HALETHORPE, Md. (WJZ) — Placing the blame. Two middle school boys were caught on tape in a violent fight.  It’s a story WJZ first brought you when the video hit the Internet.

Andrea Fujii explains the mother of one of the boys is now facing charges.

A mom was caught on camera encouraging her son to fight another kid.

“Get mad and [expletive] him up,” said Kelly White on the video. 

Now Halethorpe mother Kelly White is in trouble with the law because of a Facebook video that went viral.

“I was scared for my son’s life.  That’s why I did what I did,” White said.

Last week, White told WJZ that her son was being bullied by the other child and she was trying to teach her son a lesson.

“I’m sure that I will face charges on this, but as a parent, I felt that I was protecting my child to stand up to this child,” she said.

Her prediction has now come true.  According to court documents, she now faces multiple charges, including second- degree child abuse and second-degree assault.

“Through our investigation, we determined that this mother’s actions…she did encourage them to fight and it did place both of these boys at risk of physical harm,” said Baltimore County Police Detective Cathy Batton.

“It happened right down there,” said neighbor Mike Bryant.

Neighbors WJZ talked to think the law will teach the mom in this video a lesson.

“She was trying to do the right thing but the wrong way.  Doing it through violence ain’t going to solve it,” Bryant said.

“If she’s going to encourage them to fight, let her do her time,” said neighbor Allen Kane.

“My son stood up to them and I was there and if I do have to face charges on this, then I will because as a parent, I was scared for my son not to stand up for himself,” White said.

If convicted on all charges, White faces the possibility of up to 33 years in prison.

White was not placed under arrest, but she was issued a summons to appear in court.

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  1. sarita miles says:

    i disagree with the charges i think that that mother was right to make her son fight . I don’t who these kids think they are bulling kids around and nothings being done about it.i would have done just what that mother did.

    1. Sandra Perdue says:

      I so agree with you… It is total BS like the other boys mother said my son would never do that (hahaha) …. i would go to court with this mother and stand with her as i know i have had to make my kids do the same thing…. ever noticed that the parents and kids that stand up for what they believe in are the ones that get in all the trouble ….. this country has to keep big brother the hell out of our lives they are starting to get a little to big for their pants ….

      1. Patricia says:

        I have read everything that everyone else had said regarding the women whos son was fighting, there r some that I agree wit and some that I don’t agree wit, but in my opinion! I feel that this mother was definitely within her rights in protecting her son fron the bully that the other child was. I remembered when my daughter was threathen by a bully when she was attending school, during the time her stepfather and myself took her over the girls house so that she could fight her, but she wasn’t home but her mother was, and my husband and I thught that we could talk to her mom to make some sense out of this, we thought that we did at the time, and the very next day of school she picked at my daughter again. At that time my hubby and I went to her school to wait for her our daughter. We never saw that girl., from then on my daughter went to school by herself, but knowing that she had every right to stand up for herself against that bully, therefore; don’t penalize this mom for standing up for her son. She had don’t nothing wrong, but what any other mother would have done. I could see if she put her hands on the child that was bulllying her son but she didn’t. Please take that matter into consideration, and think for a moment: what would u have done.

    2. Patricia says:

      I made a type error. I should have put done where don’t it.

      1. Patricia says:

        I like to make another comment! now days bullys r making some of our children committ sucide, and that is very serious when something of this matter happens. We as parents have to protect our children from such crazyness. Kelly I am wit u 100% me and a lot of other people. Hang in there! and know that God go this, and he will make everything right in ur favor. Don’t think 4 1 moment that u did anything wrong because u didn’t. U did what any other parent would have done.

      2. odoyle rules says:

        Hey Patty,

        Smoke another one! Condoning and promoting violence among our children is wrong…”within her rights in protecting her son” she wasnt protecting him, she put him a violent, harmful situation and he got his butt kicked again “mom, help me, help me mommmm!” I dont care what this kid said on camera, he is gonna continue to get picked on and not prob even worse than before, everyone is gonna wanna whoop on the kid whose mommy told him to fight back and whose mommy is now in trouble for being a moron….this kid has a long road of ahead of him in school, everyone is gonna wanna get a piece of him and say “hey wheres your mom at now pip squeak!”

      3. sheriff says:

        This is about more than bullying. This is a lesson learned in character building & this POS bon bon eating mess is bereft of any. She has a criminal past herself & the police know her by name because she has five or six kids always in trouble. She is a very high risk & a poor role model.

