BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Another investment in downtown Baltimore. The Cordish Company is re-launching Power Plant Live!

Pat Warren has more on what this means for the city and its residents.

You want Power Plant Live! in Baltimore to rock? You’ve got to jazz it up. That’s the Cordish Company philosophy, and the mayor isn’t the only one glad to hear it.

It’s music to the ears of Monica, Karen and Rose who work there every day.

“We’ve been working in that building 25 years and it’s nice to see a change,” said Monica.

“It’s Cordish that’s coming in and doing all the work, and it’s nice. I hope that it’ll turn out to be a nice draw for a lot of tourists that are coming around and will be here,” said Karen.

“It’s very, very nice, big upgrade,” said Rose. “It’s beautiful.”

The enclave of attractions near Pratt and President is considered an all-age group good time.

“Yeah, pretty much. We’re just coming in for a field trip,” said a young student.

The same can be said for the adults.

“At night it’s like a really lively, young crowd, I used to come here a lot then I got married,” said one patron.

Younger, older, married, single at work and at play, the Cordish Company has planned a month-long series of events, free concerts and celebrations to make this the city’s premier restaurant and entertainment district.

“You know the mayor’s father once said to me, and this could be her campaign motto: If you’re not moving forward you’re moving backwards. That’s what we’re doing here. We had a successful project but if it’s not moving forward, it’s not good,” said David Cordish.

Cordish hopes the new launch is just the incentive people to get people like Asad Rahme to visit more often.

“I don’t get to come here as often as I’d like to, but it’s good, it’s a good area,” said Rahme.

With $35 million in annual sales, a tax base of $28 million, it’s a potentially enriching area for Baltimore.

The new events begin in late May.


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