BALTIMORE (AP) — The Maryland Attorney General’s office says three watermen will pay fines and serve probation for taking oysters from a sanctuary.

The attorney general’s office announced Monday that Benjamin Byers, 20, Brandon Mende, 22, and Brian Hambleton, 24, were each found guilty of the misdemeanor charge of removing oysters from a sanctuary bed. Mende was also fined for oystering without a license. Byers and Hambleton are from Bozeman and Mende is from Centreville. The poaching occurred on the Corsica River in Queen Anne’s County.

Each was ordered to serve 18 months of probation and pay a $1,500 fine with $1,000 suspended. Mende was also fined $300 for oystering without a license.

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Comments (4)
  1. Herman Glimsher says:


  2. D.A.Crites, Sr. says:

    What a great-big slap on the wrists for morons stealing our work to help to save our bay. The article should have named the prosecutor and judge so we can keep an eye on their future decisions and political careers.

  3. sheriff willie says:

    Take their boats, their cars & homes. That should send a strong message.

  4. pigeon says:

    That’s $3,000. that could have gone towards work on the Bay. Or perhaps given to the State of Maryland to start a scholarship fund for illegals.

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