By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Digging deeper into your wallet to drive on Maryland’s toll roads.  The state is talking about raising the tolls on highways, tunnels and bridges.

Mike Schuh shows us how much higher those tolls could go.

For years, the state has put off raising these tolls, but now they need to raise money quickly or it will cost them much more money to borrow money.

For the Harbor crossings, the bump is $1 this year and $1 two years from now.  For the Bay Bridge, it will triple from $2.50 to $5 and then $8.  On I-95 in Cecil County, it will go from $5 to $6 and then $8.

“Everybody’s hard on money right now,” said Heather McDonald.

But regular motorists aren’t the only one who don’t like these increases.  State Senator E.J. Pipkin has many objections.

“The scope of the increase, 300 percent increase, name one working family in Maryland who’s seen a 300 percent increase in their income,” Pipkin said.

“It’s very difficult.  There’s never a good time to do something like this,” said Beverly Swain-Staley, Maryland Transportation Secretary. “Unfortunately, like much of the infrastructure in our country, though, it’s getting to that age…and now is the time when it needs major rehab.  Unfortunately, now is the time that we need to pay for it.”

Commuter fares are also going up, but they will get a discount.

The Toll Authority will hold hearings next month so you can weigh in on the toll hike.

Comments (49)
  1. williejoe says:

    A large part of these hikes will go to offset the boondoggle I.C.connector route & the silly express lanes taking you from the tunnel to the beltway & then slam your a$$ like a sardine can onto I-95. Another large portion that people on fixed income & poverty jobs will have to bear the burden are those that have to use these facilities every day. Why should I have to pay for a Lexus lane when I can’t afford it or don’t qualify but pay when I fill my tank. This is just another example of class warfare & head up their a$$ legislators who get free rides all the time.

    1. Herman Glimsher says:


      1. Jonathan Chiles says:

        The ICC will be a toll road as well. I don’t know if you knew this. Additionally, if you have ever driven on Rt 270 towards the beltway, then East bound along the beltway you would see the need for it. The ICC will allow customers to travel from 270 to 95 with less congestion. As well as reducing the congestion on 495 at the 270 corridor. Additionally it was Gov. Ehrlich who started gaining momentum for the project.
        I am interesting in finding out how they will charge people who don’t own an EZ-pass, since the ICC is Maryland’s first all-electronic toll road where tolls will be collected using E-ZPass.



  3. No More increases says:

    Yep, TAX Marylanders yet more, while our pay stays the same. A toll, a fee, call it what you want it is a TAX. Maybe instead of charging fees, the property tax should be increased a little to spread out the cost of Maryland to all who live here.

    Here is a list of some discriminatory “fees”. Tollls only effect drivers on certain roadways. The State MedEvac fee on your vehicle renewal, how many children are flown to JHU, or gunshot victims are flown to RAC STC in Baltimore, how may burn victims are flown to JH Bayview. Bottle tax in Baltimore City. The alcohol tax only taxes drinkers of alcohol.

    My point is, that if Marylanders unite, we can force governmet to do away with petty fees and tax increases which only target certain residents. The government needs to calculate the total revenue from all fees and taxes (excluding sales and property) and find out how much it would benefit Marylanders to have a slight increase in property tax to raise the same amount of revenue. By increasing the number of people you are collecting from you decrease the amount collected per person, simple math.

    Oh, and government needs to do away with overspendind.

    Here is an idea, no one in the US should file there tax return next year. They cant jail all of us, cant investigate all of us, and they would have to drasticly cut spending.

  4. charlie says:

    Lets do away with their police department and save millions….Let the state police patrol the roads. You go thru the bay bridge toll and they are standing behind the toll booths looking for seat belt violations or sitting at each side of the bridge with radar…Everyone knows to slow down at the beginning and at the end and drive like lunatics on the bridge where no one is watching ……what a joke !!

  5. Tyler says:

    Adjusting for inflation over the years, the $2.75 toll in 1975 was a lot more expensive than the $2.75 of today.

  6. jc says:

    Why don’t we charge all the trailers with Maine Tags the extra toll to make up for the lost tag money

    1. Daniel McCreary says:

      Those trailers are legally tagged in Maine and were legally registered there to avoid the excessive regulation involved in tagging a trailer in Maryland. It’s an example of what smart businesses/people do when a state overtaxes and overregulates an industry. Don’t punish them for using the law to their advantage. Lean on your lawmakers to ease taxation and regulation.

