BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore police have identified a woman found dead under the Jones Falls Expressway last week as the wife of an Annapolis church leader.

Officers were called to the 1800-block of Union Avenue on Friday, where they found the body of Emma Eileen Baltimore, 66, of Pasadena partially submerged in the Jones Falls. There were no obvious signs of trauma to her body.

Baltimore was the wife of Wilbert L. Baltimore, a senior bishop with the King’s Apostle Holiness Church of God and Anne Arundel County school system administrator.

Police say Baltimore was reported missing on May 4 and her vehicle was found two miles away.

Relatives told police that she suffered from mental problems and had spent time in a Baltimore-area facility. Police are still investigating.

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  1. VWGirl says:

    mental illness would have been a better way of saying it. Poor lady. R.I.P.

  2. PMM says:

    Eileen was a kind, generous woman who deeply loved and served the Lord. Her grace and dignity was an inspiration to everyone she came into contact with. Reporting the fact that she had “mental problems” was insensitive on your part and should not color the terrible tragedy that occured.

    1. lynn says:

      Stop tripping. Saying she had mental illness is not a slight. That’s the problem…people stigmatizing this condition. It takes nothing away from anyone.

  3. Love & Missing YOU MOTHER BALTIMORE says:

    Mother Baltimore will be Missed.She was a True woman of GOD.Illness or no illness she knew her WORD.She knew her WORD(THE WORD OF GOD)better than those without an illness.That is one of her qualities that INSPIRIED Me about Her.Through the illness and all that WORD of GOD wasn’t LOST.I’ll miss Her HUGS and kind words.One of the last things she said to my mom was “I’m glad to see you”,with a HUG.To Bishop,The Baltimore Sister’s(The GREATEST Sister Trio GOSPEL SANGERZ………..cause they can SING:) and The Baltimore Family May The LORD be with You All during this time in your lives and Love you!!
    R.Russell & The Russell Family

  4. SadHatter says:

    I went today to pay my respects to Lady E. Eileen Baltimore. I am completely saddened and have been for days. May I preface them by saying I do not know her or any of her family. I heard about this story like most. My reasons Id like to get off my chest. #1. Why was something as personal as her mental health prognosis and mental health facility published AT ALL! #2. Why isnt anyone actively responsive to any furthering investigation regardless off the “no evidence of foul play” I also dont like that mental illness and death are synonomous with “suicide” (which is the under tone of most press). I will stop there. I only hope that people who hear of this woman, Emma Eileen Herbert Baltimore dont just see her as a name… But a human being, who derserves as much dignity in her death as jn her life.

  5. mailman says:

    Huh??? This sounds exactly like foul play. 2miles from her Car? Sweet Ole Lady just walks off and never seen again… Found partially submerged with no trauma… Sounds like they should definitely keep INVESTIGATING

  6. Dr. P.C. says:

    My heart is broken after learning the tragedy of Mother Eileen Baltimore, I had the pleasure of meeting her and was once a member of HTC. She was a kindhearted person and very sincere. I even had the pleasure of hearing her preach the Word of God. She always sat on the front row interceding for whomever preached. I honestly believe that she would never leave her car two miles away and take a walk, sounds like foul play….I hope the police investigate further to find out what her last days were like. Mother Baltimore was youthful but I find it hard to believe that she would walk two miles away from her vehicle. I pray that the police is able to provide answers to the Baltimore and Herbert family in regards to her last hours so they can have closure…. my prayers are with the family as they go through these hours of sadness and grief of losing a special person.

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