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National Zoo Hosts Easter Event For Black Families

WASHINGTON (AP) — The National Zoo is hosting an Easter Monday event for African-American families that dates back almost as far as the White House Easter Egg Roll.

The free gathering Monday runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It includes an Easter egg hunt, games and a visit from the “Easter panda.” There will be gospel performances, a Caribbean and reggae band and other performers.

The zoo exhibits will include 56 different talks with animal keepers and demonstrations and feedings of the cheetahs, gorillas, elephants and other animals.

The zoo has been hosting the Easter Monday event since the 1890s.

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One Comment

  1. news says:

    why does this only have to be for African-Amercan families? I find that racist. If there was an event that advertised only for Whites, it would be all over the news. This is a double-standard that needs to stop.

    1. Rosemary Hall says:

      I agree. What was behind it newspeople?

  2. nick says:

    i completely agree with the previous comment. this same exact thing happens every day. the double standard is unbelieveable and very disturbing.

  3. sillyman michaels says:

    sure sounds any event they are american negro’s…they or their
    parents or their grandparents weren’t born in africa so why are these people
    referred to as african americans and not american negro’s

  4. Tara Schultheis says:

    If we as Caucasion americans had a White History Month, Whites in Wax Museum, and a Easter event only for the whites, the AAMA would be ALL over this! I am not racist, however…… it is hard to teach my children about racism when everything that happens from a white person to a black person is racist, yet when in reverse, it is OK!

  5. Just me says:

    Oh good lord! My guess is that the event started because black families were NOT allowed to attend the White House Easter Egg Roll and it has now become a tradition.

    The zoo event is free and open to all.

  6. 2JustMe says:

    I saw video footage on TV regarding the Easter Egg Roll, It seemed that Caucasians were the minority there. The title of this blog states, “National Zoo Hosts Easter Event for Black Families”. I did not check to see if this zoo event is free and open to all. However, if it is, it is clearly being advertised as a Black Families event.

    There is no Caucasian Miss America, no whites as minorities scholarships (although whites are now the minority as far as students are concerned, as reported in another blog), etc. Yes, this is racism going the other extreme…

  7. Not going to take it anymore says:

    Perfect place for them in Baltimore City.

  8. candace says:

    While I can appreciate the origins of this event, continuing to advertise it as a day for all black families just perpetuates racist attitudes. Equality should be universal not only as it serves people’s purposes. While this event is open to the general public to advertise it as black only is in poor taste. If there were an event that was advertised as white only the public outcry would be enormous. Why not just rename the event as a free celebration in honor of the Easter holiday?

  9. aj says:

    too bad they dont have any events for white families. racism exists, isnt it obvious

  10. Breeo says:

    What ignoramuses. Fine example of why America is deteriorating. A bunch of haters using a simple, all invited, celebration to spead their unjustified, inexplicable hatred. I will keep you in my prayers.

  11. The honest 1 says:

    So can I go if I’m not African but Jamaican? Or do they check the green card at the door? I don’t understand why is it assumed that all blacks in this country are African decent? Now that’s the racism I see. Furthermore, it’s free to anyone that wants to go. Not like Easter has anything to do with Jesus anymore so why is everyone up in arms? The zoo is free any day of the week.

  12. Chris says:

    I guess no one reads history anymore. Yes, this event did start when blacks were not allowed to the White House event. BTW, I never did read that this was a black event only. Also, whites do get minority scholarships. I know of plenty that get free rides to HCBUs.

  13. sheriff says:

    Chris, How many “Porch Monkeys” at Harvard or yale vs Whites on minority scholarships?

  14. PAT says:


  15. Darlene says:

    When is everyone going to stop seeing color and see people. We should no longer label everyone as black or white. We are in this game called life together. As long as we see and say that person is black or that person is white then there will always be hate. We were all born the same way and we will all die the same. The press are the ones who love to stir up the hate becouse where there is hate there is news.

  16. Amanda Plaine says:

    well said Darlene agree 100%

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