BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Diabetes kills more people than breast cancer and AIDS combined. 

Mary Bubala reports the Maryland chapter of the American Diabetes Association is issuing a wake-up call this week in its rally to stop diabetes.

One in three children born this year will develop diabetes in their lifetime, if a diet filled with soda, junk food and fast food doesn’t change.

“They call diabetes the silent killer because oftentimes people don’t know they have it and meanwhile diabetes is wreaking havoc on the body,” said Kathy Rogers, Executive Director of the Maryland chapter of the ADA.

Lt. Governor Anthony Brown read a proclamation and then the ADA got down to the business of showing people how to make immediate changes.

At Lexington Market Wednesday, Chef J.D. Ward cooked up healthy, delicious food that was devoured while an expert from the University of Maryland educated folks about portion control.

“Portion control is very important,” said Dr. Yvette Rooks.

Diabetes is a serious subject in Baltimore City, where the death rate from the disease is 54 percent higher than the national average.

The ADA is challenging people to take the first step and find out if they are at risk.

“You answer a series of questions and if you score within a certain range, it will say if you are at high risk, medium risk or low risk,” said Rogers.

For more information on Stop Diabetes and to take that test, click here.

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  1. truthteller says:

    why dosent the government stop telling us what to eat and not to eat ?if i want to eat fat greasy cheeseburgers every day its none of their business.they should focus more on coruption within our government and how they waste our tax ill go eat a cheeseburger while its still legal………dam comunest country the USA has more laws than any country in the world, so how can it not be comunist. leave my food alone please. thank you

  2. pjr1369 says:

    ON diabetes…i have been researching & finding, MANY lack of vitamins and minerals missing in our diets… Chromium – helps insulin work highly more efficient in type 2…..still under study…Bcomplex…Biotin(enhances function of B-complex) aiding the break down of complex carbs– Fenugreek (ancient Chinese spice) – enhances many major organ functions and break down of complex carbs) Considering this day and age of high stress levels… these get depleted and we don’t get enough (and don’t eat properly to mainstay our health) and a very weird component? GasX – helps break down high complex carbs into simple sugar for our bodies to digest. Add drinking / smoking / stress – we need more of these essentials. Some studies I read with type 2 ? lack of Chromium possibly can result the onset of diabetes- & if you are diabetic- causes a lack of this mineral.. It’s not the simple sugar that can bring the onset of diabetes… but the white breads. Wheat and better yet, eating breads high in fiber (7 grain breads- high in soluble fiber) can help. Eating plain white bread is worse than eating sugar/candy. One final note? Chromium helps raise energy levels & better mental stability. I’m not a doctor… I just go with common sense and what works – everyone is different so you have to test these out yourself and find what works for you – & of course, consult with your doctor before trying any of these suggestions… it can interfere with the diabetic medicine you may be already taking.

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