BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The field of candidates for mayor of Baltimore grows, as City Clerk of Courts Frank Conaway declares his intention to run.

At the same time, political reporter Pat Warren reports the incumbent mayor gets a powerful endorsement.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake gets the backing of Maryland’s senior senator.

“The reason I’m endorsing Stephanie is because I think she had leadership, know-how and integrity,” said Senator Barbara Mikulski.

Rawlings-Blake stood with Mikulski while Conaway stood outside City Hall with his supporters before filing his candidacy for mayor Monday.

“I’m ready to go.  Some that are running are younger, but I doubt if they’re as energetic as I am,” Conaway said.

The field of candidates also includes former City Planning Director Otis Rolley, who says he’s not surprised by the competition.

“Typically after a scandal has occurred in the city, a lot of people jump into the race because they think the bar is low.  They think, `Well, at least I’m honest, so I can be mayor’ but it takes more than that.  Honesty is important but it takes competency and skill and experience,” Rolley said.

While this is Rolley’s first run for office, Mayor Rawlings-Blake was elected council president and assumed the role of mayor after Sheila Dixon was forced to leave office for using gift cards intended for the poor.

The field also includes Jody Landers, a Greater Baltimore Realtors executive.

There’s still plenty of time for additional candidates to declare before the filing deadline.

Comments (8)


  2. News Watcher says:

    Wow! What a shocker. A democrat supporting a democrat. A real breaking news story.

  3. Brian Vaeth says:

    Have all of the candidates been named already? I thought we had until July 1. Looks like our politicians know about as much about our local elections than they know about the bills they vote on. Before you know the entire field, it is way to early to announce support like this. this shows it is a set up from the beginning.

  4. frank coffee says:

    Both are losers !

  5. Trounce says:

    Mikluski endorsing Blake, are you serious. Blake hasn’t done a thing to help or improve Baltimore. what does that say about Barbara?

  6. uncleollie41 says:

    She’s nothing but another Democrat Hack!!!!!! Both have lived on tax payer money there whole careers. Political Welfare Collectors

  7. TJN72 says:

    WOW !!! mikluski finally took a stance on something. Now go rest your brain

  8. howard the duck says:

    Sausage face Mikluski endorsing Aunt Jemima Pancake Rawlings? Good laugh, like having sausage with your pancakes for breakfast.

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