Barry Bonds was found guilty of one count in his perjury trial. Obstruction of justice.  The other counts in the case the jury was deadlocked on so a mistrial was declared.  Bonds will appeal the verdict but to me at least, the damage is already done.  The good news for Bonds is that according to the experts, he will most likely not do any jail time.  Just Probably pay a big fine.  Next on the docket is the Roger Clemens trial.  That one should get pretty ugly.  All this does is make the black eye on MLB a little bit shinier today.

ken weiman800 BLOG: Bonds Found Guilty

Ken Weinman – Host of the Ken Weinman Show on 105.7 The Fan

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  1. Dave says:

    Say what you will. But the man still had to stand at the plate and swing the bat and make contact with the ball.

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