Md. Woman Takes Center Stage During President’s Town Hall Meeting

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CROFTON, Md. (WJZ) — A Maryland woman took center stage at the CBS town hall meeting with President Barack Obama. 

Jessica Kartalija has more.

In a discussion about the state of the economy, he paid extra attention to her story.

At a town hall hosted by CBS News, Karen Gallo of Crofton came forward to tell her story.  She’s seven months pregnant and just lost her government job.

“I’m scared about what my future holds.  What would you do if you were me?” Gallo said.

The president answered that the government needs to figure out a way to control the deficit without cutting jobs.

“I think the feeling on the part of some folks on the other side of the aisle is that we want to just cut and cut and cut and that somehow is going to create economic growth,” Obama said.

“My question was important and I wanted him to care so I felt like he really to an interest in what I was saying,” Gallo said.

She worked at the National Zoo until just recently when she and several co-workers were laid off.  The president said he would personally follow up with Gallo.

“It makes me feel important, that he is among the people and listening to my plight and he wants to help me,” she said.

The president predicted it will take several years for the economy to fully recover but said when it happens, the country will be stronger than ever.

Obama urged more companies to make an investment in America and hire more local workers.

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