The pleasant weather pattern will continue for a couple more days, but it is most definitely living “on borrowed time.” While there are some high, thin clouds around early this morning, we expect these will ultimately yield to sunshine. Most temperatures will reach the mid-70s (except at the Shore once again). The same ridge of high pressure that has been providing the Baltimore area with nice weather for the past four days will maintain its strength long enough to keep the rest of the work week dry.

But the pattern we’re currently experiencing is expected to undergo a complete reversal, and we may not only be looking at clouds, occasional showers and a thunderstorm or two this weekend, but also during the first half of next week as well. The blocking pattern that has featured a high pressure system wedged in between a storm out over the Atlantic and numerous showers and thunderstorms in the Midwest is going to break down. This will pave the way for an upper-level low pressure system to drift to the east. And, while neither Saturday nor Sunday is looking like “a complete wash-out” at this juncture, you cannot deny that there are some changes afoot — and it can’t stay this way forever!

We lowered the temperature for tomorrow (Friday) by a couple of degrees because clouds are going to become more prevalent during the later stages of the afternoon, and the models are actually suggesting that the temperature may be a little lower.

Over the weekend, most temperatures should wind up in the lower and middle-70s. The intensity and duration of shower activity playing a huge role in determining the exact numbers.

Have a good day !!!


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