BALTIMORE (WJZ/AP) — Police say four men were stabbed, one fatally, at a Baltimore nightclub.

Baltimore City Police were called to the Bourbon Street Live club on Guilford Avenue around 1 a.m. Saturday.

A police department spokesman says one of the victims, a 24-year-old man, died of his injuries. He has been identified as Charles Johnson.  The three other men who were injured are expected to survive.

David Adams, one of the nightclub’s managers, said that the violence erupted in a ballroom where a ladies night event was happening, but he did not elaborate on what happened. He says the club will no longer hold ladies’ night events. 

City Councilman William Cole says he’s frustrated by outbreaks of violence at downtown clubs, which he attributes to “stupid fighting between individuals.” He says he’s not sure what the police department can do to prevent it.

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  1. Herman Glimsher says:


    1. Dan Amitai says:

      if the dj was playing dubstep and using serato then this would have never happened.

  2. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    These black only nightclubs are dangerous. The people are killing themselves left & right. Booze, Bades (I say that tongue in cheek), drugs & guns contribute to several killings in the past few months. CLOSE THEM DOWN!!

    1. Terrence Nelson says:

      Bourbon ST isnt a black night club so your research’

      1. sven says:

        Bernard’s just a bigot

    2. Caitllyn says:

      I was inside and there was a decent mix of the races.. and i’d like to add that there are nights when you’d find a rat in bourbon before you found a black person!!

    3. Scott & Bernie sittin' in a tree... says:

      woo-hoo it’s crazy Bernie again! you make me laugh old man.

    4. Bigot Mc Kernan says:

      Shut up Bernard, no one wants to hear your bigotry laced tirades!!! Thats why your old lady left your sorry @$$!!!

      1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

        You shut the hell up. I made a statement based on facts. I leave my real name & don’t hide behind the computer with a phony moniker like most on this site. GFU.

      2. ha ha says:

        Bernie, you know, that may be true, but some folks like to maintain a bit of privacy because not everyone on these forums is sane. See, you leave yourself wide open to crazy people who think your opinions are offensive. Anyone on here can find out where you live and that puts you and your loved ones at risk. That is why people shield themselves by using a pseudonym… there may be some who uses this forum to spew unpopular and offensive bile while hiding behind their computers, but many people who are “speaking words of wisdom” using nicknames as well, so, ya know, “let it be”. (that little twist was for you, Doug)

      3. ha ha says:

        yes, there were typos, god forbid

    5. Joyce Robey says:

      Yes, close them down!

      1. Sonja Jerow says:

        Okay so you’re saying close all the clubs so good ppl can’t go out and enjoy themselves ever because of a few bad..yeah that makes sense Bernard/Joyce. I’d go for metal detectors or searches upon entering the club. We all like to get our dance on sometimes without having to working about some of these simple, immature wanna be thugs.

    6. AT says:

      Bernard, stop posting. You’re nothing more than a crotchety old bigot.

      1. terrance says:

        AT, Your’re just angry because I was banging your old lady like a screen door in a hurricane with the wind blowing up my arse @ 90mph turd.

    7. Zahirah Abdul aziz says:

      That is definitely not a black only club u ignorant imbisol Smh it’s mixed and 95% of the time it’s whites who party down there get ur facts straight b4 attacking the blacks hun

      1. jimmycorn says:

        Get an American name you coon.

    8. bonus match says:

      Mr Mc Kernan do you remember the civil rights movement when the blacks closed you down I would choose your words wisely when referring to young blacks not having the right to have a night club where they can go to be among their peers.

      as for the drugs guns and alcohol that is for your government to deal with

      to change the mentality of genocide you should offer an alternative and discrimination is not one of them

      though if you are a white supremacist you will be happy to know that the single club you have brought forth as a black club is anything but, I am sure your superiority would have told you this

      1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

        Bonus match, I was referring to the clubs where several blacks & a black police office were killed in the last few months. Why is always the blacks get defensive when the truth about a lot of their hood lifestyles is brought up? You’re a nasty person & your insecurity & lack of maturity show like a neon sign.

