ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — The Maryland General Assembly has approved a measure that’s needed for the state to collect additional federal jobless benefits. 

Lawmakers on Monday sent the bill to Gov. Martin O’Malley, who backs the measure. 

Maryland residents who have been unemployed for more than a year will be able to collect benefits for 13 more weeks. It will bring roughly $280 million to the state. 

The money is available under a provision in the 2009 federal stimulus act that allowed residents in states with high
unemployment rates to receive up to 20 additional weeks of federally funded jobless benefits after using the 79 weeks
authorized under other federal laws. 

Maryland was one of seven states that had not passed a law to participate. 

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Comments (14)
  1. Nick says:

    A year unemployed is pathetic. Once they start getting hungry they will find employment. Unemployment should last a couple months MAX.

    1. John says:

      Dude Do you have a job? I have been unemployed on the eastern shore for 13 months. Jobs out this way are hard to find. Even in DE!

  2. OMalleySuxk says:

    welfare for everyone and the middle class pays the bill. thats an incentive to work if i ever heard one. commieeeeeee!!!!!!

  3. WelfareForVotes says:

    they better get those benefits lord knows the governor can’t generate real jobs.

  4. MIKE says:

    NICK,maybe when you lose your job and cant find another one in a year then you’ll understand but until then SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!

    1. cherylb728 says:

      Nick I think I speak for ALL unemployed when I say Thank You For Saying That!

  5. excuse me says:

    Nick you have issues. I was laid off after 17 years of same job. I applied for 345 so called jobs, even begged for a few after interviewing for many. I was willing to take 50% paycut but I was usually over qualified aka (Old and expensive) So now at almost 50 years old I have my own cleaning business where I clean homes, condos and whatever anyone needs cleaned. Its ok but not the type of work my body works well with. I have to walk hundreds or miles in a week delivering fliers to houses, condos, businesses, just hoping for at least one cleaning job per day to keep food on table and electricity on, too late for the house its gone or will be in a month. You dont know until you walked down that road the tears I let out after an interview which you spent 40 dollars or your unemployment for gas and panty hose or something a little extra to make you stand out from the others fighting to get the job. When you dont know – dont answer the question please.

  6. the truth says:

    I worked for the same company for 15 years. I Quit last year because I found a better job than the one I was at. How come I found a job even when I really did not need one, yet all these people seem to not be able to find one. Not all but most of them are just lazy and really dont want to work. Cause they have learned to live with unemployment so they want to stay on it now.

    1. j says:

      another high and mighty response. Yes some people are able to find jobs otherwise the unemployment rate would be higher. I have been out of work for a year and am even taking training courses to give me more marketability. Yet my niece, who like you, didn’t need a job. I’d like to see you survive on Unemployment. Not only am I getting HALF my pay but no benefits. Stop judging

      1. j says:

        that was supposed to be my niece, who didn’t need a job, was able to change jobs. Sorry I was so mad I typed too fast

  7. allan rippyload says:

    I have been out of work for 73 weeks have sold all my tools that i have acquired over 32 years of repairing outboard motors to “keep up ” all of you that are employed i am glad for you. Unemployment insurance helps everyone who is out because of ” no fault of their own” we all did not quit you know !

  8. Perry says:

    3-4 years ago my brother lost his job. He had been in construction for 20 years or so. Something he loved doing. He had plans on starting his own company when he hit his 30 years. Well he had to suck up his savings for that, go thru all of everything he had saved for retirement. Still lost his house and family. He still can’t find steady work, he tried going to several other companies, nobody will hire him, he’s even tried for 50 percent pay cut. Still nothing. The company he worked for? Illegals took his spot

  9. cluelessoomalley says:

    omalley is clueless, someone is pulling his strings.

  10. Put'Um Uppp says:

    Nick, you’re just plain dumb…. The Truth, You Don’t KNOW The Truth little one, just take a seat in the back and maybe you can learn THE TRUTH – I”m 55 and can’t buy an interview. Maybe a mamas boy like you that still lives under mommy and daddy’s roof, 410.00 a week might seem like a windfall and you could just kick back and enjoy the good life, but I have a 1300 monthly mortgage, heath insurance, 2 kids and it doesn’t come close to covering our expenses – I would gladly work, and I have applied to hundreds of companies, I have 20 years experience I used to make 72K and the market rate for me is 50K with benefits on the low end… you or anyone else wants to hire me, just let me know – I AM READY…

    That’s just one story, and there are 10’s of thousands of others across this state you fool or maybe we should all go apply to McDonalds and start our careers over as burger fkippers or fountain jerks, jerks!

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