City Police Major Suspended Over Weapons Investigation

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A high-ranking city police officer is suspended following an investigation into one of his personal weapons.

Mike Hellgren has new details in the investigation.

Major Anthony Brown—a high-ranking member of Baltimore’s police force—has had his police powers taken away while the department investigates how his personal weapon wound up in the office of prominent and politically-connected businessman Nicolas Ramos, who owns Arcos restaurant in Southeast Baltimore.

According to a police report WJZ obtained, Ramos reported a .38-caliber revolver stolen after a break-in at his business offices.

He gave police the serial number and they traced it back to Major Brown.

“What police are trying to figure out now is No. 1: how did that gun end up in the possession of the business owner?” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City police spokesman. “The law behind this is extremely technical. We need to find out if everything was done accordingly.” 

Under state law, if a gun is sold, there are strict reporting guidelines. Violations can carry big fines and jail time.

But Ramos’ wife told WJZ the gun did not belong to her husband.

She said her husband felt it was his civic duty to report the gun stolen, that he and the major were long-time friends and the gun was never sold. She said no money ever exchanged hands, but the major kept it on the property and was a frequent visitor.

She told WJZ, “It’s unfortunate, and we didn’t want the gun to end up in the wrong hands.”

Major Brown headed special ops, including the Foxtrot chopper and Swat teams, and is under what’s called an administrative suspension.

“What that means is his police powers are suspended, but he’s still very much going to work and still very much involved,” Guglielmi said.

Police say the internal investigation is underway now. Results will go to the state’s attorney, who will decide whether any charges should be filed.

“It is by no means a finding of guilt,” Guglielmi said. “It’s how we handle personnel issues when you’re at senior levels of command in the agency.”

Brown has been on the force for almost three decades.

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  • Scott's County

    I am so sick of the Ultra-Liberal persecution of lawful gun owners in this state! The gun could have simply been loaned out to his friend which you can do as long as it’s not a Federally regulated Class 3 weapon like a full auto in which case you can never loan it to anyone. Anyway, I loan my AR15 to a friend to shoot at the outdoor gun range and I am breaking no law as long as the person I loan it to is not a convicted felon, drunkard, under 18, or has a certifiable mental illness. All this police officer has to do is say he loaned it to his friend and he his protected under the 1st Amendment. This case is a classic example of the violation of gun owners’ rights and another waste of valuable time not prosecuting true violent criminals with guns. This is why I’m a proud NRA member!

    • sven

      We need to ban all guns in this country.

      • nickibrown5

        Yes ban the guns and all the animals carrying illegal weapons will break in your house/business and rob and kill you because you are unarmed with your legal weapon. Genius! Scott, I’m with you!

      • sven

        BTW, I think it’s the 2nd Amendment.

    • Jane

      SCOTTS COUNTY: you sure know how to take a factual story and turn it in to your own personal tirade against ultra-liberal, disney-land lovin’ democrats. LOL! Hilarious! I’m tellin’ you, it’s like if you are joking, then MAN you’re funny, but if you’re serious, you’re just obtuse… or crazy. Hope you don’t end up homeless as many mentally unstable people do… you know, hanging out in malls and stuff. (preemptive remark: no, I don’t have anything against the homeless or people who are mentally ill.)

      • nickibrown5

        tirade? really? Contradictive much?

      • ha ha

        and your posts? hypocrite.

  • Bryan

    You got all of that anger and rage from reading a story that simply states the facts thus far. You should probably give up your guns and rights to own them, you scare me. Well maybe you are psychic and know more of this case then anyone else has reported. I certainly have not found any threats to our rights in this writing. I am a former Marine and Army infantry. Maybe you could get a hobby doing crossword puzzles or something other that going to a gun range……..then again, maybe some valium as you move to a country better suited to YOU! I Love America and all that she stands for! OOORAH………..

    • petfriend

      well said

    • Mom

      I am with you Bryan. This story tells me a lot more is to unfold. They are just being careful. Between the lines it says “we have a lot more to tell you”.