    9. wiz khalifa says:

      bourbon is far from a black nightclub lol

    10. wiz says:

      there may be clubs where the majority of people are black but bourbon is far from one of them lol

    11. r says:

      Observing patterns is not racist but choose your words a little better. I am very familiar with Bourbon Street. Thurs is college night = mixed. Fri is mostly black. Saturday is mixed, mostly white upstairs. Unfortunately, this did occur on Friday (Sat morning). It is fine to recognize this pattern. However, correlation does not imply causation.

      1. b roo says:

        Yea but we all know its prolly a black dude that stabbed someone

    12. Eric B. says:

      NOT a black only nightclub, Idiot.

    13. Julz says:


    14. michael says:

      So whats the problem this way they leave whitey alone.

    15. DOCSRUS says:

      “Booze, Bades (I say that tongue in cheek), drugs”

      Booze and drugs are the same thing Bernard.

  3. tink says:

    Ummm bernard none of baltimore clubs are blacks you jus need to shut up if you actually sit back and think about it WHITE ppl are worse then us black folks. Do yur research

    1. Ronald G Miner Jr says:

      Ummmm according to FBI statistics, 53.8% of violent crime in 2008 (last year the stats are available) were committed by black Americans who only make up about 13% of the population. This isn’t a racial comment, I’m just pointing out that your comment is incorrect.

      1. ha ha says:

        Ron, 65% of baltimore’s population is black… the problem with averages is that a stat can be skewed to read it any way you like, a per capita statistic would give a better, more accurate picture of crime in the US… In Minnesota, where the population is 5.6M, 4.7% black…77% of crime is committed by Caucasians…I’m just stating the facts… crime statistics are (generally speaking) population driven. There are few areas of the country where a particular race dominates the population but not the crime stats.

      2. ha ha says:

        caveat to this… but our national demographics are wildly different from State to State….city to city…

    2. citizen says:

      nope wrong.u guys are just as bad.

      1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

        Explain to us oh wise people why if Blacks who make up 12% of the population nationally are 58% of the inmates in the prisons. These figures are from the National board of stats. Prison inmate population 2009.Taking into consideration some states like Vermont, N.Hampshire Mn etc have little Black population the figures are based on the total numbers of inmates. Hispanics are the second fastest growing race in the prisons. Chew on that fellas.

    3. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      Tink, The nightclub where the young black guy & the cop was killed last month in downtown Baltimore, You gonna tell me I would have been welcome in that place? Sure like Pork chops @ a Bah-Mivzath. There are Black only nightclubs in the baltimore scene even if they just don’t say so. How come the brothers though, always want to visit the White’s clubs? We all know the reasons.

      1. Julz says:


    4. joe says:

      there are several clubs, just black only. If there isn’t then the white folks are afraid to go into the clubs. That’s why it is black only. So tink about it for awile. As for the comment white ppl are worse, get a life tink. Blacks are the meanest ppl out there. I have a friend that works in the State Penn, and 80% or more are blacks. How about that tink.

  4. Minista says:

    Yeah Bernard…that wasn’t racist at all. fix yourself up…i can see your hood.

    1. DB says:

      You have horrible grammar, and your spelling isn’t very good either

      1. DB says:

        **@ Tink

    2. peter O' Neil says:

      Julz, You bet if you’re a white girl, you don’t have balls but you do have a period!

  5. Bernard is an idiot...Don't feed the trolls. says:

    @Bernard – Bourbon Street is not black only. In fact, there’s another level of the club called The Quarter in which rock shows are hosted… The club is very introverted (and if you want to be honest, there was an incident a few summers ago about the owners of Bourbon Street being racist and not wanting ‘urban themed parties’ there. Educate yourself before speaking. This is another tragic event in the nightlife of our city, my prayers are with all affected.

  6. Travis says:

    Yeah, all this people at a rock and roll club stabbing each other. These white boys get crazy too downtown. It’s really not a hip hop/rap nightclub since it’s sponsored by 98 Rock.

  7. ratm says:

    It does not really matter what color they are. This BS needs to stop. If you need a knife or a gun than you should not be fighting at all because you are a pu**y. The young people today are going to be runing this country one day. They need to learn to get over this being a bad ass image that everyone wants. I go to the gym everyday and I am a pretty big guy, but I have not been in a fight since high school. And I never used a weapon ever.

