat glopppy over priced
    heartburn inducing fingered food.
    You’ll be scratching your head as you leave ,
    wondering was the game baseball or extortion

  2. mudslide says:

    oh yeah,wait until those food preparers at Camden Yards get done with that fancy food – just like the rest of it there, it wont be fit to eat and it’ll cost a fortune.

  3. ladybird says:

    I’d rather have a good hotdog, popcorn and an ice cold soda for a reasonable price.

  4. Patti says:

    That wonderful new company put many companies out of businees and many hard-working employees out of work since the concessions that the fans are used to will no longer be there. My family for one. We worked there for 3 yrs. but this new company wants to keep all the money for themselves instead of having sub-contractors and…we just found out a week ago. (2 weeks before Opening Day) Thanks for the heads up and the money loss! Better hope it works out. Shame on them! Fans—wait til you see what is missing!

  5. Debbie says:

    Who goes to a ballgame for gourmet food? I agree a hot dog and popcorn are “baseball” With the food prices getting as high as the ticket prices they better have a better season if they hope to fill the stands.
    Like the fast food places, they should be coming up with a $1 menu not overpriced, fancy named ,bulk cooked food.

  6. willie man hanging says:

    We no longer have baseball games here in Baltimore or any other cities. We have events!..To attend a game today with a wife & a few kids is literally a mortgage payment when done with the parking, eating & game tickets. Very sad that average kids & Dad’s can’t afford a baseball or football or any other type game anymore. One reason why it is hurting attendance for the future & whey there is a big disconnect with fans & sports teams. Kids don’t play what they can’t see & feel.

  7. baltimore resident says:

    Gourmet food at a ballpark with Mcdonalds type team, and mean that as in the quality, who ever heard of 5 star dining during a ballgame? somebody has seriously slipped and bumped there head, or else it’s the only way to make money, who goes to see the loosers anyway now.

  8. pigeon says:

    5***** dining makes me think of steak, lobster, gourmet crab cakes (meat not bread), Oyster Rockefeller, etc. but certainly not a meatball sub, wings and so on. Why pay to have the opportunity to purchase the same products you can get just about anywhere in Balto. IF I went to a ballgame (which I wouldn’t due to the cost and lack of interest) then I would want ballgame food such as “peanuts & cracker jacks”….

  9. Jan says:

    I’m a vegetarian and “will believe when I see it” that there are healthy, vegetarian options. Until then, we’ll do what we’ve done since ’92–bring food in!

  10. RavenLunatix says:

    What a bunch of complainers these poster are… Wahhhh… Don’t want it? Don’t get it! Don’t like it? Don’t go!

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