4 Charged With Stealing Railroad Iron In Md.

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — The Washington County Sheriff’s Office says it’s charging four people with stealing more than a ton of railroad iron from a track-maintenance site in Hagerstown.

The agency said Wednesday that three Hagerstown residents and one Smithsburg resident loaded a minivan with nearly 2,500 pounds of material owned by Norfolk Southern Corp. The items included spikes, track plates and a four-foot section of rail.

Detective Timothy Atwell says they were apprehended near a scrap yard in Waynesboro, Pa., where they planned to sell the material, valued at about $300.

Atwell says the subjects also face charges in Pennsylvania, including possession of stolen property.

The defendants are 25-year-old Travis Palmer, 43-year-old Celestine Lee and 47-year-old Patricia Green, all of Hagerstown, and 49-year-old Lori Palmer of Smithsburg.

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  • Bel Air Steve


  • Larry Lubetsky

    In response to Steve’s comment–morons (I agree) and also so much more…

  • sheriff

    All are addicts.

    • Reefer Madness and Texas Badness

      They need money to buy reefer possibly but they can try getting reefer in prison. Good luck with asking for a cigarrette!

  • Todd

    This is what we have to do to get by now, thanks to this economy, oil speculators and the Obama(Muslim) administration.

    • sheriff

      Hey Todd, Check your dates, names & places & when Bush, Wall street & 2008 come up you will know that OBama had his hands full when he took over. Wanna gripe? Have Eric (candy ass) Holder our attorney general who put no one in handcuffs from the shenanigans that took place before OBama & during the Bush admin. Of course if you are a Bushie fan, moot point.

      • sheriff

        Todd, My bad on the Holder appointment that was under the OBama admin. Nonetheless, he should have been all over their a$$es anyway. There is a shuttle betwen the White house past & present that goes to Wall st & back . The way it is.


      you got it TOD

  • Doug

    What the shrinking dollar,who could blame these stooges for trying .

    Give them all,the old Moe Howard eye poke,and send them packing.



  • Felony theft of property

    This is what fills up our prisons, theft of railroad material.

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