  8. Gordon Wilson says:

    what happened to the off duty police officers that work there as bouncers
    they confiscate weapons from some butt not all

    1. Avid Goer says:

      Well I go down there alot, and all the bouncers do is check id’s i’ve never seen anyone get patted down.

  9. Chad Dombrowski says:

    I just logged in to say that this new website design is terrible.

  10. Ex-Baltimore says:

    Black or White, Baltimore’s club scene sucks. Full of of low class garbage. However, it’s clubbing with my fellow Blacks is what really scares me. That;s why I don’t do it anymore. Sure, Whites fight also, but at least all you’ll get is an old fashion fist fight. With Baltimore’s Blacks folkes–your family will be planning your funeral.

  11. jim says:

    I wonder if the deceased had children? People in here are acting like one ……all we are saying is give peace a chance…john lennon

  12. Albert Kellum Jr says:

    thats any club with a fake id but before you pass judgement it was a 21 over event not a highschool or 18+ so please use judgement before voicing your opinion

  13. delores perry says:

    what ever happen to the fist fight get your ass whip or whip ass and just leave now its guns in knife dam you cant even go out and have a nice time thats why i stay home people pleaSE

  14. Perry says:

    Fact of the matter here is people got to fighting and someone got killed. Its neither a white issue or a black issue, it is a human race issue. I would like to think that people are better then this, better then using race as a blame. Sad thing is is that unless parents start taking an active step in their childs life, its only going to get worse then better. Humans have been killing eachother for thousands of years, so its neither a black only issue nor a white only issue when people have been doingit for that long. Befoore you start pointing fingers at someone elses race look at what’s. Happened over in eastern Europe, white people killing white people cause there a different white and in Africa where blacks are killing blacks just cause there a different black. Wake up people and realise that divided we fall, united we stand!!!!

    1. KC says:

      Great comment Perry. Very good view point hopefully others we see it this way too.

  15. delores perry says:


  16. BIG "D" says:

    The problem we face as a people , we meaning everyone as a people have no respect for ourselves. We are so quick to judge the world around us instead of looking in the mirror! People spend and waist billions of dollars trying to fix what’s wrong and the answer is so simple. Change yourself take accountability for yourself and your community if you see something wrong speak out or do something don’t just turn your head ! If we all changed ourselves and try to make a difference in ourselves and our community we can change the world. There was a old tribal saying ” It takes a village to raise a child !” in today society its more important then ever since there is not much family structure in homes today in the current economy . So I beg everyone to make a change in yourself take the race card out of the picture and realize we are all here on this planet together! I don’t know about you but I would rather get along with the person next to me then hate or blame him! And lets not forget pray for the family and the people who lost a loved one in the incident ! Please stop the senseless violence and learn violence only breeds more violence ! REMBER CHANGE YOURSELF AND YOU CA CHANGE THE WORLD !

    1. Jackson says:

      Amen! Address the long term root of the problem, quick fixes are just that-quick and impernanent.

    2. JQP says:

      A monk walked barefoot along a cold, hard path with the Buddha. The monk said that he wished he could cover the road in soft layers of cloth to ease his aching feet. The Buddha replied, “Would it not be simpler to cover your feet?”

  17. Heavy D says:

    Tink You are more likely to be killed by another black than a white. That is reality! Self destruction, were headed for delf destruction!

  18. Living in a body says:

    What happened at the side bar a few weeks ago? Anyone want to comment on that stabbing that the news said nothing about?

  19. Chrissy says:

    Im 22 and im black I see tht alot of u who have parents didnt raise u two well for all the ones tht said something about blacks and ur white did u forget about slavery when ur ppls use to beat and kill us rape women do all kind of horrible things to the black race all we need to is stop the race card whites are no better than blacks none of us are perfect so kill it I was their last night and it was a really bad incident I just hope we all just oneday get along before its to late

    1. ? says:

      And your high school didn’t teach you to write very well. That was painful to try to decipher.

