Maryland Terp fans rejoice!!  Ding Dong the witch is dead!!  The Duke Blue Devils went down to defeat last night at the hands of the Arizona Wildcats and head coach Sean Miller.  I thought the return of Kyrie Irving would be all the #1 seeded Duke would need to run the table.  They were 8-0 before he went down early in the season, plus he’s going to be a lottery pick in the NBA draft if he chooses to leave school.  That recipe, I felt would get them to the promised land.  I for one, though don’t mind seeing Coach K out.  Go Butler!!!

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  1. Davis D. says:

    I’m an MD fan….but further more an ACC Fan. It’s to bad to see so many *jealous* terp fans hate Duke. Lets face it, they have pulled our conference the last few years. The rest of the teams are a Big No Show! Whether it’s Bowl Season or the Big Dance, I hope the conference does well. The ACC has become a joke the last few years in both sports. BTW, terp fans….Duke is NOT our rival. To be a “rival” you actually have to beat them once in a while 😉 Ah, maybe UVA is more our speed (ha-ha)

  2. The Sitch says:

    why the hate for Duke,but not UNC? UNC has been close to as successful as Duke has been,but the feeling is Terp fans hate Duke yet are indifferent to UNC.

  3. S.h. Foreman says:

    I’m a College Park graduate; I support the Terps, good seasons and bad. But no, I don’t hate Duke. I respect them. The ACC is often one of the toughest and best conferences, and Duke represents that, scoring wins for the ACC. Coach K gets the best from his players, as well as visible mutual respect. He has consistently been a reliable and professional coach representing the conference. Over the years I have hoped to see the same chemistry between Gary Williams and his players, which unfortunately I just don’t see many years. No, I have much respect for Duke. When Maryland doesn’t step up, then I follow Duke.

  4. евротур says:

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