BALTIMORE (WJZ) — An elderly man was struck and killed by an Amtrak train.

According to police, Yong So Kim, 86, was struck by a train traveling from Boston to D.C.  The accident happened about a mile north of Penn Station around 1 a.m Sunday.

According to Amtrak officials, 103 passengers were on the train. No one was injured.  That train was delayed for more than an hour and a half, but it didn’t affect any other trains.

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  1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Poor old man was either on a suicide mission of suffering from dementia. What kind of family or society allows its poor, its indignant, old, suffer this way? This is the real America I am afraid where its everyone person for them selves & when things get old including people, we just throw them away.

    1. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

      Do you even realize how ludricrious your statement is? Have you ever cared for an elderly parent? We don’t know anything about this except an 86 year old man was hit by a train. You don’t know if he left a facility or if he walked out of his home or if he was homeless. In short, you are making up stuff.. As someone who cares 24/7 for a elderly parent, short of tying them in the bed which is abuse, you can not contriol every second especially if they still have their wits about them and you want to get any rest. Nursing homes are substandard and the families who do have the capability to care for a parent run the risk of exhaustion. Until you see somes facts….

      1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

        Anybody wandering around outside in freezing weather ar age 86 more than likely doesn’t have their wits about them & it is the responsibility of the guardian, parent, or facility to watch them. Yes I have been in your shoes & it is a difficult task for sure & that is why if affordable they should be in a full care facility. This country throws away its old & non productive especially the marginal with limited funds. We are a disgrace. Look at Japan, they care for their aged, look at the lack of looting in that country after the earthquake, none. Look how thet are working together side by side & they look at how we treated our brothers & sisters when Katrina hit.

    2. AT says:

      @Bernard Mc Kernan – You need to stop commenting. You never have anything constructive to say, stay off of here.

    3. angie 103 says:

      Bernard, It seems like YOU have all the facts that no one else does.. OR maybe you are just being a fool and making things up.. I think the latter is true.. You need to stay off of here and stop spreading rumors b/c that is all you are doing. You have no clue what happened to this man. Why don’t you travel to Afghanistan and see if you can send us the “news” from there?

      1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

        Angie, Since you are the authority, let’s have your take on it. my comments were based on life experiences & a matter of deduction. Afganastian ? What does that have to do with the price of apples toot’s.?

    4. Jerry says:

      Wow Bernie.. you sound like you are knowledgeable about everything. What a joke. Not only are your comments based on speculation, you are disrespectful to others’ posts too. John is right, you are an antagonist and I’m guessing you get your jollies by p*ssing people off.

      1. petfriend says:

        I think you are exactly right Jerry…that guy is messed up and pitifully angry at everyone. Always on here spouting off nastyness to anyone who will listen. Think he just likes to hear himself talk…obviously no one else wants to hear him. Shame he always has to move the focus off of whomever the article is about back to himself and whatever his agenda of the day is.

        God Bless the poor old guy who died so tragically and any family he may have and also those who witnessed and those who dealt with the scene from police, EMT and Amtrak. Can’t imagine how hard it must be for all of them to cope with.

      2. Bernard Mc Kernan says:


  2. william abrahams says:

    the traveling people need to report any thing strange along the rail road to the police

  3. Lee D says:

    Yes, William, because people on the train could definitely see the guy at 1AM.

  4. Finnegan says:

    @ Bernard Mc Kernan: A bit of a knee jerk reaction don’t you think? Perhaps the man’s family was out desperately searching for him. There is very little to this story. Hardly enough to make any intelligent commentary.

    1. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

      Exactly, they call it a Silver Alert, much like an Amber Alert.

  5. John says:

    Bernard makes inflammatory comments on every post. Ignore him. He is an antagonist.

  6. Doug says:

    He probably thought he was on the platform,instead of the tracks.

    Wonder what the last thing that ran through his mind was ?

    A heavy steel wheel ?

