ELKTON, Md. (AP) — Maryland Rep. Andy  Harris is continuing a series of town hall meetings.

Harris held the latest town hall gathering at the Elkton Senior Center in Elkton on Thursday.

Some Republicans in other parts of the country have run into heckling as the GOP has discussed plans to restructure Medicare and cut social safety net programs. Harris, a freshman Republican, found a friendly audience of about 70 people.

One contentious provision Republicans have discussed would transform Medicare into a voucher-like system that would have private insurance plans, not the government, pay medical bills.

Mary Kay Hannon, a 57-year-old Chester resident, questioned whether the voucher system would be adequate. She says she was glad she made the trip to point out her concern to the congressman and that he listened to her.

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Comments (3)
  1. Spencer Eastridge says:

    He votes to end Medicare first and then He wants to know how we feel about it right

    1. overtaxed says:

      Medicare as it is now is not sustainable. That means something needs to be done, or in other words CHANGE. So whats wrong with a different idea? I am in my thirties and believe fully that all of the money I have paid into for social security and FICA will not be there for me when I reach retirement age. The younger generation will stuck with paying for the Baby Boomers and Social Security will be insolvent if we stick with the status quo.

      Why not think of alternatives before it is too late?

  2. bytheC says:

    Most people aren’t buying the vouchers the GOP is selling. No insurance company is going to want to insure the elderly and the sick that’s why we have Medicare in the first place. If they do, you won’t be able to afford it. GOP already gearing up the ads, sponsosred by corporate cash, “soft selling” this horrendous bill. Meanwhile, Ryans plans contains more taxspending and does not reduce the deficit but bloats it by 6 trillion. There shouldn’t be any questions that the Teapublican’s only agenda is to shuffle more money upwards.

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