  7. CarmanK says:

    We all know that it takes money to build, operate and maintain facilities. For far too long we have let many of the needed infrastructure deteriorate to where it has become dangerous to drive. Many of the tolls are paid by visitors to the area. Raising property taxes to pay for highways is not sharing the burden.Raising tolls is also far better solution than selling our highways etc.. to foreign corporations like some states are doing that are led by republican governors. We chose to live in the burbs, we chose to build the bridge to eastern shore, we chose to build the tunnels to advance commerce. therefore we benefit, we pay.

    1. overtaxed says:

      All of those things are reasonable, but you have a serious gap as it concerns why the transportaion fund is depleted.

      What you are brushing aside is that we have been paying tolls and fuel taxes that should go directly to maintenence of the roads, bridges and other infrastrure and not STOLEN from that fund and placed in the general fund.

      We need to somehow hold these thieves accountable. WJZ is so far slanted to the Democrats (liars and thieves) in Annapolis they will not help the people of this state. Where is the big investigation? The road users have been doing thier part, Annapolis Democrats have squandered the money and WJZ helps them with the propoganda machine.

      Misappropriation of funds, and the thieves have no conscience or regard to the people this drastic measure will surely hurt.

      Defending the criminals that now occupy the State House is in no way “a far better solution”. They should have to cut spending to make it up to the taxpayers.

  8. Max says:

    Everybody is forgetting one thing Maryland has not cut back its spending, our budget is one billion (with a B) more than the previous year. The state of Maryland does not have a revenue problem the state has a spending problem. The more money the state receives the more it feels it has to spend. Taxes do not have to be raised, infact if you take a look at the budget line for line you can easily identify Maryland’s problem, and they are spending too much on needless things.

  9. charlie says:

    it has nothing to do with the bridge..Omalley needs the money to fund in state tuition for illegal aliens …..don’t we have a great democrat state!!

    1. candace says:

      This has nothing to do with O’Malley. The MDTA is self funded through toll revenue. They do not receive money from the general fund and in turn they do not contribute to the fund. The rest of the state will not see any added revenue due to this increase. The extra tolls are to help maintain the current facilities and keep them in good driving condition.

      1. overtaxed says:

        Wrong, wrong, wrong…Annapolis STOLE the money out of the transportation fund, which has EVERYTHING to do with King O’Malley. Where did the transportation fund go? Into the general fund, and now the thieves in Annapolis (Democrats for those too slow to keep up) have us on the hook to cough up more money so the roads will be maintained.

        Remember, the road users paid tolls, MVA fees, ans fuel taxes to be spent specifically on th transportation system, which our “leaders” STOLE from that fund to inject into the general fund as a band-aid for the state’s budget problems. Then they can hit us with tax increases to cover that saying that we need to keep up with maintenance. LIES LIES LIES, the money was there until they (Annapolis Democrats) took it without holding up thier end of the deal.

        Please, oh please, I dream of a Maryland that is not full of liberals with their head in their rear end.

      2. baltimore resident says:

        Are you one of O’Malley’s press agents?? You are either an idiot or someone playing for a position in his cabinet, and keeping in good driving condition is a joke, when was the last time you used any of them, so bumpy and pot holed especially on the rt 40 bridge you cross and need and alignment when across the other side, and they have not done a thing but keep raising the tolls.

  10. Dennis says:

    O/Malley is a POS. I cannot afford to pay my kids way through college but my tax money is helping to subsidize the tution of a law breaking illegal. O’Malley promotes illegal behavior. He should be impeached then thrown in jail.

  11. Michael H says:

    I’m really getting fed up with Martin O’Taxi. I’m seriously considering leaving the state. I’ve had it with all of these free increases….they ARE TAX INCREASES.

  12. George M Hopkins says:

    not all pepole own property so an icrease in proprty ta would only afect a few let the pepole who use the bridge and tunnels and drink alcohal pay to do so. i don’t pay but maybe $20 a year to use the bridge wht should i pay for someone to get to oc

    1. Nightowl says:

      Just curious, George, are your “literacy” skills a product of Maryland public schools?

  13. bmoregyrl says:

    I will be going thru the city to get to work and I will go around to get to OC no tolls So they will not get anymore of my money… I have ez pass and I can only think of how much that is going to cost me in the long run.

