BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore police say they have finished the initial investigation into the January shooting death of an officer by other officers outside a nightclub. 

The homicide section will turn over the probe to the state’s attorney for prosecutorial review. 

Officer William Torbit Jr. was on duty in plainclothes when he responded to a report of trouble at a club on Jan. 9. Police say Torbit was trying to break up a fight when he was attacked and pulled out his weapon to defend himself. Officers opened fire, killing Torbit. Police say Torbit was wearing his badge but there were no other indicators he was police. 

A 22-year-old civilian, Sean Gamble, was also killed in the shooting. 

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Comments (6)
  1. What? says:

    This story absolutely sucks. It told me nothing, and it is not really news.

    1. sheriff says:

      What, You need to read between the lines man.

  2. JoeFromAACounty says:


  3. Carole Jones says:

    It’s a shame they didn’t recognize their own. I truly believe once they saw his badge, one of the trigger happy cops threw it under the car. Seems to me you should know your own fellow officers. If he was down with his gun up, they should have recognized him instantly. Besides, seems they were only “lighting him up”. Seems Officer Torbit became a shooting target for those other idiots. Looks like they were shooting at him more than those in the crowd. I hope justice is served to those officers, because no one deserved to have that enormous amount of bullets in them. His Father is a Pastor. I pray he doesn’t have malice in his heart, but pray that justice will be served.

  4. ravenmaniac881 says:

    Carole, Have you ever been involved in a life or death struggle? Do you know how many officers there are on the Baltimore City Police Department? I am betting no to both questions. A life or death struggle takes seconds to unfold and those on the streets protecting it have split seconds to react. It can be micromanaged for months afterwards.

    Officers are trained to shoot until the threat is gone. It’s not like on TV, trust me. Bad guys when they are shot do not fall down immediately. Off duty officers are the hardest to identify. In this particular case the officer responded to a violent altercation within a crowd of what appeared to be over 50 people. He ventured in doing the job he was trained to do but had poor tactics. His main scouse of identification was a chain around his neck with a badge hanging form it. nothing more and nothing less. Those chains are generally allowing the badge to hang down to the lower part of your upper torso and and not stationary, they move around and sometime turn upside down making identification imposible.

    now the responding officers saw a man on the ground firing a gun. unfortunately he was this officer and were not made aware by him and opened fire. It was a sad event but did not have any criminal intent as law enforcement officers. The tragedy is is that an Officer is dead and others will have to live with the fact that they are responsible for killing on of their own. Punishment enough.

    The City Police Department needs to review their policy ofr officers working in plain clothes and the attire thay are required to wear. This alone could have been something that could have averted this tragedy.

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