BLOG: Let’s Talk About It—NFL Nightclub Violence

I did a Google search of the following phrase:  “NFL nightclub fight.”    The search produced page after page of accounts involving an all-star list of names that include Braylon Edwards, Jared Allen, Kenny Britt, Brandon Banks, Levi Jones, Pac Man Jones, Charles Grant, Matt Light, Bryant McKinney and many more. 

Sports Illustrated’s Thomas Lake wrote an in-depth article on the death of Denver Broncos defensive back Darrent Williams who was gunned down following a nightclub altercation on New Year’s Day 2007.  His teammate Javon Walker was present that night and Walker himself was a victim of a violent attack in Las Vegas in 2008.   These stories are reminiscent of a terrible chapter in Baltimore sports history:  the arrest and trial of Ray Lewis following the death of two men outside of an Atlanta nightclub in 2001. 

On my radio show on 105.7 The Fan on Tuesday (April 12), I want to discuss this topic with our listeners.  Here is a link to the SI article.

Flaunting diamonds, spraying champagne, gathering up a personal posse and flexing an alpha-male dominant stance in public are central to these stories and the many like them that have become all too familiar.   I find it to be a sad, frustrating topic.  It’s maddening to see so many young people so misguided and in some cases suffering the worst of consequences–death.

Let’s talk about it.  What are your thoughts, feelings and emotions upon reading the article?  Why are these stories so common and these mistakes repeated over and over?  Make your response here on the website, or send me an e-mail at

  • bernie

    Monkeys & jungle activity trying to be Alpha males. Low I.Q.’s coupled with riches beyond their abilities to comprehend, these clowns should have most of this money deferred until later in life when they really need it & hopefully by then have gained some semblance of maturity.

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