HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WJZ) — Despite overwhelming evidence that President Obama was born in the U.S., some people refuse to believe it.

Adam May reports Terry Lakin is a leader among this fringe group and a controversial Maryland Army doctor who was just released from prison.

He was released Friday after serving five months of a six-month sentence for refusing to go to Afghanistan.

“So happy to be with my family,” said Lakin.

Last year, the Army doctor from Hagerstown was found guilty of disobeying an order to serve in Afghanistan.

“I will disobey my orders because I believe all service men and woman and American people deserve the truth about President Obama’s constitutional eligibility to the presidency and Commander-in-Chief,” said Lakin.

Lakin was greeted by dozens of supporters who still question President Obama’s citizenship.

“A dual citizen can’t be president. Mommy and Daddy have to be born here,” said one woman.

In April, Obama tried squashing conspiracy theories by releasing a copy of his original birth certificate. He showed the birth certificate stating he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Aug. 4, 1961.

“We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers,” said Obama.

A reporter with Patch.com says the birth certificate release hasn’t changed Lakin’s views or the views of his followers.

“It’s the biggest phony I’ve ever seen in my life,” said one woman.

There is only one thing that would make the birthers happy.

“The removal of Obama,” said the woman.

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  1. Doug says:

    Fringe group says it all.
    Move on Lakin,you loser.
    I frankly don’t care if Obama was born on the moon at this point and nor does any one else.
    Get a life
    Stop being a bitter Bob.

    1. JoeFromAACounty says:



      1. ghostdawg says:

        You “birther” tin-foil hat wearing nimrods don’t even know to read a birth certificate. Where is the “birther” evidence that its fake? {{crickets chirping}}

        Just give it up, you “birthers” are nothing more than a JOKE at this point. President Obama shut down your whole lunatic conspiracy theory even though he didn’t have too

      2. billy says:

        we don’t care

      3. NeverSurrender says:

        Well, ghostdawg, let’s be frank. He did shut down their conspiracy. But it wasn’t lunatic at first and he (of course) did have to!!!!! He could have done it from the begginning but it was helping him to point to birthers and say they were crazy untill almost 40% of the country had no earthly idea where he was born. So yes, every potential president HAS TO prove they are a natural born citizen. Which he has finally done!

      4. JSL1966 says:

        You birthers are one of the greatest assets the President has in his re-election bid. Your refusal to lsiten to reason makes it very easy to protray conservatives as out-of-touch with reality, and margenalize their views.

        This is why the President waited so long to release his birth certificate.

        Birthers make Republicans look crazy to all the independent voters.

      5. Texasgene says:

        JSL1966 Donald Trump called his hand.
        The Birth Certificate is Photoshopped
        Any way his father was not An American Citizen, Obammie is Illegal President
        No matter what race or color of his skin,

      6. Michael says:

        You’re just an idiot. There is absolutely NO evidence he was born outside the US.

      7. billfromhere says:

        What would be his mother’s motive? If he was born in Africa he could have dual citizenship, which gives you all the rights except to be pres. Did his mother think it was worth it to possible go to jail for a multi-million to one shot at the presidency? You have to really be a creep to believe that.

      8. AZResident says:

        @TexasGene, there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that state both PARENTS of a president must also be U.S. citizens. If that were the case, then
        Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, James Buchanan, Chester Arthur, Woodrow Wilson and Herbert Hoover would not have been eligible to be President.

      9. Joe M. says:

        “You “birther” tin-foil hat wearing nimrods don’t even know to read a birth certificate” “ghostdawg”

        And you “OBelievers” will swallow anything your little tin god in the White House tells you to.

      10. Tymtrvlr says:

        The birth certificate was the smoke screen, the most evident which makes obama inelligible is the fact that his father was a subject of the English crown. The U.S. Constitution says that both his mother and father are to be citizens of the United States of America. The marxists would love to have you overlook this, in their attempt to undermine the U.S. Constitution, and the Republicans are going along with it. In order to save face with the American public, one of the potential Republican nominees should bring this fact out into the daylight, let America see the scam and fraud that obama has committed against America and the Constitution.

