Video Shows Woman Being Beaten At Baltimore Co. McDonald’s

ROSEDALE, Md. (WJZ)— A woman is badly beaten inside a local McDonald’s during the dinner rush with employees and customers looking on.

Weijia Jiang has more on the investigation and the video that’s bringing outrage.

A cell phone video of a vicious beating at a Rosedale McDonald’s quickly went viral, getting half a million hits on one website alone. In it, two young women stomp and punch a victim right inside the restaurant—for several minutes.

“I’m scared to go in there now. I’ll just go through the drive-thru,” said Linda Bell, of Rosedale.

Police say it happened on April 18 just shy of 8 p.m. at a McDonald’s on Kenwood Avenue.

At one point the suspects, identified as a 14-year-old girl and an 18-year-old girl, pull the victim to the floor by her hair, even ripping off a wig. They drag her into the main dining room. Then after a powerful blow to the head, the victim appears to have a violent seizure, and as she bleeds from the mouth, spectators warn the attackers to flee before cops arrive.

“She’s bleeding, yo. Her mouth bleeding, her mouth bleeding! She’s having a [expletive] seizure, yo! She’s having a seizure right now, she needs help right now! Ya’al better get the [expletive] out of here now!” the cameraman is heard saying

The police report reveals the victim told police she did not know her attackers.

It also says when police caught up with the suspects, they admitted to getting in a fight with a woman over using the bathroom.

“Where’s the managers? Where’s everyone at?” Bell asked.

That is what many customers are demanding to know.

One media outlet — The Smoking Gun — identifies the person shooting the video as an on-duty employee.

 “No one did nothing. They left her in the corner when she was flipping out,” said Ian McBryant, of Rosedale.

“They should get fired,” said Sebastian Johnson, of Rosedale. “That’s setting a bad example. That’s making the whole McDonald’s company look bad.”

McDonald’s posted a statement on its national website that reads: “We are shocked by the video from a Baltimore franchised restaurant showing an assault. This incident is unacceptable, disturbing and troubling. McDonald’s strives to be a safe, welcoming environment for everyone who visits. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of customers and employees in our restaurants. We are working with the franchisee and the local authorities to investigate this matter.”

The 14-year-old has been charged for assault as a juvenile; the 18-year-old will be charged as an adult.

The victim was taken to Franklin Square Hospital for treatment.

The State’s Attorney’s office is investigating whether the attack was racially or gender motivated to determine if other charges will result.  

Police say a customer tried to break up the fight and that she was also hit in the face, but refused medical treatment.

Click here to view the video.


One Comment

  1. Kim Nickerson says:

    The 14 year old should be charged as an adult not a juvenile!

    1. Jon Lyles says:

      The victim should sue and all the managers present should be fired as well as charged. Also, if McDonald’s procedures are the reason nobody did anything then McDonald’s should be held responsible for that.

      1. DrJohn says:

        Jon: The victim should inherit the McDonald’s and that would quickly cause the franchisees to put and end to this nonsense. The other big thing is for decent people to simply avoid patronizing their neighborhood McDonald’s. When ther franchisees begin to lose money, guess what they will do to regain business? You got it! They will hire folks to keep the animals at bey.

      2. nomatter says:

        You got that right. About 50 Million dollars and free big macs for life! And I don’t say that as a joke. That’s what she should get.

      3. Miguel says:

        THAT IS BS.



      4. taxpayer says:

        Neither one of those cowards will be anywhere near this publicity. They cant mak money from crying discrimination or racism…. unless the represent theother side…. white people. Theyre victims too? Right?

      5. fedup says:

        I don’t think McDonald’s should be held accountable for this…what they need to do though, is fire every manager that stands around and does nothing to stop it!

        Fire every worker that thinks this is cute and films such things.

        They are going to have to have higher standards in their hiring……but then, sadly, these low lifes would run to the ACLU!

      6. Why Blame McD's says:

        McDonald’s policies are in place for the safety of their employees AND customers. If employees intervene in a wild fight it is possible that more people would get hurt. Who is to say that if an employee intervened that one of the attacker’s friends would not have jumped in. Then what? The correct response is to call police immediately.

        As for the attackers, if the victim were a relative of mine, I’d prefer for the attacker to get out as soon as possible and face real justice.

      7. sistaelle says:

        It’s probably true that an intervening employee would be fired but that doesn’t include calling the police when the fight broke out instead of the lame azz fake attempts to stop the beating. By not intervening they endangered other customers – such as the old lady who tried to help because no one else had the b—s.

      8. mike says:

        McDonald’s employee’s should fear losing their job in order to potentially save a person’s life.

      9. CA Bluebird says:

        I totally agree. I find it appalling that people, several males, did not really try to help this poor girl or young woman. They stood by and watched someone being beaten terribly with the possiblity of being killed or very badly injured. If that were my daughter, I would sue McDonald’s and all the individuals involved including the guy who filmed it and told the girls to flee because the police were on the way. That guy that looked like a manager did not do much either to ward off the attackers or protect the young woman. Customers have a reasonable expectation to be in a safe environment while patronizing McDonalds. God bless that older women who tried to help. I hope the victim recovers quickly and pursues legal action. Bullies need to be held responsible for their actions.

      10. frank says:

        It seems that the white girl called the black girls a derogatory name, the black girls then acted like wild animals, and the employees filmed the show. What a low, low level of civilization we have!

      11. Andy says:

        At the very least the franchise should be taken away and closed. The employees should be charged as accomplices. I’m sure the will get a slap on the wrist, get out and murder someone.

      12. diegan says:

        The person attacked was a cross-dresser (male.) Based on smoking gun report, what started the fight was the male refused to leave the female restroom. Then all heck broke loose.
        I agree it was horrible, whether male or female. I also agree that the two younger males (one filming and the other standing next to him) should be charged as accomplices… especially for standing by even when an older woman risked her life.
        Whatever the color of their skin; they are an embarrassment to the human race.

      13. ALICEO says:

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    2. Jesse R says:

      Totally agreed. Aggravated assault at least. Attempted murder possibly.

      This may sound lame but my girlfriend is out of town and I have nothing to do tonight. Thinking about going outside that McDonald’s to protest. Anyone else??

      1. John says:

        I would if I lived there!

      2. LaShawn says:

        u think this is bad. wait until the 2012 prez election when the whites dump obama’s ass. everyone will be packing heat. this will be the start of the BIG race war. and sadly, the blacks are gonna lose. u knew it was going to come to this eventually.

      3. kyle says:

        Are you supplying the sidearms? Or shall I bring my own…?

      4. notfooled says:

        How long til the Drudge people finally figure out that the woman was attacked for being transgender and this story gets pull from his site altogether?

      5. Jay Carney says:

        How many times are you gonna post that same falsehood? Go away and quit trying to spread lies. Those black bithes need to be put down.

      6. Wolfman Jones says:

        This is yet another in a long line of black on White hate crimes being perpetrated in America, and swept under the rug by the lame stream, bleeding heart, liberal media!!!

      7. yerkyl says:

        People have known the reason, and frankly, you HAVE been fooled – I’m very concerned and it doesn’t matter who you are, when you’re attacked like this by anyone, using deadly force to protect yourself is what may need to be used to keep yourself from going down.

        I’ll tell you what, this is about as racist an act as you can get – expected for Baltimore. No more McDonald’s for me if they don’t take the franchise away from the owner.

      8. SammyUSofA says:

        “She bleedin’ yo! Her mouf bleedin’ her mouf bleedin’!” LOL Dumb n!gger…….

      9. Duke LaCrosse says:

        I’m sure Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton will come to Baltimore to deplore this attack, aren’t you?

      10. james_yap says:

        I am pretty sure…. Jackson and Sharpton will say that these black women just defended themselves.

      11. carlo says:

        Most blacks hate whites, and will always end up losers for it because no one likes an A-hole. Whites do not care much what Blacks think. Put the violent black folks in prison. For blacks that cannot control their hate, they will pay a huge price for acting out.

        The two Black ladies will spend years in jail. The victim will recover and sue McD’s for millions. You see, the A-hole employees did nothing to stop the beating. McD’s is going to pay millions to that girl. You see, in the end, the two black ladies just made that poor white girl rich, and will spend years in jail for it. You see what morons they are. Wait and see.
        Jacksonville, Florida. A group of four to six white men agreed that they would brutalize the next black person they saw walking down the street. That person turned out to be a mentally disabled 50-year-old, whom they beat and stomped into unconsciousness. He later died of his injuries.
        Are you surprised that you’ve never heard of these sickening murders based on racial hatred? You didn’t see saturation coverage on the news. You didn’t hear politicians decrying racism. You didn’t see a livid Jesse Jackson on CNN. Why? Because these acts of brutality didn’t happen exactly as I described above. Oh, they happened, all right. The only thing is, the races of the attackers and victims were reversed. That is, a white man was beaten and then crushed by a mob of 40 black people who were furious that a black man bumped into his truck. In Jacksonville, it was a gang of black men who stomped a mentally-disabled man to death solely because he was white.
        Because these hate crimes were perpetrated by black against whites — even though they were based completely on racial hatred — the national media, politicians, and civil rights leaders ignored them.
        When white people wake up to this double standard, angry black people will pay a much higher price for acting like animals attacking white people. The system will take revenge for black racism.

    3. pvbflorida says:

      The increase of these types of videos depicting a similar theme of black on white crime in public places are likely to escalate to firearm use by the victims. There is no avoiding this. I can see a time when white people will start shooting and killing blacks that physically attack them. When that day comes there will be the blacks calling for convictions of murder and whites claiming self defense. These blogs will provide plenty of fodder for both sides as whites equate blacks to animals and blacks claiming that their behavior is a response to a lack of respect towards them. Here in North Florida we do not see a lot of this type of crime mainly because everyone is packing. The courts here would not hesitate to justify the killing of these two women if they were shot to death as a result of this kind of attack. The country is moving in this direction. The country has had enough.

      1. Jesse R says:

        Prophetic comment. I hope you are right about the courts. I’ve own rifles for years but I’ve recently considered the need to procure a handgun and conceal carry permit for self defense. Even though I don’t live in DC, I do drive through it and it’s a real deterrent to packing. I’m sure many other law abiding citizens are in the same boat. Now if we can only convince criminals to follow the anti gun laws.

      2. Gem says:

        I hope to God you are right. I truly hope that day comes. It needs to come as soon as possible. The black culture is sick. It has been going on for too long now, and it is time we stopped being afraid to say anything.

        Black culture is less evolved. Generally speaking, blacks are ignorant. They are highly emotional and take offense at the drop of a hat. They are not evolved! This country needs to stop being afraid to offend a race of people that are closer to being animals.

      3. Billy says:

        The sooner the better

      4. john deauex says:

        Shoot a porch monkey, no way! Down here in my part of the country, you need a license for such actions, I got mine.

      5. vrwCHENEY says:

        i wish you were correct..i wish hard working,law abiding,god fearing people would rise up and take the contry back from the progressive liberals who endorse this behavour

      6. oarsman says:

        Thanks for your take on this matter, pvbflorida. After viewing this video, I’d say both the whites and the blacks probably think the way you think they do.

      7. AG1 says:

        As a resident of Northeast Florida, I would like to add my two cents worth. The vast majority of people in this area of the country would not stand by and watch someone being beaten senseless as we saw in this video. Not only was the beating this person took horrible, but the bystanders who did nothing we absolutely disgusting. If I had been in that restaurant, I would have embarrassed those pansy men into taking action to help out the victim. The senior citizen woman in the video had more cajones than any in the restaurant.

    4. fedup says:

      Exactly! I am fed up seeing kids acting lower than the lowest!

      Whatever happened to manners, kindness and honor…..don’t these parents teach anything to their kids?

      I am ashamed of all of them and anyone that thinks this is cute!

      Sorry state this country is in!

      1. marcus says:

        something terrible is wrong with Black America. The Blacks have been led to believe that they are perpetually being held-back. They have been educated to believe that it is ok to misbehave because their ancestors were treated bad. hereit is 2011 and Blacks still haven’t assimilated adter 400 years. We even elected a Black president and they still want more. This is sad for America. Blacks have only been led to believe that their best offeribgs to America are sports and entertainment. Its going to get worse, I’m afraid.

      2. a spine says:

        What happened to the family? Two parents under the same roof?

      3. bl says:


      4. Fantone Brookings says:

        Yo, it’s not their FAULT. It the fault of the taxpayers who not fund the after school programs that could be keeping the kids from geting into trouble. Plus, these girls probably be from signal parent homes, yo. A single mom can only do so much. You best be looking to the federal government to fix this. It’s THEY problem. Remember what Hillary say: “It take a village.” Where the village be on this? That’s what I want to know.

      5. Amador says:

        I’ll bet Fantone Bookings is a white guy pretending to be black to make blacks look stupid, illiterate, and morally irresponsible.

      6. Harold says:

        Blacks do that well enough on their own

      7. Wolfman Jones says:

        These savages are hardly human!

      8. notfooled says:

        so many duped morons thinking this was a race-based attack…

        this was a transgender woman ATTACKED FOR USING THE WOMAN’S BATHROOM and REFUSING TO LEAVE when DISGUSTING BIGOTED PEOPLE tried to make her.

        it has ZERO to do with skin color – imagine Matthew Shepard. The real tragedy of this story is being missed because illiterate morons can’t realize they’re being duped by their master news disseminator, Matty Drudge.

      9. roger says:

        Nice job obama! this is what you have done to this country. bi-polorization to the max!

      10. joinamerica says:

        How in the world can this not be a hate crime? Two Black women beat the hell out of a white woman, black male employees who could easily have broken up the fight are standing around enjoying the show and filming it and urging the criminals to run away when the police are finally called.If we had a Department of Justice (we don’t, not a Department that will investigate Black on white crime) they would immediately bring federal charges in this case. The white woman’s civil rights were clearly violated.

      11. ainokea says:

        On the radio last week Katie Curic was praising girl gangs. My guess is this is what she had in mind ? If your AG wont go after the big brothers of these female thugs for trying to keep whites from voting these two future convicts will go free..

      12. PS says:

        I hope you are joking Fantone. It is the tax payers fault??!?!

        You’ve got to be kidding me.

      13. eoe says:

        I bet the first thing these two pigs did after they left was eat their big macs and not even care about what they just did. This is just an example of what happens when you don’t hold a section of society accountable for anything. Yes, its probably a racial attack. But, what these brainwashed animals don’t even realize, is that they are all in the same hood. Poor knows no color. The only difference between this attack and others that happen daily in areas that these animals live, or travel to, is that this made it on the Internet. Their is no helping them and they will never change. All you white liberals can go live in with them if you think you can help or change them. They contribute absolutly nothing to life or socioty. We should build a wall around them to keep the rest of us safe.

      14. Katherine McLean says:

        Racism works both ways

      15. Dave Grove says:

        To all the bleeding hearts out there….I don’t give a damn what the reasons were for this attack..IT DOESN’T MATTER! Please, no psychobabble this Friday night.

        Make an example of them. Lock them up and throw away the keys. Get them off the more prisons if necessary…

        This is inexcusable…Period. ..Inexcusable! Don’t waste my time or yours..They are animals who need to be caged to protect the society that they loath so much.

    5. ted ratter says:

      Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them. It is still in our power to direct the process of emancipation and deportation peaceably and in such slow degree as that the evil will wear off insensibly, and their place be pari passu filled up by free white laborers. If on the contrary it is left to force itself on, human nature must shudder at the prospect held up. Thomas Jefferson

      1. CleanFun says:

        Excellent! It’s never too late.

    6. Melissa says:

      I Totally agree….This video gives me a sick feeling.

    7. Markwonder says:

      This was obviously racially motivated and the victims civil rights were violated big time. Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? Why doesn’t this story get reported on MSNBC or CNN’s website?

      1. eoe says:

        The primarily liberal press and colleges think that if you don’t report it, people won’t think it happened. They feel that they have control over public opinion. The only people they control are stupid people like the ones in the video and other liberals. Everyone else believes their own eyes.

      2. jon says:

        They dont say anything because they are hyopcrites and they are the ones who encourage people to have a sense that the world owes them…

      3. Dave says:

        Well like they say if you’re black and can’t eat it or f*ck it you kill it..

      4. Jerry says:

        cause the victum is white. and everyone wonders why the jails have more blacks and hispanics or mexcians.

    8. Boraxus says:

      Incorrect: already too many people in jail, where they learn nothing but more violence. Need a better way to deal than “lock them up.” One suggestion is group therapy for the entire family, along with forcing volunteer work on them all to pay for it (i.e. the more group therapy needed, the more volunteer work they have to do to equate the costs). That way they are not a burden and society gets some good out of this instead of the 30k+ cost per year for incarceration to fix nothing.

      1. Jimbo says:

        Yeah, man, right on!

      2. vrwCHENEY says:

        more like 60k

      3. individual11 says:

        Group therapy???!!! To address what, exactly? You cannot undo a lifetime of learning where 14 year olds raise 14 years olds none of whom have any idea what living in civilization means. Nothing a large dose of electricity wouldn’t cure.

      4. publius says:

        Therapy presupposes a mentality that can be addressed. That is a faulty presupposition in this case. Did you see these two come back and try to drag the woman away? They did not have enough after already having beaten her severely.
        What aim did they have? To eat her like hyenas? That was the level of their behavior. I question your sanity or seriousness to propose “therapy” for these two. Unless you mean shock therapy.

      5. Michael Mulligan says:

        I suggest they pay the medical costs, any lost pay, pain and suffering, and punitive damages after they finish the 10-15 year in the joint.

      6. kmoney says:

        Ok so, who is going to pay for these group “therapy” sessions? Are you really this stupid? These programs are going to cost more money than it would to try to make the prison system more efficient. Thee women have a very violent disposition to them. Did you watch this video? This needs more than a simple “group therapy” session and community service. Get real.

      7. Patriot says:

        Or better yet just take the monsters out to the courthouse square and shoot them in broad daylight!

      8. Eric says:

        Jail is not for reform it is for PUNISHMENT. We can build more jails how bout capital punishment for all rapist, murders, and child molesters. that would make some more room also who says that should make the prisoners share a bed. My boys had to for a year. The purpose of jail is to protect society from thugs like this.

      9. jon says:

        I agree jail stinks, but it keeps them out of trouble for while. Group therapy is a joke for this type of violence. Flogging is the right way to go…. plus jail time

      10. Idiot's Everywhere says:

        Thanks for making my laugh after watching that disgusting video. You were joking, right? Please god tell me you were joking!

      11. Scott Nepereny says:

        …spoken like a true Liberal. I can also tell you’re a Liberal by the way you consider your opinion correct and others’ incorrect. Let me ask you something; Seeing as how this seems to be racially motivated, would you consider it a “hate crime”? I didn’t think so.

      12. Casey says:

        Oh shut up. Crime deserves punishment. You obviously haven’t lived around black people.

      13. Frank says:

        They should be beaten until near death and then crucified. Let that be a message to others like them….

      14. larry davis says:

        Your an idoit, These thugs need to be put away.

      15. Huh? says:

        Group therapy!!?? What you talk’in bout, Willis!!

      16. Ruth says:

        Group Therapy! So they can beat up on other people? So they can learn how to manipulate the system more??? They just about murdered this woman and no one did ANYTHING. Group therapy. I am so sick of people condoning violence. NO. They need to go to prison. In there they can get all the therapy they need by doing hard labor on the roads, cemetaries and anything else for the public. THAT’S GROUP THERAPY. YOU DO THE CRIME< YOU DO THE TIME. They can get group therapy sitting in their damn cell where they belong. Bunch of racist animals. They are already a burden to society because of their damn ignorance and hate. Give me a break.

      17. Realist says:

        we could withhold their welfare checks? honestly. If you are convicted of a crime, You should not get welfare or food stamps, or any government assistance. Perhaps even lose tax credits. People understand money.

      18. Bob says:

        Do the same thing done with other vicious, out of control animals. Put them down.

      19. Dexterthe Otter says:

        I vote for Sheriff Joe for President…then things would change.

      20. Bastion says:

        you can’t domesticate a monkey… if you don’t leave them in the wild the only thing left is to keep them in cages or put them down. You don’t give group therapy to a monkey now do you?

      21. bizbiz3 says:

        All the employees at that McDonald’s should be fired and charged with failure to render aid. Too many people in jail??? We could easily solve that problem by giving the death penalty to all violent offenders. Group therapy? Volunteer work? You’ve got to be kidding!!!

      22. JAKE says:


      23. thorin29 says:

        I have a 25 cent solution. 9mm hollow point to the head of that girl. Then all you need is a hole in the ground for that piece of trash.

      24. PD102 says:

        You put down rogue animals for everyone’s safety. It is extremely doubtful that was a totally isolated display of aggression on the part of these two. The only other acceptable punishment is frontal lobotomies and use them as organ donors.

      25. method man says:

        are you kidding me? boohoo our tax dollars will go to incarcerting these animals…. wahhhh LOL If you viciously beat a girl 2-3 on 1 to the point she has brain damage, then you should be in jail. plain and simple, 14 years old or not. They knew exactly what they were doing. its disgusting that an older woman had to come between them, while all the workers looked on. They should be accesories to the crime. Stop all the crying about better systems than jail, and the cost to jail someone. jail is supposed to be just that …jail, not some fun community house hotel. Get a brain people. if you let them off lightly I promise you those hoodrats will be at it again. this was def a drace motivated crime as well, but noone will come to that conclusion because it’s taboo for blacks to be racist against whites lol.

      26. gphx says:

        Group therapy? Like with baseball bats? The girl had seizures after being repeatedly kicked in the head. She’s lucky she survived and so are they. They should be charged with attempted murder because they almost succeeded.

      27. Ed says:

        wrong the 14 year should be charged as an adult and because being an adult be sent to an adult prison. Hopefully won’t make it out or, at least, learn about unfair fights and beat-downs.

      28. WilSpeaking says:

        I think they should bring back public corporal punishment, where there is no doubt that punishment has been carried out.

      29. Danny Wacker says:

        Hysterical Boraxus. You made me laugh, good one. Group therapy. These two have zero chance of being redeemed – ever. Lock them up, tie their tubes, say goodbye.

      30. WilSpeaking says:

        Therapy? From what I have read, most people are leaning away from a straitjacket and more toward a Full Metal Jacket!
        And that those rabid animals better keep looking over their shoulders for a long time…

    9. says:

      No Big Mac is worth this. Stay away from McD’s!!!!!!

      1. CabotAR says:

        I totally agree! This isn’t the first fast food establishment that had a black woman causing havoc on the employees & customers. There was another case a few weeks ago in Florida.

        Just animals is all I can call them.

      2. ignorance is bliss says:

        CabotAR is right!

        Any time a black person causes a problem, it is the fault of all blacjk people everywhere.

        When a white person causes a problem, it is the fault of the black person who caused the white person to cause a problem.

      3. Deo says:

        Too bad she did not have a concealed weapon to defend herself. It would had been wonderful if she could have blasted away on those two knappy headed hoes…

      4. tonyl says:

        ignorance is bliss!!! You are trying to justify this criminal behavior. We do not see any whites in 2011 beating a black person so violently in public. These women are acting with impunity with no fear of the consequences. Why? Cause they know they will get out in a couple of hours. That’s where the problem lies. This is going on all over US in the inner cities.

      5. Clintin says:

        @tonyl it doesn’t matter if the person was black or white. One of the females looked black, and the other looked white to me, so it really doesn’t matter about race, when it comes to people fighting, or a group of people attacking a person. The bad part about this is that you think white people don’t get into fights in public, but what about that lady that attacked the MD’s lady at the drive through when she was told there wasn’t anymore chicken nuggets. Any race can get exposed, but why single out a whole race for just a few stupid people’s actions?

    10. earlsquirrel says:

      Don’t care what the victim was, man, woman, beat down is beat down.
      Employee can film for fun but not call cops. Management did nothing .
      Boycott McDonalds. Not safe buying a burger. Can’t depend on little old white ladies to be at every McDonalds to save your behind.

      1. icetrout says:

        Sue Mc’D for $20 mil!!! Plenty of Jew Lawyer’s in Baltimore would love to have this case!!!

    11. kenji says:

      Don’t you just luv hope and change…..

      1. Obama's Fault says:

        Yes it is Obama’s fault! I’m pretty sure that the big girl was him!

        Good thing nothing bad ever happened to black people while a white man was in the White House!

      2. Clintin says:

        @Obama’s Fault – Now that comment was stupid, LMAO. Why do people say things over the internet that is racist, but I bet you have hundreds of black friends. And what do Obama have anything to do with what just happen?

      3. Take Out The Trash says:

        Would anyone miss these pieces of garbage if they were just taken to the dump and disposed of? That is what people do with trash, why not consider these people trash. There is no hope for them and the behavior might stop if the rest of society saw that they’d risk total elimination for doing something so reprehensible.

        It’s time to take out the trash!

      4. Zonadoc says:

        Yes, actually it is Obamas fault. He was supposed to be the great united but has done nothing but divide this nation along racial and class lines. Obama spews hatred for the rich and white middle class on every campaign speech. Obama has done nothing but enabled the most vicious of the minorities to take out their perceived hatred for their own innate inabilities to hurt others. Sorry that the truth hurts the emoting social liberals but facts are facts. Remember he said the republicans can ride in the back of the bus and AG Holder says I will not prosecute my people for civil rights violations. Get ready folks a new civil war may just be around the next heated outbreak of racial violence.

      5. Weasler says:

        Yes, this is the kind of monkey behavior we’ve learned tolerate in
        “president” Booga-Booga’s world – not just in McDonald’s, but also
        in Denny’s, IHOP, and Burger King. I can’t wait till we take over in 2012,
        and start shipping Obama and the other monkeys back to Africa, where
        they belong.

    12. harry says:

      start packing your powder into McDonalds. Fire first, film later.

      1. Ruth says:

        A concealed weapon would have solved this problem, stopped it from ever happening. I feel so bad for that lady, I hope she survives.

      2. max says:

        except not really in baltimore, marylands a bit strict about concealed carry

    13. ron says:

      Sick people

    14. ron says:

      14 year old should be treated like a wild dog and simply put down.

      1. icetrout says:

        She-Ape :O

      2. j Stuart says:

        right on

    15. redneck says:

      We carry guns legally in Texas and we “Shoot Racially Motivated Baboons” when they run wild.

      I hope you Yankees are happy living in a Zoo.

    16. killian says:

      The manager should be fired!


        Yes We Can Build a

        YES WE CAN!
        YES WE CAN!

    17. Rob says:

      You’re right .. animals mature physically long before humans. Those animals have achieve the max possible mentally and physically… Charge them as a rabid dogs. Can’t execute them but put them away for a long time

    18. WILLIAM says:


    19. Lis says:

      I agree. Our country is falling apart.
      They should go to jail for attempted MURDER.
      They need to pay for what they did.
      They also need prayer.