      4. John Davis says:

        I’m with you odoyle. I totally agree that responding with violence to violence is nothing more than an escalation of violence.I do not think that might makes right, it just makes anger. It is wrong on so many levels to encourage children to fight.

      5. Tracey Reitterer says:

        a “type error”…don’t you mean several?..definitely?…fron?…I remembered?…threathen?…thught? And please stop talking ghetto. The word is “with”, not “wit”.

    3. David Everhart says:

      i dont think this woman should be faces charges for what she did. hell all the parent did this back in the 70’s and 80’s now 2011 she could go to prison for 33 years bs

      1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

        B.S. To you also. Two wrongs never make a right. Violence only promotes more violence.

    4. Linda says:

      I remember in the 4th grade, I was a bully. I used to chase a girl home everyday. One day her mother stood in the door and said “not today”. If you don’t get out there and beat her a**, I’m gonna beat yours”. Needless to say, she did and I haven’t been a bully since. Nothing teaches you like experience because my father told us to not start fights and I didn’t listen until that day. The greatest lesson was that we went on to be friends and nobody got seriously hurt. Today bullying goes viral and children really do get hurt. Raising children of my own I am surprised to see how many parents will actually tell you that their child is not a bully and/or don’t care as long as it’s not their child being bullied.

  2. Elizabeth King says:

    Are you kidding? Violence is never the answer. Kids need to learn to solve these things for themselves, for example tell the teacher at school. Or the Mother could have talked to the other childs’ mother. Making your child fight is just as bad as the McDonald’s incident. Grow up and think about things before you speak. We don’t need more kids on the street fighting and killing each other.

    1. Matthew Don Pablo Curtian says:

      No we would rather have the bullies picking on the kids that don’t have mothers of fathers watching they’re backs and have them commit suicide. Yes A great Lesson Liz.

      1. Joan Burr Salzman says:

        The schools don’t take care of the problem–they make it worse. with their so-called — conflict resolution They have the kids talk to each other and after that all the troublemaker’s friends pick on them even more. Does the school watch — no they don’t even with so called help and being against bullying. Even little jerks get behind someone and kick them in the back of leg, step on their heels, jab them and do other things because they can get away with it and make it look like it’s the other person started it.These parents act like their own kids can do no wrong and they allow it to happen even if they are a cop’s kid,teachers kid pastor’s kid or whatever they are. Maybe this parent is a fault because her kid doesn’t like trouble..but schools don’t do much if anything to help. The bully should get charged with assault and battery than and the parent warned about their kid from a judge [if one can found who is just]– that they will be held accountable no matter who they are for their kids bad behavior. The parent should have to go to counseling with the kid and maybe be fined if they don’t get help to put a stop to it..This help should be charged according to wages if they have little money than free.

      2. Nicole Channell says:

        i Agree !!!!

  3. concerned parent says:

    Its completely different to encourage your kid to stand up for themselves then to tell them to fight. Encouraging your child to fight is wrong and she should get punished for it. She should learn to make better decisions and to teach her child a different way to stand up for himself. What she did was wrong and any parent who watches this video would agree. Ive had friends who arent parents watch this video and think that what she did was wrong. There are different ways to handle bullys but telling your child to beat up the bully and then watch him get beat up and listen to him crying for you is not the way to do. I cant believe that this boy said that they bullying has stopped cause i would honestly think that all of this would have made it worse!

    1. Sandra Perdue says:

      it is never wrong to teach you child to fight for them selves…. maybe you would think and feel different if it were your child …. and when the parents around always say “not my child” “he or she would never do a thing like that” GROW UP

      1. Williejoe says:

        She’s a White N****ER!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Um, if you read through this article carefully, there is a heck of a typo in it. I point to the sentence that say “It’s the mother that needs to be taught a WEAPON!! at least I am hoping it was a typo. . .

    1. aprice96 says:

      Yeah, like who is WHITE? I thought her name was Wilson…Look at the last 2 sentences

    2. Nicole Channell says:


  5. Mikeyswifey09 says:

    Well I have had the same problem with bullies in my son’s life and I have gone to the school and the school has done NOTHING!!! I would have done the same thing this mother did because it is important to teach your child to protect themselves “even if they have to fight”, its a part of growing up. I also believe that if this mother is going to be charged then so should the bullies mother for allowing her son to be a bully, oh yeah, by the way, where was she when all this was going on? What’s crazy is that you can get put in jail if your kid doesn’t go to school and you should be put in jail if you allow your kid to be a bully. These bullies MUST be taught a lesson….

