Ravens Senior VP Kevin Byrne was kind enough to Join The Norris & Davis Show to give insight as to what exactly happened when the Bears & Ravens were making a trade for the 26th pick…time expired.  Kansas City jumped in.  Ravens took Jimmy Smith at #27.

  1. Ralph Seher says:

    With all the current technology, with computers and email (outlawed in warrooms?) You would think they know how to inform the NFL that you are part of a trade. Perhaps they need the POST IT note enlarged and placed on every phone, so they know, A. discuss trade B. agree to trade and C. report to NFL. Or is it a Baltimore thing? This is the 2nd time we were involved with a phone snafu. Of course, the first one, the Ravens got Terrell Suggs. This one every one did get their targeted draft pick, but, still o reason for the mix up. Maybe they need to have a NFL rep in every war room and then he has the cell phone.

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