      1. Chrissy says:

        Dumb ass they taught me well stop downing ppl if something is misspelled its cause im on my phone dummy

      2. JQP says:

        Sorry, Chrissy, you were trying to make a good point, but, in this world people will use whatever flaw they can find in order to dissmiss your opinions. When you are writing in a forum, our first impression of you is how you express yourself, and it was unclear and seemingly uneducated. I hope that In your future posts, you make your language as clear and beautiful as your sentiment. Cheers, sister.

        p.s. Sorry if I sound like a mother, but I am a mother… it’s in my DNA).

    2. C Medford says:

      Really did you honestly just pull ^^^That card. Just so i can make something clear right quick “US” white people may have had slaves back in the day, but “YOU” blacks dont understand is that wasnt us. So how are you going to through that up like “WE” had something to do with it. Not only that but “YOU” blacks dont understand that you all are enslaving each other now. Whether its through selling each other as prostitutes, or killing each other (Most killings in Baltimore City are Black on Black crimes). Mind you i am not racist i have plenty of black friends and white friends. Its 2011 dont pull the slave card.

    3. Dan Amitai says:

      whites we held in slavery for thousands of years compared to the 400 years the blacks suffered. do some research and stop acting like a victim.

  20. Truth says:

    Chrissy- Africans sold Africans into slavery

    1. Chrissy says:

      I know but does it make it rite that people down each other races all I see people saying on here is black this white that its time we grow up and I was making a statement but thanks that was nice of you

  21. Interesting stuff says:

    I think it’s awful reading some of the comment on here, someone has died. The question comes up, should Bourbon be closed? Yet, racism is being thrown between blacks and whites. Since when does Phenotype have a correlation with murder?

  22. outkasts says:

    And the beat will go on,and the music will never stop

    1. ha ha says:

      that is so wrong, Doug… funny in a, “I shouldn’t be laughing at that” kind of way…

  23. meagan says:

    us teenagers are allowed into the club because they have college night on thursdays thats why you see us in there dont go assuming we are “sneaking” in there and if us teenagers go into the club on a night when its not 18 and up its because we have fake ids so dont go blaming us blame yourselfs for not keeping an eye on your children and controlling what we do

    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      Megan , you will be a parent one day, come argue with me in twenty years smart a$$.

      1. Alex says:

        Why don’t you do a little research there Bernie. Its not just a club, but also a concert venue that does plenty of all ages shows. And guess what? ITS MOSTLY ROCK CONCERTS. I know a big shocker. So maybe you might wanna check their website for info before you all make assumptions.

      2. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

        Alex, Remember know everything, that Assupmtions starts with ASS., so what is your point?….Kids get killed & life isn’t a video game. People die when reckless & they don’t wake up.

      3. AT says:

        Bernard, you seem like a very angry person. Off yourself now, everyone would be happier.

  24. kc says:

    WOW, we are moving to Bmore in 3 months(military) we both born and raised in the south. I cant believe the comments on this stabbing. It seems like Bmore maybe more segreated than the south. Is this true, is there alot of racism in Bmore. OAN where the victims white or black, im trying to get an understanding of what may be going on. I decided to read bmore news cuz i want to know what we are in for.

    1. talkingdan says:

      Baltimore is not a rasists city. As always there are some rasists every but Its mostly african American and very blue. The stupid Rasists are very out here numbered here. There are so many good people hear and great venues that really stay away from these types of events. Good places run by good people and just to name a few Ottobar, Golden West, Metro gallery, Sonar, Rams head live, 8×10, and many more.

    2. random guy says:

      Baltimore isn’t a city u would want to move to or around. there are people like me who would rather take the risk of moving out of state with no promise of finding work then to stay here in this city. the problem isn’t race so to speak its arrogance. everyone is quick to point a finger not realizing the effect it has in the long run. for example a white dude makes a racist remark about a situation that has nothing to do with race. a black boy reads the remark and decides he’s gonna go back and forth with this guy instead of ignoring it because he has it in his head he needs to be the so called biggest baddest thing out here. he runs to his click”group of friends-gang” and they go out to attach the next white person who cross there path. the backlash of that situation will come shift with all the local media attention as police step up in gang infested neighborhoods garbing anyone from the age of 13 to 24 which would spark an outbreak of hate crime. same as with black on black crime. everyone’s to quick to try and prove whose better instead of ignoring and walking away from the situation. we have corrupt officials who makes it harder on those who r really out here trying to make a difference. in my opinion Baltimore is a lost cause. stay away and your family will be a lot better off.

