Giraffe Dies Under Anesthesia At Baltimore Zoo

BALTIMORE (AP) — Officials at the Maryland Zoo say a 16-year-old giraffe has died after being anesthetized for a hoof trimming.

Zoo officials say the giraffe named Zoe died Thursday. Zoo officials say hoof trimming is necessary to prevent growth that can interfere with a giraffe’s ability to walk and anesthesia is difficult for giraffes because of their long bodies and large necks.

Zoo veterinarian Ellen Bronson says the giraffe seemed to be recovering well and then became decreasingly responsive.

The zoo has two other giraffes, a 14-year-old named Angel and 4-year-old Caesar.

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  • Nyima

    Sad to hear. I am sure the folks at the zoo were most likely doing everything as correct as they could. But I love those giraffes. One (prrhaps Zoe) drooled on me about 15 years ago. A very funny and memorable experience.
    My heart goes out to Zoe and the vet, et al., who I am certain are as sad and upset as any of us could be.

  • Shayne

    I wouldn’t send a pit bull to the Baltimore ZOO

  • Cathy

    So sad to hear about Zoe, My family and I have a membership to the zoo, I just had my grandaughter she’s 3yrs old there last Sunday 4/10/11, We always have such a great time there, The Giraffe’s are one of her favorites.
    My prayers are with all at the Zoo.

  • Amy

    This kind of death is completely unnecessary. If zoos gave animals the appropriate environment, they could move enough to wear down their hooves naturally.

    I’m sure the zoo gave Zoe the best care; this begs the question of the quality of her environment.

    If zoos can’t give certain animals the appropriate environment, they shouldn’t have them.

  • VWGirl

    Why cant they trim their hoofs without putting them under. I know they do at the San Diego Zoo. We were there one day when I was on vacation there and they were trimming there hooves in the pen. The blacksmith was even talking to the crowd watching about why it was important. There was a zookeeper holding the giraffe on a lead line feeding her snacks while he was trimming her feet. I mean if its dangerous to do with giraffes, then why do it. Theres such things as tranquilizers and sedatives that make them calm and relaxed but they never lose consciousness.

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