      11. TomS says:

        That B.C. (latest version) states Obama’s father was from Kenya, before there even WAS a “Kenya.” It also lists him as “African,” at a time when “negro” was used for blacks. What if the man was a white South African anyway?

      12. OBAMANATION says:

        Another 5 letter word for fraud… OBAMA http://www.BirtherReport.com

      13. Hillary says:

        Let’s see your birth certificate first, hillbilly.

      14. Jovarkah Casche says:

        Video proof something is odd about his birth cert: http://www.obamas-birth-certificate.com

      15. Tim W says:

        Exactly correct! There has been no evidence whatsoever that obama was born in Hawaii. This is a slanted news item, presented as fact. Labeling people and talking down to them is a very liberal trait.

      16. Large Peenus says:

        I don’t think you were born in the US. Prove it Joe. You wouldn’t believe Obama was born in the US if you watched his nappy head pop out of his mommies punani with Diamond Head in the background. Your ignorance shines you buffoon.

      17. ZMEEKER says:

        Dear JoeFromAACounty(if that is your real name), Typing in all upper case characters does little to establish credibility for yourself in support your position. It is heartening to know that the contributors to this comment forum represent <1% of the US population.

      18. Christopher John Franzen says:

        @AZResident, You sir are an idiot. There is an exception WRITTEN INTO THE CONSTITUTION for this exact reason. There weren’t enough natural born citizens back then. Times have changed.

      19. Annie says:

        Why does the birth certificate list an address that neither the Obamas or the Dunhams lived at in 1961?

        That is only one of many unanswered questions on Obama’s birth certificate.

        Why does his birth certificate end in the 40s when twin girls born the day after him have certificates ending with 36 and 37? His was filed on the 8th, theirs on the 11th.

        His number should have been lower than theirs.

        There are just too many inconsistencies.

        If the MSM would do some honest-to-goodness research, they would find things that would make them wonder why there are inconsistencies on the birthcertificate.

      20. Polly of America says:

        It doesn’t matter if Obama was born on the steps of the washington monument. He admits attending Jakarta ‘public school’. During this time dual sitizenship was not allowed, and therefor his mom had to surrender his citizenship for him to attend.So at best he is a naturalized citizen and unable to serve as president.
        And as for the birth certificate he has produced, it is a certificate of life birth, not a birth certificate. It does not contain the required official seal which means it is not even capable of being used as method of id. Try to use something like this at the DMV, to enroll your kid in school, or at Social Security and see how far it get’s you.
        This is an important matter, because if it can be proven he has fraudentally been serving as president, all the mess he has made in washington would be washed away in the blink of an eye.

      21. furian says:

        Whether or not he was born in the US or Kenya he should have shown the long form when he registered to run. As well as his school records, his passport records, his health records, all of his personalinfo, just as all aspiring candidates for federal office. He, like all politicans, are public servants and should remember that.
        Now that he has shown to be a citizen, he should do somethjing about the massive unemployment, the federal deficit crunch, and get us out of that stupid wr in Lybia.

      22. Davidtoo says:

        He admits he was born in Kenya, in his own words !!!

      23. Pamela Barnett says:

        Proof that it is a forgery can be seen with your own eyes.. download it from whitehouse.gov.. it has layers of fraud… it is not a scan .. it is a created forgery using Adobe Illustrator.. It also has Kerning that did not exist in in 1961 typewriters.. It also is printed on security paper that did not exist in 1961.

      24. Eric Swinson says:

        It looks like all the other birth certificates that were registered that week. Are they all forgeries? or it some massive conspiracy to break in to the houses of everybody that was born that year and fold up and plant birth certificates in their shoe boxes and file cabinets so they can be found to look just like this “forgery”

        I’m really glad you idiots wasted all your political amo on this non-issue. But unfortunately it has stopped you from finding JFK’s real killers, Bigfoot or ET.