      1. b roo says:

        haha that is incredibly true. baltimorons hate to lose, and ill give you an example: me. Although I wont go around shooting people. But its a given fact that minorities (for the sake of being politically correct) act on more ID than EGO and would shoot someone in a heart beat based off a stupid internet fight.

    3. joe says:

      Baltimore is not the place for you to move to. Believe me when I say this. There is so much corruption going on. Where a suit of armor when you leave your home, you never know when something may fly your way. I lived in baltimore for 35 years and I will never go back. You are taking a chance buddy. My brother was killed by a stray bullet just walking home from work.

  25. talkingdan says:

    Rasist @$$ people make it hard to have a real conversation. If we can’t have a real conversation we cant get to the part where we fix the problems. Stupid Rasists getting us nowhere again!
    Calling all Rasists, at least be smart enough to remember that you and your ideals lost the Civil war for a reason and just PLEASE SHUT UP ALREADY!!! You really make white people look terrible. You’re a shame to your Race.

    1. Bernie says:

      Talking Dan, It’s Racist’s big fella, not rasists. Are you being home schooled?

      1. talkingdan says:

        i dont have to care none because i’m already good, and i aint got no good edumacation neither!! BUT AT LEAST IM NOT NONE OF THESE DUMB RASISTS.

        But i done looked it and you is right FORSURE!!!

    2. talkingdan says:

      But on another note, my son is home schooled. he is also 2 years ahead “how you like those gramatical apples”!

  26. talkingdan says:

    Baltimore is not a rasists city. As always there are some rasists every but Its mostly african American and very blue. The stupid Rasists are very out here numbered here. There are so many good people hear and great venues that really stay away from these types of events. Good places run by good people and just to name a few Ottobar, Golden West, Metro gallery, Sonar, Rams head live, 8×10, and many more.

    1. Bodymore, Murderland says:

      dan, how about this…STOP TALKIING! your the shame, if you havent noticed its not only whites on here making racist comments, plenty of jungle bunnies on here running their jaws too!!! dan, you forgot your favorite place to hang…pink hippo!!!

      To KC….if i was you, id tell your husband to put in a transfer request, i wouldnt want to live in bmore if i was originally from the south….Baltimore used to be called “the city that reads” …it is now “the city that bleeds” and commonly referred to as Bodymore, Murderland (baltimore, maryland)….overrun by thugs and wannabe ganstas…its out of control, they need to surround this ghetto land with a concrete wall and let these animals kill each other off….crime would decrease and quality of life would increase…..

  27. come on says:

    Its all about not only being active with your kids, its about being up the kids butt,I mean, taking them to the sport of choice every day and night , being involved in everything and I mean everything they do. My husband and I had our first son when I was 17 years old and he was 19, we went to every and all soccer, baseball practice and game, and when had no practice or game was scheduled, we took him to the fireld at local school and played ball. We had our other one at 23 and 25 did the same thing except he chose motocross as a sport. While I went in motocross kicking and screaming as his worried mother, we went to every race many weekend and at that track he was in a fenced in yard with his parents and firiends. I had to ask mysefl many times what is more dangerous the motocross or the streets? I still wont say we choose correct cause he is racing today @ 20 yrs old with his father in NC, and I worry the entire time. We stayed and played with our kids and they are two very GOOD kids with decent jobs and lives. Never in trouble with law (cause I’d kick some ass if they were) never did drugs, they been known to have a drink or two. MY youngest boy went to a party the other night with his gf for a person turning 21, he said as soon as someone put a hole in the wall they left. I am just saying there is no reason why parents BLACK OR WHITE young or old cannot put 125% love and involvement in your child. You only get out what you put in . Stay involved with yoru kids well into there 20’s. I am not going to sit here and say nothing ever going to happen to them but I can tell you nothing never going to happen because of them. We married young had children young (not supportive of such action) but didnt blow it off to mommy or daddy (well mommy) neither my husband or I had a daddy active in our lives, and we promised each other we would not alllow our kids to suffer the same and expect different from them. Good luck to all raising children but be there always with them and for them and I promise you will never regret it.