    20. El He says:

      You’re kidding, right? Just hope Holden doesn’t ‘step in’ to block the prosecution.

    21. Johnny says:

      Must have been a promotion for the McDonalds 50,000 hiring day.

    22. lunev says:

      The ones that did the attacking are just a couple of coward animals. The piece of garbage that filmed it is a coward the ones that watched are cowards and all should be charged with a felony. Now you know why we do not visit Baltimore. Once a great city now a haven for human debris.

    23. coast2co says:

      I agree but its Baltimore and the police and courts there are stupid up there. They make excuses for crime and baby criminals

    24. Stacey says:

      I am stunned by the fact that the manager did nothing to help the girl after the attackersleft the restaurant. He stepped right over her, never once checking to see if she was ok!! And they left more than once during the attack- kept coming back in for more. The second they left for the FIRST time the manager should have locked the door!!

      1. Hal says:

        Yes, but if he had locked the doors, potential sales might have also been lost. Wahst is more important??

      2. Mihael says:

        When you see someone experiencing a seizure, you really aren’t supposed to touch them because it can make it worse. Granted if he had jumped in the beginning, none of this would have gotten to the point it did.

    25. Fred says:

      Fantone-Please don’t comments until you have learned to speak english. Your grammar alongside this video is indicative of the problems this country faces.

      1. Chillidawg says:

        Fantone-Please don’t comments until you have learned to speak english. HA HA good grammer…NOT…again the pot calling the kettle black…awsome!

      2. Pauly says:

        um, “Chilldog,”…it’s GRAMMAR,” not “grammer…”

      3. Pauly says:

        And “AWESOME,” not awsome…

      4. Bill says:

        Fred, please.
        It should be “comment” not “comments”..
        Got it?

    26. Fed Up and Fighting! says:

      Fantone Brookings, I can’t believe how much you expect the taxpayers to do! It doesn’t work! It’s not always someone else’s fault. It is their own and their families. They teach them no self respect and teach them to blame everyone but themselves. It’s time for them to stop depending on me to take care of their problems and their stupidity. Programs don’t work if they don’t use them. Why isn’t that 14 year old taught to stay home and study instead of causing trouble? I don’t want to hear excuses. The problem started a long time ago and the more we give, the less they deserve.

    27. Katie McLean says:

      Unfornately a lot of white people “fear” the Black Race; this incident exposes, and as best demonstrates that the Racism works both ways. I hope the victim is ok.

      1. Hal says:

        White people have nothing to fear from members of the Black Race. Just ask the woman who was beaten on a bus by nine persons of color. Not because she was white (that would of course be a racist attack), but because she dared to sit down while they preferred that she stand.

      2. Killshot says:

        “Fear the Black Race”? Hardly. You are confusing fear with pity for a segment of it. They are truly pathetic at times when this stuff occurs. They clearly have trouble managing themselves.

    28. real amazing anon says:

      they both should be charged with black on white hate crime.

      1. Dean says:

        There is no such thing. Its always white on black. Fry these animals!

    29. Kathy says:

      I grew up in Rosedale. This used to be a great area. But it has really went downhill. It is disgusting how people raise their children now. I can’t believe the McDonalds employees did not step in to help.
      Where was the manager?

      1. tommysb5 says:

        He was in da back room, smokin weed and hangen wiff his homies.Yo, man dis is good sheeat.

    30. hsgoodlo says:

      …..Baltimore……Charm City…The City that Reads……..Its another dead city in a dead country……really…..are ANY of you REALLY surprised??
      Right to carry would have seen none of this transpire…….hsgoodlo

      1. Sharku Ptah says:

        Uhm don’t you mean “Harm City” and “The City That Bleeds” ?

    31. DavidL says:

      To think that this store manager actually PASSED McDonald’s certification exam.

    32. CCW4LIFE says:

      Concealed Carry wherever you go. “I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.” I carry everywhere that there isn’t a metal detector; I will not be a victim.

    33. og says:

      what would happen if white people would beat black people this way, headline news

      1. Clintin says:

        You are wrong, if white people attack a black person it will not be headline news until the Black Community makes it headline news. This story hit headline news without any exposure. So you clearly have no clue what you are talking about.

    34. Will says:

      they should be shot like you would any other wild animal

    35. discusted mom says:

      Are you kidding?! These girls were ANIMALS, going back to violently kick her in the back of the neck/head over and over. Dragging her like she was a carcass. Leaving her for dead having a serious and violent seizure. This is EXACTLY WHY we HAVE prison!!

      1. Mihael says:

        I don’t know about the 14-yr old, but that 18-yr old is done for. They are going to throw the book right in her pudgy half black/half puerto rican face…

      2. sniper says:


    36. Sebastian says:

      This is just like the viral Denny’s YOUTUBE video where all the patrons just remained in their seats as if they were all on Prozac or Valium and did ABSOLUTELY nothing. FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE; AT LEAST GET YOUR SELL PHONE OUT AND CALL 911.

    37. blaine says:

      how could this incident possibly be gender motivated? By the way, is it still gender motivated if a woman attacks a man? And if a white man attacked a black kid like this, the jewesses in the media wouldn’t be asking if it was possibly “racially motivated;” they would already be insisting that it was racially motivated and they would be sounding out al sharpton’s views on the matter. Double standards under the law lead to this kind of garbage.

      1. jacob stiles says:

        Gender motivated because one of the witnesses (or the person filming it? can’t remember right now) made the claim that the white girl was transgender. In this story they mention her (his?) wig being pulled off..

      2. Jared Larson says:

        If a white guy had stood up to defend this woman, you can bet your house HE would have been charged with a hate crime!

    38. Don says:

      Express your indignation here:

      McDonald’s needs to answer how they will respond to the lack of customer safety and irresponsible employees.

    39. John says:

      Those pieces of garbage who attacked that woman, as well as the witnesses should be shot execution style. period.

    40. Kevin says:

      Im going to Mcd tomorrow and ordering food at the drive thru…when I arrive at the pick up window I will let the worker know that I have nothing against them, but I dont want the food because of what has happen in this incendent. If enuff people do this MCd’s will be force to do something. Whatever it is it will be a message that we will not tolorate animal behavour in the public and they will be forced to screen and fire subpar humans from workling in there kangaroo burger joints

      1. Don says:

        Better to inundate McDonald’s contact site with indignation. The more they receive, the more likely they are to listen. Unlike your suggestion, which will only reach an employees ear, this will reach corporate ears:

    41. Disgusted says:

      Is it any wonder white people won’t live in black neighborhoods? Is it really any wonder they won’t let their children go to school with blacks?

    42. Tiger Sampson says:

      Adult, Juvenile…bottom line THEY ARE ANIMALS!!!…only ANIMALS would do something like this and ONLY ANIMALS would sit around, watch and take videos of it…..whats wrong with these ANIMALS?

    43. J. McIntosh says:

      I agree. She is a danger to society. By a person’s actions you will know them.

    44. VW says:

      The racial comments are not called for. This is concerning a humna being being beat. It does not matter about the color, it’s about being valued as a human being. Come out of the gutter your comments does not help the situation it makes things worse.. We should be on our knees praying for more peace in the world.

    45. Jon Dohh says:

      NEVER will I give another dime to McDonalds!!! They are just doing the routine apology instead of REALLY getting tough about this kind of vile behavior.

    46. Weston says:

      Everyone keeps saying that the manager and workers should be fired.. really? They should be prosecuted and put in jail. Anyone able bodied man, like the 3 I counted in the video (including the camera man), could have prevented that fight from escalating to such an extreme. In regards to “Its Obama’s fault”, who ever is trying to make that argument is clearly incompetent. Violence, including hate crimes, is no recent issue. You may not agree with Obama’s policies or presidency, but it is a completely irrelevant subject.

    47. mark says:

      This is a hate crime!!!!

    48. Jon says:

      I’ve learned from this video, that only white people can be racist, that’s why we haven’t heard about on any national news outlet.

    49. Jack says:

      I never considered myself to be racist, until now.
      What a shame

  2. Linda Jaworski Jones says:

    Where was the darn Manager or employees while this was going on? Why didn’t someone stop this brutal attack? Same on you McDonald’s.

    1. Linda Jaworski Jones says:

      Just watched the video, the manager and all the employees that stood around and watched this should all be fired. The only one with guts to stand up to these 2 bullies was the little old lady.

      1. Jeff King says:

        They need to be fired definitely. Isn’t there a good Samaritan law in effect? They should all be charged.

      2. WWF says:

        They have a policy on that. You can’t intervene though you may want to. It’s called getting fired or possibly sued by the attackers.

        That’s the reality of our arse backwards judicial system.

      3. Mr Liberty says:

        Little old WHITE lady. Nobody else came close to helping this victim of hate assault.

      4. comprof says:

        You are right about that. All of the McDonald employees standing by and doing nothing need to be fired.

      5. MDWhite says:

        The spineless cowards were busy laughing and filming the action. Fire their sorry rear-ends and throw the two bloated drain clogs that attacked the girl in the can for 10 years.

        Where’s the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and Our Fearless Leader on this? If it were a white on black thing, they’d all come out from under their rocks in a flash.

      6. Ernst from NorCal... says:

        Because multiculturalism truly enriches us all…

      7. Ken says:

        Instead of calling police for assistance yo boy video’s the whole thing. They are all stupid and ignorant. Thank black man and women for America’s future Thanks NAACP.

      8. Annette Kathleen says:

        You don’t stand around and watch a violent crime being committed, regardless of store policy! If any of the employees had intervened, and was subsequently fired, there would be a public outcry on their behalf, instead of criticizing them as is happening now. How about the employee that filmed it, and the employee that urged them to flee? Where is the humanity? This was nothing short of animalistic behavior.

      9. guest says:

        White people should boycott McDonnalds until they do something about this unique problem to the black community. If white people can’t feel safe there, then we should simply not go.

      10. 1uniquemonique says:

        Actually the owner should be stripped of hi/her franchise and this mf should be shut down!!!! Then all the employees should be charge with aiding and abetting. McDonald’s should just get ready to open up their treasury because there’s no way they can fight this.

      11. Legal Information says:

        I’m sure McDonald’s is already in the process of firing everyone who worked at that restaurant during the incident. This is going to cost them millions.

      12. Bob Barrett says:

        I doubt McDonald’s has a policy that says you can not stop a savage attack against a customer. Even if they did, I doubt the policy encourages employees to stand around videotaping the attack, and laughing. Give me a break. Everyone who stood by and did nothing should be charged.

    2. rhonda says:


      the manager is heard telling the attackers to get out the cops are on the way. i hope McDonalds and the francise and those employees all pay.

      1. Stacey says:

        I hope they lose their jobs. And McDonalds better brace themselves for a nice, fat, juicy lawsuit. That poor girl!

      2. Dan says:

        This seems to be a Trend at McDonalds and they always make excuses. They say their managers are not suppose to get involved. THEY NEED TO GET INVOLVED and if that is their policy then all McDonald restaurants should be forced to have security guards in all of their locations throughout the United States. Those managers at this McDonalds were not only letting the girl be assaulted but they were laughing about it. They should be fired and prosecuted. I will NEVER eat at a McDonalds again.



      4. SikofEm says:

        I guess it is time for the McDonald’s Corporation to put in the franchise agreements of stores located in black or mostly black of areas where blacks are beginning to be seen a clause that there must be an armed policeman in the store at all times and that policeman must be white as a black cop would probably just watch. It should also state that if the policeman fails to shoot the aggressors then he should be shot.

      5. JZ says:

        This is a HATE CRIME… if this situation was reversed Bamster would be going crazy now….

    3. Fergie303 says:

      come on. The employees were probably the same color as the attackers. Racism has no particular color in mind.

      1. No wonder why... says:

        Watch the video, and you’ll see you’re right. The attackers and all the people that stood around watching were black, and the only woman (who’s probably in her 60s) that stepped in to help was white. Hopefully, they’re all charged with a hate crime.

      2. Karen says:

        Chimps will be chimps

    4. skinney says:

      The manager was shooting the video.

      1. Frank Schlecht says:

        like a coward

    5. scott says:

      You need to educate yourself. A man was just murdered for stopping a fight at McDonalds. As long as the left will not allow people to carry guns this will continue.

      1. amos says:

        Ah, Scott. . if the victum had a gun she might not of been half beaten to death.

        I, for one, and my family with me will never step foot into a McDonald’s again.

      2. SikofEm says:

        You are right, Amos, McDonald’s restaurants are just becoming too dark. We should all boycott them until they make their franchisees clean up their stores, their acts and their employees.

      3. deadpammy says:

        The manager could have gotten a big o’l pan out of the kitchen and bashed both the black girls on the head. It doesn’t have to be a gun.

    6. Brother Jesse says:

      Can’t we all just celebrate the Diversity??? LMAO

      1. anonymous says:


    7. theidel says:

      It was not a big concern for the manager or the employees since the victim was white. What should have happened is a chair should have been busted over both those black girl’s heads.

    8. Mike says:

      Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? Where is Eric Holder? Why isn’t the federal DOJ investigating this as a hate crime and violation of her civil rights? What? The victim is white and the perps are black? Oh. Never mind then.

      1. leslie says:

        I am wondering how long it’s going to take Sharpton and Jackson to come to the defense of these two animals and make them the victim. I am sure my hard earned dollars are supporting those two pigs.

    9. Alan Whitney says:

      McDonald’s probably has a strict policy against employees taking direct action in situations like this. Blame the lawyers.

      Then again, Whitey WAS gettin’ a beatdown, yo.

      1. Cliff from Toledo says:

        So it is ok to video tape the event but not help the victim? That is B.S. the people at this McDonalds don’t care about white people and I won’t be eating at that restaurant anytime soon!

    10. Mike says:

      Where is Al Sharpton? Where is Jesse Jackson? Where is Eric Holder. Why isn’t he investigating this as a hate crime and a violation of the victim’s civil rights. If the roles were reversed, there would be a hundred feds crawling all over Baltimore investigating this!

      1. Trebor says:

        They’re racists. It’s that simple. Al Sharpton in particular is the most prominent/ protected racist that has ever existed. Just a horrible man.

      2. deadpammy says:

        These are their ppl don’t ya know. Only the white, working, responsible ppl are the enemy now, and it is all our fault that this is happening.

    11. Norm says:

      This is why I carry a legal CCW weapon everywhre I go. i will not take a beating from anyone. In the years I have carried, I have never hade to draw the weapon. If you do not live in a free state you should think about moving to a state that respects the right to self deffense! God bless the victim and I hope the perps will come to some sort of realization their thug mentality is not acceptable in society.

      1. jts says:

        groids will be groids

    12. an american says:

      McDonalds’s just lost my business. Everyone of those employees should be fired, starting with the manager!!!

    13. just me says:

      It’s a shame the victim or a witness wasn’t armed. In Texas someone would have shot both of them and save the cost of a trial

    14. RealTallWolf says:

      you do know that if this was 2 white girls beating on a black girl they would be screaming racism and demanding that mcdonald’s be boycotted. I can tell you right now I am boycotting baltimore and mcdonald’s!

      1. Wolfman Jones says:

        Both places are strictly for black savages!

      2. mark says:

        Whites are not allowed to have any organizations to stand for them. I should say we are to weak to stop worrying what others say and need to organize ourselves.

    15. jerry says:

      i watched the video that is on drudge report. as a parent and a patron i am very concerned about going into a mcdonalds. What do you train your employees? That was way too long someone should have done something much faster. If that was my child, I would do everything in my power to ruin you. YOU are responsible for YOUR employees actions. Yes, it is true that the patrons were the problem. If that was me or my child i would like to trust that an employee would save me not a elderly lady. this concerns me and my wife so much so, that we will not be going to our local mcdonalds anytime soon. we have been loyal customers since i was born, i am now 41, wife 42 and children 15 and 11. I am APALLED. I am ANGRY. I am UPSET.

      1. Shaniqua says:

        at the very least, McDonalds should allow the manager to carry pepper spray or a tazer for these kinds of incidents. They seem to happen more frequently at Mcdonalds. There is a pattern here, but that wouldnt have saved the young woman as she was white and based on that alone, managment wouldnt have helped her.Black Americans are the most racist people on earth followed closely by Mexican Americans. Note, I never felt any racism when I visited Mexico. Just America

      2. Don says:

        You need to express your indignation to McDonald’s. Give ’em hell.

    16. Mark says:

      Very racial attack!! Oops, it can’t be racial!! Black aren’t racists !!! By the way, every employee in that restaurant should be fired and brought up on charges as accessories to the crime!!!!

    17. Bonnie says:

      Too bad a law-abiding citizen with a concealed carry permit couldn’t have been there to line those thugs up to the wall until the police came. Bet they wouldn’t have been too brave staring down a .9mm and being told to shut up, hands on the wall!

      But … nooooo, that’s too risky and violent (they say). Our society is devolving to the lowest levels of slime.

      1. Parad E. Makewater says:

        Pepper spray would be plenty, it would also clear out the enthusiastic cheerleaders, I mean, onlookers. Much less trouble than a gun.

      2. justthefax says:

        I’ve concealed carried for years, but recently added pepper spray to my self-defense options. This would have been a perfect opportunity to use non-lethal force. It would have disabled the miscreants and saved the victim from what may have been a life-altering attack.

        Every time I see one of these videos it reminds me of Lord of the Flies. Debased and evil behavior on display.

    18. Matt says:

      Why did this story leave out the fact that both attackers were black and the victim was white? If this situation was reversed, you know CBS would have reported the race of both, and there would have been some assertion of hate crime.

      1. tommy richards says:

        matt – good remark but one grammatical correction, the victim `is’ white.

    19. Edward says:

      SAVAGES!!! These animals need to be tried as adults and NEVER allowed to see the light of day. I only wish an off duty cop or armed citizen was there to help this poor girl. A bullet seems to be the only thing that would have stopped these attempt murder criminals from the savage behavior! Baltimore inner city animals….typical.. This is what the fruits of my taxes go to, these savages!

  3. Jamie Dorton says:

    I see nithing but the golden arches, no video????

    1. Michael Saveme Silverman says:

      think about what you said, i only see the beautiful truth of it. attackers probably are economically disadvantaged, and now that a “black man” is president who they thought would pay their mortgage, have found them selves to be left out in the could by the stark reality of “our” situation. thanks to public education they are unequipped to handle their feelings of disparagement, resorted to violence instead. while it doesn’t absolve the attackers of guilt, it should serve as a warning of things to come.

      1. J Bullat says:

        This is exactly why our 2nd Amendment rights are so important. This kind of thing will become more pervasive as America evolves into a third world nation.

      2. Frank Rizzo says:

        That leads to the question. What if Obama loses his re-election bid?

        I can only see things getting much worse.

      3. charles manson says:

        Thats what needs to happen, helter skelter, race wars, put this thing to an end for good. we do not have the means to ship them back to afrikka (afrikkans dont want them) so we need to kill them all and start over. Kill the mud people and then the mexicants.

  4. OUTRAGED! says:

    The poor girl probably just looked at the attackers wrong, thats all it takes today. Couldn’t fight just one on one, had to fight dirty and act like animals. Outrageous! I grew up in that neighborhood and have watched the area go straight down the drain for the past 20 years. I hope the attackers read this comment, you two are cowards! The video will put you each away for a long time, at least I hope. My sympathies to the mother and father of the victim. One day, you two will be beaten just as bad and will get to see how it feels. Each of you belong locked up for a long time.

    1. Michael Drudge says:

      She is transgendered. She was using the women’s restroom. That’s why they flipped out. Same difference though, lock ’em up.

      1. Shaniqua says:

        why did you say that? How do you know if she was transgendered? If those black women said it, they were probablt lieing

      2. TimGaffen says:

        I only read this as speculation, her being transgendered, I have yet to see one news agency report that she was transgendered. Do you have a single source to back this claim up?

      3. Debrah B says:

        She IS transgendered.

        However, that doesn’t excuse what happened. No one deserves to be beaten like this, regardless of their gender identity.

        I’m really disappointed by all the people on here making racist comments. Funny how people’s true colors come out when things like this happen. Those two women in the video may not have been motivated by racial animus, but a lot of people here are. This is not a black/white issue, and should not be presented as such.

        I support the victim the same I would if she were a different race or gender, and condemn the attackers similarly. How many of you people posting these comments can truly say that?

  5. Nora Rich says:

    I think the women should be charged with a” hate crime” this is completely unacceptable . The staff at the McDonald’s should be fired for not protecting the customer

    1. doctordoctor says:

      you cant charge blacks with hate crimes. only whites.

      1. Barry D says:

        that’s racist

      2. bob says:

        truth hurts sometimes…
        feel the burn…

    2. Jullou says:

      Yes, indeed. This truly is a hate crime that leftists love to politicize, but this is a black on white crime, so Democrats will pass this one up. No politican gain on this one.

    3. Linda says:

      All crimes of this nature are ‘hate crimes’ and should all be prosecuted equally. The fact the the skin colors are different should make absolutely no difference!

      1. sara says:

        We should all be equal….but we arent…we never will be…..Whites are going to be punished for what their ancestors did to the ‘minorities’….Whites will have no rights….whites are becoming the new targets of racism., simply because it is well deserved…..

        America…the IDEA of America is dead….truly dead…we are not equal…we are not free…we are hated by all other countries…..time to make a change or lay down and accept the slow death of America.

    4. Michael Saveme Silverman says:

      thought policing is bad idea. equal protection under the law is divine. see the 7th law of Noah.

    5. tani says:


  6. cnc says:

    Find Them! And put them Away! And Fire those “people”

  7. Bret Michael Sears says:

    dirty ghetto baltimore b****** . gives us baltimarians a bad name. get a life, stop living like a f*^^^& animal.

  8. Doug says:

    McExecute the both of them !
    Have their otherwise useless remains processed
    into Soylent Green Wafers.

    Hope the woman recovers.

    1. John Ramsey says:

      LOL!! “MExecute” hee hee Mc Donalds is a powerful corporation!! hee hee

    2. jim says:

      yuk id starve first

  9. JAY says:

    one word COWARDS.

  10. Brenda says:

    They feel they have a right to be angry. They are above the law. There is more black on white, and black on black crime then anything else. But of course it’s always the white mans fault. @@

    1. Michael Saveme Silverman says:

      it has been said that behind every crime is a white mans face, now days that may still be true even though the “white house” is as it is, it is still run by a white man whose face we have never nor will ever see. the attackers were a loaded gun, whose deadly design was contemplated and then implemented by the bower elite resulting in this of many incidents, a consequence of their intention. mayhem. as Mike Royko, Chicago Tribune said, “strict gun laws are about as effective as strict drug laws…It pains me to say this, but the NRA seems to be right: The cities and states that have the toughest gun laws have the most murder and mayhem.” once you are fearful enough they hope you will surrender the rest of you freedom so you may at least be alive.

  11. ann culotta says:


    1. David S says:

      At least the victim will get a Very large paycheck from McDonalds

      1. Michael Saveme Silverman says:

        they may claim that they discourage intervention and have the right to do so in order to protect innocent people from abuse, but after the jury watches this video, and then deliberates the law, they wil conclude that not only were the employees wrong for facilitating this travesty, McDonald is for failure to train employees and management.

  12. SallyG says:

    Why is anyone surprised…this is TYPICAL behavior! Here’s a hint….take the heel of your palm and drive it upwards into their nose…it will drive it up into their brain! That’s a common self-defense movement that’s taught. If you watch how they fight, it’s sissified. A few well placed self defense movements will have them on the ground crying for their mamma! If they want to fight, give them one they will remember!

    1. BigEgret says:

      Here’s a better suggestion. Whenever in Baltimore, carry a concealed handgun. Believe me, you’ll need it. The staff at McDonalds is just as responsible for this racial atrocity as the perpetrators themselves.

    2. Bill Ryan says:

      excellent instruction…I practice this move on a dummy I have in the basement at all angles so it will be second nature when the eventual thug or thugress attacks me.

      1. John Ramsey says:

        LOL!!!!! go white man!

    3. joe says:

      You’ve watched too many movies. That will not drive anything into anyone’s brain. Stop being dumb, dumb sallyg.

  13. william says:

    remember the uproar from the black community about the jewish neighborhood watch patrol guy beating the poor defenseless black youth….the black community was all enraged… you think there will be a “whimper” about these two BLACK ANIMALS attacking this white girl ? the ghetto crowd is probably laughing at this incident ! i find it hard to believe the savage action of these two black teenagers !

    1. balmi says:

      Fight Back! Fight these so called Ghetto things…

    2. Blake says:

      it’s actions like this that make one wonder if evolution is not true, some act just slightly more evolved than the apes we are told we came from.

      1. dougx says:

        Evolution is obviously a fact. I love the Christians but their doctrine is leading the white man to extinction.

      2. Voxster says:

        Doug”X” – Who are trying to be? Mal-X? Farrakhan? Evolution has never been a fact – just a simple theory that has been debunked time and time again. But, if “evolution” were a fact – your animals in the video just proved it in the video. I would bet u r laughing watching a white girl get beaten so bad she goes into a seizure. You have Obama (not for long) and Holder (not for long) – So enjoy these types of videos while you can. Are you old enough to remember MLK’s speech “I have a dream?” – You might want to read it – then respond on how the Gospel of Jesus and Christianity are simply for the “white man” as you say.

        Read John 3:16

      3. JESSE JACKSON? says:

        Expose the left winged extremest party!!

        These are the people who vote for entitlements and are just full of hate.

        Where do they learn this behavior? Rap videos? Gansta Music? Schools? Parents? All of the above!!

      4. Andrewjellison says:

        Those girls should be locked up for the rest of their lives!!!!………………………………………….their never gonna do anything with their lives anyway!!! accept beat up innocent white girls in mcdonalds!!!! They are messed up, racist, and they need to be brought to justice!!!!!! And this country needs a real president.

      5. GaBlueStarMom says:

        It would seem easy to make the comparison but Apes and other wild animals would not behave this way.

    3. earlsquirrel says:

      Ghetto crowd. Looks like “girls gone wild” shorts in the crack, boobs hanging out.
      McDonalds gets prize for beat down burger joint of the year. Employee filming for news at Eleven. BOYCOTT! Where is Al? Needs to bring on his protectionism
      for the ghetto girls.

  14. Glas says:

    Fire those animals and find the other animals who did this!

  15. Kim says:

    That’s just sad. Why they do that to her???? What could she have done to them???? Dont make no kind of sense.

