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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Family, friends and classmates are honoring the memory of a Cockeysville woman, murdered one year ago at college. 

Kelly McPherson spoke with three of her closest friends.

Some say they can’t believe it’s been a year.  It’s been filled with pain, but those closest to Yeardley Love have found ways to bring positive change from her violent death.

“We’re happy that Notre Dame is keeping her legacy alive,” said Catherine Barthelme.

Three of Yeardley Love’s closest friends are remembering the 22-year-old who was beaten to death in her University of Virginia apartment one year ago Tuesday.

“There’s been a lot of sad times but also a lot of great times.  We’ve started the One Love Foundation and had a lot of great events and a lot of people have shown a lot of support,” said Molly Laschinger.

Love was a star lacrosse player at Notre Dame Prep and UVA.  Her former team honored her by wearing her retired number.

“I think today is much more difficult than it was that day because I think we were all in shock and I think that we have had to live a year of everything without Yeardley,” said Mary Bartel, Notre Dame Prep lacrosse coach.

“She really looked up to them and really honored her experience with them, so I think she would’ve been honored and delighted to know that so many people are thinking about her today,” said Barthelme.

On top of the game, Notre Dame asked its students and faculty to “bring out the Yeardley.”  In other words, do a random act of kindness, something that Yeardley was known for.

“That’s what we’ve encouraged people to do—a kindness for someone, make their day,” said Cami Colarossi, Notre Dame Prep Communications.

George Huguely, also a UVA lacrosse player, sits in jail, charged with her murder and awaiting trial.  Prosecutors say he brutally beat Love because she broke up with him.  Her death has sparked change on this campus, including violence prevention training.

Love’s mother told Sports Illustrated that they are remembering Love at home with family and friends.  The first scholarship from the One Love Foundation was given out to a rising freshman this year.  The foundation is also raising money for a new turf field at Notre Dame that will be named after Love.

Click here for more information about the Yeardley Love Foundation.

Comments (19)
  1. jennigirl says:

    God Bless this young girl. Her death was committed by a barbaric animal and I hope that he gets the death penalty if at all possible. Better yet, maybe the judge will allow him to be confined and let the people beat him to death so he knows what her last moments on this earth felt like.

  2. Fed Up says:

    How can we forget this young lady? Every time you turn around she is being shoved down our throats.

    If she had been from a poor neighborhood, she would have been a 1 day story. Because she came from money does not give her death any more importance then anyone else.

    I’m sorry this young lady died, but she is not and will not be the first or last victim of domestic violence. Her death is no more important then the thousands of women and men being beaten today.

    I’m pretty sick of seeing her. Convict him already and let’s move on for crying out loud!

    1. Billiam says:

      Your comments are truly a reflection of how careless people are toward human life. Whether she was poor, rich, white or black (remember Phyllicia Barnes?), the girl’s life was taken from her too soon. I truly hope you never have to experience what this family went through.



    1. Billiam says:

      Please don’t for one second think that it is the family who doesn’t want this punk convicted very soon. It’s the judicial process which chooses to continue a process which should have ceased a long time ago. Don’t put the family’s feelings under a bus just because you feel you’ve heard enough of this girl and the tragedy of losing her life. It wasn’t your family member, and I hope you never have to experience any type of crime like this.

    2. FEED UP! says:

      Bob! They deleted my comment! Can you believe that. I guess not everyone is entitled to their opinion. Such Hypocrites!

      1. FEED UP! says:

        Sorry, that should have been SILLYMAN MICHAELS! Bob, my comment stands the same with you.

  4. Bob says:

    Fed up you are an ass!

    1. Fed Up says:

      Bob, you can kiss mine!

  5. Friend says:

    Your comments are disgusting. Yards was a wonderful person and we miss her and remember her everyday. We are still mourning so please spare those of us who cared about and loved Yeardly your heartless comments. I wish you had had the pleasure to know her– maybe she could have taught you something.

    And one more thing in defense of this inflated stereotype you put on her— Yeardley was VERY involved in community service. She spent her summers volunteering at Camp Umoja for underprivileged children. You obviously know nothing about the person she was or the family she came from so please let us be.

    Miss you, YRL.

  6. FEED UP! says:

    We’ve hear MORE about Yeardley then we ever will about Phylicia Barnes! These two women won’t be the last to hear about. THAT is the sad situation, not someones comments. These types of crimes don’t always happen to women either by the way. Think about that!

    CBS, your sensorship is unconstitutional! If you don’t want to hear what someone has to say, then don’t allow these comments. But, please stop your media coverage of this girl until an actual trial and conviction is underway or decided upon.

  7. FEED UP! says:

    Md. Man Charged After Girlfriend Is Beaten

    Perfect example. Bet we won’t hear anymore about this situation…Case Closed!

  8. Contessa says:

    I am truly sorry that this beautiful young woman was killed. My prayers go out to her family and friends. How difficult this must be to go on after such a brutal attack on someone who only celebrated her life and those around her.

  9. timtom says:

    Tired of this recycled news. Didn’t her parents teach her about abuse? There are sure signs of controlling behavior such as constant texting. Guess Mommy was busy with fund raisers & getting her hair done. Hope this story goes away & all those phony teens with their sob stories in a few years will forget all about her.

  10. Joe Fabiszak essex says:

    Please Yardley pciked the wrong guy and got her ass kicked and killed just like every ghetto lady this side of turners stations. Yard was educated and rich and white the only difference–dog bites man—get over it,….

    Yards killer was hot however–I bet he has some stank jail feet

  11. Blacksare racists says:

    All the posters saying negative things are racists
    Black people are the biggest racists

    If you talk about a white girl and not talking about ghettobtrash they don’t want to hear it
    Most blacks that are abused are crack addicts

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