STEVENSVILLE, MD. (AP) — Authorities say a former Baltimore city police officer has been charged with murder after the shooting death of his neighbor.

The Queen Anne’s County State’s Attorney’s Office said the charge was filed Monday against Charles E. “Pete” Richter in the death of Mark Xander, 55.

The statement says the neighbor was shot during an altercation after Xander’s dog went on his property. Authorities say arriving deputies and paramedics founder Xander with a gunshot wound laying in his yard with his dog, a Rottweiler, beside him. They say relatives took charge of the Rottweiler so authorities could approach.

Queen Anne’s Sheriff’s spokesman Dale Patrick said Xander was pronounced dead at an emergency center and a pistol was recovered.

Reports say Richter, 66, was a Baltimore City officer from 1965 to 1978.

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Comments (16)
  1. sillyman michaels says:

    it sucks to that would think they would have had conversation
    instead of killing his neighbor ..maybe being a cop in balto just flipped
    him out

  2. Ex-Baltimore says:

    No, having a bully breed dog menacing you on your own property flipped him out! I think this cop has an excellent defense in that not only a dog known for vicious attacks was on the property but the neighbor was trespassing as well. He can easily claim he was being menaced and threatened. In Texas, no charges would even be filed!

    1. sheriffwillie says:

      That’s why Texas is a s**t hole. Last in education, first in Bigotry! The state that gave us the death of JFKennedy & the ignoramus Bushes 1 & 2.

    2. George Butler says:

      That’s why we don’t live in TEXASS. Please, your making assumtions about what happened.

  3. Voltxpert says:

    so he shoots an unarmed man in the back?No excuse!

  4. Ex-Baltimore says:

    Property owners rights to self-defense. In tactical situations, assailants aren’t always hit conveniently in the front with all the fear that’s generated. That bully breed dog and it’s owner were tresspassing. I still say the ex-cop has an excellent defense. So much so that I see an aquittal or mistrial. Also, in Florida, no charges would even be filed. You trespass, you get shot. Plain and simple.

    1. pigeon says:

      Property owners rights to self-defense doesn’t hold up anymore! Come back to Balto., shoot an intruder in your home and see how fast you end up sitting in jail and serving time, if not for murder, then for manslaughter.

    2. harley says:

      Are you kidding me ex-baltimore??? You are blaming the dog? This man had NO right to shoot anyone. This guy Richter did not get along with any of his neighbors. Thank GOD he didn’t get elected to sheriff. I am a KI native, and this guy was crazy. I feel so bad for the Xander family.

  5. KI neighbor says:

    This crazy man Richter didn’t like any dogs or neighbors. Especially this neighbor considering Richter set the Xander family home on fire about 10 years ago………..

  6. pigeon says:

    Mr. Richter did wrong any way you look at it. He wasn’t “officially on duty” and, therefore, erred in discharging a firearm in a residential neighborhood. If he was going to shoot something it should have been the dog. But then, he will still be in the wrong.

  7. Ex-Baltimore says:

    You don’t know this, but your very Ultra-Liberal governor actually signed Maryland’s “Castle Doctrin” law into effect last October removing a home owner from lawsuits if he or she shoots and intruder. Also, this state always allowed a person to defend themselves in their home from an intruder by any means to protect your life and that of your family. Do your research, moron. Anyway, me personally would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6 in an encounter with an intruder. No question about it: you criminal breaks in; criminal gets shot! By the way, this state has gotten much more tolerant of peole using weapons to defend themselves against criminals. Look at the White Johns Hopkins student who killed an intruder into his garage in Baltimore by cutting off the criminal’s hand with a Japanese sword. No charges were even filed! See, I do my reasearch! People are sick of criminals.

  8. Remember the Xanders says:

    Anyone of you who’s on Richter’s side should try being his neighbor! He’s taken everyone on our circle to court for no reason. Mark’s dog was an absolute sweetheart and was his shadow. You know he’s an EX-cop because of his mental instability? And for whoever’s gonna blame the dog….REALLY?! HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND? He hasn’t been on “active duty” in decades so why would the comment of “on duty” even be used? Richter caused trouble with all of us from the moment he moved in the community.

  9. voltxpert says:

    Ex Baltimore.,He shot the man not the dog.Whats in the freakin water in that city?Snap into REALITY! You are researching what you want to , not what pertains to this case. In this state we can actually walk into our neighbors yard and not get shot while leaving so thats what he did. The man was trying to retrieve his dog not rob the man.

  10. Patty Johnsen says:

    I can’t imagine why Mark was called a criminal. He was not. He was a neighbor trying to retrieve his dog. That’s all he was guilty of doing. And he was SHOT, IN THE BACK. Doesn’t that tell you who the criminal was?
    Some of you actually believe that you can walk next door to your neighbor’s yard, or have your child walk next door. and it’s perfectly okay if he shoots you and kills you for doing so, right? Well….l that’s ok, right? All of you who believe Mr. Richter had the “right” to shoot Mark Xander are as crazy and violent as he is. Do all of us a favor and shoot yourself in the face.

  11. Dean Johnsen says:

    To all you gun toting nuts who think this action was justified…Mark Xander was trying to get his dog back and leaving Mr. Richter’s property and got shot in the back. If this was a criminal act as mentioned by some of you, then would a child who retrieves a ball in a neighbor’s yard be called a criminal? And would it justify shooting that child? I think not. If you feel the need to shoot people so strongly, feel free to go to Afghanistan and have a blast because we don’t want you here. Hey Richter, I hope you have a long, slow and painful death in prison.

  12. Rick says:

    Can you image all of the people that this man has abused on the streets?

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