    1. Huh? says:

      The story the man who took the video tells is the victim is a man dressed as a woman and was in the women’s lavatory. What he was doing in there, I do not know, but the attackers were protecting their toilet facilities from him. If it was a guy, he needs to learn how to defend himself. If it is a woman, she does too. I think the thing to do would have been to tell the store manager that there was a man in the women’s room and let him handle it rather than attack him. What I understand is the attackers told him to leave the restroom and he refused. That is what brought on the attack.

      1. Me says:

        If it was a man in the bathroom,then when the video started He was out.
        There was no reason for the brutal beating.
        Or the employees filming and not calling the police.
        There was no reason other then the attackers were animals & saw a chance to beat on whitey.

      2. Mandie says:

        That is no excuse! Those women need to be charged w attempted murder!!! Ive seen so many patients come thru the hospital with masive brain damage due to animals like this! Those McDonalds employees make me sick! I have been to this location with my daughter & i am surprised at this!!! I will never go there again! No one deserves to be treated that way! She is a human being with feelings!!!!

      3. alex scipio says:

        Frankly I could not care less what brought-on the beating, NO ONE deserves to be beaten like this OTHER THAN THOSE WHO DID THE BEATING. And, frankly, they ought to be tracked-down like a rabid animal and beaten to death. Slowly. Painfully. Completely.

      4. deport them all now says:

        here here

      5. sickofit says:

        If this is true, where is the leftist standing up and screaming about violence against transgenders??

      6. Me says:

        Yeah, and we are supossed to take the word of another thug who filmed the attack and then helped by saying “De Poe-leece be comin’. RUN!” LoL. What a moron. At first I thought you might be black, but then realized you can spell and settled on your just being a MORON.

      7. kmichaels says:

        It was not a guy. You can tell the victim is a girl if you watch carefully. Secondly, the “its a guy theory” comes from the ahole that filmed the event, trying to cover himself after people complained about his lousy behavior.

  16. urnotfunny says:

    Where is the NAACP now??? If it were the other way around, old Doc from the NAACP would be on his high horse standing in front of City Hall wanting to lynch the whities!

  17. sick already says:

    McDonalds should cover this girls medical care. And I wouldnt trust those animals with a mop… Can imagine how THAT crew handles food.

    Those guys could of stopped the fight and thrown the girls out, easy.

    1. Angrymom says:

      I hope they sue the ever living life out of Mc Donalds. Only they can make a difference in thug cultures. The government, ran for decades by worthless individuals won’t. I made my daughters watch this video. The girl will never recover from these injuries, she will be a vegetable if she lives. These thugs will do short time if any. The girl will not be charged as an adult. Baltimore? Are you kidding, this is nothing. The previous response to learn self defense is the best any of us can do.

      1. ned vanceypants says:

        I always hope they call me for jury duty for cases like this.

        Jury duty or not, if it was my child who had been beaten like that, justice would be delivered.

      2. alex scipio says:

        If it were my daughter the attackers would be hunted-down and killed like the rabid animals they are.

        And everyone not intervening either would be killed, or tracked to adulthood and parenthood and THEIR offspring would be brutally killed as they watched.

  18. Sarah says:

    I intend to boycott McDonald’s until I find out that the employees who did nothing are fired! I’ve heard quite a few people commenting about never setting foot in a McDonalds again because of this. McDonalds employees The camera man was probably an employee, too! I hope that the victim sues McDonalds for millions…and I’m sure the lawyers are waiting outside the hospital for her to get out….watch out, McDonald’s…these worthless employees are going to cost you BIG TIME!

    1. dave says:

      They are Worthless! Right!

    2. Rhonda says:

      call McDonalds 1-800-244-6227 their response is unacceptable.

      1. mike says:

        I called the 800 and asked about the incident.
        The guy said they were working with police ,full invetigation etc.
        I asked if the employees were being fired he said the same as above.
        I live in baltimore county and am not a big mcdonalds person,so I will simply not eat @
        Mcdonalds no more.

      2. Michael Saveme Silverman says:

        i like mike, boycott McDonalds

    3. Nick says:

      McDonalds stores are franchised, not owned by the company itself.

      1. ned vanceypants says:

        Not all stores are franchised. And it doesn’t matter– McDonalds has enough influence on franchisees to get this handled properly.

        All employees need to be fired, and some need to be charged, if there is anything on the books to charge them with…good samaritan law…aiding/ abetting in some manner by warning the lowlife criminals to flee the scene…being a piece of human waste in a restaurant…whatever is available.

      2. NowListenUp says:

        you are incorrect sir. There are many restaurants owned by McD corporate. The majority are owner/operator run. though.

  19. urnotfunny says:

    I just watched the video, it is extremely disturbing. Literally — the piece of garbage that taped this stood there along with literally everybody in the restaurant and watched her having a seizure after those 2 beat her to a pulp, and all the person taping the video could say was — and i quote “she seizing, she bleeding from the mouth” you better get out of here. Nobody in that restaurant, but an old lady tried to step in. You are all a bunch of low class ghetto trash that cannot even speak english properly. God help the future of this state with this garbage running around. It’s truly disgusting!

  20. Kay says:

    It is more like “Kill or to be Kill” society. They all should be punish severely before someone get kill soon or later. Also the person who doing the video, the person warning the attackers, and the employees.

  21. George says:

    What a moron the cameraman is. Turns out he was a McDonalds employee. He is now, at the very least, open to a civil suit and is probably criminally negligent as it can be claimed his video egged the attackers on. McDonalds is also in deep trouble for their employee having participated. To top it off, he claims it was actually a transgendered individual. Federal hate crime charges. Hopefully the person being beaten up was not that badly injured because they will quickly become a very very rich person. And these animals are going to wind up in jail where they belong and that includes the cameraman.

    1. angry mom says:

      Really? Civil suit? These animals work at McDonalds, probably court ordered half of them. McDonalds is the only one that can be held responsible civilly. If this is a transgendered individual-then they have as many rights as all the rest of us. Think there will be the outrage of Matthew Shepard? Oh, right, they are black. That’s no problem then. This country has gone to the toilet. Literally.

    2. alex scipio says:

      They don’t belong in jail – that just costs more taxpayer money. We don’t jail rabid dogs.

      These two – and frankly all those watching and not intervening – need to be put at the bottom of the local landfill.

  22. Zoo_Vet says:

    It’s crazy how white people can get all angry and upset about black on white crime but this video is nothing compared to the pain blacks suffered years ago from white people. I’m not justifying the actions in this video because it’s completely outrageous but just how you look at this video as disgusting and all upsetting so do we about how we were treated and still is treated. So stop being hypocrites because 9/10 your ancestors were slave masters and treated blacks horrible as well. 9/10 if the victim was black you wouldn’t even bothered to post such comment or show any type of emotion. That is all.

    1. Dennis says:

      Your words do nothing to hide your attitude. Through the ebonics, it is obvious that you – personally – carry a chip on your shoulder and think that this is justified because somebody in the past suffered the same or worse fate.

      I would not have allowed it to happen, regardless of color. Blacks seem to be the only ones that care about race, anymore. No one I know does, but let a situation like this occur and all of a sudden it is payback for slavery. Give it a rest. Take responsibility for your OWN life and stop blaming everyone else for your misfortunes. Grow up.

    2. james says:

      That was over 200 years ago, I didn’t do it so get over it. I’m tired of hearing poor me. You werent a slave either so quit trying to get easy street on someone elses back. GROW UP, GET AN EDUCATION AND A JOB AND SURVIVE LIKE THE REST OF US!!!!

    3. Joe says:

      learn english and get over it. Past is past, your people are acting like animals NOW

    4. Funkmeister says:

      Zoo Vet, you are a ignorant fool. Your a racist moron, how can you claim 9 of 10 of our ancerters had slaves. Your no different than the dumb &%$#$ that are in the video. I’m white, from the north, so MY ANCESTERS fought to free YOUR Ancesters. Get an Education

    5. Truth says:

      You’re an idiot. That vast majority of white people don’t have slave masters as ancestors, but even if they did, so what? You want to hold people responsible for things that they had nothing to do with? Besides, you do know that slavery was widespread in Africa long before whites got involved.

      FBI statistics show that black men commit violent crimes at a rate 21 times the rate ofn whites. Black on white attacks happen 13 times more often than the other way around. White on black rape happens at a near 0% statistcal rate, whicle black on white rape is very common.

      1. had-enough says:

        You people should be ashamed of yourself..first quote statistics that are true, second, as you also scare of people name Eric and Dylan (Columbiine shooters) or Ted (Ted Bundy serial killer) or Timothy (Timothy McVeigh, Oklahoma City Bomber) my point is what does the race of any of the people in this video matter. People of all colors committ horrible acts. have u ever seen the program “What would you do” once again people of all ages and race stand by and do nothing. In December 2010 5 men beat up two men with other stood and watched..all white. And as for Jesse and Al they dont speak for me know matter how much you want them to . Those girls dont represent the black race no more than Ted Bundy represent the white race,

    6. Andy says:

      So I am to blame for my ancestors mistakes. I would have stopped this even if the colors were reversed. I cannot let that happen to ANYBODY. Sounds like your views are distorted by YOUR own hate. 9/10 I doubt 2/10 would have let this happen so you should take a look in the mirror.

      1. PATSNYC says:

        My ancestors did not arrive in the US until the early 1900’s. I don’t see how they or I have anything to do with what happened in America generations before we were born or even in the Country. Get a grip and start taking responsibility for your own actions and stop looking for someone else to blame.

      2. Zoo_Vet says:

        ugh shut the hell up you make no sense and i don’t even know why I am even responding to your simple butt lol

      3. Dude says:

        I would like to see open season on these animals a couple times a year. we could make money off the permits and reduce the crime all at the same time.

    7. phil says:

      you can”t possibly know anything about slavery. and how dare you try and compare this hate crime with slavery?

      1. mahone.dunbar says:

        How can we know about slavery??? I know tons about it. I have an education, and have read extensively about it. Black sold blacks into slavery, at the ones they didn’t enslave for themselves. The Arabs, precious Islamics, we big in the slave trade for generations before it spread to America — which is the only country in the world to have fought a war to end it. Unfortunately, a lot of blacks have traded the freedom we won for them by becoming slaves to the democrat party, the party of anti Civil Rights legistaton, the party of Jim Crow, etc. etc. etc.

    8. Greg Randall says:

      Listen Zoo, we are outraged regardless of the race about this incident and all incidents that happened in the past – don’t dare cross the line of accusing people you don’t know of seeing assaults for what they are! You know better than that, don’t you? Please, if the internet came during slavery, it might have ended sooner cuz we would see the injustice with our own eyes.

    9. young mc says:

      Zoo vet, you really need to brush up on your history, seeing how black people sold slaves themselves…. AND it happened more than 200 years ago. GET OVER IT!!!
      All cultures have had slaves at one point during their history. That doesn’t make it right, but quit acting like black people were the only ones persecuted.

    10. Seriously says:

      How irresponsibly stupid. 90% of whites did not own black slaves at any point in this country’s history. Most white farmers couldn’t afford slaves even if they wanted them. How many millions of our white ancestors died to free those slaves? That debt has been paid, in white man’s BLOOD.

      1. Chris A. says:

        Y’all white folks are upset about this. There’s no defending what these women did. There’s no defending the fact that these guys allowed it to happen when they could have stopped it. And yes, I think we all know that if this had been two white girls beating a black lady, they would have intervened. So I can definitely understand your anger at these people here in this McDonalds.

        But y’all are way over the line with some of the racist comments. You take away from the strength of your argument by doing this. The video speaks for itself. These people will be punished and this white chick will get a big settlement and life will go on.

        And as far as slavery goes, y’all really do need to study up. Because you don’t know what you’re talking about. This country was built, bought, financed on the backs of land and labor stolen from nonwhite people. No need to deny that. Does it give these girls a right to savagely beat somebody at McDonalds? Of course not. But it doesn’t give you the right to make arguments that fly in the face of historical fact either.

    11. wodun says:


      People would be outraged no matter the race of the people involved.

      Not sure what slavery has to do with what happened in this video or why you blame 9/10 white people for slavery. You clearly don’t know anything about history.

      1. Zoo_Vet says:

        I don’t well all I have to do is go on wikipedia and look up slavery or KKK. That should be easy right?

      2. Leave Maryland says:

        @Zoo-vet It would be easy if you illiterate could read and reason. But the majority of you ebonic speaking ghetto thugs can’t read.

    12. JustPeople says:

      Do you really believe that percentage of the ancestors of the current US population was wealthy enough to participate in slavery? Many of our families were not even in the country when slavery was allowed. You may be surprised to learn that plenty of free men of color enslaved people as well. (Read about the history of New Orleans) You can’t possibly know for certain that no one in your own lineage was involved in the slave trade in any way, in this country or another. Slavery is horrible, but blaming it on people that weren’t even alive when it happened doesn’t make sense. It’s also not a wrong that was solely committed against people of color, nor solely at the hands of whites. There are still many enslaved today, worldwide including right before your eyes in this country. Are you willing to do anything to help them or care only to complain about things that happened before you were born? Will we ever stop dividing ourselves based on color and start looking at values as the measure of a man?

      1. Zoo_Vet says:

        I stand by what I say. White could care less about Blacks so why make a big deal about this situation? Because she’s white? I guaranteed if you she was a black victim. she would not get this much symphony. PERIOD! And my comment in the first place were for those before me who were making racist comments. But if the shoes fit wear it by all means 😉

      2. Sentinel 23 says:

        It’s SYMPATHY yuu illiterate moron!

    13. Incedible says:

      Free blacks also owned slaves…

    14. K Betz says:

      Excuse me? I’m white , and my great great grandfather fought for your ancester’s a Union Cavalry soldier in the Civil War. Get some education instead of being stupid.

      1. K Betz says:

        Also, like I said I’m white and a Pennsylvania German. Guess what? Most Pennsylvania German’s who came here were slaves to the British because the could not afford passage. At least one of my immigrant gradfathers was a slave. Why do blacks think they are so unique?

    15. dude says:

      I think you are white and have white guilt.

    16. Iz Rossiyi says:

      You’re an idiot, I’m Russian and came to the country in the 2000’s, you want to accuse me of being a slave master as well? In fact most of the white immigrants from Ireland, Italy and Eastern Europe have zero to do with slavery and if you didn’t know when we came to the country we didn’t exactly get a warm welcome either. Also have some respect for the victim, she was horribly beaten, and you’re going on on this “blame the white man” rant, hell you’re probably the type of person who would whip out his camera phone when something like this occurs.

    17. rick from oregon via bmore says:

      Zoo-_Vet….what a highly appropriate name for you. Are you really that stupid and did you learn that 9/10 stat in a Balt Public School before you got pregnant at 12 and dropped out?. Zoo? You are a good reason all by yourself to encourage a full-scale racial war.

    18. Zoo_Vet_Idiot says:

      Zoo-Vet…you are unbelievable. You are justifying violent illegal activity for something that happened years ago (liberal insane thinking). Your reasoning would nullify all crime. Everyone can go back in time and find horrific things happening to their ancestors. Besides, political correctness is covering up all the slavery of whites over the centuries, which was prevalent especially from Muslims enslaving whites. Also, more blacks enslaved blacks than whites. Go back to Africa if you hate whites so much.

  23. Kathy says:

    Totally disgusting. The Manager and entire staff of McDonalds should be fired!!!!!! to stand around and watch that and not throw the attackers out and lock the door is unacceptable. Some one should have called the police immediately. I hope the girl and her family sues McDonalds, and I hope the two attackers get some jail time. By the way- I’m not looking at this as anything other than what it was – a senseless attack. The color of the attackers or the victim have nothing to do with it. Wrong is wrong!!!!

  24. Patrick says:

    Ferrel dogs act like this. When domesticated dogs go ferrel, they are the most vicious animal on the planet. This happens to humans too when they are not brought up rightly. Generation after generation, people are giving up on their duty to raise a decent person.

  25. fraught says:

    Animals, what else needs to be said? “Yo, she bleedin’, you better get outta here”? Yep, not of the human species.

  26. James says:

    I’m sick of the black on white crime that happens every day in our communities. This has to stop or it’s going to be an all out race war.

    1. alex scipio says:

      It already is, only just one side is at-war.

    2. Me says:

      Tat is one reason I support abortion…..for blacks. Saves tax dollars in the future

  27. Derek S. says:

    Most recent report states that it was actually a male cross dresser that got beaten, not a female. The fact that they yanked off his (her) wig in the video seems to support this. Also, witnesses state that the cross dressing male was in the women’s bathroom when confronted by these two girls. He was asked to leave and smarted off to them. To tell you the truth, if this is true then I don’t feel bad for him/her whatsoever. This changes the whole dynamic of the situation for me.

    1. Tucker says:

      You are Black right?

      1. Derek S. says:

        No, I’m not. I’m white. And if this was indeed an innocent white woman I’d love to see the attackers beaten without mercy. However, if it’s indeed a tranny I have no sympathy at all. No matter what color his/her skin.

      2. Roxxie says:

        Why — you are as bigoted and prejudice as the attackers.

    2. Moovee says:

      The guy doing the video taping sure seemed to say “her’ alot and he had a ringside seat. The cross-dresser bit is just a ruse to try to justify what these thugs did (and the observers didn’t do).

    3. New Englander says:

      so let me get this straight, you’re reasoning is she (or he, whatever) deserved that beating for “smarting off”?? So I guess if that were your family member laying on the floor seizing and beiing beaten while some idiot was filming the whole thing you would feel the same, no? as long as they had “smarted off” to the attackers?? people with your mentality are the reason this country is a cesspool!

    4. Mogar says:

      The Baltimore Sun reported:

      The victim suffered cuts to her mouth and face, and a police report said she was in “fair” condition.

      Would the police refer to the victim as “she” if he was a cross dressing male? I think not.

      Your grasping at straws Derek.

      1. Derek S. says:

        The police have no right to examine genitalia, so it’s possible that the victim referred to himself as a female. I say possible, as we don’t know what really happened here yet. And if it was an innocent person, especially an innocent woman, then I’m completely for the severest punishment for these animals. If, however, this turns out to be a transvestite and this transvestite was discovered in the women’s bathroom, I have no sympathy. None. I will continue to wait for the full facts to come out before determining exactly how I feel about this. I refuse to rush into an emotional response no matter what the outward appearance of things.

      2. Derek S. says:

        In addition, again, look at the wig that was torn off. Also the size of the victim and width of the shoulders as compared to the perps. I still think there’s a very good possibility this turns out, at some point, to be revealed as a transvestite. Whether that takes hours, days or weeks who knows. I’ll reserve judgment till I know all the facts as I said.

      3. roxxie says:

        So if the person was male in women’s clothing, she deserved the beating she received. I am sorry, you seem as ill informed as all the other biased comments.

      4. Chris says:

        I agree anyone feeling ill will towards this victim for their LGBT status is disgusting. However, you are CRAZY if you want to refer to these anti-racism comments as “biased.” There is like 20x the amount of white-on-black crime in the US than the other way around. This seems racially motivated to some extent to a lot of people.

        Its so sad that the heroes of the civil rights movement were sprayed down by fire hoses, hit by bricks, and attacked by dogs so that many of their grandkids could devolve into filthy little-subhumans living off of crack, violence, and hate.

      5. Chris says:

        I meant black-on-white crime.

    5. kmichaels says:

      BS. That idiotic story of her being a guy was dreamed up by the damned idiot that did the filming. He later removed that stupid excuse when he was caught in his lie. Only a moron would believe that concocted story.

      1. Derek S. says:

        Only a moron would believe whatever suits his current emotional state, instead of waiting for all the facts to come out and the suppositions to be proven right or wrong whatever the case may be. It gets annoying replying to people who lack understanding.

    6. Jesse R says:

      So let me get this straight, IF it turns out to be a man, and IF he was mouthing off, you see absolutely no problem with those girls taking the law into their own hands and savagely beating him?? Correction, the law doesn’t beat people down and stomp their heads, so they were actually just enforcing mob justice. You sound like you have similar character to all the “Men” in the store at the time. I’ll tell you what, I would’ve thrown both those girls into a choke hold if I saw them continue to beat on a defenseless man or woman like that… absolutely sickening. The only person with enough courage to do anything was an elderly woman. What is wrong with people?

    7. Natalie says:

      What does it matter if it was a transgendered person or not? We ALL have equal rights, numbnuts.

      And this was still a senseless beating regardless, that no one deserves to go through. Ghetto trash like this makes me shake my head and ashamed to be African American. This is NOT what Dr. King fought and died for, you f*cking rabid animals. Get an education and get a life instead of dragging your entire race down into the gutter with you.

      1. Steven says:

        Thank you, Natalie!

        I’ve been reading all the posts up to yours and reading all the comments that were basically inferring that ALL blacks are responsible for this crime, which of course they are not. I was going to say that there are likely a great majority of blacks who see this video as upset with it as the whites are. I think of the good people in our military, our police forces, our fire departments, and in the rest of society, and hate seeing all of you lumped in with those two vicious criminals.

        I am just as appalled by the video as the next guy, just as angry that none of the employees, save one who did a little, helped stop things, but instead found it a big joke. I hope the two perps get significant time in jail. I dislike Sharpton and Jackson with a passion, because I feel they fuel the flames. But, I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the majority of blacks are as disgusted by this video as the white community… And, I must say I agree with much of the political comments that were made here…

        Again, thank you.

    8. SourPuss says:

      Derek, the fact that the victim could be a “tranny” doesn’t mean that they are fair game for a beating like this person received. The fact that you feel it would be ok to do what was done to this person tells me that you are right at the same level as the attackers.

    9. Chrissy says:

      Your response is just as sick as any of the racist garbage left on this site! If this person was transgendered, that means she deserved to be brutally beaten??? She is another human being walking on this earth. Did she attack these girls first? Was she resisting their beating? Or fighting back? No … they clearly had her down and kept coming back for more and more and more. NO ONE deserves that.

  28. Paolo Caruso says:

    The victim did not look like a transvestite, but I could be wrong. The hair wig that first came off belonged to the attacker. The brown hair at the door, most definitely looked like actual hair of the victim that was pulled from her head. The larger attacker dragged that poor girl around the restaurant by her hair. I can only imagine the pain the victim endured, which could have been easily stopped by the manager and the employees.

    My advise to the victim, 10 MILLION would be a cheap settlement for McDonalds corporation. I have never seen anything so brutal outside of a warzone.

    1. BannedByHuffpo says:

      10 million is chump change for a worldwide mega-conglomerate that probably rakes in that much durring the dinner hour. The only way to get their attention is with some SERIOUS money …. say ONE BILLION $ ??

  29. Jack says:

    Great reporting. Of course you don’t have the guts to call it a black on white attack. Had it been a white woman assaulting a black girl you would have been all over that angle.

    1. John R Schuh says:

      As suggested above, McDonald’s should shut the place down pending the outcome of a police investigation and an inspection by corporate. No pay to anyone in the meanwhile.

  30. jonathan says:

    Appearances are deceiving.

    There are some interesting facts coming out about this case now. One, the woman victim is not a woman at all. But a cross dressing man. And apparantly HE was using the ladies room and the two girls didn’t like that. And I don’t blame them, if this is true. I could tell right away the seizure was fake. That’s not what seizures look like.

    1. Sickened says:

      The police said the victim was indeed female.
      The wig belonged to one of the attackers.
      The victim was also bleeding from the mouth if you watch the vid again and pay attention to what they are saying

    2. Wilbur Post says:

      Whether they are interesting “facts” or rumors, the only defense for these attackers could be self defense and it sure didn’t look that way. What would be the response if the colors were reversed? We’d have Jesse, Al and GLAAD all condemning the attack. Love the angle you mention though – sounds like an opening to sue McDonalds for not providing transgender washrooms.

    3. Mogar says:

      That’s funny jonathan I’ve seen seizures that looked just like that in the video. She certainly took enough kicks to the back and side of the head to cause one.

      1. riffenberg says:

        and at least once ,a kick to the back of her neck

    4. Joe C. says:

      Jonathan you must be a complete idiot. The victim was a female. How much beating does another human being deserve for any reason … especially one who is not even fighting back? The seizure was real and yes, that is exactly what they look like. You are an incredible dope for making the statements you made. Go take a shower and fan yourself with a “Doper” magazine.

    5. alex scipio says:

      So you think it’s OK to beat someone to a pulp for being a tranny?

      How about we beat YOU to a pulp for being stupid?

    6. New Englander says:

      hate to tell you, but that seizure did look legit. no person is going to beat their own head on a hard surface repeatedly for show unless it’s a college guy at a frat party!
      and it doesn’t matter if it is a transvestite. the victim was not fighting back (in fact curled up agains the wall at one point) while those two bottom feeders continued to attack! NO EXCUSE for it! If they were upset that she was in the bathroom and felt she shouldn’t be they should have gone to the manager, not beat her into a seizure. too bad she didn’t have a taser with her!

    7. Jesse R says:

      You’re a freiking idiot. You thought that was a fake seizure? You think someone who just got savagely beaten would have the where-with-all to FAKE a seizure. Wow. Please don’t reproduce.

    8. j Stuart says:

      That beating wasn’t faked. The poor girl was attacked by jackals while fellow jackals stood by and did nothing. McDonalds is no longer on my list of places to even buy a soda if they allow this. The manager did nothing. This was despicable.

  31. Kevin says:

    Didn’t they hear that is is never OK to hit a women? It is a public service announcement you know….

  32. Fred Thomas says:

    McDonald’s si responsible since the employees participarted by filming it, and urging the Beaters to go before the Police arrive. McDonalds should take full responsibility or be sued.

    Fire those employees and turn the employees in as accessorys. The others should be held for the beatings and sued in civil court whose judgemnet will follow them as adults.

    Where is MArtin Luthor King Sppech now that they should be judged on theior character, well, these two African-Americans had no character to continue the beating for 5 minutes.

  33. Scott T says:

    Charged? Hanged in a very tall tree is more like it.

  34. pooskin says:


  35. bill simmons says:

    zoo_vet… haha.. the pain blacks have suffered. Funny.

    Don’t you realize weaker people have been killed and enslaved from the beginning of time. Crying never freed someone from bondage. Don’t cry about the past, ask yourself why your people were weaker then whites.

    Your people were left behind in Africa when everyone else evolved and left 50,000 years ago. Looking back, I for one wish we had just picked our own cotton.

    1. mandy says:

      So true .

    2. bob says:

      There should be a statue of limitations on bringing out the ‘slavery’ excuse. I am sure the two who committed this, when asked, would say “cause of slavery’. Shesh…

  36. Completely Disgusted with Obama/Holder says:

    Why don’t they say it was two ni99ers attacking a white girl? Because they do not want it to be a hate crime. Hell, Holder would file suit against the City of Baltimore if they charged those two with a hate crime. After all, it is “Holder’s people” who are the perps this time so it cannot possibly be a hate crime. He’ll say that the woman did not ask those two knuckle draggers to stop, so it was her fault.