    1. Joan Burr Salzman says:


      1. Joan Burr Salzman says:

        Addition: If she causes trouble herself maybe that’s the reason for the harsh sentence’

  6. Kim Nickerson says:

    I think the charges are ridiculous. As are the people saying violence isn’t the answer. How many fights have you been in as a kid?! People need to stop being so passive also. Maybe she should have went to the bullying child’s mother first but realistically that may not have accomplished anything either. And the boy is not “crying” for his mom. He’s calling for her, there’s a difference. When your child is afraid to do something they call out for you but as a parent we know they’re going to be ok so we tell them to keep going. That’s all she was doing. To all you people who live in a perfect little bubble maybe it’s time someone pop it so you can live in reality world with the rest of us!

  7. landsdowne trash says:

    Kim your nuts and shouldnt be allowed to have kids!!!

    White is typical landsdowne trash!!!! This is the reason i moved out of that neighborhood, i use to live next door to her….she is one crazy B and lets her kids run wild…the police are at her house all the time, all the other neighbors cant stand her, she’s also a homewrecker, i think all 6 of her kids are b@st@d children…no surprise there!!! She has been locked up several times for CDS possesion, thefts, driving suspended, etc…..their house is a dump…im sure if her kid was getting picked on he deserved it and she prob didnt try to talk the other kids parents because she knows they all cant stand her and would prob whoop her @$$ too!!!

    1. babbs says:

      first off its lansdowne not landsdowne .. also she has 5 children not six ,, and what does her alleged criminal past have to do with this.. why is it okay for her son to get bullied . she taught him to stick up for himself. if the bullying continued anything could of happened , he would of been really beat up bad or maybe suicide , which weve seen many times before with bully victims ,, its time to take a stand against the bullys…

    2. Nicole Channell says:

      no he didnt deserve it ur a stupid B and shouldent be allowed to have kids!!!!

  8. Ex-Baltimore says:

    She’ll be alright. The prosecuter is doing this just to appear tough on crime and to scare her and the rest of us not to fight. I had similar charges filed against me when I got into a fist fight with a 15-year bloods gang leader who kept harrassing me and my neighbor. I got a summons from the police on my door that I was facing 2nd degree assault charges. I was not arrested and the charges were dropped against me three weeks later when eye witness accounts verified my account that I was attacked and I needed to use violence to fight him off.

    1. black ice says:

      wow your type is the main reason blood and death is controlling the violence acts on the street.

      ex-Baltimore the armed forces need more front line boys like you to be send over to the middle east. so that real strong men that stand for honor, respect and justice can be sent back home to be strong men and give their kids decent morals and show them how to correctly respect people and all laws.

      1. we got him says:

        good post, blackey, i agree! we need to put ex-baltimore, Sarita, Sandra Poopue, Patricia, Mikesdeadbeatwife, Kim (moron) and Brian all on the front lines, and bring back home real american parents who represent morals and whats right….not this ghetto baltimore trash thats on here promoting violence and fighting among their children, hey idiots, if you want your kid to be so tough, promote gang affiliation, or even better send your kid to school packing a glock in his lunchbox so if anyone gives him any lip, he can just fire off a couple of rounds and give billy bully a dirt nap, that’ll teach him not to mess with your kid, Patricia, what’d ya think Kim? How about you Brian, sound like a good idea? you all make me sick and represent whats wrong with this country!!!

  9. 5-0 says:

    to Ex….your situation is totally different, this idiot contributed to the delinquency of a minor and is a horrible roll model for her kids, actually her name and role model shouldnt even be used in the same sentence, people like her shouldnt even be allowed to have kids…its one thing to teach your kids to stand up for themselves, its another thing to instigate a neighborhood fight and stand by hollering like a ghetto cheerleader using profanity like your a 14 year old punk…what type of example does that set? i hope this idiot gets a couple days in jail, that will send a message to her and to her kids about right and wrong….to those of you that think she was right, your all as nuts as she is…

  10. Brian says:

    This is so pathetic.
    When a parent coaches her kid to fight back she end up in court.
    America what a pathetic country this has become.
    you have a Baltimore city where the brothers are freely pedaling drugs freely and shooting each other and MD takes charges this woman which could put her in the slammer for up to 30 yrs.
    Come on lets sort real crime out and sweep petty issue’s like this under the carpet.
    Is ther a good lawyer out there that has the balls take up this case for the sake of common sence and justice

  11. Praying for these kids. says:

    I have to disagree. That child did not deserve to get beat up. He is a good kid and has a good heart. It’s not his fault he got the mother he did. And Yes all 6 of her kids are from different fathers. She has at least one very young child. My heart goes out to these kids. I know them personally from when they lived on the Eastern shore. I didn’t know the mother well but those boys were just trying to survive the life they have been given. If you pray, please pray for these children.