    1. Juanita McKean says:

      agreed 100% … be proud! u have done a great job!! I just wish more people in this world would act like this then see what a difference they could make!!

    2. talkingdan says:

      Yes agreed!

    3. bernie says:

      Come on,
      Thank you for your input, it was well stated. The problem people have with your comments are that it takes effort & dedication to raise children in any generation although granted in today’s, it is a bit harder. Those people who “Hatch” their kids & essentially let the state take care of them are the ones I am addressing my comments to but then again , they’re probably strung out on drugs or malt liquor, sold their computers if ever they had one & never bother to involve themselves in teaching their children. They let the streets, nightclubs, BET, MTV, raise them & the streets will in the end be the end of them.

  28. Mrs. Hardy says:

    God watches, hears, and sees everything! Please don’t forget that!

    1. Sargent Slaughter says:

      You’re an idiot. People like you are the reason why Sarah Palin will win the presidential candidacy.

      1. ha ha says:

        oh god I hope not

  29. wow says:

    Wow…….listen to this nonsense…..for the youth on here….(Meagan) you should not be at a NIGHT CLUB…..PERIOD… part of the blame is you……its called immature….you should be home…..for the racist statistical comments(Bernard-Mr. Use your real name)…keep them to yourself unless your actually involved physically…….news is just what it is……news…..not facts…..I personally don’t do clubs because of the violence BUT I’m dealing with Baltimore Citizens on a personal level everyday and not in a office……When you mix drugs and liquor together with the wrong environment and attitude…it doesn’t matter what race you are……its gonna happen…..grow old on a beach somewhere and stop looking for negative events to gripe about….thats what I would be doing… have done your time….step off…….and the young adults/teenagers……….find a hobbie that doesn’t involve liquor, drugs, violence, and sex……..Have a Good Day……THE BAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……….

  30. james the smart one says:

    people stop killing each other the devil is a lier he comes to rob kill and destroy let God arise and ur enemines be scattered

  31. joe says:

    Most of the crimes are committed by blacks. Just look at the statistics. Don’t get me wrong but whites commit crimes also. Not as bad as the black population. When something happens that the blacks commit, they say it was there up bringing. So change your style and show that you can be different from the others. I am tired of hearing them talk about slavery. We, at sometime in our life had difficulities. Slavery is over, so stop bringing it up. We all half to live together in this world so lets make the best of it. You only live once. So stop taking other people’s lives. I will never understand why people kill other people.

    1. Annoyed says:

      Read statistical comments above… but not bernie’s because he is just a little bit crazy….ok, he’s a lot crazy… even the people who arer on the same side of his argument think he’s out there… just saying.

  32. Doug says:

    If there weren’t a couple of murders a night,
    it wouldn’t be Baltimore.

  33. cait says:

    Bourbon street is def not a black only club it is more raves then anything if you go to there site, crazy , you have to blame the kids and the parents, parents we can do our best to keep our kids in line,but everyone on here cant say as a teen you did not do somthing behind your parents back without them knowing regardless of if it was positive or negitive behaviour.
    We live in baltimroe there is violence everywhere!

  34. tony says:

    Sad part about it u cant have two diffrent rules ! If u go down fells pt there’s fights there every weekend and there’s a bunch of cops there too protect the mostly white clentel and we never hear of the liquer board or health dept or even the police dept usinsing the tools that they use on the black establishments to close them down ! if u read the paper u see that the police ad lock place they deem a public threat (selectivily) what are we saying pple cant hang out because of the few knuckle heads who come looing for trouble , hell lets blame it on the courtys and the cops because i bet u 10-1 that these pl been through the system and the courts and the police allow them too walk among us

  35. coco says:

    I thought this was about the news of the nite club. People on here is going to far. Lets just stick to that.