  37. Sheepleherder says:

    Headline should have been “Zoo animals escape and attack woman in restaurant”! You can take the animal out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the animal.

  38. tigger says:

    Black on white….everywhere. The tulsa world refuses to say anything about these hate crimes. It’s always black on white, unless it’s black on black. I’m tired of reading about someone wearing a t-shirt & jeans. What about black skin? Tell it. They hate us & it’s time we woke up. Execute these animals.

  39. Morgana99 says:

    Besides never having a positive Baltimore experience, largely due to the proliferation of humans like this, I gotta say these two stand out as losers of the highest order. Throw the book at them, and don’t let the minor get off that easy

  40. Scott T says:

    Of course Eric Holders Justice Department will never touch this case. Him and Obama only go after white on black crimes… The election of Obama has empowered blacks to think they can get away with this kind of behavior. These two deserve the noose.

  41. Mel Lingerman says:

    @Zoo_vet My ancestors were not slave owners. These ghetto animals were caught chimping out on tape. How many other chimp outs are not caught on tape? Deal with it.

  42. ZigZag says:

    Any word from Al Sharpton yet? Or would this resurface the ugly lie of Tawana Brawley that he perpetrated. Here’s the real thing, Al, you fat turd. Whatcha gonna do?

  43. j from Georgia says:

    Your article fails to mention that this is a black on white crime (Hate Crime as the Liberal Media likes to label it). I’m curious as to why it was left out? Would that have been neglected if the races were reversed?

  44. thesteelers says:

    Where’s Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton?, Does Eric Holder have any comments?? Hmm… I’m sure they would if two White Girls attacked a Black Girl. The hypocrisy is almost as disgusting as the attack itself! I hope that girl is alright..

  45. Zanthippe says:

    This will end when white people get tired of it. You need to defend yourself. If this had happened in Southern Ohio, they’d be carrying these two animals out of the place in body bags. IN Ohio, we have laws that protect us against this by having concealed weapons and deadly force rules.

    1. SallyG says:

      Same in Florida! A couple of months a jogger down here was accosted by two blacks trying to mug him and he pulled out his gun and killed one of them…the other one ran off! It was deemed self-defense. Down here, even the little old ladies might be packing a weapon (and know how to use it!!).

      1. Donna says:

        Good for him! We all need to start carrying guns

  46. The TG says:

    The single biggest mistake – both culturally and economically – that his country ever made was participating in the slave trade.

    At the time, the colonial farmers wanted cheap labor. Little did they know that their labor cost savings would cost future generations exponential amounts. Prisons, welfare, cost of crime, section 8 housing, etc.

  47. justavoter says:

    Those McDonald employees need to be fired immediately. For somebody to just stand there and watch somebody brutally beaten is as bad if not worse than the abuser.

  48. Negro says:


    1. TMA1 says:

      Hang the coons

  49. Jan says:

    Viewing this literally made me sick at my stomach to think that human beings would treat someone like this. The brutality is absolutely unbelievable. Has our society become so desensitized by violence that this is acceptable behavior? These girls are monsters! To say they are animals is unfair to animals. None of my animals would treat anyone like that.

  50. unbelievable says:

    never will I buy at McDonald’s again!! If this how they expect their employees to act I no longer will have anything to do with such a disgusting organization!

  51. pooskin says:

    it was an employee taking the video too.. he deleted his online accounts and comments after he saw this thing blow up .. he’s linked on the top of drudgereport in smoking gun though

  52. bannie says:

    Does anyone else remember that (white) guy, Denny something, who had his brains bashed with a brick by a crowd of rampant blacks? Nothing happened to those animals. I’m watching this to see if the same thing happens.

    1. pooskin says:

      Reginald Denny or Dennis yeah.

  53. cioccrdr says:

    Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are silent and absent…which speaks volumes about them and their race. I hope vigilante justice is done on those girls before the cops get to them…otherwise they will be coddled and protected, claiming they are victims. McDonald’s legal staff will be working overtime this weekend.

    1. Jullou says:

      The race baiters Jackson and Sharpton wouldn’t benefit from this one. Follow their $$$ trail. They have become wealthy from race baiting and live like mob bosses.

      Both call themselves “ministers” but neither of them have degrees in theology.
      Jesse was handed an honorary theology degree and Al just somehow became a minister.

  54. Patrick says:

    I’ll bet all my money that the two attackers collect a welfare check. I love working all week and coming home on a friday and checking the drudge report and seeing that this is the trash i have to share this country with. And the big Obama wants me to kick out more tax money to “support” the human garbage pile that makes up our society.

  55. Jason says:

    Me and my family will never step foot in McDonalds again.

  56. Wilbur Post says:

    I wonder how many lawyers have contacted the victim. McDonalds is going to have to pay up on this one.

    1. SallyG says:

      Yeah, boy!! The fact that the employees did NOTHING is going to cost McDonald’s big time! Regardless if it’s a franchise store or not….in the end, it’s McDonald’s Corporation and that’s who will be named in the suit…along with the owner of the particular franchise. If the victim WAS transgendered, s/he was within his/her rights to be using the women’s restroom if she was transgendered as a female. This is going to make the lawsuit even better! A transgendered person lives as the sex they have chosen to be…that includes using the women’s restroom. Obviously those baboons don’t understand that…which is not surprising!

  57. tom says:

    This is America today, used to live near that area…
    People arm yourself, this is a violent place.

    1. JJGH says:

      I’m visiting Las Vegas where I used to live. While here, I had 3 thug black guys try to intimidate me into a fight at a busy gas station. They faked they were going to ram my car with their old cop car with a push guard in front. The driver who is trying to look like the idiot snoop dog jumped out to come after me, he saw I was pretty big (I lift weights) and he backed off. Yrs ago, while living in a mostly white suburb, a gang of black women (like the violent ones in the video) roamed our streets with weapons yelling profanities. The Ethiopian blacks in Vegas are nice and civilized and slim and quite educated…very opposite of American blacks.

  58. SikofEm says:

    All white people should boycott McDonald’s unless those workers are all fired and McDonald’s compensates that girl.

    1. SallyG says:

      Don’t worry…she’ll be WELL compensated once she and her lawyers get done with McDonalds…she’ll get a hefty McSettlement!

  59. John says:

    I would have used my 3 million volt stun gun on both attackers. Attack over…End of story.

    Too bad Baltimore does not allow it’s citizens to defend themselves. Stun guns and concealed carry are prohibited in Baltimore.

  60. bko says:

    So sad. Praying for the victim and just as much for the attackers and the staff who stood by and allowed this to escalate. May God have mercy on their souls. May God have mercy on all who hate.

  61. the truth says:

    Animals. Even the ones that watched.

  62. Erik says:

    The news just got worse for these animals. When it was a white woman, no big deal. But now that that the victim may have been a cross-dresser, even CBS and the libs will be outraged.

  63. Crabjuice says:

    These animals are so far down in the gutter, they don’t even know that this is unacceptable behavior.
    I suspect we’ll be seeing an increasing number of this sort of video in the future.
    All this can be laid at the feet of the mewling bleeding hearts who’ve enabled and excused these savages for decades. The chickens have come home to roost.

  64. stacie says:

    I called the McDonald’s corp. office shortly after the video appeared on the DrudgeReport as there was NOTHING on the web concerning the location of this store or any news at all w/ the main stream useless Media….

    McDonald’s had nothing to say about it either… Thank You Matt Drudge for keeping us informed!!!!!!

    1. clay says:

      here’s the information for the actual restaurant6315 Kenwood Avenue
      Rosedale MD 21237
      Phone: 410-866-3250
      Manager: Danielle
      Send Comments

  65. SSU says:

    Looked to me like three attackers.

  66. Greg Dalton says:

    first of all, it was a guy, and second of all, he was in the women’s bathroom – I’m guessing that he exposed himself or worse, and that’s why he was beaten up.

    1. Crabjuice says:

      Ohh well, that’s different, then. He certainly deserved to be beaten nearly to death for that. And he was a Honkey, too, so he deserves it even more.
      Thanks for clearing that up, Pal.

    2. mcw says:

      If you know that for a fact then you “as a witness” have the moral and legal obligation to come forward to the police….other wise your just talking smack

    3. SallyG says:

      And you know this HOW? Sure looked like a woman to me….no guy goes to the trouble to dress up as a woman just to flash someone!

    4. Sandy says:

      Hey, “Reverend” Fat Al, thanks for your thoughts. No go home and cornhole Jesse.

    5. riffenberg says:

      They don’t need an excuse. Besides the police are saying it was a woman.

  67. AUG says:

    I will boycott McDonald’s until I hear that they fired all of those employees that stood around watching and laughing.

    1. SikofEm says:

      I’m with you!

      1. Virginian says:

        I’ve already written em off. They need to do a better screening job with the gutterball they call managers. These are the kind the type that hock in your food.

    2. Mogar says:

      Why would anyone eat there anyway its not even food anymore. Not sure what it is but I know what it’s not.

  68. bill o' mee says:

    mc donalds is a hate crie.

  69. dee says:

    If it was the other way around it would be a hate crime! R blacks the only ones that have the right to yell racism!

    1. bob says:

      Anyone can cry out racism if it fits the narrative….

  70. bannie says:

    KTroll, I think you’ll agree that it’s not hard to understand how this builds stereotypes. They come from this type of behavior.

  71. JC71 says:

    I’m sure Jesse Jackson and Alvin Sharpton will proceed straight to Baltimore and stand up for the rights of this hate crime victim.

    Yeah. Don’t hold your breath. Vicious people like that are nothing more than useless eaters. They take up oxygen, food, and your government handouts.

  72. Guilty Majority says:

    This will be an interesting test for the new hate crimes legislation.

  73. Dusty says:

    Welcome to obamaville! Bunch of racist thugs.

  74. Bill Mitchell says:

    Hell, for the $100 million this girl is going to win in her lawsuit against McDonalds, someone could beat me up.

    1. Sandy says:

      And she should sue the two thugs for violation of her civil rights… Now that would be a change, wouldn’t it…. to see them hand over their welfare checks each month.?

  75. Robert says:

    If that happened to a black person in a white area, McDonalds would probably yank the franchise quicker than you could blink. Instead, they will just hide from the matter as best they can. Oh, and to Jonathan, how can you tell it is a fake siezure from the video? You can’t, and any halfway intelligent person knows it. And if the victm was in the ladies room and you “can’t blame them for not liking it”, are you saying it is OK to damn near kill him/her? That’s exactly what you are saying. Any half intelligent person can see that as well.

  76. L. Bisbe says:

    Just a bunch of barbarians, not human- these attacks against white people are racist and hateful but the press keeps almost everything under wraps-terrible-

    1. SikofEm says:

      They do it for the arrogant one, Obama! Obama! Obama! mmm! mmm! mmm!

  77. Execute Them All says:

    The victim should sue the f*ck out of McDonald’s for the behavior of their employees and the obvious disregard for her civil rights. I hope those two attackers AND the Mcdonald’s employeees are all prosecuted to the fullest extent. Racism is clearly alive and well in America, especially at McDonald’s. Where’s Jesse and Rev. Al now? This was clearly a HATE CRIME. Speak up, my brotha’s.

    1. SikofEm says:

      Don’t use that black trash vernacular, my brother!

  78. Amadeus says:

    Another reason to move to Iceland.

  79. STLnow says:

    Call the SPCA. These vile vermon need to be spayed and neutered. Let’s start by putting birth control in their welfare cheese.

    Wake up America. These black thugs are destroying this country. They need to be removed.

    1. phillyboy says:

      negros gone wild

  80. Eric says:

    Oh No… was a cross dresser.

    Now the libs will be mad too.

  81. Gordon Corey says:

    Mmm, mmm, mmm.

  82. badrsgord says:

    Hate crime…….be interesting to see what happens. She’s WHITE, not black, not gay, not……….Assualt, battery, hate crime = prison. Time to do the social equivalent of Rudy’s broken window policy

  83. John Ramsey says:

    I hear blacks complaining all the time that they get such an unfair “shake” in the media…they claim its racism and trying to keep the black man down. No one needs to keep these people down..they do it to themselves all the time… They destroy their own neighborhoods, don’t raise their own children properly let alone provide for them. They hang out in the streets all day and night constantly running away from the police. Yes some racism does exist..but this is outrageous!! Even if there was a beef with the girl; for several girls to jump on her was a cowardly act in the least. And what in the world is a 14 year old doing out late and dressed like that?? I would never let me daughter out running the streets let alone conduct herself like that in public. Though we have some issues with our law enforcement…I’m so glad that we have them. Events like this is the every reason why we need a strong well trained police force. I hope they throw the book at them. Let them both sit in prison for the next 10 years for aggravated assault of attempted murder. Let them experience life around violent people who would just as well kill you than look at you. Then let them get out and see if anyone will hire them. But it gets better..what future do people like this have? Another weight on society. Baby making, food stamp pushing trash!!!!

  84. BannedByHuffpo says:

    McD bettter change that slogan from “Billions and Billions Served” to “Billions and Billions in PUNITIVE DAMAGES”

  85. Robert Bradshaw says:

    Thank God for my Concealed Carry Permit.

  86. Shrew Officeshrew says:

    I watched this video and, in my very humble opinion, the employees that watched and feigned help need to be FIRED. Especially the one I thought was a manager. They could have stopped this attack. That poor girl/woman could have been better protected by the management and employees there, to me that was painfully obvious. This totally disgusts me.

  87. F$%$##G ANIMALS says:

    White people better start fighting back. The only thing bullies fear is someone that fights back. Next time one of them starts that ghetto talk smack em in the face right off and dont stop

  88. onceproudamerican says:

    “Nothing is more important to us than the safety of customers and employees in our restaurants.”

    Then why did the employees do nothing to intervene?

  89. infidel says:

    And to think that these animals ancestors were the lucky few that escaped the he!!hole that is africa and were brought to this country for a better life as slaves.They should bow down and thank Whitey every day.

  90. SharpShtik says:

    Democrats avoid reporting this is yet another black on white hate crime. Blacks commit 7 times more violent crime against whites than vice versa despite the fact blacks are only 1/7 the population. Black Democrats, which is 96% of blacks, commit the majority of all crime in America accroding to DOJ statistics. Black Republicans don’t commit this violent crime so it’s obviously the lack of morality and violent irrrationality of people who are Democrats.

    1. sickoftheaffirmativeaction says:

      I’d just like to point out that I am a liberal who is very disturbed by these events and so are many of my counterparts… there is a HUGE difference between white liberals who try to protect the poor, the downtrodden, and uphold the most basic of human rights, and BLACK LIBERALS who take take take and blame whites for everything and just generally give us a bad name. Truth is, we WISH blacks weren’t a part of our group as they only exploit our compassion to help others by feeding off the system and overall hurting our cause. Most libs feel blacks who commit crimes (esp hate crimes) should be deported to Africa since they seem to be so upset we took their ancestors from that cesspool of barbarism in the first place! The Left and Right have a lot more in common than you think, and for the record, NONE OF US want tyranny, Obama is not our guy!

      1. Ozzie says:

        sickoftheaffirmativeaction, you don’t talk like a lib, but if you are, then it’s good to hear the words you wrote… And hopefully you and your colleagues will vote against Obama next time, and will get out there and stump for someone else.

      2. skydad says:

        Sure you want to help the poor and down trodden with other people’s money.

    2. nifty says:

      I can tell you what no one wants to acknowledge- the jails in many mostly white communities are filled with thugs from elsewhere who came into town to take what they wanted with violence. As a former jailer I saw it all the time. We have told them for 2 full generations now that they are victims and should take what they want. What many do not realize is that more than 50 years ago they were the most law abiding, God fearing, happily married, hard working people in our country…now they have been raised by leaders who preach hate and victimization instead of hard work and opportunity.

  91. A. Person says:

    There is 9 times more black on white crime than white on black, and they are less than 15% of the population.


    We are not all the same. Blacks are far more violent than whites.

    Call it racism, just cold hard facts.

  92. bannie says:

    Didn’t Mohammad Ali say he blessed the day his grandpa “got on that boat”? I, too, am grateful for all of the unimaginable horrors my ancestors went through that led me to this country.

    1. Edgar says:

      Bannie, I have no use for C.Clay, but if he said that, I applaud him for it. And thank you for appreciating the good things this country has for you and all it’s good citizens.

  93. Mayor McCheese says:

    Might be a hate crime on two accounts: race and sexual orientation.

    Victim might be a guy. Notice victims has a wig torn off and also size of victim when standing next to perps (bigger shoulders).

    I’m disturbed on the lack of humanity.

    1. Marbran says:

      It’s all but certain that the victim is a transvestite, based on the videographer’s supposed statement, and the physical build of the victim. If so, him being in the women’s restroom is one thing, entirely a separate issue to be dealt with; but what these women did to the victim is abhorrent! 18 and 14? Fourteen?!? The punishment should be swift and harsh. And McDonald’s better think about changing it’s policy about stepping in, because if patrons cannot feel safe there and expect some degree of intervention by the employees, all McDonald’s will have left as customers will be more ghetto trash like these two.

      1. SallyG says:

        If I went in the restroom and saw a transvestite in there using the facilities, I would not be upset. S/he just needed to go. It would be a lot easier on him/her than using the men’s room. You can bet that the 2 black women ran their mouth off and then got mad when the guy gave it right back to them. They can dish it out but they can’t take it. They always expect everyone to be afraid of them. To be honest, it’s these young women who are the worst. No wonder the black guys all want to be with white women!! They can’t stand it either!

  94. BillK says:

    hate crime.

  95. truth says:

    “Al Sharpton doesn’t care about Gay people” – K. West

  96. redlight2 says:

    Only animals act this way.

  97. Turd Blossom says:

    What about them two Sista’s having a bad childhood in the hood? Amerika has been mean to them. They deserve to take it out on whitey. Whitey been holding them down all they lives. I say let it be. Move along as the Author-ties will tell us to do in a few days. 🙂

    1. bubba says:

      that’s right. Michelle Sotero (aka obummer) said Amerika was a mean place. ur correct Turd

  98. whitetower says:

    What a bunch of monkeys.

  99. Greg says:

    Where’s Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? I bet they’d be there with a crowd if the racial situation of the beatdown was reversed. Racists.

  100. Lixi says:

    The parents of the fourteen year old need to be charged as well, the mcdonalds staff for not stoppign the fight and inf act counseling the attackers to flee. It doesn’t matter if the person was transgender or not, I still see it as a black on white crime. Whre’s the black mral outrage?

  101. Sandy says:

    Al Sharpton .. Jesse Jackson where are you now you racist hypocrites ..

  102. malocom says:

    Its over for white america, Its our country now.

    1. SikofEm says:

      Come on over to my neighborhood, malcontent, and we will see whose country it is now. You will be begging.

      1. malocom says:

        we can come in your hood but you can’t come in ours, get used to it. we go where we want. ask any good white democrat they will tell you its YOU white conservatives who are the racists. They are on ourside hahahahahaha

      2. SikofEm says:

        Those days are coming to an end, malcontent, because that skinny little black freak who stole the election in ’08 is going to lose in ’12 and then you had never be caught in my neighborhood.

    2. Crabjuice says:

      How wonderful for you! I’m sure you’ll show us all how to make this country great again. Kind of like the way you’ve made Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, Oakland, D.C. and all the other garden spots you wallow in a cultural wonderland.
      Have at it.

    3. SallyG says:

      Actually, it’s over for you, too….the Mexicans are going to be taking over…and guess what..they don’t like blacks one BIT!!!

    4. New Englander says:

      it’s “your country” now because you can go into a predominantly white neighborhood but “white people” won’t go into “your hood? yeah, you’r right….those who choose to behave civily and humanely choose not to associate themselves with garbage that choose to behave like rabid dogs! so you can have “your hood”….

  103. sicksicksick says:

    Just more proof that Planned Parenthood doesn’t work because if it did these two pieces of trash would have been aborted and their parents neutered and spayed to prevent more walking abortions like these.

    1. SikofEm says:

      Planned Parenthood is an Acorn institution and all Acorns are black these days!

  104. Maudie says:

    It’s nice to know McDonald’s considers this “unacceptable”. Pathetic. Stay clear of McDonald’s!

  105. PATSNYC says:

    Watching this video I now understand why Margaret Sanger advocated eugenics.

  106. Mike says:

    The ignorant employees should be fired and McDonalds sued, cowards and morons everyone except the older women. I challange everyone to call McDonald and express their total disgust of this case. I am calling and telling them I am never eating there again and they should fire those morons.

  107. madashell says:

    If the two doing the beating were white and the workers standing doing nothing were white, while an African American girl was beaten, Al Sharpton would be in Baltimore with his bullhorn already!

  108. Aloysius says:

    Behold your dream, Dr. King. Behold and weep.

  109. kevin killary says:

    black women have no respect for themselves. look at them. They should be in a zoo

    1. SallyG says:

      That’s why you see black guys with white women! They don’t want the black women! They are tired of the way they behave. I’ve heard that many times from young black men!

  110. michelle says:

    Disgusting, vile animals. They should be charged as adults and the manager should be FIRED and JAILED for not locking the place down. What a CREEP

  111. Tom O'Toole says:

    The Mgr. should be given a big mac , and after he is finished, they should take him out back and shoot him. This man is a COWARD. That is what they do to low life people like him. I am going to call everyday to McDonalds to make sure this malcontent is fired. As for the people who did this, they belong in a zoo.

  112. Bubba says:

    Hope and Change. A lot of white kids get picked on in public schools just like this poor girl did

    1. buuba says:

      thanks to slim balls like George soros, Brzynski and Kissinger our culture was transformed to allow for this. NWO

  113. Rick says:

    Bunch of ghetto little hoes.

    They will both end up in prison in the future complaining how society was unfair to them

    They both should be charged with a hate crime and put away for good.


  114. Astro says:


  115. josh says:

    White hate crime..Why were the black employees not going to break up the fight?.. They were laughing like idiots … McDonald’s should be sued for hiring racists.

  116. Joe says:


  117. Jay Getty says:

    Now that is a big Mac attack!

  118. Justice4All says:

    … so this happened on the 18th and was never reported by the local media until the video went “viral” …. if it would have been whites on a black person, it would have been ‘Breaking News’

  119. DrMaxH says:


    He aided and abetted the getaway of the two animals who mauled this poor woman.

  120. JC71 says:

    The Smoking Gun said police identified the victim as a 22 year old female. I would think they could tell the difference if it was a pervert in the girls room.

  121. speedy says:

    This is not surprising and is typical of the “black culture” in the this country. Notice in all these attacks you see two, three or more attacking one individual. I seldom see a black person taking someone on one on one. Hip Hop cowards.

  122. Caren says:

    I carry concealed all the time, and this is a prefect example why. If attacked, I’ll shoot to kill.

    1. Kent says:

      Happy hunting!

    2. Big William says:

      And if I’m on the jury, you won’t be convicted. We don’t like those horrible creatures either.

  123. marvin says:

    Look you have to be more understanding here. You don’t know all the facts. The two girls were probably just defending themselves. You don’t know what the white girl did to make this happen – before the film was shot.

    Also, think about all the injustice the black community has suffered all these years. It’s natural that things boil over a little bit sometimes into a bit of a scuffle. For example, the fact that the only place they can afford to eat is McDonalds tells you these two girls are still suffering from a lack of social justice.

    Try and see things from a fair, non-white and we’ll all be better off.

    1. Crabjuice says:

      Blow it out your ass, Marvin.
      There is NO legal justification for this attack. If it started off as self-defense on the part of the “non-white” girls, they went way past it once the threat to their persons was neutralized.
      I suspect your comments were an attempt to goad us, because no rational person can have their head so far up their ass and still breathe.

    2. ahanda says:


      You sound like someone who would have stood by and just watched also, maybe even filmed it.

    3. SallyG says:

      Been to McDonalds lately? It’s frigging expensive to eat there! Oh, and I love the way the black girls run off then run back again…back and forth, back and forth…..they are so laughably pathetic!

      Marvin, SHUT UP! You are an IDIOT!

    4. Donna says:

      Yes, Maritn please blow it out your a$$. When i was 17-20, the only place I could afford to eat was at McDonalds and I sure as hell never behaved like that.

    5. Sanford says:

      I hope the other readers will see the sarcasm in your post.

  124. John Ramsey says:

    I agree, stop blaming the legacy of slavery or the lack of reparations for the reason blacks do what they they do today. This is a not a perfect society by any stretch of the imagination..but if you don’t do well in school, its YOU boo!, Not the white man..if you don’t have a good career, its you BOO!..If you have babies and look to hard working taxpayers to take care of them, its YOU BOO!..If you go to a McDonalds and commit aggravated can blame no one when they toss your butt in prison but YOU!.. Blacks are the most dangerous race to their own people..its not longer the KKK or “the man.” There are always going to be a few here and there who are the problem makers..but what really gets me is that such a large number of blacks are the ones responsible for most crime committed in this city. Thankfully their actions does not reflect the entire black community, but it reflects the actions and attitudes of many of them. And blacks don’t understand why whites or asians or africans do not want to live amongst them? Get REAL!

  125. don dalston says:

    I think this says it all about these two subhumans beating that lone girl:
    Darwin himself, see his words in The Descent of Man:At some future period … the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world the savage races.
    At the same time the anthropomorphous [Having or suggesting human form and appearance] apes … will no doubt be exterminated. The break will then be rendered wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilized state, as we may hope … the Caucasian, and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as at present between the negro or Australian and the gorilla.

  126. Darrel says:

    Typical numb diggers.

  127. Jesse says:

    Thanks Obama for the racial tension

  128. Jay Getty says:

    Was that Mcdonalds idea of a “happy meal”?

  129. Kay says:

    McDonald should be responsible. Including the manager.

    1. SikofEm says:

      Are you crazy? McDonald’s did not kick the sheeat out of that girl. The two knuckle draggers did.

      1. SallyG says:

        They were on McDonald’s property and the employees did nothing to stop it or to protect the victim. Also, an employee was filming it. McDonald’s will be held liable to the tune of several million, you can bet on THAT! This case will be every attorney’s dream case!!! It will be worth millions!!!

      2. Noumenon says:

        Don’t be ignorant,… If you slip and fall on a wet floor in a store, you can sue. This McDonalds was clearly operated by sub-par people that obviously did not have patrons safety in mind.

    2. bubba says:

      nope. the women should be. Maybe Jesse Hijackson can school u on how it was whitey’s fault. Erica Holder’s won’t prosecute “his people”

  130. Al Edwards says:

    Wake up White people ! Storm the ghetto’s and protest against the sub human nig’s.