    1. Ken says:

      bmoregyrl is right. stay the hell away from the city if you can because the gridlock will be unbelievable with everyone bypassing the tunnels to save the money they need to put gas in their tanks. only the a$$hole legislators could take us back 50 to 60 years to before we had the tunnels whose purpose was to ease the traffic gridlock in the city. great job you a$$holes in annapolis

      1. overtaxed says:

        You are wrong, Ken, O’Malley is moving us forward, or didn’t Pat Warren forget to tell you?

        Sarcasm off

  14. Mike O says:

    I love how Marylanders voted for O’Malley (a second term mind you) and then they complain about the tax increases. This is what you get!!

    1. Ken says:

      Not all of us voted for Owe’Malley. I certainly did not. Only the morons and idiots did.

  15. Roger says:

    First MDOT charges $1.50/month for the honor of just having an EZPass account and now they are gouging on tolls. Why is this state such a money pit? What exactly are we paying for?

  16. Hunter says:

    just what we need another bloodsucking increase to the bluecollar workers of this state who use these facilitys to get to work so they can barley afford to feed their familys, in the mean time our worthless government is spending money hand over fist on a bunch of BS. Not to mention that now our worthless governer wants to give Illegals a break on college tuitions,WHAT PART OF ILLEGAL DONT THEY UNDERSTAND,if I do something illegal ,my a$$ gets thrown in jail and payout the a$$ in fines,fees,and probation.Maybe if they stopped helping the ILLEGALS and send them back to where they came from,and let them find a legal means to come back,our government can save all the money they put out tofund them,that will mean less cars on the road,more jobs for American citizens,less gas usage all around, which can bring gas prices back down ,and less money fom social services going out to support them,and while Im on social services,they should drug test recipients before issuing their checks,so that they arent funding their drug habits as well,and how about decreasing the governments salarys,retirements,and free use of vehicles and gas and let them fend for themselves like the rest of us do,and see how they like whats left on their checks at the end of the week when they have to pay for thier own transportation costs.

  17. Shannon says:

    Let’s all say Thank You to the idiots that voted OweMalley back into office!!! By the time he gets out of there we some of us will not be able to afford to drive back and forth to work. Here is an idea…. let’s STOP giving drug addicts our tax dollars. Let’s START making people take care of their own children!! And better yet let’s NOT give illegals our hard earned money. There isn’t another country out there who would change their way of living, their beliefs because it offends people who don’t even belong here legally!!!

    1. Get Rid of OWE'MALLEY!! says:

      THANK YOU IDIOTS WHO VOTED OWE’MALLEY BACK IN OFFICE!!! I can’t express how much I just LOVE being bent over and a$$ raped of my hard earned money!! Woot!!!

  18. jim says:

    Just cut the budget and stop giving our money away!!!!!!!!

  19. cms827 says:

    OweMalley is hiring a butler for his governors mansion any takers….How is the hell does he have the gall to hire a butler when people are taking furloghs and losing their jobs……….Thanks for voting that piece of garbage back in office,,,he makes me ill

    1. williejoe says:

      It’s called Nepotism!!

  20. LYNN says:

    Oh, maryland is just fine. We have enough money to pay for anchor babies, in state tuition for those here Illegally. We have enough money that Michael Busch, O’Murder (aka O’Malley), fat back Miller continue to enjoy the fruits of OUR labor.
    I think these politicians should SPIT on us…it’s what we deserve as slugs. We allow them to do ANYTHING and we sit back and do nothing but whine!!!!!!!!

    These politicians should have had their offices shut down for some of the items they rubber stamped: we should have closed the streets down in Nap Town, flooded their offices with faxes of OUTRAGE, filled their emails up and burn their phone lines up.

    But, we are too COWARDLY to even consider such. We should make the too afraid to spend our money. Seriously afraid to do so. But, we are a bunch of @ITCHES and only come here and @itch.

    I hope the politicians take everything you own; you don’t deserve anything!!!!!!!!!!

    And, Dennis what are you doing about it??WHAT???

  21. andrew says:

    I have a grand idea, maryland residents get “in-state toll rates” with their easy pass and foriegn motorists and commericail trucks should pay the full price for utilizing our roadways. Not a sermon, just a thought.