  36. Brian says:

    Its not the race that murdered someone, its the crowd. Ive been to a lot of concerts at Bourbon and there are never any problems. Not even a scuffle. But have club night and immature people need to ruin it for everyone. Its all about being tough. People get mad if you look at them the wrong way or bump into them. When you see a rock concert there is always a sense of community. Everyone is there to have fun and no one wants to ruin the party. Craziness, let the clubrats (and ghetto person be they white or black who likes to club) stick to the nightclubs and just keep rock shows at Bourbon.

  37. TrueAmerican says:

    After reading some of these comments I cant help to see that any derogatoriness towards blacks ( although maybe true) brings the obama idolaters out of the woodwork!! Hopefully in 2012 the generation that caused his election will grow some brains and become aware of the damage that obama has done to the country! Vote for the candidate that will make America great again not just the one you think is cool!

    1. ha ha says:

      According to the Mayans, the world will end next year, so, ya know, no worries.

  38. grovegrove says:

    I don’t have a problem with blacks killing blacks.

  39. talkingdan says:

    This is trash and the fact that WJz news even allows this conversation to take place on their site is crazy.

    1. JQP says:

      Dan, we are all entitled to our opinions, even if we’re stupid, racist, young, old, intelligent or ignorant… I’ve heard it said that it is only a good thing when fools wear their foolishness like a badge of honor, it lets the rest of us know who to dismiss. Now we know. 🙂

      1. talkingdan says:

        true enough, but they are just SO DAM NOICY!!!

      2. JQP says:

        right on

  40. maryhadalillamb says:

    i have no idea where most of you guys live but violence in bmore depends on where u live. im thankful i dont have to live in a bad neighborhood. as for the hip hop comment,i have seen just as much whites living in the neighborhoods i rather not ever go to again. looking just like the TV SHOW “The Wire” Also, people fail to realize that baltimore is not just the inner city. White Marsh ,towson, parkville etc

  41. Damion Stewart says:

    meagan sucks the bouncers

  42. Elizabeth King says:

    I can remember when that was Hammerjacks and they had a metal detector that everyone had to go through and sometimes people got patted down. I seriously think that need to go in effect at all the clubs. I love going clubbing in Baltimore, but it is stories like this that make me scared to even go. There is no reason for the violence. These people who do decide to bring their “peice” to the club need to be banned, from all nightclubs. Everyone needs to act their age and like they have common sense.

  43. thomas says:

    Blacks are loud as in noisy loud, everything has to be with a physical act, They are of low I.Q. for the most part & allow their weenies to run their lives.

  44. Jerry says:

    To all this black and white talk. If you watch everyonce in a while 9 ot of 10 times when a black commits a crime no matter what the family says not my child.
    Look at the pitbull case, they had proof and witness but a miss trial and go home to mommy. If not that the cry of discrimanation just like the illegal alliens.
    I’m getting tired of this.

  45. Jerry says:

    Alot of it has to do with parenting also. The kids walking home from school and all you hear is mf that b , having the car steros so damn loud that the house shakes. Some are sorry and aplogize, and others you have to watch out for cause they will jump in your face and threatin you. It’s about time we turned Baltimore back to what it was and take back the city from these jerks.

  46. eshamo2004 says:

    This is very disturbing to hear type of crime happening in inner city Baltimore. It is a crying shame individuals can’t go out and enjoy themselves without being worried whether or not your going to make it out of the club alive. I don’t know if the individual who committed the crime were intoxicated or not but however way it goes down, if convicted he will be charged with 1st degree murder. Not to mention he will be facing a minimum of 20 years jail time. My condolences goes out to the family member who lost a love one in that club fight.

  47. Dalice Carter says:

    I say, so need to blame the race however blame the individual. I think it all begins at home where you are raised. Young adults have lost respect and moral and that is most important. If you are raised to be a thug or anything other than whats right you continue down the wrong path. I blame the parents and the upbringing. These “children” need to grow up and get a grip. Life is more than fighting, drugs, and all that foolishness. Black, white, or Hispanic anyone can commit a crime. I pray that instead of fighting these people do whats best and serve their community instead of breaking it down. GROW UP!

  48. Dead too soon says:

    Yo Cj was a homie of mine. Black on black crime ain’t where is at. Freedom to the asians, ride that cow in heaven, cj, rip man.


  49. Depressed In Towson says:

    How come there’s no “Asian Night?!?”