  131. Steve Hollar says:

    14 year old juvenile my rear. Those two useless sub-human monsters should be taken in a back room and beaten to a bloody pulp. Then they should be convicted of attempted murder and thrown away for as long as the law allows. It’s just a shame their mothers didn’t abort them before they polluted this world with their vile, disgusting lives.

    1. SikofEm says:

      Yea, and give up another welfare check? No way.

    2. David Aaron says:

      But — who’s going to take care of the children those two lovelies leave behind? They probably have two or three each by now.

  132. Fed Up says:

    These videos have become a weekly occurence. They are not women….they are chimps. Say whatever you want too about me being an ignorant racist..blah, blah blah. They are chimps.

  133. BHO has a Connecticut SSN? says:

  134. Barry from Indonesia says:

    It’s George Bush’s fault, he don’t like no black people!

  135. yt says:

    “McDonald’s strives to be a safe, welcoming environment for everyone who visits. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of customers and employees in our restaurants”

    Uh, not when you cater to the vicious black animal!! ( !! F*$# McDONALDS!

  136. david says:

    So just a few extra kicks to the head for being white. Its funny how I cant search rthis info on google or bing….freedom of speech , unless its regarding Lord Mcdonald!!!

  137. haroldnmaude says:

    It’s Sarah Palin and the Tea Party’s fault. Maybe George Bush too!

  138. Tom O'Toole says:

    Does anyone have the address of this McDonalds?

  139. barry soetoro says:

    It’s George Bush’s fault, he don’t like no black people!

  140. completely outraged! says:

    that video is disgusting and to think im raising my children in a place like this… those arent girls they are animals!! and i agree, everyone laughing and watching should be fired…3 and a half minutes to record that vile video and not 2 seconds to help that girl?

  141. scotty says:

    The mcdonalds employees should be arrested for aiding the criminals. They warned them to leave because the cops were coming. BUNCH OF FILTHY ANIMALS.

  142. hatefulpric says:

    I love black people!

  143. Boycott McDonalds says:

    Boycott all McDonalds until every employee who was there is FIRED! Especially that ‘hero’ who filmed it. A 22 y/o “man” watches this and films it while on the job? Charge HIM as an accesory. Fire these animals or nationwide boycott!

  144. J.M says:


  145. scotty says:

    Where are jessie , and al posturing for the cameras?

  146. daniel says:

    Obamanation, welfare and entitlements for all!

  147. Tiff says:

    These girls deserve to die…..we would be put to death if it were white people doing the beating….so give them equal treatment….its only fair….those girls arent worth anything and never will be worth anything anyways!!!!

  148. Abn says:

    Negroes are animals. Nobody wants to admit it, and they certainly won’t say it. You know in your heart of hearts they are different..they are animals, and not like civilized America. Ignorant, uneducated, and placated…they are lower on the evolutionary scale. But they do love their Mommas! They don’t know who their Daddies be….

    1. Totally Conservative says:

      Try to think of men like Alan Keys, Clarence Thomas, Bill Cosby, Tiger Woods, Carl Malone, JC Watts, Michael Steele and Colin Powell before you indict all black people.

      Do NOT think of the Al “Porky” Sharpton and Jesse “The Extortionist” Jackson while your doing it.

  149. Outraged! says:

    What ever the white woman allegedly did to those ‘ladies’ she did not in any way deserve to be beat. No one deserves that even if something criminal happened. If it was criminal…call the cops and let the handle it.

    McDonald’s will pay big time for this incident. How can they not? The public has a right to expect to be safe while in McDonalds. Yet, the employees pretty much do nothing while the beat down goes on.

    This is both outrageous and unacceptable.

    Whatever else happens, I predict this will not be judged to be a ‘Hate Crime.’ Eric Holder will see to that. He protects ‘his people’ and the rest of us are on our own.

  150. robbie says:

    Where is Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson? They fly all over the country and drum up a riot when a black person is beaten by two white people. I guess they don’t really care about justice, they are just racemongers that pay for their $3000 suits by perpetuating the myth that all racial problems in this country stem from white folk. Good job, Al and Jesse, we didn’t think you really gave a damn.

  151. GF says:

    May be segregation was not so bad after all. Civilized people should not have live alongside primates.

  152. Anthony Summers says:

    Hope and Change is here!

  153. Yo Day Comin' bit*ches says:

    Both should be charged as adults. When the sentence is read for 20 years without parole, y’all black folk needs to put that on You Tube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. John Galt says:

    First of all these thugs are not women they are animals. Second, if this is not prosecuted as a racially motivated hate crime that is all you need to know about how “fair and equal” this country is. Third, not only should both of these animals be prosecuted but the manager and anyone else working there at the time should be as well. The victim shouuld press for assault and battery charges. I trust McDonalds will immeidately move to terminate every employee that was present.

  155. morgan sargent says:

    KTroll. By no means am I ignorant nor a racist!! What is ignorant are all these BLACK ghetto girls, 2 of them mind you, beating down this defenseless girl while all those BLACK bystanders hang around laughing doing absolutely nothing to help this girl. THAT IS IGNORANT!!!! And we all know if the roles were reversed and it were 2 whites girls doing the same thing to a black girl it would be getting national attention and the NAACP would be screaming HATE CRIME!!!!! Lets be real here!!!!

  156. LibySnow says:

    I could not imagine treating another human being of any age, gender, color, creed, race or religion like that…It’s astonishing how some can stand by and watch – and even applaud??

    I had higher hopes and expectations for the human race. I guess that it is not to be…I feel like I don’t belong, or fit into this devolving world anymore.

  157. M says:

    Absolutely disgusting! What kind of coward will stand by and simply watch something like that happen?!? I hope the attackers are severely punished and that the victim survives. I can’t believe anyone would just watch something like that happen without intervening. Especially the staff and manager. Shame on you!

  158. SUSAN says:


    1. Stop Racism says:

      Is this a compliment or an insult, I don’t understand? In any way, it is a sentence fragment, but with a comment like that, I guess it is to be expected.

      1. Spinoza says:

        Don’t confuse “racism” from a “natural reaction”. It is not racist to notice the deplorable level of sophistication of an identifiable group and then form natural reaction to those observations. It is an intrinsic component of self-preservation,… which is why I don’t visit certain areas of Chicago, because I know as fact that they are polluted by savages.

      2. Weasler says:

        Yes, I guess we must overlook color in this video, as the victim is
        white and the attackers are black. Of course, if the reverse were
        true, this would be another Rodney King-type “hate crime” in your
        hypocritical eyes.


  159. Ace of Spades says:

    I suspect the attackers are suffering from Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.

    It is beginning people.
    When the checks stop,don’t get caught in the city,any city.

  160. R. McD. says:

    Given the involvement of an employee, anyone who’d work there or eat there after this is just as inhuman as the perpetrators.

    Do the right thing, McDonald’s. Cancel the franchisee’s contract, sue him for breaching that contract, lock the doors and tear the place down.

  161. Stop Racism says:

    The racism of these comments sicken me. I would hope to believe that these are not the views of most of my caucasian friends, but the views of indecent and irreverent, brain-dead idiots.

    Simply put, there are crazy people of all races. Look at the Chinese gang girl beatings, look at the Russian beatings, look at the killing of Seath in Florida, etc. This is a class war, people. Not a race one.

    I just hate racists. They have such a cowardly and knee-jerk viewpoint of life.

    1. SikofEm says:

      How many times did you vote for Obama, Obama, Obama in ’08?

    2. Da'Truff says:

      Please look at the numbers and come to an intelligent conclusion. The majority of interracial violence involves blacks. The majority of same race violence involves blacks.

      Blacks love to bring up Emmet Till an event that happened sixty years ago. Today there will be hundreds if not thousands of assaults an murders of whites at the hands of blacks. These events will be under reported or the assailants will be described as “youths”.

      Get your facts straight.

    3. Sandy says:

      I hope the racism of the beating sickens you, too, and that you wish to see those two things prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      I also am unhappy about many of the comments here, but if you haven’t heard them, think of the comments in the black community if/when something like this has happened to a black person.

    4. BOB says:


  162. Bob says:

    Lets see how long it takes for Sharpton and Jackson to raise the roof over this one. We know the Justice Dept or President won’t do anything so I quess it’s alright – in Baltimore that is.

  163. Matt says:

    So when will the media actually call this a hate crime??? Hate crimes go both ways, but it seems no media outlet wants to admit to that.

  164. morgan sargent says:

    KTroll. By no means am I ignorant nor a racist. But let me guess, because I am white and saying something negitive about blacks I am right?!?!?! Get real!!! Seriously

  165. William says:

    McDonalds hate white people. McDonalds employees lets blacks beat whites on comapny property, and then warn black attackers that police are on the way.

    McDonalds is RACIST! Boycott whitey hating McDonalds.

  166. Eric Laurian says:

    Type in “Baltimore” in CNN’s website, and you will find nothing on this story. I wonder when or if they will cover this story.

    1. Jack says:

      The Baltimore Sun probably will remove any reference to this beating from their on-line archives after this dies down. Try to do a search for Yvette Beakes or Sarah Kreager on their website

  167. witmier says:

    Send them all back to Africa from the poorest welfare recipient with 12 kids leeching off the government to the richest halfbreed president

  168. Thora says:

    It’s because of the so called black leaders today. Rev. Al and Rev. Jackson preaching hate and it’s the white mans fault and Obama of course. What happened with the black panthers and the investigation into them intimidating voters? What did anyone expect would eventually happen?

  169. Borats Brother says:

    It does not matter what the one girl did. The other two were totally out of control and were on an intentional mission to MURDER the white girl. They need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and McDonalds need to revoke the franchise at that location, because on site management did absolutely nothing to stop the situation. And the idiot with the phone obviously knew the two thugettes, that’s why he was telling them to get out of there before the cops got there. He is guilty of aiding and abetting in the commission of a felony and he deserves to go to jail for a full year.

  170. morgan sargent says:

    KTroll. Oh no, call the NAACP!! Another racist white person saying bad about the black race. Get real

  171. Lou Adams says:

    Why hasn’t the president said anything, if the roles were reversed he would be all over this

  172. River Hawk says:

    more blacks gone wild they won’t even get in trouble it’s Baltimore. crud capital of the world

  173. Huh? says:

    Why can’t I understand a word the attackers are shouting in the video? Does anyone have a translation? I hear the manager repeat “stop.” That is about it.

  174. jim says:

    Typical negroes……kid of reminds me of baboons…oh wait they are

  175. JohnnyDee says:

    People, people,,,, take one look at what you are dealing with here. Can you honestly say this is surprising? This type of action is deemed perfectly normal and acceptable in their circle. This it they way they are reared and taught, the old adage, “Garbage in, garbage out” applies aptly here.

  176. SickOfEvil says:

    Bunch of monsters for satan.

    I want these demons executed and their parents tossed under a prison. At the least they should be charged with attempted murder. But I want them shot!!!!

  177. HansJurgen says:

    Aaaahhhhh, the primates genes are starting to show themselves. Darwin’s Theory proven once again that some of us are still monkeys.

  178. bob wire says:

    Acting stupidly…let it be the Big O’s daughters in there getting a cheeseburger and an accidental bump into someone. maybe then he will come and help us all..until then, its every man, woman and child for themselves…they are savages now. The music, the dance, the language, the “act”, pure debauchery and thuggery—to hurt and harm any and all perceived as disrespecting them. Including their own…B.O.B crime is unlike any other—but B.OW. crime is outrageous as well. Pure animals this subculture now is. Stay aware, stay informed, and stay armed.

    I dont want another Black President—it only made the hate and anger worse by Black people on other people—including their own color. Notice Black folks didnt do a thing to reign in the terror being unleashed on an already downed took a and older white woman to do so. Shame on that Culture.

    1. SikofEm says:

      Wait to see what happens in ’12 when the black arrogant one loses the presidential election. Annie, get your gun and buy more ammo!

  179. Rick Clay says:

    I am encouraging each of you that our outraged at this video to contact McDonald’s Corporation and give them a piece of your mind as I have. I am will not patron McDonalds until they take action on this matter. God Bless that Girl! What is the DOJ doing about this?

    Rick Clay (

    McDonald’s Corporation,

    2111 McDonald’s Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60523


  180. Voxster says:

    After watching this video a few times, though sickening and the animals who tried to kill this woman…. did anyone else notice (what seemed to be another Black man who seemed to be shooting the video -say, “This is going on You Tube”

    He, and the rest of this staff who watched in amusement without helping this girl should be fired and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the “Holder” justice system.

    Totally outraged and I feel terrible for the victim and the family of hers who has seen this footage. I truly wish I would have been there at the time. Also, THANK YOU to the elderly woman who had the courage to stop this. She is an American whom I applaud.

  181. dougx says:

    This is why people go through the drive-in.

  182. Jesse Jackson says:

    These white racists must stop their unjustified attacks!

    If only these poor black women did not have to suffer years and years of vicious white racism, this incident would not have happened.

    Blacks do not have power; only white people have power. Only white people can put a stop to this racism. McDonalds must spend more money to protect its black customers from white racism.

  183. Concerned Citizen says:

    Had enough yet? Do something about it….

  184. Alex Scipio says:

    “Disturbing”?? ” DISTURBING???? This young woman was just about beaten to death. “Disturbing”?!?!?!?! That’s all McDonalds’ has got!?

    How about this:

    “We have fired all employees in that store for not taking action to ensure the safety of McDonald’s customers, much as we fire employees who leave the floor slippery, creating an unsafe situation causing a customer to fall and injure themselves. We also are suing them for not standing-up to bullies in their own store. Further we are pressing criminal endangerment charges for allowing what looks to be an easily-stopped beating to take place and to continue until the victim went into siezure.

    “If America can send its sons and daughters to Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., to defend human rights, Americans need to know they can send their sons and daughters to McDonalds and they will not be denied those same rights to life, liberty and property, nor beaten to a bloody pulp.

    “We will be filing our own criminal charges against the attackers and will spend as much money as it takes to ensure the perpetrators remain behind bars for the rest of their worthless lives.”


    I already sent the officers and all Directors of the company a letter – 16 letters – that they truly are disgusting human beings for allowing this to happen that their store, and that neither I nor any of my family ever again will patronize their establishment. I hope millions of others do the same.

  185. Ahmet Katztheirren says:

    Hoax and Chains

  186. Latisha Smiff says:

    Do day be gitten charged? Wass up? Wass up? Wass up? Why do deeze African Americans always be repeatin’ demselves? F’n enwurds.

  187. bob wire says:

    Will Martin Bashir, of MSNBC be featuring this tonight? hardly when he’s so busy trying to make Andrew Breitbart out to be a racist. Bashir, Couric, Sawyer, Williams, they’re all complicit in what we have today—-recall the non stop coverage of the Duke LaCrosse “rape” story—turns out the Black “victim” was not only a liar but a now indicted murderer…nary a mention of it…stay armed folks, no one is watching out for you except yourself…this lefist media would have you think its safe to be around black girls and women who look like that—it isnt—luckily you know that now. I double dare any of you left leaners to go accidentlaly bump into one of those “types” and see what happens…you’ll go down as if your murdered their own child…they are an angry violent mob now—they want what you worked for, but only they want to take it not earn it…stay aware, stay informed, and for gods sakes, stay armed….they wont stop–you saw the video, even when you convulse, they still want more.

    God help us all now…its commonplace now.

  188. Nick Renesis says:

    What has happened to the soul of America? People can watch and video a brutal beating without the slightest thought of helping. Are we raising animals now? Both girls should be tried as adults.The McDonalds employees should be tried as accomplices for their, at best halfhearted attempts to stop it. And the videographer should be made to take a beat down and have himself videoed being double teamed and dragged across the restaurant with someone providing inane commentary while its happening.

    1. Donna says:

      It’s not America – it’s blacks. Remember the only white person there – besides the one being beaten – tried to stop it even though she is a little old lady. Do not say America.

  189. gddfgfd says:

    hang them!!!!

    Like the old days.

  190. JM says:

    How could there be that much anger in those 2 young women? It is unbelievable!
    It looks like a hate crime to me!
    I hope the victim recovers.

    1. Steve Bennett says:

      “How could there be that much anger in those 2 young women?”

      it was placed into them throughout their lives, starting from a very young age, by our schools, the media, our pop culture, and even some churches (looking at you rev Wright) in order to be used by liberals for political gain.

      There is a reason democrats scream “racist” when losing an argument and that is to play on the race-hatred they have planted into these groups.

      BTW: whites get the treatment to but in a different way… the same people that incrementally load hatred into the minds of blacks and latinos load guilt (for 200 year-old things they never did) into white people.

      All to simply empower liberal democrat polices.

      The beaten white chick is what they would call “broken eggs”

      1. Brian N- Hater says:

        LOL Keep it UP HOMIE…. or we will LOCK all Y’all UP for another 100 years!

  191. Bob Hartnell says:

    This is why they tell you at the zoo, don’t get to close to the gorilla cage!

  192. el says:

    I am writing to McDonald’s to demand they fire the manager and employees. This crime was being committed while able bodied people videoed it instead of doing the right thing. A little old lady steps in while men stood around pointing, cowards. No speculation of what caused this assault to take place is necessary. Animals disguised as humans with no self control committing a crime. If a black person was the victim and a white attacker…we all know it would be on every front page and every newscast. Who are the racists?

  193. 1uniquemonique says:

    Today’s Black youth act more like savages everyday!!! Now watch these bytches cop a crazy plea!!!

  194. Themasterace says:

    Ok, black people, I am bringing slavery back because you just don’t know how to act like civilized human beings.

  195. Maria says:

    When I saw this video, I felt sick to my stomach. I don’t use the term “animal”, because that is an insult to the animal kingdom. These two females are sub-human, uncivilized beings, who probably contribute nothing to society. I called McDonald’s Corporate Office at 630-623-3000 and expressed my outrage at this incident,, especially the lack of action by its employees. McDonald’s needs to institutue measures to ensure this type of thing never happens again. It is understandable if someone starts shooting a gun. However, in this instance, MdDonald’s employees’ intervention could have stopped this from escalating. Please call McDonald’s. I also intend to contact the Baltimore District Attorney’s Office Violent Crimes Division at 410-887-6610 and request they prosecute the 14-year old as an adult. If everyone calls the DA’s office, there may be a better chance that this young hoodlum gets the jail time she deserves. I’d like to see both of them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It actually would be no loss to society if they threw away the key on them. They are despicable and disgusting semblances of human beings.

    1. GetThemOut says:

      Wow, that’s awesome! I actually wrote them a letter today myself. But calling is even better.

  196. Palmer Jensen says:

    I wonder if Reverend Jessie and Reverend Al along with NAACP, Chris Rock and Spike Lee will make any comments. If the Manger was white and did so little to help I am sure that we would already have heard about how rotten “Whitey” is.

  197. steve says:

    Its a guy that was perving on the girls, watch closer and listen, someone says “it’s a guy”, so maybe they were just protecting themselves from a pervert in the womens restroom

  198. Karmi says:

    Remember Rev. Wright? Hatred and racism is taught in black churches. Hatred and racism is promoted in black churches. Hatred and black racism is supported by the entire Democratic Party.

  199. Steve Bennett says:

    Get used to it white folks (and soon Asians), for 2 generations progressive groups have been happy to stoke the fires of racial hatred in blacks and Latinos for political gain. Just remember the end of this video every time you hear a democrat cry “racist” to try to end a discussion on social programs.

    Also, before all you brave souls sitting at your keyboards decide to jump into every fight you see, be careful and consider this:

    It would be better to call out those in political office, our schools, and race leaders that regularly racebait at the drop of a hat and reject them for stoking racial hatreds then to just break up the fights they foment.

    After all, racial hatred is the democrats dirty little secret, every black and brown child that they fill with some hate for whitey (and soon Asians) creates a lifelong democratic voter that never waivers. Why do you think they have those “racism exercises” in schools…. they need blacks angry about slavery… forever and ever and ever and ever.

  200. Jim M says:

    Looks like it’s time to move the “N” word back to the front of the dictionary.

  201. el says:

    Barry’s gonna throw a burger summit.

  202. Frustrated says:


    This is a true double standard in 2011 and it’s getting worse. If there were 2 whites beating up a black, I would have to watch it on the news for the next week with interviews from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. There would be a march of solidarity in the city of Baltimore, the UN wouild condemn and the list goes on…..what a tragedy.

    P.S.– Have you ever thought about how….oh forget it….

  203. Scott T says:

    Every single person in America should be allowed to carry a gun anywhere and everywhere. If anybody in this world deserves to be shot between the eyes, it`s these two black chicks. Even better, they should be found HANGED by the tallest tree in Baltimore.

  204. Legal Information says:

    The manager who told the attackers to leave before the cops get there can be charged as an “accessory after the fact”.

    The person who took the video and egged the attackers on can be charged as an “accomplice to the crime”.

  205. John says:

    It is very hard to find white on black in terms of this kind of abuse. Did you see the burger king UTube video with black ‘ladies’ in bathing suits? Duke University? etc. Many examples of this. I am stilled puzzled why the ‘gentleman’ video continued to tape and offer advice to ‘get out of there quickly because the police were coming’. There is a lack of respect of the victim, the customer, and what is right in this world. Good vs. Evil, this was pure evil. So 90% plus vote for Obama. What is it that they know and the white liberals know that I do not? Selfish, lack of morals, no pride, and willing for a handout.

  206. tiredofwhitesbeingattacked says:

    I just put a baseball bat in my trunk for the next time i’m at McDonalds. Someone wants to start something when i’m there, I say bring it on.

    the manager should be fired and charged with accessory to the crime.

  207. ABQ BOB says:

    What I’d like to know is whether those gals should have to register those beefy thighs and whopping butts as lethal weapons.

  208. Don in LA says:

    If they bring a knife you bring a gun… Or just beat her becasue she is white – either options seems to work

  209. Me says:

    Typical behavior. Two black chicks beating someone up, other blacks cheering them on, black male McDonald’s employees doing nothing. Pretty much what I expect from a group that has never been held responsible for their own actions. It has gotten so bad it is like puttin g clothing on monkeys and expecting them to suddenly be civilised

  210. Will Szereny says:

    Diversity! Coexist! Hope & Change!
    Obama, Eric Holder, the DOJ will do NOTHING!
    The victim is white.
    Load up America. It’s gonna start happening more and more.
    F#$@ing Animals!

  211. Chase says:

    McDonolds could care less about the white person. They openly support the blacks and have even set up a website just for them.


  212. leansleft says:

    I dont live in Baltimore and now I know why.It looks just like a zoo was broken out of and the animals were looking to kill.If you people had any sense you would demand the closing of that Mcdonalds and demand that the building be razed and build a small park.

  213. Melissa in NorCal says:

    Mr Liberty

    Little old WHITE lady. Nobody else came close to helping this victim of hate assault.

    I am white. When I was viciously attacked by a Mexican man, grown white men stood around and watched as I begged for help. The only one who came to my defense was a small black girl – a small little thing with a firece spirit. Thank you.

  214. Scott T says:

    This is what you people get for electing one of them… into the White House. the election of Barack Obama has empowered blacks into thinking they can do whatever they want to white people. These two should be HANGED.

    1. Frank Schlecht says:

      that punishment seems a little too nice, how about we take their bananas away.

  215. dannyvabchva says:

    Blacks again, whats new?

  216. Donna Franklin says:

    Fired? Are you kidding? They need to be charged as accessories to assault – they did nothing!!! A little old lady was the only one to step up. What the F—K is the matter with black people? Please someone tell me. And don’t tell me it’s poverty, I grew up in extreme poverty and would never think of doing something like that OR standing by and watching – much less filming it! It’s beyond disturbing.

  217. Susan says:

    Zero tolerance. Lock the two attackers up along with the vidotaper and the McDonalds employees. Lock them all up for 40 years, no parole. And sue McDonalds for all it is worth. Every penny should go to this woman. Shut the entire chain down worldwide.

  218. william cantor says:

    Ghetto culture at work.

  219. amos says:

    Welcome to obammy’s America. . were the animals run wild and free. Let’s at least hope they’re housebroken.

    Say, hows that hopey changey thing working our for ya?

  220. Robin says:

    Isn’t it interesting that this whole episode has been covered up for four days. It was only exposed because one of the animals decided to put it on Youtube for kicks. I’d bet that the victim was anti-racism last week and is now rethinking her opinions.

  221. WellArmed says:

    We should have picked our own cotton. I’m not worried. I keep plenty of .45 and .308 around for when these primates get out of line…

  222. Scott T says:

    Blacks are animals. This video is proof. Lock them all up, even the baby ones. Hang`em all.

  223. JESSE JACKSON? says:


    I know it’s Easter weekend and you are working on extorting money from companies, but you need to react to this outrage.

    This is a hate crime and I want to march in the streets and lock arms with you in front a a video camera….

  224. jocko says:

    This is why I carry all the time.

  225. End of the road says:

    We are living to see why restaurants, buses, and movie theaters were segregated in the old days. Its because most of these black mob attacks take place in restaurants, buses and movie theaters. History is repeating itself. In the old days bad blacks were lynched because jail was no deterrant(just like today).

  226. Fedup1 says:

    As President of a marketing company I drive 50k+ miles per year. Although the food at McD’s is blah I stop for convenience. I stopped going a couple of weeks ago as I witnessed emplyees, all black, in South carolina making the food without gloves in front of the manager. I walked out, lost my money.

    Today, after watching this video, I wrote a letter to McDonalds and informed them that because they employ the lowest form of humans I, my family will not buy so much as a soda from them. I also sent a bulk email to our clients and suppliers with the attached video. I sent a memo to all 363 employees and let the know that we will not re-imburse expenses submitted by this chain or any other entity they are partnered. I have had it with McDonalds complicity and their sub-par employment requirements.

    Please do the same. Do not contribute to this racist business.

    1. amos says:

      Right on!!! Great idea . . will do!

    2. NowListenUp says:

      sounds like there are no black people working for your company, otherwise you may be branded as a racist. Look, I agree with you as I am sickened by the video. Throw the attackers in jail, fire the entire restaurant as well. The only acceptable method of sanitizing the place would be to burn it to the ground!

      1. JNCali says:

        I’m sure that McDonald’s has instructed their employees to NOT get involved with customer fights since in may well lead to litigation against the company. You have to be prepared wherever you go to take care of yourself. If you decide to get involved in someone else’s business then you better be ready defend yourself.
        Just sayin…

  227. reecee says:

    Just watched the video. It was disturbing and reading some of the comments is even more disturbing. There is no excuse for the way the girls were behaving. Cross dresser or no cross dresser. They could have called the police. for the people who taped the video and did nothing they are just as guilty. We are acting in such a way that other races expect us act like animals . I am the first one to say some times I am ashamed of our people and the way they act. I hope the victim is okay. If I was in this situation, I believe I would have ignored the person unless of course the person was a threat to me or any other individual who may have entered but not in a million years would I have attacked the individual if the person wasn’t harming me or someone who couldn’t defend themselves what reason would I have for attacking them? Just because they were in the bathroom? Just because they made a smart comment? Just because? Come on folks we are destroying ourselves and setting a bad example for our children

  228. Robin says:

    McDonald’s, I’m thuggin’ it.

