FREDERICK, Md. (AP) –Heartbreaking discovery. Dozens of malnourished and sick dogs are found inside a Frederick County home. 

Weijia Jiang has more on the conditions inside the Brunswick home.

Neighbors say they never saw a single dog, but they could often smell them. Police say that’s because the animals likely never saw daylight, starting from the moment they were born.

Seven birds and 95 dogs– all infested with fleas, missing chunks of hair and clearly stressed– were removed from a Brunswick home Thursday morning. Police say it was filled with urine and feces.

“Consuming food, drinking water, the feces and urine that would be in the house over a period of time was substantial, and the ammonia smell was extremely strong and the interior was deplorable,” said Harold Domer, Frederick County Animal Control.

An anonymous tip brought Animal Control officers to the East A Street house, where they say a couple lives and was hoarding the animals.

Upon arrival they found one dog dead, and they had to euthanize another because it was in such bad shape.

Veterinarians say most of the dogs are over 5-years-old but have likely never been outside.

“It’s crazy to even think about,” said Kristin Frye, neighbor. “I don’t know how someone can live like that. I don’t know. It’s dangerous. We have children. It’s other animals in the area. ” 

Vets are monitoring the dogs to see if they can be adopted or rescued, but they say that may be difficult  because the animals have never been socialized.

There’s a chance the animals will have to be put down. Police are also investigating whether the house itself is a health risk.

Officer Deborah Norris says many of the animals appear to be suffering from weight loss and skin conditions.

As of Friday, no charges have been filed against the homeowners, but police say that’s likely to change pending the investigation.

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  1. mdmblue says:

    People like this need some good old jail time to wake up!!! If they need company go to volunteer at a senior center, hospital, hospice, SPCA …..and neighbors need to pay more attention to wth is going on around them. Don’t tell me no one smelled anything with 95 dogs in that house!…. come on people WAKE UP !!!! seems someone finally did notice since animal control showed up— there are sickos all around us—ANIMALS HAVE NO ONE TO SPEAK UP FOR THEM —- ADOPT ADOPT ADOPT PLEASE………..

    1. Can't Fix Stupid says:

      mdmblue, I think the article stated no one ever saw the dogs, but could sometimes smell them. Regardless, doesn’t sound good for these poor things. Hoarding is a condition, but 95 is well beyond as far as I’m concerned. I wonder how old the people were who were keeping them?

  2. Sick of stupid says:

    This is truly sad for both the animal and the owner. I can understand loving animals, I do. But I can not understand having so many pets in a home that you are no longer able to enjoy your home or your pets. This is most certainly some sort of medical / mental condition that causes people to think that this is appropriate behavior. It is hard enough in this day and time to be able to afford to take care of one pet properly including all of the vet costs, let alone be able to provide proper care for 95 dogs. I hope that officals are able to find happy homes for all of the animals which were rescued and that the owner of these animals is able to get help for their strange animal addiction.

  3. randomblonde says:

    I agree with both of ya’ll. These animals are just things that are there, they need loving attention and good care. They are your children. Isn’t there a certain limit for having pets in certain counties? It seems as if these people need help to. All animals should be adopted and not breeded. Don’t keep all the pets if you know you aren’t going to care for them. They cost a lot of money and if you can’t afford to keep up with the bills, then don’t have so many animals. People don’t know how to get that through their heads. C’mon people wake up and look at yourselves. R.O.A.R = Reach Out. Act. Respond…keep that in mind.

    1. buddhaman says:

      Hmmmm. Randomblonde….from the atrocious grammar and incoherent sentence structure, your name is very appropriate!

    2. sheriff says:

      Randonblonde, You my dear need spelling & grammar lessons.

      1. randomblonde says:

        honestly i don’t care what you all say…that’s not part of the story..I was just saying what’s on my mind especially since I’m going through a hard time right now.

  4. Lil Rajun Cajun says:

    I think they should be each given 1 year for each dog they hoarded. They have no say on how they are treated. I if you can’t take care of your pets give them to somebody who cares.

  5. karen says:

    Does anyone know of the condition of the birds? Their systems are already fragile
    especially their respiratory system.

  6. JLP45 says:

    The people have to be just plan sick. How to you pursue a life living like that. Probably be easier just to burn the house. The out look for the dogs is bleak. They are suick and never socialized, hope some can make it.By living in this mess convinces me these people were not malicious just very i’ll. Hope they get the help they need.

  7. Angel says:

    Well let it be known to the rest of the World. If this type of sick, foolish, low life, stupid cramp happen and you are caught. Then you will be put down along with the animals you are killing. Why were they there? Did they get lost? Do these sick people go dog hunting? Oh and nobody never knew they had 95 dogs? Right and those living around them is just as guilty and sick knowing something was wrong. I’m sure some of these 95 dogs barked Right! Ok Maryland leaders, what are you really going to do about this sick cramp!!!

  8. Myneca Ojo says:

    This is a heartbreaking story.

  9. Tammy says:

    While I understand being upset with the people who did this, now that the animals have been rescued, let’s not let them die. It is time to motivate and help the animals. Time enough to condemn the people later, the animals need our voices and our help now or they may well be killed.

  10. Kimberly Blackwell says:


  11. RNinBalto says:

    What do you expect? This is Maryland…..& they’ll be allowed to get away with it….just like those stupid twins who set that dog Pheonix on fire.

  12. eicholtz says:

    This story may be too extreme for Animal Planet’s hoarding show. We all have had pets and we all know that a pet can smell up a house if an accident happens. But now multiply that by 95!!! That is INSANE!!! I am 1000% for people that abuse animals to get jail time. But people like this need real mental help. Other criminals that claim the whole “mental” excuse IMO are completely different than this sick people.

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