Frederick County Dog Found To Have Rabies

FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — Frederick County health officials say a dog has been found to have rabies — the first such case in a county dog in 13 years.

Authorities said a stray pit bull-Chihuahua mix was sent for testing after it bit to adults in Ijamsville.

Officials say the dog was found on a farmette, and livestock there are under a six-month quarantine.

Residents are urged to get their pets vaccinated and to call Animal Control if they see an animal acting strangely.

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  • Laura

    The dog “bit to adults”? Really? Just how fast do you have to get these stories out?

  • Rick Allen

    I agree w/ you Laura….but look at the big picture….pit bull-Chihuahua mix …..I can’t see anything good coming from that

  • steve

    too, to, two , 2, II, strong werk microsoft spelchecker , 2 bad someone can’t bee bothered to proof a <100 word story

    • Bullfrog


  • HooDatIS?
  • VWGirl

    a pit bull-chihuahua mix….how does that even happen?

  • sheriff

    It was just learned the rabies belonged to a dog of a politician. They’re all poison.

  • kim

    Pit bull chihuahua X?! it there is negativity in the story its a pit x right? a pit chihuahua?! that would kill a female and somehow i feel like a chihuahua impregnating a pit bull would be a bit tricky…. sheeesh media is wack!

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