  229. J Bullat says:

    J Bullat

    This is exactly why our 2nd Amendment rights are so important. This kind of thing will become more pervasive as America evolves into a third world nation.

    April 22, 2011 at 6:35 pm

  230. cluelessinky says:

    You fools in Maryland have disarmed yourselves, leaving you vulnerable to this abuse. Come to Kentucky and try this nonsense and you’ll find more than a few people willing to step up and defend themselves and their community. Conceal carry- it’s the only way to make the uncivil -civil

  231. el says:

    We should all think twice about spending money at this chain since this is the quality of people they have working there making food for you to eat. Imbeciles.

  232. toasty says:

    Hey people, please wait to know ALL the facts before you rush to judgement. Some are saying that this is a hate assault before all the facts are in. It is now being widely reported that rather than this being an assault it was just a vigorous treatment program that the young white woman had signed up for earlier in the day. She is a strong Obama supporter and had found that her unwaivering support for him was waning and she felt bad about that, so she signed up for a White Guilt Treatment Program, the two African-American girls were Program Administrators. No word yet if the treatment was successful.

  233. Anthony S says:

    I don’t care if the attacker was 3. This animal needs to be tried as an adult and imprisoned as well as the parents. All others who filmed, witnessed or participated in this should be convicted and sentenced but I have no clue as to Maryland criminal statutes. One thing is for sure, 25,000 attorneys across this nation are running to the victim’s aid to take this case pro bono with me glad to be one of them. I’d make sure this animal they call a child would pay for this the rest of her miserable life and we’d take just about everything the parents have or will have to the fullest extent of Federal law for creating such a monster. This was a racist hate crime pure and simple and if the DOJ doesn’t come to the same conclusion? We’ll leave this at that.

    McDonalds? Your explanation is unacceptable and you know it. Your corporate counselors are in the war room as I write figuring out how to mitigate what will be record setting damages and they know as well there is no satisfactory mitigation to this vicious attack.

    To the little animal. You’re not out of the woods by a far stretch there cupcake. Outside of a million people wanting a piece of you, your name will be known and you will be forever attached to this stunning, shocking event for the rest of your life. So what, you say? You have no clue. And finally to the parents, you can bet you’re gonna pay too, and big by all parties.

  234. johhny says:

    This is a display of Afrian Americans behavior all over this country on a daily basis.
    The Prisons are full of them for a reason.

    Government Fact: Most violent offender on the streets is a young black male.

    They kill each other as if it is nothing.
    They are extremly racist towards whites, have no class or manners.

    They function off of ignorance andbasic human instinct, a very dangerous combination.

    Everyone knows what they are like, how they act.
    All wear the same clothes, listen to the same music.


  235. Suzee says:

    Too bad the victim didn’t have a pepper spray or Taser on her. Those animals would have been down on their knees whimpering.

  236. Michael D Wiley says:

    Did she order a McSeizure with her McBeatdown? I think not.

  237. Eric says:

    Monkeys. What do you expect?

  238. Michael D Wiley says:

    Where the hell was Ronald McDonald? Why didn’t he step in?

  239. Truth on the march says:

    When all blacks are interned out west somewhere the good ones can only blame themselves, because the good ones never critcize or convict the bad ones.The silence from good blacks is deafening. I used to be open minded but blacks have lost a lifetime supporter. They are not fit for civilization.

  240. C.G. says:

    Really? There’s an investigation as to whether this is racially motivated?! Really? So many people are “stuck on stupid”.

  241. MontanaSon says:

    Shocked? Try Googling “365 Black.” It’s all part of the culture. Burgers and clowns and honky beat downs. I sincerely hope that the victim in this case hires a good attorney and never has to worry about money again.

  242. GSNP says:

    Hate crimes or not hate crimes – they need to be prosecuted for felony assault by both victim and McDonald’s. The victim was bleeding from mouth going into seizure from attack when two attackers RETURNED to continue their assault.
    WHY was police not immediately called?
    Confiscate the camera of the cheering video operator.

    Hospital and doctor need to give testimony as to the victim’s condition.

  243. Jigaboo 2 electric boogaloo says:

    Th 14 year old should be charged as an adult and sent to prison for a long to protect the public safety. Stupid crackheads, I can only imagine what precipitated this assault, no doubt some perceived disrespect. Savages need to be treated like the apes that they are.

  244. lbj says:

    18% of the population responsible for 80% of the violent crime. The video is a stark reminder of how these people are. Trillions spent on the ” war on poverty” and the result a group raging againest the hand that feeds it. Here’s a crazy idea let’s elect a racist, self rightous, self important, lazy, shiftless black that’s never held a job, POTUS and see what happens. Been relieved of your “white guilt” yet? Blacks hate your guts, want you relieved of your money, and dead.

  245. Michael D Wiley says:

    Dang! I’ll be careful not to order a McBeatdown and McSeizure with me order.

  246. JuvenileCourtLifer says:

    The Castle Doctrine will put an end to all this type of savagery. Won’t happen in lib states like Maryland, though. Unfortunately, black on white crime is allowable as long as Eric Holder and BO are in charge. We all know what would happen if the attackers were white. Civil rights investigations, rascism, boycotts and blackmail all initiated by the real race mongers Sharpton, Jackson, et al. This country has really turned to s%$#. All in the name of multi-culturalism and diversity. Disgraceful behavior by our minority types who continue to be overrepresented in the justice system despite all the liberal, feel good entitlements. Time to build more jails and fill them up as quick as we can.

  247. tlagnhoj says:

    McDonald’s must have run out of bananas for them to act this way. This happens when they don’t get the right potassium balance for the day. Shame on McDonald’s for running out of bananas.

  248. mahone dunbar says:

    This should be on National Geographic: when chimps attack. Where there is a black on white attack — the most common type — you can expect two things for sure: 1) someone will throw a sucker punch at the white person, 2) it will quickly become a gang attack as the others join in to ‘get whitey.’

  249. Andrew says:

    Those two black girls should be put in jail for the rest of their lives for doing that kind of racist hateful attack on that poor white girl…………..she wasn’t bothering anyone but still the stupid racist black manager stood their watching her get her ass beat not doing a god damn thing!!!! This was just messed up and those people need to be brought to justice but they probably won’t because our whole society is ****ed up!!!!!!

  250. Joseph Query says:

    This could be that spark in the gas can or it could be the match blown out by liberals. Its not considered a hate crime unless its white on black so the prosecution will work their hardest to defend the black girls. Im sure the black girls will give some BS story too how the white girl called them names.. Like I said, this could be the spark that starts the fire..

  251. IGetItAlready says:

    This video is disgusting. Not just the actions of the two animals attacking the victim but also the inaction of those witnessing and filming the attack. The bystanders let these two bottom feeders come back again and again to assault this woman. I understand that the attackers APPEARED to be women but someone should have stepped up and and physically restrained or removed the attackers. I’m guessing they would have left sooner had there been teeth on the floor rather than some cheap ass weave.

  252. jim says:

    NI@@ERS enuff what else is there to say.. God joke on mankind…

  253. JJH says:

    Two words:

    Beer summit. Oblunder needs to get em together to talk things out.

  254. 187byak47 says:

    First, I would like to give a shout out to my homie John Wilkes Boothe. Yo, fool, if you han’t killt the president Lincoln, he would have sent all dem brothers back to the homeland. And then we be dying is some refugee camp of starvation or AK47’d to death.

  255. jim says:

    NI@@ERS what else is there to say.. God joke on mankind…

  256. Tom says:

    I’d really love to know the story behind these two attackers. These two women are products of our society caused in most part by failed liberal policies of our federal, state and local governments. Betcha my last kickel, both these gals depend on some kind of goverment subsistence. Betcha my last dime they think they are entitled to anything they want. Betcha my last quarter neither of them are doing very well in school and will never read, write or do math at a level that will make them productive citizens.

  257. A Change I Can't Believe In says:

    BOYCOTT McD’s until Jesse Jackson gets there.

  258. Me says:

    f-ing savages, man. f-ing racist, waste of oxygen savages. Humans? Not by a longshot.

  259. Janice J says:

    This is on Drudge Report. Probably fake. Why didn’t the “victim” just leave instead of provoking the women? She didnt look hurt that bad.

    1. tonyl says:

      You must be related to the perpetrators since you are the only one trying to justify this shocking behavior by these trashy women. There is no justification for torturous beating.

  260. sara says:

    This is Obamas America.

  261. Jim Minton says:

    I am thinking that this woman will own this McDonalds and all the boys and girls who work there. Whats a McD’s franchise going for nowadays? 400K.. Maybe she will have two franchises and the homies will be working for her…lol

  262. Chris says:

    If Eric Holder gets involved, then hate crime charges will be filed. That white woman bruised those black women’s nuckles!

  263. mj says:

    This makes a great case for Concealed/Carry laws. If the young, victimized white woman had been in possession of a gun, those two animals could have been put out of commission. Like all pack animals, these two would have understood the reasoning of the language of greater force.

  264. ahanda says:

    It’s obvious that the manager and employees didn’t do anything because they felt sympathy for the attackers. What was chilling was the manager chasing off the two women, then walking away from the victim slumped against the wall without even checking to see if she was alright. That pretty much showed what the group’s attitude was. I can sort of understand not getting into the fight if the police were coming, but not helping the victim, that pretty much tells me that the manager and employees didn’t care. Unless McDonalds takes very strong action against this franchise, a boycott is appropriate. Also, a civil suit is called for here by the victim and no jury in the country is going to back McDonalds on this one, not even one with a majority of blacks.

  265. DC2NY says:

    This poor victim will surely be ‘lovin’ her new Bentley soon. I hope she uses it to run over these sick predators like the road kill they are.

  266. eric lyon says:

    Those two attackers are FILTHY animals. So are the (at least) two individuals who filmed or stood by and watched this assault. Filthy pigs that will never contribute anything positive to this country or this world.

    The state prosecutor had better charge these two nasty people with attempted murder, as they made every effort to accomplish that by dragging the victim out to the parking lot by her hair. They should also charged the individuals that stood by and watch as accomplices.

    Culturally, what a despicable example of the human race.

  267. hdallIcantke says:

    I have no doubt that these overfed uncivilized apes are buying their Big Macs with their welfare or disability checks. Fifty years of the welfare state has given us a whole class of parasites who do not know what civilized behavior looks like.

  268. BulletsMom says:

    These attackers are future Obama voters. Get used to it, this is happening more and more and with their prez in office who appointed an US Attorney General who says he will not prosecute black on white crime, these animals have a free rein to do this and that is why they are doing it. The manager should be fired as he did not try to stop it, the employees need to be fired as they also did not try to stop it. Kuddos to the elderly white woman who tried to do something. All the rest of them are animals and should be charged with accessories to assult and battery. The attackers should be charged and thrown in prison. I doubt if anyone will serve any time whatsoever.

  269. James Freeman says:

    Since she is white, you can bet the racist bigot heading the Dept. of Justice will NOT get involved with this racially motivated hate crime.

  270. Antwanisha Morgan says:

    Vices the most notorious seem to be the portion of this unhappy [negro] race: idleness, treachery, revenge, cruelty, impudence, stealing, lying, profanity, debauchery, nastiness and intemperance, are said to have extinguished the principles of natural law, and to have silenced the reproofs of conscience.
    — Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1798.

  271. Reed Hagen says:

    It doesn’t matter who was black or who was white. The attackers should be arrested along with the employee who did nothing.

  272. Melvin says:

    Two things stand out. First it was Baltimore, not surprising from that ghetto. Two, a fourteen year old was involved. Feral Black teenagers attacking people in restaurants seems to be a trend that is getting worse.
    All of the videos that have made it on You Tube and the other news outlets have been perpetrated by Black Americans.
    Can someone in the Black community care to tell me, why Black teenager are attacking people in public places. Is this acceptable behavior from teenagers. Where do they learn this violence from?
    Why aren’t the pillars of the Black Civil Rights Movement condemning such as of wanton blood lust.
    Black America is quick to condemn those in the White Community, but the silence is deafening when there is Black on White crime. Would there be silence if it was white teenagers beating on a Black woman?
    I have but one thing to say to Black America. “Stop being such hypocrites, police your teenagers before someone does it for you.”

  273. Mac_Trev says:

    The hate and racism in the comments on this board is abhorrent. Yes the video is extremely disturbing. And it unfortunate that anyone, white or black is taking part in doing the attacking, or being attacked. But using this situation to dispel more vitriol and poison is cowardly and cheap. While on the website which showed the McDonald’s beating, there was also an extremely disturbing video of a black man accosted by white individuals who was near death. I guess many of those commenting here should head over there and post your “high fives” to the perpetrators of that terrible crime. After all, he was just a black man. A primate. Not worthy of being alive, or in the same community as some of you (And in case you are intelligent enough to figure it out, I was being sarcastic on that last statement).

    It isn’t the President or AG who is responsible for that heinous attack. There were just as many such attacks and worse unfortunately, happening to victims of all races, backgrounds and lifestyles (many of them “legally” sanctioned) during all of the years of this country’s history when there where white President’s and AG’s in office. So please. Just admit it. Those who are writing much of the garbage on this page are hate filled racists. Clear and simple. Please don’t use this terrible attack as justification for your backwards beliefs. Because they are backwards. And it’s people who think and feel like you do who are doing the most damage to this country.

  274. God forgive me but... says:

    Blacks are an incredible drain on our world. They are naturally big strong people. They were slaves for 6000 years. They are probably constructed by God for this type of work, and if they behave like this are headed back to the fields.

  275. Mr1950 says:

    Prediction : These sort of attacks keep getting worse and we will seeing blacks lynched again. History always repeats its self.

  276. James Freeman says:

    RE: evil slave owners. A light skinned black is far more likely to have a white slave owner as an ancestor than the average white person.

  277. Reginald denny says:

    Where is our president at this teachable moment? Can we have another “beer summit@ at the white house? Oh … Guess we’ll have to wait to see if the victim recovers from her brain injury…

    Honestly, can we all dump the political correct nonsense and acknowledge that there is something seriously wrong with young black people in this country?

  278. Pontius Pilate says:

    Nobility is not a birthright it is based on ones actions, you be the judge

  279. Chad Snaggler says:

    I hate Ni66ers

  280. Gerald Miller says:

    If this would have been white on black, the “Rev” Jackson (the guy who can’t keep it zipped) and the “Rev” Sharpton would have arrived within minutes of each other on their private airplanes and parade the race card.
    Then pass the collection plate.
    And the nig………er, blacks just don’t understand why “nobody likes us.”
    Right. Animals that just came down out of the trees.

  281. Eric Holder says:

    Whitey got what she deserved. I aint charging them wiff nuthin’. The blacks are freedom fighters. Me and the long legged Mac Daddy won, get over it.

  282. Aberde says:

    Not being in the situation myself, I will not speculate about motives. I will, however mention that to the employees, this was simply entertainment. The video was not given to the police nor the prosecutor, but leaked online for entertainment. There is not compassion in many communities anymore, just entertainment and justifications.

    And as for common sense, when the assailants left the first time, why the hell were the doors not locked until the police arrived?

    Leave it to one senior citizen who still has values to try to intervene. She’s worthy of respect. I hope the punks who work at the McDonald’s grow up sometime in their life before the same happens to them.

  283. Firegazer says:

    The article reports that the male employees did nothing. There were no men present – thats for certain.

  284. Common Sense says:

    You guys are killing me. This isn’t a racism thing… this is a social class thing. Unemployment is up, and people who work in these fast food restaurants are uneducated social rejects. Once you’d have young kids in high school or college students working here, now you have people working here as a career. See something wrong with that? Well… if I worked at McDs (lowering my values) and I saw a fight break out, I’d be just like the guy videotaping, because I’d find an entertaining value from it. The same way less educated people making minimum wage find solace in drugs and alcohol. Minus this event, I’d never bring my family into any shanty fast food restaurant… bring focus to that. Fast food restaurants are filthy, look at the dirt under their nails, shower-less unhappy people who can barely speak English taking your order and quickly microwaving it. So when McDs tries to push this family atmosphere I have a hard time buying it… or their troll food.

  285. John Merch says:

    Is Al Sharpton going to get involved in this racial hate crime?

  286. Ronald McDonald says:

    Boycott McDonalds if seeing this makes you angry. This is the second time in just a matter of days. It is a racially oriented attack if two white girls beat a black girl like that there would be firestorm and rightfully so. The government won’t do anything about this so hit them where it hurts in the pocket book.

    Voice your outrage to Jim Skinner CEO at 630-623-3000.

  287. Gs says:

    In a perfect world, these pieces of trash would be found guilty and executed with one bullet to the head. Their families charged for the ammunition. End times….this garbage is multiplying at an alarming rate.

  288. Average Joe says:

    Disgusting. But are we really surprised? Blacks do this sort of thing everyday. They just got caught by the camera this time. No other ethnic group acts this way.

  289. Latisha James says:

    I can conceive of no greater calamity than the assimilation of the Negro into our social and political life as our equal. . . We can never attain the ideal union our fathers dreamed, with millions of an alien, inferior race among us, whose assimilation is neither possible nor desirable.
    — Abraham Lincoln

    1. Average Joe says:

      It was true then, and even more true today.

  290. Bob says:

    Welcome to the jungle. Is Liberia full?

  291. Bob Forsberg says:

    Two white girls beating a black girl = hate crime!

    Two black girls beating a white girl = uuuuh we need to look into that…..

    I hope she owns McDonalds after no employee at the store really helped her.

  292. Randy Kyle says:

    This sub-human garbage is representative of the humanist, paganistic culture which has infected this country. Let animals like this jump my wife or daughters any place where I can get hold of them. You people want the law of the jungle, I will more than deliver. Either we turn this culture around, or we descend fully into what you see in this video.

  293. ShQéQé says:


  294. Sparky says:

    These juvenile thugs are raised on entitlements and grow up hearing that “Whites” are bad.

    There is no rehabilitating trash like this. Only way to deal with them is to put them in jails in the desert!

  295. Rodney King says:

    Multiculturalism at work…can’t we all get along?

  296. Aunty M says:


  297. kristin says:

    First all oaa, these hood rats need some damn clothes on. Any parent that would allow their 14 y/o to be dressed up like a postitute on Baltimore St..I dont even need to go there..Every employee needs to face charges, fines and lose thier jobs…These people act like rabid animals in heat. They need to be caught and euthanized.

  298. Marcellous Allen says:

    I have not been able to think out any solution to the terrible problem offered by the presence of the Negro on this continent. He is here and can neither be killed nor driven away.
    — Theodore Roosevelt

  299. razor says:

    Monkeys at the Best.

  300. Jack says:

    The Baltimore Sun probably will remove any reference to this beating from their on-line archives after this dies down. Try to do a search for Yvette Beakes or Sarah Kreager on their website This event occurred in their backyard. IT seems that the Smoking Gun and the Drudge report scooped the hometown paper

  301. GO FOR IT says:


  302. James Freeman says:

    Will the racist bigot heading the dept. of justice go after these hoods? NOpe. Vixctim is whit. Doesn’t count in Obama’s Nation.

  303. George says:

    This is definitely a “hate crime”.
    Did you see the way that white girl kept hitting the black girls in the fists and feet with her face?

  304. Derek Elliot says:

    It’s Obama Time!

  305. dogbreath says:

    This is the kind of CHANGE many are HOPING for!
    Get used to it.

  306. Rob says:

    Comparing blacks to apes is wrong and I am offended by it. After all, apes are much more intelligent and civilized than blacks and I find it disrespectful to the apes to compare them to such trash.

    1. vw says:

      You are sorry Apes seem to have more sense than you. Now I bet you think you are saying something smart. Oh how intelligent you are.

  307. turnthetide says:

    I think that McDonald’s ought to be sued for their absolute gross negligence in allowing this to happen without any attempt whatsoever to help this poor girl.

    The trash that perpetuates this type of crime needs to be held totally accountable with stiff penalties.

    If I were an attorney, I’d sue the ass off McDoanld’s.

  308. CommonCents says:

    Diversity causes birth defects, and Multiculturalism kills.

    This should be a lesson to all whites…

    blacks are animals, not one helped.

  309. Quantel Lott says:

    Ni66ers were brought to America “against their will in chains” …They
    can LEAVE the same way.

    We are witnessing the JUNGLEFICATION and NI66ERIZATION of America

  310. Jim from Boston says:

    I am from an older generation. We were always taught you never hit a man when he is down. Once your opponent is down the fight is over. When you continue to punch and kick a defenseless person who is down on the ground trying to cover up you have crossed a very serious line, it becomes attempted murder (closed fists and shod feet are deadly weapons).

    These two animals should be charged with attempted murder and the victim should sue McDonalds for $100 million, and win. Employees who failed to try and protect the victim should be charged as accessories.

  311. They vote says:

    Guess who they will vote for in 2012.

  312. Ape Tamer says:

    Look at the awful orangutan chimps! What a TERRIBLE culture. I am so sick of white guilt about everything yet this savage black (chimp) culture can literally get away with murder. enough is a enough. i know it isn’t all apes that act like this but the culture that is promoted within the ape community is deplorable.

  313. Ann V. Smith says:

    Looks like attempted murder and they should be tried as adults. The employees that stood by and did nothing to stop this vicious assault should be charged as accomplices. It will be a gold day in hell before I go to a McDonald ever again.

  314. Doug_in_Jax says:

    Hey, its just membrs of the governmet’s officially proteted class beating on whitey. What’s the big deal?

    Black on wite crime is statistically1500% more likely than white on black crime. You tell me where the racism is..

  315. Yakeaeshaa says:

    O-BAH-MAH! O-BAH-MAH! O-BAH-MAH! YT is 2 much of a coward to do sumthin about it.

  316. James Freeman says:

    Most white folks do not have a slave owner as an ancestor. Can’t say the same about most light skinned blacks.

    1. fedup says:

      My ancestor came here in 1747, he was a serf in a small country in Europe…so don’t tell me white people never had a master!

      He had to have a letter written by his “master”, in order to come here, and if he returned he would be put back under serfdom.

      The original letter is still in our family!

  317. Matt X says:

    Why did this story leave out the fact that both attackers were black and the victim was white? If this situation was reversed, you know CBS would have reported the race of both, and there would have been some assertion of hate crime.

  318. CommonCents says:

    The ‘election’ of that worthless Kenyan has emboldened these dangerous animals.

  319. MIke is RIGHT says:

    I really don’t see how people are all worked up about “McDonalds”, I don’t see how this has anything to do with McDonalds. It was the location of a violent attack by a few black girls. It could have happened anywhere. The people (and using that term is a stretch) that work there are uneducated and most likely of the same spiecies. This is a welfare state, ghetto thug, hip hop culture issue, not a Mcdonalds issue. Look what happens when your culture glorifies violence, racism, breaking the law and promotes it’s drug dealers (Jay-Z anyone?) to the top ranks of your culture!

  320. RobbieK says:

    If I was the manager, heck, even just an employee at that McDonalds, I would have gotten a metal bucket of boiling grease and doused the 2 idiots with it! I don’t take guff from anyone, much less two idiots like this. Or, I would have grabbed the sharpest knife, or two out of the back and rammed it home into the 2 idiots. The girl that got beat up will be retiring in less than 2 weeks with millions upon millions upon million of dollars from the lawsuit that is probably already filed in the courts.

  321. Duh says:

    Wow, and black people wonder why people consider them animals….because they are!

  322. Naked and unarmed in MD says:

    Who is the man in the blue shirt? He’s cleaning up (removing evidence) iinstead of moving the employee to a safe location. He leaves her side so the criminal can come back and continue to assault the victim.

    Note to self: Stay on my feet since The Republic of Maryland doesn’t allow self protection with CCW. Move under furniture to keep the animals from kicking head. This is easily attempted second degree murder.

    We now have concussion awareness in sports. Anyone found kicking someone in the head should be charged as such.

  323. Barbara says:

    I’d knew they’d be darkies!!!! Sadly, I’m sure everyone else knew this too. Let this be another lesson to us all — avoid poor blacks at all costs.

    1. fedup says:

      They aren’t so poor, when they have gold hanging around their neck, costly tatoos, iphones, ipods, they spend their money foolishly.

  324. Joseph says:

    Notice how the media bends itself into a pretzel to avoid mentioning the attackers race when they are black. Reverse the rolls and this would be on all the networks with calls of racism still exists in america.
    Since Obama got elected there has been a rise in racial attacks against whites. Obama told them to get in peoples faces, and they are–with their fists. Remember the cop and the professor?
    I am no racist; my wife is black. I deal in realitites. The reality is the media inflames these attacks with their biased reporting. Reality is there has also been decades of “white man got me down”, preached from many balck pulpits–along with black liberation theology. We also have Sharpton and Jackson to thank for fomenting this.
    Granted one attack doesn’t make a trend; but still, there is a trend of attacking whites going on. Many blacks do feel emboldened now to unleash pent up rage against whites.
    There are many good black people in our society. There is also a large segment that hates whites with a righteous venom.
    I am beginning to question wheather a muticultural society can work. Europe is having similar issues with its growing middle eastern population becoming violent.
    I doubt this will get posted. It may not be seen as PC. But we must deal with racism from all angles, not just by whites. Racism and violence against whites has seen a rapid rise. I now watch where I go, wheras I didn’t before. I now carry mace and other self defense items because I have seen similar attacks recently. I hope these issues get resolved soon; because we are all americans.

    1. Lily says:

      What about the attack in Atlanta? Two Delta Airlines employees on the Marta. 30 “African-Americans” got on and proceeded to beat them for no reason at all.

  325. Don in New Jersey says:

    the only reason this is going on is because they are emboldened by Obama. Obama will use blacks to seize upon the nation in the soon to be new revolution.
    Its not even summer and look what blacks are doing in all kinds of crimes thruout
    ghettos. Taverns, nightclubs and bars fights all over will see more shootings, stabbings, rapes and assaults…like at gas station robberies, gas thefts, car thefts. Blacks will generate their Easter Express of crimes and grimes the rest of the year.

  326. James Doe says:

    To all the racists who were linked here from Drudgereport. What do you have to say about the news story published on Drudge yesterday about a couple of poor white trash animals who beat and shot another poor white boy to death, cut his body into pieces, set the remains on fire and hid the remains in coffee cans with the white father’s help.

    I am white. I am also educated enough to know that this animal behavior has nothing to do with the color of their skin. It is about poverty. Without our wealth and security we are all animals. The truth is scary. Get over it.