  12. usamama says:

    Ok, sooo…..we let this kid get bullied because his mom makes different life choices from us? That really has nothing to do with the fact that a bully continually bothered her son even after the school was notified and finally he followed him home! Yes, violence is not the answer, but not everyone (the bully)has this policy. How far should we take this…should we let other countries bully us? Really? We need answers to this problem, but it has been around since the beginning of time, so, good luck with that one. Thank you to the other patriots here too. God Bless this country!

  13. Amy smith says:

    Regardless if the mom is dirtbag or not, it’s not the kids fault! I think it was sad how the poor kid was crying for help and the mom did nothing. How can u stand there and listen to your kids cry for help. Bullying Is wrong and there is not excuse for it. I understand mom wanted to help and wanted it to stop by come on lady. What if that bully had a knife and stabbed your son while u forced him to fight? Then what?!????

  14. Missy Galich Brown says:

    Bullying has to stop somewhere. Was her kid supposed to just continue to be bullied or learn to stand up for himself so people would leave him alone? My daughter was a victim of bullying in school and I made her fight back. Even if she would have gotten her butt kicked, at least the bullies would have known she wasn’t going to take it anymore. After she kicked the bullies butt, they left her alone. Before I took that route, I went to the school and to the bullies parents repeatedly and nobody was doing anything to help, so we had to take the self defense route.

    1. Sabrina Radcliff says:

      i definently agree with you there. You go to school to their parents if nothing else is done then you take it into your own hands. i moved from the city to the county this past year i never had any problems in city school. Moved to dundalk my sons in third grade. I started to think my son was going threw a change. But realy all it was . Was kids he didnt get along with he had to fight three boys after school one day and had never been in a fight before all this. He beat all the kids up. I let the school know about the prob. my son and all the kids was worte up. Ridicoulous. The vice principal at charlesmount elem. told me my son had plenty of chances to get up and run home or back to school. Thats when i knew it wasnt my son. No child should have to run to or from school .

  15. j says:

    I wouldn’t have done what she did but I would have sent my child for karate lessons. There have always been bullies but not like the violence of today’s bullies. And of course the parents don’t believe their child could do anything wrong!

  16. whatnow says:

    Isn’t the bully being charged with anything?

  17. carol b says:

    I think this mother was right. I bet the kids doing the bullying were shocked when the mother made her son step up. My son was bullied by a boy year after year. The boy taunted my son in middle school for having tourettes syndrome. The boy followed my son from the bus as I waited for my son on the front porch. The boy laughed and said your mother wont do anything and let you fight. Then one day I told my son to kick his butt and not come in until he did. My son did not actually get into a fight with the boy because the boy then ran. He got his parents who came over to my house making an ass of themselves. When I explained what their son had been doing I did not have to worry about my son kicking his butt. His parents beat his ass all the way home. He never ever picked on my son again. My son just stood up to him and told him he would not take it anymore. I am supportive of this mother.

    1. this guy says:

      trailer park!

  18. tanya says:

    I always tell my kid never start a fight but if someone hits you, do what you have to do to defend yourself. She is absolutely correct in having her child fight back and I would have done the same thing. Jail time are they serious??? She did nothing but speak her mind!
    All you people saying she deserves to get locked up,,,i bet you would feel different if it was your kids being attacked!

    1. carol b says:

      I agree with you tanya

    2. sabrina lumpkin says:

      I definetly agree with what your saying tanya. I guess where i disagree is when her son was begging for her to help him . That was it! You win some you loose some.

  19. johnsonj3 says:

    I guess for all of you who have talk so negtive about this women and her pass, think that it okay for her son to have been bully and, chase to his front door. If you have been reading the papers this has happen not to long ago to another young man who is dead for the same thing. The parents of the bully must be bully themselfs. I just want everyone who has a chlild or children that come home everyday crying because they have been bully to really take time to get to the root of this problem. the system failed this mother and her son. I would have done the same thing if it was my child.

