One of the (statistically speaking) all time great home run hitters abruptly retired today.  Manny Ramirez, formerly if the Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, LA Dodgers, and Chicago White Sox, and currently with the Tampa Bay Rays decided to hang up his cleats.  Not because he felt he couldn’t play anymore, but because he tested positive for a performance enhancing drugs in spring training and rather than face a 100 game suspension (for a 2nd violation), decided to just go away.  A sad day for baseball in my opinion, and a final cowardly act by a man who decided to cheat again, got caught, and instead of facing the music went home.  I hope the Rays don’t have to pay him a dime.

  1. Clayton Bigsby says:

    Manny just bought his ticket out of the HOF, getting caught twice in two years is pretty dumb or pretty arrogant. We all know that he was a great natural hitter, but now his homerun power has to come into question. He also probably knew all along that if he got caught again, he would just retire with quarter billion dollars he’s made playing baseball.

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