Ed Norris was not in studio today.  He’s heading to the University of Virginia to speak to a class on leadership.  Ed called in to his own show today to discuss bin Laden and how he was involved in the very first al Qaeda arrest in the US.

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  1. Craig Mason says:

    Amen !!!!!!!!
    Your the MAN Ed !
    Please think about moving to 680 AM to 4hr. show.
    Your great.

    Ps: We should have fed Bin Laden’s body to the pigs or hogs !

  2. Doug says:

    Who listens to jail bird crooks who rape the system for their own selfish needs,
    such as your pal Ed ?
    Not I.
    He can shut up and go to hell and shame on any radio show that would have him !!!
    As far as I’m concerned he should have been executed for crimes against the people, as an example to the next corrupt loser.

  3. Chuck says:

    Ed’s the man…..so what he banged a few ho’s. Keep up the great work Commish…..

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