Clouds have taken over and rain is moving through. This is just the beginning of a series of storms that will keep clouds, some rain, and cool air around right into the weekend.

Spotty rain and drizzle will pick up as we move through the day. The air was just so dry to begin with, that it’s taking some time to get anything all the way down to the ground. Regardless, there is not a whole lot of moisture expected out of this storm with just areas of some rain or drizzle into tonight. There is no real end to the current storm before the next one gets here. So even though one will be out of here tomorrow, there is still the chance for some drizzle or a few showers. Then, the second storm charges up the coast later tomorrow into Friday. This one will have more moisture with it. Meanwhile, the cold air will not be all that far away. Expect some rain for the city south and east, but the rain could mix with snow eventually from the city north and west. There could even be a little snow accumulation in the western Maryland mountains.

The second storm leaves Friday, but gusty winds out of the northwest will keep a lot of clouds around and maybe even a few showers. Yet another, much smaller storm will pass by on Saturday. This one will not have much with it. However, expect clouds and maybe a few showers from it.

Temperatures will remain down the next few days. Today, we are not getting out of the 40s and then again so tomorrow. By Friday, a new round of cold air will come rushing down from the northwest. We will likely not get past 50 degrees through Saturday with this weather pattern continuing. Just a reminder, our average high is now 59 degrees and climbs up to 60 degrees on Friday.

It does look like we will get a brief break on Sunday. Sunshine will break through and temperatures will climb back closer to normal. Unfortunately, it looks like this break will not last long with the stormy weather pattern continuing and another storm lined up to move our way Monday.

We told you that we would be tracking this one closely, and we are. Not that we don’t track all storms closely, we just also have a vested interested in Monday’s forecast. WJZ will be down at Camden Yards for the Orioles’ home opener most of the day Monday. That does include a special that will begin at 2 p.m., immediately followed by the game. Right now, it’s looking like a warm front brings us on and off rain through the day Monday. If the front doesn’t clear us, we will be in the 50s. If it does, those temperatures could at least jump a little more. Again, stay tuned…


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