    • N.Rose


  • fraught

    Ultra-liberal persecution? Lawful gun owners? Gun owners are the main folksies running around screaming bloody murder about all the criminal activity in Baltimore, not me. This is America senor. Everybody lives here by rule of law. If the officer can legally pass his gun around to anybody he pleases , then so too we must allow every citizen including those legal owners who might want to pass along their weapon to a criminal friend for the weekend. Sorry Scott, while you may feel you are God, you are no freakin’ better than the rest of law abiding citizens.

    The rules the officer was obligated to follow were nowhere near “tyrannical” or “ultra-liberal”. If the spaghetti bender wanted a gun, let him go buy, register and own one lke the rest of us. And I don’t know you and what miscreant you want to “lend” your ak15 too. You could be another Timothy McVeigh for all I know. In fact, you sound just like his last rant.

  • Fall guy

    google off. Todd L Chow vs Md state . dc officer with same issues.

  • Gman

    I dont know if this officer is guilty of breaking any laws or not. But if you loan your firearm to anyone other then for them to have a turn shooting it at the range while you are next to them, then you are an idiot.

  • Scott's County

    I only loan to two friends who are former military with honorable discharges, are non-criminal, and just to shoot at two Maryland public outdoor gun ranges for fun and recreation. I would never post on here anything of a criminal nature. I’m a responsible gun owner and so are my two friends who work for the US Government, by the way.

    • sven

      Scott, aren’t postal workers US Government employees? Wasn’t the guy who shot up Fort Hood a government employee? Wacko nut jobs like yourself are dangerous and scare the heck out us law abiding, non gun owning, surviving just fine, citizens. Running around having “fun and recreation” with ak’s sounds like you have some serious issues, maybe Bryan is right and you should take up crossword puzzles so the rest of us can sleep a little easier at night.

    • ha ha

      Aw, Scotty, it’s time to re-think your life philosophy. Everyone seems to think you’re crazy.

      • nickibrown5

        I don’t, funny thing is he served so you could spout BS, funny huh?

      • ha ha

        Nikki, you are one weird chick. I am sooooooo ashamed… thanks for setting me straight. whew! you are a funny girl.. yes you are.

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  • hermanG.

    Guns kill, guns in the hands of criminals kill absolutely.

    • ha ha

      so do cars… we should ban them.

  • What?

    Damn, Freddy B! These guys keep making you look bad, and lately it’s not the street patrol guys…’s your Majors. You may want to think about the integrity of the guys you promote before you do it. Maybe it would be a good idea to make a stop down at I.A.D. before that promotion ceremony…..stupid dummy!

  • Marc Bagby

    did someone say the states attorney will look into this …case closed hes not going to do anything….

    • nickibrown5

      um what is there to do? there are no facts.. just media bs..

      • ha ha

        oh, now I get it, you’re as crazy as Bernie & Scott. I’m sorry.

  • Doug

    Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.
    Big shmeal

  • anonymous

    This is ridiculous. Why is this even news? You know, one day someone is going to be a complete ******** and do something reckless with a gun. Some loser who wants their 10 sec of fame will stand up and say “WE NEED TO BAN ALL GUNS”. They will pass a law, and then guess what, police state.

  • happy1

    Hey What how is your double wide in Pasadena?

  • RavenLude

    the only reason this is a story right now is because this liberal anti gun state thinks that all guns kill people, when in actuality its people killing people (and guns happen to be the method of choice in most cases).
    if we banned all guns, then guess what, only the criminals would get them because there would be a black market just like everything else that has ever become illegal or banned.
    as for the weak politicians/lawyers in this state, keep on writing more and more gun laws. they can write as many new gun laws as they want, but until the soft liberal judges start locking people up for a long time or executing them nothing will change. if the original gun laws were enforced the way they were meant to be, we wouldn’t need to keep writing new ones.
    its a very common sense approach, but too complex for liberal, a-backwards Maryland, especially baltimore.
    as for the city major, he should have known better to not put himself in this position that he knew would be ridiculed

  • Mike

    Moaon aabe

  • Mike

    With out Sheep Dogs the Sheep will be devoured by Wolves. We need well trained Sheep Dogs. Let’s not rush to judgement.

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