  20. Susan says:

    Sometimes the only way to stop a bully is with a show of force. I don’t agree with Kelly’s ranting and raving like that, but her son did say that the boys don’t harass him anymore. Apparently one of the moms called WJZ to say her kid isn’t a bully? I’d like to see her interviewed, and I’d like to see a copy of all the boys’ Discipline Tracker records from school.

  21. JOJO DANCER says:

    Go after real criminals and real crime,

  22. JOJO DANCER says:

    Wwasting our taxes money on this sh1t is ridiculous. Go after real criminals and real crime. To all of you self-righteous people out there, this mom was right. You sit back in your gated community, look down your nose, and judge other people. If this bully had come to your neighbor bully your child, you would be out with sign protesting. However, you do not have to worry about that because the police patrol your area to keep out what you call undesirables. The mom was right in her action, had she gone to the authority what do think would have happen, nothing. In addition, for you hypocrites attacking her and her children personally may God have mercy on your soul.

    1. sheriff says:

      Real crime starts with the little things like disrespect, trash in the streets, graffiti, truancy & graduates to the drugs, burglaries & murders.

  23. tylerjake says:

    I thought this picture of her was “Divine” from the original Hairspray movie!

    1. sheriff says:

      She could be mistaken for a ” Heffer Bull” at an Iowa state fair…..Winner of the Big Blue Ribbon Porker”

      1. porky pig says:

        ha ha good $hit sheriff, she is definitely a battle cow!!!

  24. Cathy says:

    I don’t know how a mother could hear her son asking for help and not break the fight up. If you want to teach a Bully a lesson, call the police and file charges. Also, if it’s a neighborhood kid maybe the mother should have made a visit to his house to speak with the parents.

  25. Billiam says:

    To all of you who think it’s okay for her to allow her kid and tell him to keep fighting — suppose this other punk would have grabbed his head and drilled it into the pavement once or twice, which might have severely injured him, or even worse killed him. Then what? There is no reason whatsoever she should have told him to keep fighting. Apparently, she is no model citizen or mother at this point in her life. While I don’t agree she should be prosecuted for 33 years, maybe social services needs to step in and see what’s going on behind closed doors; better yet, I wonder how much she gets in welfare each month?

  26. stopbullying says:

    unless your in the situation you have no right to judge anyone…. right or wrong , 33 years is crazy… bullying should be made a criminal charge . and schools and parents should be made aware of it..

    where is the other mother , she needs to have an interview to see her side of the story……

  27. MIJAXN says:

    What is the difference in this mother encouraging her child to protect himself and a mother screaming from the sideline of any sporting event to her child to “to crush ” the old guy? Organization? If the situation were in a boxing arena and she voiced the same words would she still be up on charges. 33 years?! How many times do you read about a real criminal getting,possibly, that much time for a first offense. The law is not fair. How do you think this makes her son feel about his actions? I pray that she is finds favor with GOD. I pray for them all.

  28. Linda says:

    At what point do we tell our children to defend themselves? When he/she is killed by the bully? This woman did all that she could and the little child continued to chase her son home. The worse of all was his mother saying her son was no bully. What was he chasing the boy home everyday for? A dance? The school and the other child’s mother should be held just as responsible. A psychologist maintains that the parents should get together and talk. What’s the point if the lady says not my child?

  29. sarita miles says:

    this is for who ever and we got him you’ll are the idiots cuz if it was your kid you’ll would have done the samething so stop talking yhat bs cuz you’ll are not goin throught it take a look yourself before you call someone trash it takes trash to know trash trash!!!!!!!!! And i stand by my words the mother was right to do what she did!!!!!!!!

    1. WV says:

      sarita, your trash and prob related to this white n***er!!!! You prob dont even have kids and if you do, you prob had them with your brother, freaking inbred, go back to west virginia, mutant!!!

  30. Gina says:

    Wow!! I am still in shock over this video.. First of all, how could a mother allow her child to fight? and then he is begging for help and she would not even help him. The language this woman used was unacceptable around young children. I live in Georgia and I can tell you right now, that she would be in jail for what she did!!!! She put these children in harms way, what would have happened if that child would have stopped breathing? or ended up having to have stitches when he hit the concrete? I have seen some horrilble things but this is one of the worst cases of Bullying I have ever seen and the mother is the one to blame as well as the school for not stepping in, and don’t tell me that the school did not know? unless they just turned the other way!! I hope the police take this seriously and I hope this woman does time in jail…. there is NO EXCUSE for what she has done….