    1. sheriffwillie says:

      Depressed, Because Asians are “Sum dum fucs”.

      1. Han says:

        Asians rule, Depressed In Towson and sheriffwillie drolls.

        peez owt

      2. Han says:

        typo s/b drools

      3. Classier than Sheriff Willie says:

        do you talk to your mother with that mouth? classy.

  50. mat says:

    God’s Wrath On Unrighteousness- (read your Bible, Romans 1: 18-22, 24-31
    For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and
    unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. So
    they are with out excuse, for although they knew God, they did not honor him
    as God or, give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their
    foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools. Therefore
    God gave them up in the lust of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among them selves because they exchanged the truth about God
    for a lie and worshiped and serve the creature (Satan The Devil) rather than the creator ( The Almighty God Jehovah and his son, Jesus Christ), who is blessed forever ! Amen.

    And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a
    debased mind to do what ought not to be done. They were filled with all manner
    of unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice. They are full of envy, MURDER, strife, deceit, maliciousness. They are gossips, slanderers, haters
    of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless.
    Though they know God’s decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.

    1. sheriffwillie says:

      Yawn, yawn, Sooozzzzz!

      1. ha ha says:

        *gulp* I hate to say this, but I’m with Sheriff Ww… Sheriff http://Www... well, you know what I mean.


    I be so……glad when the true Jesus Christ return to bring in God new heaven that will be here on this earth. all things of this evil system of things will be gone forever. Glory be to The Almighty God Jehovah and His son, Jesus Christ.
    May God blessing, peace, love, healing and protection be with you all.

    I prey that all who is loss repent and be save before it is too late. we are in the final stages of the Ending Of This System Of All Things. Please Repent of all of you sins. Read Isaiah 1: 4,5,7,9, 10, 16-20. God Love You !!!!

    There is nothing nor no one worth the 2nd death judgment and being destroyer forever with Satan The Devil. HIS TIME IS ALMOST UP. Satan is the father of all lies Jesus Christ is the truth, the light and the way to being bless with eternal life in God coming New Kingdom. read Matthew chapter 24, John 14:6,
    Psalms 25:7, Matthew 1:21, John 3:3, Acts 26:18 -THE KEY(s).

  52. ha ha? says:

    oh my god JULZ, please yell me that was supposed to be a joke…please tell me you didn’t speak like that in all seriousness…

  53. A Non-commentor says:

    Some people are just violent, and you can’t stop that. What we need is a “terrordome” in Baltimore. That way if two people are so angry at other and willing to risk their lives to possibly become the victor, they should be allowed to settle their differences…TO THE DEATH!!! that way, those violent urges would be concentrated in one blood soaked arena, and since waivers would be singed, it would all be ok.

    I think this whole thing is a non-issue. Violent people hang out in violent places and you are not violent and don’t want to be stabbed, don’t hang out in a violent place. duh.

  54. SMH says:

    137 comments about this and 0 about the possibility of a government shutdown – DANG!

  55. JQP says:

    Meagan, are you saying you have terrible parents? Because, if my kids are doing anything youth related, it’s NOT going to be going to a night club to learn how to party and “hook up”. See, that is just crazy to me. I will get my kids involved in sports, faith-based activities, training activites for self-sustaining farming… something…ANYTHING, but learing how to be a skeevey night club-hopping bar fly.

    Is this OK with your parents? or do they know? and if they don’t know then you are saying they are bad parents and we shouldn’t blame you for anything bad you do… that’s terribly convenient.

  56. ha ha says:

    ..and kids want the freedom but not the responsibility… don’t blame me, I’m just a 14 year old that beat his granny with a hammer…. hmmmm.. I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

  57. Bg says:

    As a promoter, there are plenty of clubs where this doesn’t happen. You can’t blame the businesses for the individuals. Officer torbit was a close friend of mine and its sad to see he died at a club, but black people are not all rowdy. Go to the powerplant and you will see plenty of drunk, out of control white people, but the media doesnt write stories on them, of course they focus on blacks…I hate pulling the race card, but clearly its something to think about…..

  58. Sonja Jerow says:

    meant ‘worry about’

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