    1. smokehouse56 says:

      Sorry James, this is a race war. Black vs white. It will only get worse.

  327. smokehouse56 says:

    If this turns into a black vs a white war here in the USA because of Obama losing the 2012 election who do you think will lose, big time?

  328. 187byak47 says:

    Negroes. The white mans burden.

  329. negroid says:

    Hate crime? o that’s right purple lip negroids are immune to hate grimes

  330. Snicklefritz says:

    We should never have freed these animals unless they would agree to return to Africa! Trashy morals and values belong in the jungle!

  331. AZAngry says:

    What the hell is wrong with people? As far as I am concerned the only person that should keep their job is the manager. The employees should have tried to get her behind the counter in a safe area. It looked like their were multiple opportunities to do that. Them standing around watching and filming is unacceptable. Kudos to the older woman who did not want to watch someone being murdered by a couple of stupid bioches.

  332. Protect your Children says:

    The poor victim in the video couldn’t even defend herself because she knows if she tried, all the blacks standing around doing nothing would spring into action to protect the attackers.

  333. Ni99ers says:

    These two idiots need to be lynched!

  334. hiwours says:

    blacks are the most racist people on earth they hate everybody even themselves

  335. Doug_in_Jax says:

    The gubmint welfare checks are goin to start bouncing soon, and smart people will need to e armed to protec themselves from the parasites.

    Castle doctrine says that the thug takes bullet before I take a beating.

  336. mrgrogro says:

    You are all being too hard on the McDonald’s employees. They did a couple of things right. They called the police and they captured images of the perpetrators. In a court of law, there can be no doubt regarding the brutality of the attack that occurred. A conviction will surely be possible due to their quick thinking. The manager told them to stop without jeopardizing his own life or the concerns of the restaurant. Yep. It would have been nice if Chuck Norris was there. I would have like to have seen the carnage as he laid waste to these worthless examples of “humanity.” But, alas, he was unavailable. I want these girls prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In fact, I hope they never wander the streets again. I feel for the victim and wish her a speedy and complete recovery.

  337. Beavis Woods says:

    Two fine products of American social programs. Bet 1000:1 neither has a job and nor do their parents. This is what America is going bankrupt for? Make me sick.

  338. annie kelly says:

    If we knew then what we know now, we would have picked our own cotton

  339. urme ic says:

    This is what happens when there is an illegal alien muslim war monger american hater in the white house

  340. bo says:

    here is the info on the story
    it a franchise
    Kenwood Avenue – Rosedale
    6315 Kenwood Avenue
    Rosedale MD 21237
    Phone: 410-866-3250
    Fax: 410-866-7598
    Manager: Danielle

  341. George says:

    Definently a hate crime.
    Those are some white trash negros.

  342. Michael says:

    Time to STOP Eating at McDonalds. And let everyone who works their lose their jobs………

  343. CL says:

    2 Timothy 3: 1-4
    But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God…

  344. Duude says:

    Eric Holder promised in 2009 that no one black will be prosecuted anywhere in America for hate crimes as long as he’s the attorney general of the US.

  345. Mhu Cao says:

    Whites must boycott McDonald’s and walk out when any non-whites walk in. Give food orders to whites only and sing WE SHALL OVERCOME the whole time. Never be N ggressor, only the terminator. Stnad up for attacked whites. Oh, an DO NOT vote for Obama.

  346. Jonah says:

    We are living in DANGEROUS TIMES,people all over the world are tired of injustice and want retribution on the perpetrators,unless these young women are brought to justice quickly and Afro-Americans stand up and LOUDLY denounce this barbaric behaviour you will see a backlash against black minorities like has never been witnessed in the USA since the days of the civil war.White people are near breaking point,the country is in a mess,politically ,socially and economically and it is like a brush fire waiting to happen,one more incident like this and the spark will be lit,mark my words something needs to be done soon to stop the conflagration.

  347. steveb says:

    Here is the main number for McDonalds. I will be calling them to voice my concern and boycott until this particular franchise is shut down, all employees are fired, and until they announce a new policy!!!

  348. Freedom Lover says:

    …and we wonder why so many Negroes were sold by their own people into slavery in Africa hundreds of years ago. It is because the smarter ones among them, very few unfortunately, also saw that minions of their own were sub-human in behavior.

    Lincoln was WRONG to allow them to stay in the US after the Civil War. Should have been rounded up and sent to S. America, Carribean, or back to Africa. You can take the animal out of the jungle, but it would appear that “evolution” is slow in taking the jungle out of the animal.


    1. Lily says:

      Lincoln was actually trying to come up with a plan to get them out when he was killed. He didn’t want them here. John Wilkes Booth ruined everything!

  349. Caine says:

    Dont worry about the hate crime charges. The Smoking Gun has the camera mans Facebook page on their site. It was a transvestite. Protected class. Hate crime charges with be coming soon.

  350. Burst says:

    That one attacker had a pretty nice looking chest!

  351. Lee says:

    I’m sad, I’m so sad that my people continue to affirm all the negative stereotypes about us. Not just the two girls committing the crime but all the employee bystanders. I’m speechless and I’m sick of my own people acting this way. I hope the courts throw the book at them and make BIG examples of them. They want to act like hard criminals let them do time like hard criminals.

  352. v.garcia says:


  353. Allen says:

    And McDonald’s was just about to save the economy by hiring 50k people in one day. Obama also gave them a pass on the new healthcare law, what a racket. My real problem with them to this point was the genetically modified, flavor enhanced, radiated food. (I think the fries have a half-life of 500 years). But this video gives me a further reason to dislike them, they hire a bunch of hoodlums to run the shop and watch while a girl gets nearly beaten to death. Down with McDonald’s!!!

  354. yyz says:

    BaltiMORONS is all I have to say…

  355. Steveb says:

    If the victim ends up with an all black jury she is toast….OJ Simpson trial comes to mind

  356. JOHN says:


  357. Huuf Arted says:

    This is EXACTLY why i cant stand ghetto n1ggers… they are ANIMALS and regardless of what they say, they ALL stick together, just look at how many voted for out Monkey in Chief …

  358. G_volans says:

    Precisely why I do not leave my house unarmed

  359. yyz says:

    I would have snap kicked those ho’s into next week, no mercy.

  360. bob says:

    Animals. Send them back to their jungle!

  361. RavenLude says:

    dont know what started the fight, but regardless it was 2 on 1. victim is sitting on floor not provoking anything and gets kicked in the head by the fat girl.
    only one employee tried to stop the fight along w/ an older female customer…..pathetic. i guess the scrawny thug employees were also scared of the fat beast attacker and just sat around watching in amusement. even if the victim is partially responsible for this incident she should sue and win due to the employees blatantly videoing the incident for fun. im sure they didnt show the police the video when they arrived. not to mention the recorder told the fat girl “yo, u better go.”
    dont know, dont care about the racial aspect of this, but one thing is for sure, it the race was turned around in the scenario this would be national news and the ACLU, NAACP, etc would be all over it.

  362. Robin says:

    I see a lot of comments about Eric Holder….but you all are missing the most important thing about Holder. He won’t let these pigs be prosecuted for a hate crime because he claims whites can not be victims of a hate crime…WHY? Because they haven’t suffered enough. This is why he stopped prosecution of those 2 so called new black panthers in PA. This is this administration idea of ‘justice’.

  363. Steveb says:

    A McDonald’s worker has taken credit for filming and uploading to YouTube the latest viral video to capture a brutal assault at a fast food restaurant.

    The employee, identified as Vernon Hackett on social network accounts, posted the video clip to his YouTube page earlier this week. According to his Facebook page, the 22-year-old Hackett, has worked for McDonald’s since September 2009.

  364. Louis says:

    I wish I was there. No more trouble from these trouble makers. I speak there language.

  365. JJ says:

    Freeze Oprah’s billions and use the money to send US racist blacks back to Africa–sorry Eric Holder, Obama, and Jeremiah Wright…you’ll all be leaving too. Ethiopian blacks can stay here. The US will then have an economic revival. PS..whites better start arming themselves…last night 3 rapper thugs tried to intimidate me to fight at a gas station in Vegas. I’m sure they had illegal weapons

  366. Carl says:

    I wasn’t sure if I was watching this video or Hogs Gone Wild. Break out the crossbow.

  367. Rylii says:

    Blacks are Sub-Human…Bring back Segregation…

  368. Fire him! says:

    Employee who filmed the video: Vernon Hackett, has been working at McDonald’s since 2009. Hopefully he doesn’t work there anymore!

  369. Carol says:

    I will not ever go to a McD’s again, ever

  370. Freddy Shoop says:

    This is a hate crime. Two girls should go to jail, including the 14 year old, and their parents (if you can find them – unlikely), and the director of photography, and the spineless McD’s manager. And they ask why people want to walk around strapped. Trust me an armed victim might have change the balance of power (or at the very least would be worrying about finding a lawyer rather than fighting for her life). Also, poor judgment on the victims part – did she look around at the surroundings – from all the “people” shown on screen – obviously not a place for a white woman to go. Note to self – stay away from W. Baltimore.

  371. Time for the black community to wake up says:

    Surprise Surprise, another violent crime committed by a BLACK! Wow, no wonder 75% of black males under 30 are in JAIL. Wow no wonder Welfare is protected by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.



  372. Semper Fidelis says:

    Buy a hand gun. Learn to use it. Never leave home without it. Problem solved!

  373. Kell says:

    The white girl is transgender. Still the behavior appeared racist.
    I am married to a foreign born Filipino. The only time we were ever mistreated were by Asian minorities.

    There is alot of hidden racism in minorities.

    Racism crosses all races and it is fueled by the Neo Marxists…the reason there is such difficulty to forgive in this country.

    There is alot of prejudice towards whites in this country, but it is behind your back. Our country is reduced to a materialistic money making machine.

  374. Jack Sheldon says:

    Let’s hope the case is prosecuted locally. If it goes to the Feds, Attorney General Eric Holder and everyone else in the Obama administration will just laugh it off. This administration apparently considers these incidents as “payback time” and ignores them. Some post racial President.

  375. m a says:


  376. Barry Goldwater says:

    Hang those filthy aniimals by the neck until they are dead, dead DEAD.

    That would be a service to both civilization and humanity.

  377. Charles Austin Miller says:

    Perfect example of black violence, black apathy, and black cowardice in one video… If the black minority wants a race war, they’re punching all the right buttons to get it. And you wonder why racism still prevails? Because we see blacks behaving like animals. Dispute it. You can’t.

  378. Blitz Wolfer says:

    This was a hate crime, perpetrated by animals emboldened by the corrupt, incompetent, racist administration of Barrack “the amazing walking, talking turd” Obama

  379. Angry Educated Mother says:

    I will never let my kids step foot in a McDonald’s again!!!! Welcome to the new America…the land of the “low life society” and the home of the “coward”. This is a hate crime and it is not being shown in any other news network! Wake-up America!

    1. Tucker says:

      Wake-Up is Right On…Third World Country…Fight Back!

  380. don lebeau says:

    Two Male Brits gunned down dead in Florida made wrong turn into black ghetto neighborhood.

    Yup that will teach them!

  381. tucker says:

    Blacks are ruining this country…They are animals and we are all paying the price…

  382. frank says:

    Awful, it had to be on Good Friday!

  383. Savitri Devi, please come help us! says:

    The Whitey girl deserved it.

    She probably didn’t step out of the way fast enough after the blacks told her to move.

    She probably used a word they didn’t understand.

    She probably didn’t hold herself accountable to people of color for her unearned White privileges.

    She probably attended a Diversity is our Strength seminar and volunteered for the beating so that the blacks could help beat some of her unearned White privilege out of her, thus lightening her burdens of living in a society that still practices subtle and insidious segregation.

    She probably dates a black buck, like so many typical Whitey girls are doing now, and the sistas were just giving her a gentle warning of what she can expect from her lover.

  384. MrCluck says:

    An order of tasty McChitterlings to go would sure hit the spot right now. Damn girls have messed it up for everyone. So sad….

  385. sol kesslar says:

    16% and simply I.D.’ed. Time to wise up brothers, you may wake the sleeping giant.

  386. FuturePres says:

    Animals and Cowards. The old woman is the only one who should not be executed.

  387. typical whitey raciss, very offensive, very offended says:

    We didn’t have these horrors during Jim Crow segregation.

    Blacks are never worth the safety of White Humanity.

    Send all the street ape monkey sow boons back to Africa where they belong and God wants them to be.

    America for Whites Only.

    How will we atone for the sins of Emancipation?

  388. mitzi68 says:

    :: I was appalled to see two black girls at McDonald’s beating up white girl and the manager and the employee are standing around watching it happening. I saw that today things should be turned around because we are trying to become equal and love one another. Actually I blame the parents because they must create hate to cause the girls to be that been been Vinditiced against the white people. Jesus didn’t see any color and race is not what’s going to get you into heaven . I don’t hate anybody and I wish, the people would realize that this is the day the Lord has made and we should rejoice and love each other no matter what color. I rarely wish white girl that not everybody is like those two black girls and I pray for her recovery , that she’s going to be okay. Father for they know not what they do. Have a good day

  389. PalmTree says:

    Soledad O’Brien, the white hating black loving reporter on CNN will twist it to make whites look bad. Left wing Obama loving HuffPost is focusing on Earth Day as the US edges towards a race war where the environment will be a disaster for many yrs. The manager & others watching & letting the fight happen should be fired and hit with lawsuits. Mel Gibson and Kramer from Seinfeld should be restored back to their good honor as a huge % US blacks continue to act racist and crazy. Black liberation theology is one huge dangerous cult. Jesus said in the last days the love of most will grow cold.

  390. The Dude says:

    “Hope and Change” in effect…….. The sad thing is that this just confirms Racial stereotypes about black people…. White people are the oppressors of black people? Sure doesn’t seem that way in this video and countless others that get posted on youtube.

    I’m Not holding my breath for (Sharpton & Jackson) to lead the Justice Now protests for this woman. Is Eric Holder going to investigate? Hmmmmm likely NOT, too bad she’s white.

  391. Frederick Douglas says:

    BTW-I realize that the most AAs are hard-working folks and the successful AAs are abandoning the cities in droves for the burbs BUT can any responsible AA leader get a hold of the hip-hop culture of ghetto values (quick cash, violence, rape, degradation, and moral depravity). White America has no voice with the disciples of Jay Z and Lil Wayne and the Wu-Tang Clan so only the affluent AAs can stop this ghetto culture by shaming it publicly. If they do not, the only defense the rest of us have is to segregate ourselves. Would I send my daughter to Baltimore – NEVER. Would I want hip-hop people in my neighborhood – NEVER. The Great Migration as you call it destroyed the inner city neighborhoods in every industrial city in the NE and Midwest and now we are reaping the sad harvest of that migration. So we’ll stay in our neighborhoods and always have a watchful eye out for stranger and remember inside our homes we will defend ourselves.

  392. Semper Fi says:

    Buy a hand gun. Learn to use it. Don’t leave home without it. Problem solved!

  393. Ken says:

    My family is never going to step foot in a McDonald’s ever again. The employees there could have cared no less for that woman who will probably suffer permanent damages. There is a series of these black on white violence video tapes for entertainment that seem to be collecting on the net. If thus isn’t a ‘hate’ crime then there is no such thing. Whatever happened, no matter who was right or wrong in the beginning, the two should have left after the first round. To come back and try to finish her off, they deserved to be shot dead by anyone legally armed.

  394. fedup says:

    You cannot blame poverty on this! Check out how many have cell phones, ipods, computers, all the gangster rap music, gold around their neck and expensive tatoos.

    They spend their money foolishly….besides the worker/filmer had a job….and he still acted “stupidly”…as Obama says!

    No this is about their culture and who they think is cool, and right now it’s the gangster rappers!

    Plus Mommy & Daddy don’t give a darn!

  395. bema says:

    Fight Back!

  396. Panama Jack says:

    What is most frightening about this video is the senseless violence and the continued attack on a basically defenseless woman. It is a video of an episode devoid of morality and those who videoed and watched this attack are equally responsible and deserve consequences.
    Obviously the attackers need to be charged and are out of control. It looked like they were trying to drag the victim out into the street perhaps to do what?
    As much as I dislike lawyers I hope this woman gets a pit bull lawyer and after the criminal trial go after this McDonald’s and the parent company.

  397. John Galt says:

    Welcome to Jungle America. Just watch National Geographic to see the same thing.
    Your tax money at work!

  398. Jon says:

    Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson now? Where the f* is Eric Holder now? Oh yeah, the victim of this hate crime isn’t one of “their people”.

  399. Reality says:

    Imagine this was reversed (never in our life time, but imagine). Where te F is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?? Where are the riots? I am the last person to be racist but honestly I am ashamed to share the same “human race” with these creatures

  400. Jason Brown says:

    Time for white folks to wake up and recognize the world we live in.

  401. fedup says:

    I think McDonald’s has been singled out to hold these fights.

    An England newspaper reported one there. Seems a 32 yr old went into McDonald’s for hot chocolate and two guys were fighting, he tried to break it up, one of them told him he would be dead by night fall.

    Sure enough, they shot him in the head right after he left. A father of 3 children!

  402. DAC says:

    How about the little coward puss boy who videoed the entire altercation? I hope he gets fired immediately. As for the savages who committed this beating, I wish I could be the judge in their case. They wouldn’t see daylight for quite some time. Anyone else notice how McDonald’s official response goes out of its way to mention the fact that this is a “franchise” location? Like that is going to help with the law suit.

  403. joemica72 says:

    You know brother here’s a banana good work for your stupid comment, not all of us have nice cars, nice houses, nice clothes. But God blessed us with a little brains and sense. I guess that’s what they call Africa the dark continent. Y’all

  404. rich says:

    it’s a shame our ancestors weren’t aware of how the future would turn out. def should’ve picked our own cotton.

  405. Roni says:

    I have to say I agree the seizure seems fake. Not anything against the victim because what happened to him/her is wrong. I have seizures and your body (atleast with my grand mal seizures) is stiff as a board with your muscles contracted and not loose like his/her body and arms were. Usually your muscles are sore for a couple days after but that is my experience and I am no doctor.

  406. 44Guyton says:

    Looks like a pair of Chimpanzee’s gone wild dressed up as humans!!!

  407. MuayThaiGuy says:

    Why all the McDonald’s hate? Let’s see McDonald’s, Denny’s, IHOP what do they have in common they are all restaurants and they all a frequented by blacks. Restaurants are just businesses that supply food it is the blacks that are the problem. For every assault or altercation that is filmed there are hundreds more that are not. It is obvious that blacks are committing the majority of the assaults.

    People we have a choice. Close all low end restaurants or do something about the feral blacks that frequent these place causing mayhem.

  408. killacoongetaturkey says:

    Diversity is using a .45 or a .40 to shoot mud people.

  409. Deshaun Lumford says:

    The Great Separation, in which proto-Whites left Africans behind, was a turning point in the upward evolution of Man. Have we reached another, downward, turning point?

    Only the most ambitious of the early humans in Africa possessed the curiosity to venture beyond their “comfort zone” and migrate out of the continent in search of new adventures and opportunities. It was this northward migration that exposed our progenitors to the new climates and environments that would guide their evolution. This was the historic moment that signaled the future birth of our race and all its advancements — and the relatively backward nature of those tribes who remained in the tropics.

    Leaving their predecessors behind, the fledgling stock pushed onward. Changing selection pressures would favor those mutations that bestowed upon the new stock reasoning abilities, deductive thinking, and logic. These traits would be necessary in order for the new breed of man, the White man, to survive the colder climates to the north.

    The winter season brings new challenges and obstacles to the stock. For months at a time the fertile soil becomes a frozen, barren land, incapable of cultivation — an inhospitable climate where even short exposures can quickly lead to frostbite and death. Gone were the days of endless warmth and pursuing only those behaviors that offered the reward of immediate gratification. The new breed needed to have the vision to see into the future and make plans ahead of time, if they were to survive.

    Through a long and rigorous process, subsistence hunting and food gathering, and building temporary structures from mud or straw were replaced by agriculture, domestication of livestock, and true architecture. These are among hallmarks of civilization achieved by early Whites. And it was only when the fundamental problems of day-to- day survival had been solved that the mind could be free to ponder the higher things in life — and the infinite possibilities of the future. A future with automobiles, refrigerators, television, radios, cell phones, satellites, and space travel. Look around you: the White man invented virtually everything you see.

    The paucity of invention by sub-Saharan Africans — it is virtually nil — is evident. This lack of creative thinking is so because the Africans left behind did not follow the proto-Whites along their migration routes out of Africa — and hence did not evolve in the same way. It was the genetic response to the changing selection pressures generated by the exposure to the colder climates of the north that elicited the changes in the genome that made our race, civilization, and mighty technology possible.

    To this day, the Blacks who remain in their cradle of comfort along the equatorial zones of the earth, as well as those transplanted around the world by slavery in recent centuries, remain several steps below the White men and women of the West in measured intelligence, self-restraint, civilized behavior, artistic and scientific accomplishments, and sexual morality.

    Just as the transitions from ape-like creatures to pre-man and then to early African man were giant steps for mankind, so too was the transformation of early African man into the White European race during his eons-long journey to the north. It was Whites who gave us the architecture of the Parthenon, the Pantheon and St. Basil’s cathedral, the music of Mozart and Beethoven, the artwork of Michelangelo and Monet, and the vision of Galileo. It was the vast collection of knowledge assimilated by the white European minds of scientists like Newton and Maxwell that gave us our vast understanding of chemistry and the laws of physics — and all the power that implies. Meanwhile, the tribes of sub-Saharan Africa, regardless of where they may have relocated in modern times, are still swatting flies and sacrificing chickens.

    In some ways, slavery was the best thing that ever happened to the Blacks — who never could have found their way to America (and the gravy-train provided by guilt-ridden Whites) on their own. Even today, native Blacks have never shown the capability to build a boat capable of crossing the Atlantic. Enslavement, torture, rape, and murder were hardly unique to the Black slaves taken to America — such was the norm in Africa (most of the transported slaves were already slaves while there) and slavery remains an institution there to this day. In our world’s rich history of war, every race has suffered brutal treatment, attempted genocide, and forced emigration at the hands of rival races and nations. Even today in Africa, Blacks are hunted down, raped, tortured, enslaved, and killed by the millions — at the hands of their own “brothers.”

    Here in America, Blacks enjoy ample food, clean water, and the opportunity for a good education, as well as the innumerable modern conveniences we all take for granted. Blacks get to be entertainment stars and athletes… but still, they complain about the White man. They riot in the streets and commit a disproportionately high amount of crime. Even very successful Blacks, who “have it all,” like O. J. Simpson, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jackson find it difficult to rise above their genetic propensity for violence or disrespect toward others. The savage behavior of Black sports stars toward White women is so legendary that it’s become a part of folklore and taken almost for granted, as is the brutal deviant sexual behavior of Black men in prison, with young White males the usual victims.

    Most alarming to decent Whites is the current push in America for White girls to misuse their wombs as cradles for primitive Congoid genes — instead of for the sacred purpose for which they were intended.

    While such “mothers” are exalted by the Jewish media as shining beacons of light for a new, multiracial society, their children have been condemned to inherit genes hundreds of thousands of years behind those that built the West. They have been robbed of their genetic potential. The mother and her thousands of generations of ancestors’ contribution to the forward evolution of life have come to a screeching halt. The African DNA wraps itself like a parasitic vine around the White helix, chocking the life out of it. This is an act of genocide against our people, and should be prosecuted as such.

    Schools, under the thumb of our enemies or in the thrall of the “equality” religion, have relaxed academic eligibility requirements. They must eliminate all evidence of racial inequality and “close the education gap” between Whites and non-Whites — or risk losing funding. If we can’t bring the minorities up to the achievement levels of the Whites, we’ll bring the Whites down to their level. If we can’t bring the bottom of the bell curve up, we’ll bring the top down. That way, they’ll all be equal — equally stupid.

    And is that not what we are seeing — not just in the schools, but everywhere in our society?

  410. Law and Order Dave says:

    To Charlie 1776…
    It’s comments like these that give us conservatives a bad name. You can make these comments without resorting to personal innuendos. The liberal socialist love this commentary/as it gives them some feeling of superiority.
    Also, when you are addressing activity about individuals, use correct English….”their” instead of “there”.

  411. kkja says:

    Ugh, I can’t believe the hate being spewed here.

    Criminals are criminals, no matter what color.

    Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, but come on people. Hatred from any quadrant is the problem, not the solution.

  412. Cver says:

    Blacks are very violent and dangerous…Put them behind bars…

  413. ReConUSMC says:

    Sadly Little has changed since many Blacks left Africa under than cloth’s and Welfare ..
    Hispanic’s have already passed blacks in a abilities to function in America as have 31 other races and Nationalities in the last 40 years ,
    We can’t buy Blacks into The Main stream off Society Morals , ethic , values or being functional families .
    As long as they keep the We owe them mentally is ”sold ‘ to them by radical Socialist to keep them on the plantation and oh yea their slave Votes .
    They will always be bad for America sadly .

  414. Fed Up says:

    White America!

    Time is coming, you do nothing but try to help, house, feed and educate these

    ANIMALS and they do NOTHING but leech, rape, steal and murder! ENOUGH!

    Keep pushing you coakroaches

  415. killcottonpickers says:

    If my great grandfather would have known how this all turned out, he would have picked his own cotton

  416. ChinaWillRuleTheWorld says:

    We are doomed as a nation. We will die by the hand of animals that live amongst us, who take and whine, but contribute nothing. When we will be controlled by the Chinese you will see how they will deal with heathens. They will take no prisoners.

  417. Geo Williams says:

    If you leave it up to Eric Holder, our “Attorney General”, he’d probably charge the white girl for hurting the knuckles of the two poor, black children.

  418. FedUp says:

    Bang Bang
    nuff said.

  419. What the Hell says:

    This made me HATE black people in a way. 😛 Stupid monkeys. Should be slaves again, Well, no. Just some of them. I’ve met alot of nice ones, but still.

  420. TD says:



  421. Bobby BoomBatz says:

    The reason the men didn’t stop the attack is that they know that they would end up in prison for trying to help thanks to feminist laws like VAWA. Enjoy it ladies. As a man I wouldn’t get involved either.

  422. Billy says:

    Violence is the only way these people know how to solve any kind of problems. Just look at the african continent 2nd largest on the planet and what has the population contributed to mankind HIV/AIDS. Endless “tribal” wars and conflicts millions are starving and homeless in one of places with some of the most abundant natural resources on the planet. While in the 400 or so years since whites came to North America we have went on to modernize the world put people on the moon, meanwhile back in africa their still running around with bones in their nose’s hunting with sticks and stones.

  423. Keesha says:

    We be kickin ass coz we gots Obama now!!

