ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — A well-known Baltimore midwife has been indicted on involuntary manslaughter charges in Virginia after a baby she tried to deliver from a breech position died shortly after birth.

A grand jury in Alexandria also indicted Karen Carr on charges of child abuse, neglect and acting without a license.

Carr, who has delivered more than 1,200 babies, was certified to practice in Maryland but not Virginia.

Carr’s lawyer, John Zwerling, said a 43-year-old first time mother sought Carr out after an Alexandria midwife practice advised against a home birth because the baby’s breech position could cause complications.

Zwerling said the baby became temporarily stuck during delivery, and was not breathing by the time he fully emerged. He was declared dead at a nearby hospital.

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Comments (6)
  1. Doug says:

    Lady,you could have gone to a proper hospital to deliver your child.
    And you knew there would be complications.It’s your own damn fault .Period.
    The grand jury is WRONG !!
    I’m on Carr’s side

  2. Educated Birth Consumer says:

    Are OBs arrested and charged with manslaughter when a mom or a baby who they cared for dies?

  3. Kita says:

    She made the decision and took the risk to have her baby at home with a midwife, even after being told if was advised not to do so. and Carr should have been more cautious.

  4. SallyG says:

    A 43 year old first time mother should not have been trying to have a home birth, especially after she was warned against it. She was putting her unborn child at risk. The only crime the midwife committed was in doing the delivery where she was not licensed. But child abuse and neglect…come ON! There is always a risk in delivering a child, even in a hospital. Babies die at birth from complications even in the best of hospitals…fortunately these days it’s not as common as it used to be, and an emergency c-section can always be done if necessary, which is not the case if you are doing a home birth. A breech baby can often turn at the last minute…but sometimes not. Many times they require a c-section. I would bet the midwife has handled many breech births that she was able to turn, or that turned on their own. 1,200 births is nothing to sneer at…it’s probably more than many ob/gyns have done! This was an unfortunate situation….but it’s hard to place blame. If you are going to blame the midwife, you have to also blame the mother as well. Next thing you know, they will be arresting doctors when they lose a patient!!!

  5. whatnow says:

    All the midwife should be charged with is operating in a state in which she wasn’t licensed. EVERYTHING else falls on that 43 year old first time mother. Shame, shame on her. God bless that little soul that never had a chance with this idiot as a mother.

  6. Tired of Stupid says:

    That’s 1 thing that separates VA from MD…the law doesn’t fool around down there. It’s sad what happened and the mother should have sleepless nights as long as she lives

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