  31. A Better way says:

    I understand what she is trying to do….but if we all did that what kinda of message are we giving our kids…..violence brings on more violence…its not
    morally right to make your kid’s fight. If someone had gotten killed (it could happen) she would be going to jail for Manslaughter and burying her kid or the other kid. The son has to be the one who decides to fight..NOT the MOM! She cant be there every time he gets picked on ….He needs to learn self defence and when is the right time and place to fight. I feel for the Mom but she is wrong in this situation

  32. sarita miles says:

    this is for W you know im not related to her im u half sister oh and
    by the way ur mother was in on it to ur mother enjoyed that threesome with your dad my mother and here i am thanks to ur mom and dad u mixed up tramp. Oh by the way tell ur mother she was not good last night!!!!!!! You mixed up trashe tramp!!!!!!

  33. sheriff says:

    I got two words for this Lard A$$, “Salad Bar”.

    1. Alison says:

      People like you are the root of the problem here. This is a story about bullying and here you are making fun of someone whom you find different! Its a tragedy that our world has come to this.

      1. coddling says:

        Alison, i disagree, sheriff tells it how it is and sometimes people need to hear the truth even if it hurts, no hand holding here, we are big boys and girls on the wjz site so get use to it or go check out disney.com!

  34. Heidi McGahan says:

    I would rather see two boys have a one on one old-fashion fist fight, than have the student, who was bullied, return one day with a weapon. Perhaps the mother could have handled it a little better and without so much profanity, but we are always so eager giving advice after-the -fact. Where was all this advice before it even got so far???

  35. Alison says:

    Kelly is my cousin and as much as i feel fighting should not be the answer I think she was just telling him to stand up for himself. I know how she was trying to help him the only way she knew how. I was bullied as a child to the brink of suicide and nothing was ever done to the kids who did it. Its sad in our society if a child is bullying another child there is no consequence; but don’t fight back or you will face harsh consequences. These kinds of stories are sad and maybe as a society we will take them as a wake up call that something needs to be done to the bullies; not punishing their victims.

  36. rachael says:

    It’s not the child’s fault. I work at a school they previously attended, they all have good hearts, may act up at times but if you lived the life they’ve been dealt you’d be more understanding. I’ve never met the mother so i can’t say how she is personally but my opinion is that all the children would be better off in foster homes. If you pray, say a prayer for these children, they are the ones that need it most, they didn’t ask to be born and to have her as a mother.

  37. ALL TO FAMILIAR says:

    I think everyone is missing the point….Her son was bullied but NOT by the neighbor it was by HIS MOTHER. To all of those people that think he should stand up for himself to a bully…what is your answer when the bully is the mother? I personally know this family and pray that these children will be removed from this house. This mother has done this before to other kids just walking by her house. She CLAIMS bullying because she knows that’s the best story. While i do not know the child who is being accused of bullying, while he is probably not perfect…neither is her son. This family is taught violence…encouraged to be violent…and unfortuntaley know how to play the system all to well. I was a neighbor of theirs for many months and can say that these children could have been good kids, they have good hearts…but after living in that awful house with a bully for a mother, all I can do is pray for them and hope that the cycle will end. There is no easy answer to bullying…BUT again the point is completely missed…she is the bully and to that i have an answer, jail time and foster care for the children. CASE CLOSED…

  38. C says:

    I believe that this bullying problem has gotten out of control. My son is a middle schooler who was bullied by a student and nothing was done by the school or the parent. I finally had enough and had the other student arrested and charged at the age of 13. That family has now switched schools and move out of the community. I did not provoke my son to fight but I did prevent it from being a constant problem. Something needs to be done!!!

  39. Kim says:

    This sick woman forced her son into a fight that he couldn’t win. The other child was much heavier than him. Her son was getting his a$$ kicked and she did nothing but stand there and yell at him to fight. Even when he was pleading with her to help him. She goaded this bully into attacking her son and then did NOTHING. I understand wanting your child to stand up to a bully but he wasn’t standing up to him. She argued with the bully and told him to kick her son’s a$$. Awful woman. She deserves prison.

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