  424. John C says:

    Both of the attackers should spend the rest of their lives in prison. Neither deserve any pity and the only justice is to put them in a cage where they belong. There is no excuse for what they did.
    To the victim, PLEASE find your nearest martial arts training facility so that you will be prepared when two more nutcases try to murder you

  425. perseus317 says:

    As much as I hate having to talk about an incident such as this in racial terms, I don’t hold out much hope of this being investigated as a hate crime. I think the victim and the attackers are the wrong colors for that, and the U.S. Justice Department has already demonstrated that they’re not interested in black on white crime. In purely non-racial terms, after viewing the video, I think that ANY person or persons who assault another individual to that degree, should be sent to prison for a significant length of time. I agree with other posters who think they younger attacker should be tried as an adult.

  426. RJ Wilkes says:

    Goons and Thugs ……Attorneys rush to defend thugs and goons….

    No one does anything to help the victim..but an — old lady– from the
    WWII generation…

    The employees/mgr …..useless….. all they do is take a cell picture.

    McDonald’s….response…”Priceless Useless….OFFENSIVELY WEAK”

    MCd’S has lost my business….

  427. Da'Truff says:

    Whites are a small percentage of the world’s population yet we have achieved so much. It is time for the mulitcultural cult to die and for Whites to look after their own interests.

    America wake up White Americans wake up. Since 1965 and The Civil Rights act we have been targeted and are now open game for the feral blacks to assault and rape at will. We need to wake up and exterminate this black plague before it exterminates us.

  428. Jason McCalister says:

    How could a 14 yr old teen have so much hate?
    Whatever s/he was/did, kicking/punching his/her head over and over is NEVER acceptable! Neither is racist pusback comment in this forum. Two wrongs don’t make a right!

    1. Reality says:

      Unfortunately taking the high road hasn’t shown to help anyone either.

  429. Bob i says:

    Maybe the old south had it right seperate but equal. These people cannot go into a fast food place or Denny’s wthout acting like idiots.

  430. Sanjose Mike says:

    Witnesses to public violence are in a tough position, even employees. It’s possible that one or more of the assailants may have guns and other weapons, which they might very well use against those who try to defend the victim.

    That said, it is possible to take picture of the incident with your cell phone, and call 911 as fast as you can. You can yell out loud that “the police have been called, and are coming right now!” That might be enough to stop it or slow down the attack.

    Employees need to be vigilant and call the cops ASAP at the first sign of an altercation. I remember a tragic situation where a man was out with his family on a beach and went over to some (AA teens) to ask them (politely) to turn down their boom box. One of the guys shot this man dead right in front of his family. It happens.

  431. bill says:

    my two girls are almost black belts and I am one.. if it goes down with my family its going to be ugly for the people that start it.. Learn to defend you and your family. The cops will not do it!

  432. Roberto Montez says:

    These are just animals and so are the employees just watching. The thug girls should be charged with a hate crime and attempted murder. The employees should all be charged accessories after the fact of attempted murder for doing nothing. Time to end the political correctness and admit that blacks are a violent race and may never be able to live peacefully with anyone. Of course, not all are this way but it’s WAY too many. They’re killing each other even faster than they’re killing whites so they should want something done as well.

  433. Geo Williams says:

    This is where legal carry permits save lives. I do not go into any public establishment in high black areas unless I have my legal protection with me. In Atlanta recently, a group of black kids rushed onto a subway car and merceilessly beat two airline employees on their way to work. The police will get there in time to call the coroner and chalk out your body’s outline. It’s up to you to protect yourself from this trash.

  434. Whathappenedtocommonsense says:

    Beat-down assaultive behavior is offered as “entertainment” to younger viewers on television shows like Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club and MTV’s Jersey Shore. The trend really started with the Jerry Springer Show. Unfortunately if the assault occurs between cast members, there usually are no real consequences to the participants.

  435. Sun Desy says:

    These are my people so I won’t be charging. Na na na na na na

  436. Fred says:

    Get a rope!

  437. Gerald Miller says:

    I’m sure big lips with the slicked-backed hair (whose little nigglets are in private school- Al and the REV jackson who can’t keep it in his pants are already on their private airplanes on the way to play the race card. OH! and to pass the plate.

  438. Uncle Cracker says:

    Sue McDonald’s…This is the kind of thing that makes races hate other races…Both yard apes should go to jail for attempted murder and the employees should be charged for not stopping the fight.

  439. tim says:

    I would charge them with attempted murder and hopefully those monkeys fry. At least put those apes in an cage where they belong, then they can fight with each other all they want.
    These people are the most disgusting type of person.

  440. pocket pal says:

    This, my friends, is why I carry a concealed weapon. Tell me, what does YOUR state allow? Let someone try that to my daughter while we’re at McD’s…..go ahead, make my day.

  441. Not All Of Us Are Ignorant says:

    It amazes me how so many people can come on here to post racist comments and express racists beliefs. It is not a white on black thing nor a black on white thing, but instead it is a human issue. No human being should harm another human being for any reason, regardless of race. I do not penalize every Caucasian person for acts committed by their ancestors years ago and not all African Americans should be criticized for the acts committed by these two imbeciles. What disgusts me most is not only did these two individuals commit a heinous crime, but they have added more fuel to the belief that all African Americans behave like animals. Unfortunately, most of you will continue with your savage beliefs about African Americans, but remember that we are not all not like this. They are many of us who are also tired of and disgusted by this type of behavior. I hope that the two criminals get the punishment that they deserve and that the victim gets the justice that she deserves. Perhaps one day people will change..but I won’t hold my breath.

    1. Reality says:

      I really do not believe most blacks are like these 2 (especially many that are educated). The problem most whites have is the obvious hipocracy that they experience when it comes to these issues. I have lived through 2 race riots and have seen whites walking on egg shells scared to even use the word “black”. They are afraid because they know that today’s laws do not work in their favor while the statistics of the crimes are heavily against them. The problem is in the black community (single mothers that don’t care or know what their kids are doing, welfare, dropouts, feeling the victim and never achieving anything) but it is spilling into society as a whole.

  442. dogbreath says:

    This is the CHANGE many are HOPING for!
    Get used to it

  443. Gerald Miller says:

    Is there a season for the ni…….al,,,,,,,,,black ape animals that come down out of the trees or do we have to wait for a department of natural resources to set a season and limit. Geez, I hope not. I want to save my country and a no-season on these animals may be the only way to do it.

  444. ChinaWildMan says:

    This is why concealed carry permits (hand gun licenses) are important if the woman victim had had a weapon she would not have had to endour this violence. Remember an armed society is a polite society.

    At the very least someone should have unloaded a can of pepper spray on those animals. I’m very surprised that the McDonald’s folks didn’t have a large can of it or a can of wasp spray.

  445. JoeKidd says:

    Perhaps Obama should say THIS to describe what he’s doing to our beloved country: “SHE’S BLEEDING, YO’…”!/joekiddone/status/61588042858758145

  446. DEF says:

    This is Obama and Holder’s America!!!! These Black girls were filled with anger and hate!!! All the black people around witnessing the brutal attempted murder attack, stood back and let it happen………But then again, it is a sad fact in this country, Ruled by “Progressive law”, that if anyone would have walloped one of these vicious thugs over the head with something to stop them or touched them in any other fashion, they too, would have been criminal!!! PS; Either no one called 911 or the police was negligent in speediness to respond!!!!

  447. da troot says:

    “The person attacked was a cross-dresser (male.) Based on smoking gun report, what started the fight was the male refused to leave the female restroom. Then all heck broke loose.”

    Your reading comprehension is abysmal. In no way shape or form did TSG or any other news outlet make the claim that the victim was transgendered. At best, they repeated the so-far-as-reported FALSE claim made by the cameraman that the victim was transgendered. Both the responding police and one of the attackers have so far stated that the victim is a woman.

  448. Jim says:

    This is nothing a few well placed bullets wouldn’t have fixed.

    But even a small can of pepper spray and a heavy object might have sufficed.

    The sad fact is you really shouldn’t go into certain areas or establishments unarmed, especially if you are white.

    Did you see how long it took for the the police to get there?

    They didn’t.

    White folks better wake up an smell the coffee.

    There is a lot of racial hatred out there.

    It’s time to start packing heat.

  449. tucker says:

    America is now paying the price of having these ex-slaves here…

  450. Darryl says:

    Wish someone had a gun and used it on those POS.

  451. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Open carry solves all of this from the get go.


  452. JoeKidd says:

    Perhaps Obama should say THIS to describe what he’s doing to our beloved country: “SHE’S BLEEDING, YO’…”

  453. mcgross says:

    I don’t go to McDonald’s. It is the nastiest place full of nasty people. It was nasty in 1979 when I worked there, and it remains nasty today. The Corporation should be forced to close by congressional vote as a destructive leach to our society. Nothing good comes from that grease factory.

    1. Terry says:

      I will be watching what McDonalds does about this.

  454. xfiles says:

    And blacks wonder why whites say what they do about them? if this was 2 white girls on a black giril, I suspect the WHOLE black community would march on Washington. Where is O on this one?

  455. Harry Reems says:

    Fatherless welfare trash. Questions?

  456. Jon in Illinois says:

    The victim is white, the assailants are black. So it’s automatically racial? Is it not possible for two people of different races to have a fight that is not racially motivated? Does anyone know why the black girls attacked the white girl? For that matter, who says it was an attack? Did the white girl have any responsiblity for this fight? Did she swing first?

    My point is that there are a lot of people willing to publicly crucify the black girls and they don’t even know exactly what happened. Don’t misunderstand, I do not condone the behavior of the black girls and I believe that they should be held accountable for their actions.

    I am also curious as to why McDonald’s should be held liable in any way. Yes their manager behaved poorly and should most likely be fired for his actions, and inactions. But why is McDonald’s responsible? Just because they hired this guy? If you believe that McDonald’s should be held legally responsible please tell me what they could have reasonably done to prevent this beating. If there’s nothing McDonald’s could have done then why should they be held accountable as well? Just because it happened on their property?

    This was a terrible thing that happened but I’m more disturbed by the reactions of the people who have left comments. Many of you are willing to label this a racial incident without knowing all of the facts. Others are calling for McDonald’s to be sued but I can’t figure out what they did wrong in this situation.

  457. getback says:

    It too bad there not no videos of the white man beating and hanging slaves for 300 year. So maybe this just is paybak.

  458. relee says:

    nigga is as nigga do

  459. Commonsense58 says:

    I have not heard from Al or Jessie on this one. Obviously had two white women beaten a black girl under these same conditions Al and Jessie and the Liberal news media would be all over this and finding some way to blame republicans. If this treeible event somehow awakens a dormant news media to the plight we all face under a politically correct system this girls trauma would have a silver lining. Black Americans are kept as “under-citizens” by the Al’s and Jessies of this country. Making excuses for this type of behavior and keeping these folks welfare ready and not accountable have spurred class warfare. Way to go Obozzo! you and your class warfare rhetoric are having consequences.

  460. trucker says:

    Blacks are Sub-Human…

  461. Vet says:

    Let’s see if Holder calls this a hate crime. Anyone want to bet on this?

  462. jimbo says:

    Hey, man, maybe the whole thing was staged. What if one hour after that occurrence, all three of them met at a pub down the street, and were sharing a beer and a laugh. I bet it was faked.

  463. Ron Paul 2012 says:

    These are the animals America has to deal with on a daily basis.

  464. Cin says:

    Technology has replaced Humanity.
    This certainly isn’t the “Greatest Generation”.
    When do you laugh and video a Human Being being viciously beaten instead of calling police and trying to help?

  465. dazztime says:

    I’m an african-american myself an I’m totally appalled by the behavior of these 2 women (really they don’t deserve that title because REAL women, irregardless of color, don’t behave like that). I’m thankful for the parent’s I had for raising me to grow up to be a honest, respectable human-being and I’m thankful to God for blessing me with 2 kids who have morals and manners and says, “please” and “thank you” to EVERYONE.

    After living in England for the past 11 years, I would like to say thank you to my British friends, both black and white, for showing me how people of different color can live in peace and harmony. Specifically to the white British, thank you for engaging in conversations about slavery in America. Not once did you have to worry about me becoming violent and hostile as having intelligent conversation with another human-being is SO stimulating.

    To my fellow african-americans, how can you call a white person racist when the language from your mouth and your actions screams “I’m a racist too!!”? When do you learn to let the anger and hatred stemming from slavery go? As long as you continue to harbor that anger and hatred in your heart you will continue to behave as savages. You have as much opportunity as the next man or woman to achieve and to become a productive human-being in his society but you choose to blame the white man for your short-comings.

    To the american-whites, have you ever thought that your verbiage can be quite hurtful? I would NEVER call you any derogatory word as your parent’s gave you a name and I would respect that. It hurts when you have a tendency to clutch your purse a little tighter when I walk by when in all honesty, I probably have just as much if not more money than you made legally as a software engineer and a options trader. It hurts when I attempt to engage you in simple conversation and your behavior towards me is as though I’m a criminal, savage, ape, or anything else sub-human. If you learn to pay attention to detail, you may be able to differentiate the upright citizen from the savage thug walking the street.

    ENGLAND, HERE I COME!!! America is about to explode!!!

  466. Eat McD No More says:

    You have to wonder what these employees are doing to the food that a whaite person orders.

  467. Snitch in Time says:

    To Do List:

    1. Prosecute the thugs.

    2. Fire the employees.

    3. Locate the lady who tried to help and give her a medel.

    4. Publically denounce the silence of the spams: Jackson, Sharpton, et. al.

    5. Demand President Hussein address this “climate of hate” without blaming Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan, or the Tea Party.

    Did I leave anything out?

  468. Wolfman Jones says:

    Hang these black savage beasts!

    They are hardly human!!

    These surely are mutant simians who escaped from planet of the apes!!!

  469. jim says:

    I bet it was staged. All three of them are probably actors/stuntmen and put on the whole thing. I bet an hour later, alll three of them were sitting together at a pub nearby, sharing a beer and a laugh. THey probably do this all the time just to get a rise out of everybody.

  470. King Yule says:

    Black people don’t belong in a civil society. They belong in the jungle.

  471. SICKO says:

    Videotaper was Vernon Hackett, according to other sites.

  472. kewlkkj says:

    They are faking. The whole thing was staged. They are best friends. After that, they were all three sharing a lugh and a beer.

    1. Terry says:


  473. Lint says:

    Animals acting like animals. Every city has them and you know where they live. The Community Organizer won’t be able to fix this problem.

  474. DIane says:

    I pray to GOD that that 14 yr old and the MANAGER are in jail…… Why isn’t there anyting said about the black manager that didn’t DO ANYTHING to stop it??????
    HOw could he say he was afraid of a 14yr old girl……….. That girl is a ANIMAL.. i pray she rots i jail……….

  475. cmcc says:


  476. sistaelle says:

    Shut it down and fire everyone involved or on site who did nothing.
    Then hire security.

  477. dr. sam says:

    time for white lynch mobs! the usa has become a country of ni++ers and sand ni++ers

  478. Wolfman Jones says:

    We need a sure and swift death penalty for simian savages such as these beasts!!!

  479. Hussein Soetoro says:

    This calls for a another speech on race by Obama’s teleprompter

  480. Lucenut says:

    The important thing to take away from this incident is to avoid Baltimore at all cost. Just don’t go inside that beltway is my rule. It’s not McDonald’s fault. Affirmative action, and EEOC force McDonalds to hire these animals in places like Baltimore.

  481. Briko says:

    A proud illegitimate black female in the inner city black community… I’m sure her mom + dad, (umm, nevermind, I’m sure there’s no dad) are real proud of her BIG plump black ass. She’s nothing more than a black piece of garbage. Funny how this is ALWAYS a black kid in the inner city. Gotta blame the white man for all their self-induced disgraceful actions.

  482. Human says:

    Fire the manager and the e,p-loyees and they will just apply for food stamps and welfare

  483. Free n Vegas says:

    Years ago I got involved in stopping a mugging on NYC train. Some black kids were stealing a small music player from one little white kid. All the other adults just watched. It happens all the time. The real deal is the policy from the owner who I am sure told his employees not to get involved.

    I hold the McDonalds franchise liable and will not patronize them until I see at least
    a 10 million dollar out of court settlement min for that victim. Even if it was a cross dresser that does not matter to me.

    I love Mc Coffee but for America I can stay away and fight back the only way I know and that is to boycott it completely.


  484. Bill says:

    These Tea Party people need to be held accountable! Including the cowardly camera man…

    1. Terry says:

      FU Bill

    2. Michael Inman says:

      These aren’t “Tea Party” gals, they be “gimme” democrats!

  485. Buuba Boyonavich says:

    I only wish the white girl would have been packing. She coulda shot both these fat animals in self defense and been correct in doing so. If the victim was colored you can bet the fat rev al would be all over this one.

  486. er_help says:

    Employees who watched need to be charged as well. I say 1 – 5 years in prison for employees who watched. 18 year old who beat the girl 25 year in prison for attempted murder. The 14 year old 4 year in Juvi till she turns 18 and then another 10 years in maximum securoty prison for attempted murder.

  487. TAXPAYER says:

    Its time to buy several guns an arm your children. The next war will be between the haves (those that work and provide for themselves) and the have-nots (those that depend on others to support them while they dont work, and are paid tax dollars to reproduce) There is a distinctive attitude by black employees where I work, that everyone owes them something and that they shouldn’t have to work… Well, there are plenty of blacks that get paid not to work – generations of blacks that get paid not to work. They make babies and get welfare checks. F k this! What happens when we – Taxpayers – take away the incentive not to work, and destroy the attitude that its ok act like hethon ass monkeys because your ancestors were slaves? Domestic war. You dont see any other race that was, several hundred years ago enslaved, entitled to anything do you? NO. I had black employees tell me that if they got fired the first thing they would do is file for discrimination. F k that too! This is a cultural problem that is perpetuated by bleating-heart leberals and opportunist a$$holes like J. Jackson and Al Sharpe. Fu@% Them. Fu@% WELFARE. and Fu@$ lazy ignorant no good thug monkeys that have nothing better to do than spend tax money on reproducing more undomesticated animals, buy cell phones, eat at mcdonalds and golden corra with govt checksl, steal from white people that work for a living and complain because they dont have more!

  488. Tucker says:

    Blacks are just ruining this country…We are paying the price of slavery…

  489. Terry says:

    The older girl needs to be charged with attempted murder and a hate crime.
    The younger girl should get the max possible.
    The restaurant employees present need to be fired.
    The only person showing any courage was the elderly woman who TRIED TO STOP IT.

    How is the victim doing?
    I wonder if the Feds will make an hate crime investigation?

  490. Questioning says:

    People are people. It doesn’t matter how much pigment their skin has. Some of us are truly good and some of us are truly bad and the rest of us are somewhere in the middle. Let’s not let looks cause hatred of innocent people. It’s the hatred that is displayed by these perpetrators so don’t fall into the same trap and judge character by color.
    As obvious criminals these females should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, as all criminals should be, no matter what color or gender they are.

  491. ghostrider says:

    D@mn savage apes!!!! Yea, I said it!

  492. Obama says:

    multiculturalism at it’s best. Funny how black on white hate crimes go unpunished. Hope and change for a better country hasn’t happened yet.

  493. GetThemOut says:

    Abraham Lincoln thought seriously about deporting all the newly freed slaves after the Civil War because he knew there would be problems with integrating them into free (and white) society. Not doing it was the 2nd biggest mistake in American history, only behind the decision to bring them here in the first place.

    1. make my day says:


  494. Jenny Bea says:

    Dear McDonalds- I still love your doublecheeseburger with no pickles. However, I will never enter a restaurant without a gun again. Because if it were me, I wouldn’t have been dragged and beaten. You wouldn’t have had employees telling criminals to run away. The manger would have had to call an ambulance, and advised them to bring body bags. But I promise I’ll still come get my double cheeseburger meal, no pickles and a coke.

  495. make my day says:

    What goes around – comes around!! There will be revenge attacks from the “Arian Brotherhood” – as “enough is enough”!!

    1. Michael Inman says:

      Where is the “A-B” I wanna join!

  496. Hiway441 says:

    Take these two Ho’s behind the barn and shoot them. The fire the rest and deport them back to Africa.

  497. Paul says:

    Easy solution! All whites boycott mcdonalds! It is clear that a message needs to be sent to this company that such thug passive behavior is not acceptable. Just posted that the person filming was a mcdonalds employee. Criminal action needs to happen against manager, all staff, franchisee and corporate for lack of social and moral compass. Boycott mcdonalds!!!!

  498. photosfromphilly says:

    You don’t see that racist reverend loudmouth Al Sharpton marching for civil rights now! America’s African American population have been betrayed by this belligerent bastion of ignorance and self-serving con-artist.

    Bill Cosby was right on target about the future of the African American youth and when he tried to address the matter, he was called an “Uncle Tom” and sellout.

    Colin Powell, Condolezza Rice, Grant Hill should lifting the spirits of our African American population and not Allen Iverson, Faux Reverends (Jackson & Sharpton) and the white- hating rappers

  499. Tylur Durden says:


  500. Paul says:

    Since Oblunder was Elected It’s Blacks Gone Wild. They are crazy acting, They are The Pure Racist……..!

  501. Michael says:

    The police arrested those black women!?!? They are acting very stupidly. Obama was elected and made it clear what he thinks about American society in that moment, without evidence, he attacked the Cambridge police. Instead of addressing real problems of education and crime in the black community, Barry has been busy trying like hell to make sure America will never be as great as she once was. Ron Paul 2012!!!

  502. Chuck Smith says:

    Fantone Brookings: Are you kidding me? It’s not their fault? Are you serious? The problem in this country is that no one is responsible for their actions. I hope the Baltimore police and judicial system makes these two black low-lifes responsible for their actions (by the way, why do all of these videos show minorities, especially blacks perpetrating these crimes – must be that racist youtube) and lock them up for 10 – 20 years. We are all responsible for our actions whether we are white, black, Hispanic, Asian or whatever. It seems like many of the ethnic groups think they are not responsible because they are “underprivileged” . They are “underprivileged” because they won’t take responsibility for their lives and make something of themselves. Stop looking for a f’ing handout, stop blaming everyone else and make something out of your life. Nobody owes you a damn thing. Stop listening to that a-hole in the white house. Your life is your responsibility. If you want a better life, make it happen.

  503. Glenny Scoobey says:


    Your comment makes you seem just as ignorant. Whites and other races are just the same, the media does not report it though. I’m an educated black woman and it makes me sad to hear how other races view us. Look at the individual, not the race.

    Look deary, Your cfomments are just as bigoted but you FAIL to understand that….First thing you say is that WHITES(racist in the way you use it-are just the same as these evil thuigs) So all WHITE people that are applaled by this are just as EVIL as these two lowlifes? Why how very racist of you..BUT of course your next sentence stats that the MEDIA wil just not Report on White EVIL….lol THAT IS ALL THE MSM MEDIA WILL REPORT ON FOOL!!! YOU THINK THEY CARE ABOUT BLACK ON WHITE VIOLENCE? IT IS RARELY EVER REPORTED..YOU KNOW YOURSELF THAT SOME OF YOUR FRIENS USE HATEFUL AN RACIST SLURS AGAINST OTHER PEOPLE OF OTHER RACES BUT DO YOU EVER TELL THEM HOW WRONG THEY ARE AN “WHITES” AS YOU CALL THEM ARE NOT ALL EVIL? I DOUBT IT BECAUSE SALY YOU HAVE ALREAY DESCRIBED YOURSELF THAT WHITE ARE EVIL TOOO YO!! AN I AM SURE YOU WILL TEACH YOUR KIDS THE SAME,OR WERE THESE YOUR KIDS ALREAY ACTING AS YOU HAVE TAUGHT THEM !!!

  504. lee says:

    nigg*****S will B nigg**********S

  505. Bullet490 says:

    It’s called TNB folks…Typical N*gger Behavior! You can take the n*gger out of the jungle but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t take the jungle out of the n*gger!
    And notice I said “n*gger” and not “black” or “African American!”

  506. stan_jamal says:

    I. Hate. Naggers. White. Or. Black. You know who you are.

  507. mike says:

    of course not all, but the majority of blacks are just ANIMALS…this video is absolutely discusting

  508. A. R. Medguy says:


  509. DigitalBob says:

    Take the monkeys out of the jungle and tell the lie they are like white people but in the end, they are still just monkeys.

  510. Big Mac says:

    T. A. N. F. U!!!

  511. Esmaralda says:

    I doubt Baltimore or Maryland permits conceald carry. If good guys can carry guns, this sort of thing won’t happen as much. In KY, those two girls would have been held at gunpoint by granny until the police arrived….

  512. Alex says:

    @Fantone Brookings

    This is a typical liberal response. Throw more money at the problem and hope that solves the problem. Unfortunately, you will eventually discover than your line of reasoning is wrong. Not all people are worth spending money on. Blacks continue to prove this ad nauseum. Africa has garnered the generosity of the entire world, billions spent, to what end? As we look around the world, no matter where blacks are, whatever their histories, we find them in despair.

    The only tax dollar funded program worthy of consideration is euthanasia.

  513. cd says:

    You wonder why there was in the past so much hate for the black’s now you can see,this Nation has “WASTED” $ 8 TRILLION DOLLAR trying to make these people civil,educated, and feed. We though with Obama he would adress these issues but he attack’s us and bring this on!

  514. Nightswolf says:

    I hope they lock them up in a dark prison cell some where a zoo is too good for them. They are savage animals. The McDonald’s management should be sued for reusing to protect this women. Such lawlessness should be prosecuted not condoned. Thank you B.O for bring your healing touch to heal racial hatred in our country..Mot!

  515. Wolfman Jones says:

    Can’t we all just heed President Lincoln, by sending all these inferior, savage, subhumans back to Africa???

  516. A dad says:

    After reading this noise and watching this video. I have one thing to say. Grow up anf be men and women. Stop excusing animalistic, hedonistic, humanistic, and moronic behavior. Hell is when good people do nothing. I am done with this foolishness. I will not tolerate it. It is irrelevant if the person is male or female. No one has the right to do what thee two did.

    A a black man I want to make one thing clear, niether Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson represents me. I speak for me. These two and the staff should be prosecuted in court and public opinion for being the cowards they are. What result did you expect when you decided to become a hedonisic society not accountable to anyone, even God. We tolerate music, videos, and movies that portray barbaric behavior as acceptable. IT IS NOT. I am sik of moral and ethical cowards and I will not longer tolerate it. If for no other reason I have children who must live in this world. The NAACP and other simular organizations who award and excuse this barbarism are also morally accountable. More importantly we are all accountable for not saying no to this mentality when seen.
    Hell is when good people says nothing and tolerate everything, even this.