BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Someone stole a piece of Baltimore baseball history.

Weijia Jiang reports police hope fingerprints will lead them to a suspect.

The Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards is missing a piece of Baltimore baseball history after a brazen theft.

“We have had an amateur baseball championship ring stolen from one of our cases,” said Mike Gibbons, Sports Legends Museum.

The gold ring has a sapphire in the middle.  It belonged to Orioles scout Walter Youse, born and raised in Charm City.  He’s known to many as the Babe Ruth of amateur baseball.  He coached the nationally known Johnny’s and the Leone’s.

“So when someone takes something that belonged to Walter, it’s a dreadful thing.  It’s terrible.  It’s not acceptable and we want the ring back,” Gibbons said.

Staff members don’t know what time the ring was stolen, but they say it was during operating hours.  Video surveillance shows no one was there when the museum was closed and there are no signs of a break-in.

Police were able to lift fingerprints from the case that was somehow opened on May 4.  Curators believe the thief was going for the gold, but fans say the ring is priceless and they want it back, too.

“I think it’s more the sentiment, what it means to the city.  The value of the ring itself is the last thing you’re worried about,” said Safet Hatic.

“You’re stealing the memory from people who love those who retire and want to remember what they are and what they did,” said Victor Hazel.

“It belongs to the people; they should bring it back.  They should feel guilty about what they did,” said Priscilla Taylor.

Police continue to investigate.  This is the third theft from the museum in three decades.  The other two items– baseball and a trophy—were ultimately returned.

The ring was on loan from Youse’s Maryland-based family, who have yet to speak out about the theft.

  1. Commenter Jenn says:

    The word priceless comes to mind.But on the other hand! THE PRICE OF GOLD SKY ROCKETED they will sell the gold NOT REALIZING THEIR NAME ADDRESS AND SOME PLACES TAKE PHOTOS! DummyDummyDummy Police are linked through data base for precious metal/pawn YOU WILL BE CAUGHT IF YOU SELL THAT TO A SHOP ANYWHERE IN MARYLAND JUST GIVE IT BACK!

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