  22. ShadowDancer says:

    Let’s get this straight..First we have Spendenning who gets us in a mess. Then for once the voters get smart. They vote in Ehrlich. He leaves us iwith a surplus. Then we get stupid again and vote in O’Malley, who within weeks of getting in office turns the surplus into a deficit. Despite this, we reelect him even with the sales tax hike and he still overspends, raids the transportation fund for other things and then says he has to raise taxes because there’s not enough in the fund. Let’s not forget Miller, who was totally against slots when it looked liek they’d be a feather in a Republican governor’s cap, but hey, we gotta get them in place now that a Democrat is in office.
    Isn’t it time that 3 voting blocks (the impoverished in PG county and Baltimore City, and the rich in Montgomery County) stopped electing these folks and the rest of the state took control? Someone please help get these guys out of office and don’t let them or their clones/cronies back in.

  23. Ed Payne says:

    I agree with a lot that has been said. Now first of all, the ICC is needed. Try to go from Laurel to Gaithersburg sometime. Say about 730 in the morning. it will take you about an hour and a half. The tolls ere raised back when then Governor Schaeffer was in office. Well he removed the toll for the west bound bridge and doubled the toll for going east maybe that isn’t an increase unless your only going one way. I work in Annapolis, it now costs me over $80 a week to travel back and forth to work. I have have to sustain this increase with almost a 2 week furlough (Thank you Governor and legislators). Maryland for being a small state has more tax burdens on the people than any other state I bet. Lets do it again, elect another DEMOCRAT for state office.

  24. None Such says:

    The real problem is that Maryland politicians keep spending money while driving business to Virginia.

    I’ve been looking for work recently and it’s amazing how many more job openings there are in Virginia.

    Maryland politicians need to get it into their head that business = money. They want to pay their debts? How about becoming pro-business instead of finding new ways to raise taxes, which will only drive even more business away.

    Maryland will be as bankrupt as California soon. Democrats are financially incompetent.

    1. overtaxed says:

      Cross the Nice bridge over the Potomac into Virginia and the sign directly beneath the welcome to Virginia sign, put up by Virginia government is “Virginia, Open for Business”

      It is no secret that Maryland is business unfriendly, and that is due to the Democrats that have the stranglehold of power in this state.

  25. Doug says:

    Guess I’m swimming across the bay then. I can’t afford those extortionate prices.
    The least they could do is provide us with a lubricant at the tollbooth

  26. susan says:

    Instead of building the ICC the SHA should have been working on fixing of repairing the existing roads. Everytime the state runs into trouble with unnecessary building projects that they automatic go after the citizens of the state to pay for their mistakes. If there is No MONEY in the coffers than new transportation projects should not be undertaken until such time it does happen. People will avoid the tolls so they save some money for more necessary thing like food and unforutantly gas. People are having a hard time making ends meet now so anymore increases will hurt families just because politicans want to fill their pockets.

  27. Michelle says:

    What about us people up here in Cecil County were trapped no matter which way we go. the outrageous property taxes aren’t enough for you blood hounds in Annapolis? Guess I’ll be doing my shopping in DE (if I have enough money after MD gets done sucking me dry) while driving RT.40! O’Malley YOU SUCK!!!! I didn’t vote for you.

  28. PAUL E. MICELLI says:


  29. overtaxed says:

    What people need to realize is that if you were one of the people who consistently votes for Democrats, and specifically O’Malley, you can go straight to the mirror and find the blame there.

    But I am sure that the liberal sheeple of this state will promote O’Malley when he wants his next promotion in his political career.

  30. Pam says:

    I wouldn’t mind if the fees went up if the money generated went to improving the bridges, etc. but it doesn’t. It always gets used for some other purpose. We will be paying more and more taxes for even less services as time goes by, while salaries stay stagnant.

  31. Dale N'as Carter says:

    More taxes! Rubbish. As a REAL American, I don’t understand how I can be expected to deal with this liberal bs. How will I be able to afford to eat out at restaurants every night. How am I supposed to be able to afford gas for my pick-up truck that I use as a commuter vehicle. I mean, do these people think my HD cable TV comes free? Rusbbish I say! I’m moving to VA. I hear they’re open for business.

    1. overtaxed says:

      Clever, but while you are painting a picture of someone who should maybe cut back on extravagant expenditures so they would be able to pay the extortion at the tolls, you are forgetting that the transportation fund was squandered and now they are extorting the money from people who are struggling and trying to get to work everyday.

      You may joke about the “open for business” sign that I posted above, but Virginia is enjoying being next to a liberal state that chases away economic oppurtunity.

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