BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Schools have long offered chocolate milk along with regular during lunch.   But now some school districts nationwide are banning chocolate milk.

Gigi Barnett explains that schools say getting rid of it could reduce sugar, calories and possibly childhood obesity.

For some children the best part of the school day is lunch. Right next to the pizza, peas and rice is the chocolate milk. But now school districts nationwide are getting rid of the chocolate in milk.

The problem schools say: chocolate milk is loaded with sugar.

“We don’t want to sprinkle sugar over the entire meal,” said one official. “Why would we dump it in our milk?”

So Matt Hornbeck pulled chocolate and strawberry-flavored milk from the shelves at Hampstead Hills Academy back in October. He is the principal there.

That decision put him in a league with several school districts in California, Colorado and Washington that are doing the same—all in the name of reducing childhood obesity.

“Milk does not need added sugar,” said Hornbeck, Hampstead Hills Academy principal. “We’re happy and the kids are happy without it.”

Eight ounces of non-flavored milk has about 14 grams of sugar. The same amount of chocolate milk has 20 grams of sugar. But it’s seven grams shy of the of the sugar in an eight-ounce glass of soda.

“You’re not getting the calcium, vitamin D and protein in soda like you are the flavored milks,” said Alison Massey, a dietician at St. Joseph Medical Center.

Massey says even with the added sugar, there’s still some nutritional value in chocolate milk that students won’t get if they’re only offered white milk.

“When you think about the importance of calcium, especially during that period in life as far as strong bones and teeth, I think it’s important to get their calcium in, and other high-calcium foods are things kids might not eat.”

Experts say more than 70 percent of the milk consumed in school is flavored.

Comments (14)
  1. JackDaniels says:


  2. jamie gumm says:

    omg ppl really! what are yu gunna take next??? how about pencils cuz they can cause long term callouses!!!!!! my god were supposed to be land of the free, wut a joke!! go ahead n ban it i’ll just send it along with my kids!!!

    1. Jon says:

      Good idea. That way you can poison your child without harming mine.

  3. MikeW says:

    The Gestapo strikes again !!!!!

    1. overregulated says:

      Gestapo, thy new name is liberal

  4. Dana says:

    When I was a kid I regularly had to drink chocolate milk because I had trouble digesting regular milk. The sugar made it easier for me to digest, believe it or not. I’d rather the kids have a choice of flavored milks. Take them away and they might turn more to sodas

  5. pigeon says:

    This is just absolutely asinine. If it wasn’t for chocolate milk my granddaughter wouldn’t drink any milk! Band the chocolate milk and let the kids get rickets and other kinds of bone diseases.
    How much longer before they stop selling any kind of food that may possibly have salt or sugar in them? What about all the artificial additives they put in food nowadays.
    It’s high time people need to stand up and be heard. Pretty soon they aren’t going to let children have anything to drink above skin milk – YUCK! And how much longer before they take away your child’s homepacked lunches and throw away what THEY don’t think YOUR child should eat? When is it going to stop?!

  6. Jess says:

    Why don’t we first take away the mozzarella sticks, nachos with cheese, and bags and bags of chips that the children buy instead of a regular meal before we take away the flavored milk.

  7. momof2 says:

    How about getting them out to exercise more? Even a 15 minute walk twice a day improves focus and burns calories. 6 grams of sugar? Really? How about the 400 calories in the gravy?

  8. Twinsmoim says:

    Take away the flavored milk (possibly the ONLY milk they drink all day), but continue to serve a meal of baked pasta, french fries, a roll, and pasta salad on the side. Really! 6 grams of sugar in the milk vs. HOW many carbohydrates on the tray?

  9. whatnow says:

    We had chocolate milk in school back in the 60’s before there was such a thing as childhood obesity. Does anyone who has a public office have any common sense at all??????

  10. Anna says:

    I grew up on all this i’m fine poor kids these days if they don’t get it in school they get it at home so ban it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Peter Leighton says:

    Stop the debate! There is a solution to this “chocolate milk dilemma”. A new healthy chocolate milk mix by MojoMilk ( has 60% fewer calories and also delivers 10x more active probiotics than yogurt. This stick pack of powdered mix can be added to plain milk and everyone’s happy….delicious and healthy chocolate milk!

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