  7. Teresa Robertson Thacker says:

    I think maybe Bernard is making a point about the elderly in general. Now everyone may be right and in this case the family may have been worried and looking for the gentleman. However, I have been a care giver for the elderly for years. I have worked in nursing homes and my last job was caring for an Alzheimer’s patient for 12 years in her home. She had care 24-7 because her daughter cared to make sure she was not left alone. I live in Harford County and I know of three times in the middle of winter that the helicopter has been out looking for an elderly person. It amazes me that some people really don’t take it seriously enough to make sure that their elderly parents are safe. Working in the nursing homes, I have seen people bring their “loved” ones in, never to step foot in the place again for a visit. How can you do that to someone that cared for you all your young life? Even if they were the worse parent ever it is just cruel to treat a person like that. When caring for someone that has dementia or Alzheimers it is easy to get burnt out. So, it is important if your parent has this and they live with you, it is important to have a support group and utilize any help that you can find for yourself. Create a support system so that you are taken care of. That will help you be able to care for your loved one in a more productive way.
    Bernard, I do agree that in this country a lot of times parents are thrown away. That is why I try to make a difference by really loving and caring for the elderly that I am blessed to care for.

    1. petfriend says:

      Teresa…if he had only commented in that matter on this article your viewpoint on him may be right. Problem is this guy is on here with every article imaginable spouting off some crazy nasty attention seeking garbage,.He is seriously bad news and often a bit scary. Don’t disagree with what you say, have been in similar situation as a care giver and it is hard. Agree that often as a society we don;t do what we need to in order to protect the welfare of our elderly. Just don;t agree with the motives behind his posting inflamatory remarks just for the “fun” of it.

      1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

        Petfriend, Your reference to “scary, spouting off” makes me chuckle. What an uptight narrow minded person you & the others to attack me are. I come on here using my real Christian name & not hiding behind some phony moniker or pseudo name.My views are my beliefs based on real life experiences. I am most likely considerably older than most of you posters & have children all successful approaching their fifties.I have traveled to most countries & experience a variety of cultures & governments. Some good, most not so. I could go on & on & I’m sure if I did I would lose you & the others & that’s ok with me because I am not talking to your kind. Your generation is the takers, we were the ,akers.

      2. petfriend says:

        Bernard, Laughably wrong once again. I don’t use my real name because as a senior citizen woman living alone now it is too dangerous to allow fools like yourself to have access to hurt me. You may be of my generation but you don’t speak for me or most of us. I learned in life that spewing hateful comments doesn’t make a change…it only shows ignorance. If you spoke your mind in a clean and decent manner with a lot less hatefulness and stopped much of your foolish self serving rhetoric and often hateful ly racist commentary that creeps in, people might actually find you worth listening to. Hate only tears down…it does not build or create as you claim for our generation. I grew up long ago in that respect. As I stated previously, the most annoying thing about most of your posting is that it is so self centered. You come off much more as part of the me me me generation than as one of ours.

  8. marie says:

    I was on that train, it was my understanding the man had been reported missing by his family about an hour before being struck, it was very likely by the accounts of the staff on the train the elderly gentleman was likely disoriented and unfortunately unable to react quickly enough to clear himself from the tracks before the train essentially clipped him. In having cared for an aging parent that dealt w/dementia wondering is always a fear, I can only guess he likely lived close to the tracks and made his way up the embankment to them. My heart goes out to his family and also to the conductor with whom did all he could to prevent this, he has apparently worked as a conductor for 12 years and has never encountered such a thing. It was a truly tragic event.

    1. mark says:

      thank you very much marie..

  9. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Petfriend, The “Hateful comments” you say I make according to you , are but the light of truth to countless others. You talk a lot but say very little of substance & in the end, what everyone says, really is all about them anyway & their point of view.
    now run along Granny & take your vitamins with the Geritol wash down. hurt you? Who wants to hurt an old lady. Pulllleeeeze get over yourself.

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