      25. Elainehawk says:

        I totally agree, I don’t believe anyone in the whitehouse is telling the truth about anything! Especially with the economy the way it is, and the military blowing up levies! Now look, there is gonna be a food shortage because of this!

      26. Naomi says:

        I don’t think so. You will never believe it because you don’t want to and there is nothing anyone can do to convince you otherwise. You will always come up with a reason why it’s fake or a forgery. Or if it isn’t a fake or a forgery then he is not a LEGAL citizen based on your flimsy interpretation of the Constitution and something you read on the internet.

        What you want is for the rest of us to see this man as you see him…as different, as other, as a jarring reminder that America is no longer just a melting pot for everybody except whites. People around the world and Americans themselves will no longer picture a white man’s face whenever they think of the leader of the free world…and the attendant privilege that came with sharing the same skin color of this leader. And knowing that no matter what, your status ranked above that of any other race, especially blacks, because you set the standard and everyone else who wanted to be like you hated what you hated, respected what you respected, and treated people blacks with contempt and low regard because that’s how you treated them.

        There’s been a dynamic shift and it is no longer easy to differentiate yourself from and rank your status in society based on simply being white and having white privilege. There is no longer a guarantee that simply being white gives you access that other groups were denied.

        In fact I think your biggest fear is that you’ll suddenly find yourself experiencing the kind of prejudice and unequal treatment that you knew minorities, blacks, experienced for decades, but didn’t bother you because it was their problem and not your problem.
        Blacks and other groups really have no desire to exact any sort of revenge for the way we have been treated. But it looks to us that even if we did, there is noting more we can do to you, that out of your own guilt, anger, and fear, you aren’t doing to yourselves. Whiteness is no longer the standard and you’ll either learn to live with that or die bitter and angry.

    2. OBAMA = FRAUD says:

      Why does Barry have a CONNECTICUT SSN? He NEVER lived there!


      The WJZ report says 10% of republicans don’t think he was born here. Yet they ignore the Gallop Poll from last week, which states ONLY 47% of ALL Americans think he was born here.

      1. BIRTHERS = IDIOTS says:

        That link you posted is useless drivel from a guy trying to sell a book and about as credible at Trump and his “investigators” The Gallop poll is nothing more than a small sample pool of GOP leaning voters not “All Americans”. Nice try, tin foil hat man.

      2. Alpha Papa says:

        Why because that is the place he first applied for a Social Security number I was born in north carolina… my ss number comes from florida because that is where I was living when I first needed one for work… my oldest did not get a social security number at birth in 1970… grow up learn some history… geez.. what a pendejo.

      3. barbara says:

        This is a valid point.

      4. tfb says:



        oh, and Obama agrees (SR511)

      5. Michael says:

        Blacks Law Dictionary (9th Edition) defines ‘Natural Born Citizen’ as “A person born within the jurisdiction of a national government”.This has been ratified in the 14th Amendment and in Congress as late as 2009.

      6. tfb says:




      7. tfb says:

        Michael, you fail fraudbagger, NO 14TH AMENDMENT STATUTORY CITIZEN IS EVER A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN (ruling minorv happersett)

        You lie, that’s all you obots have is your LIES.



      8. AZResident says:

        @Obama = Fraud, The Area Number is assigned by the geographical region. Prior to 1972, cards were issued in local Social Security offices around the country and the Area Number represented the State in which the card was issued. This did not necessarily have to be the State where the applicant lived, since a person could apply for their card in any Social Security office. Since 1972, when SSA began assigning SSNs and issuing cards centrally from Baltimore, the area number assigned has been based on the ZIP code in the mailing address provided on the application for the original Social Security card. The applicant’s mailing address does not have to be the same as their place of residence. Thus, the Area Number does not necessarily represent the State of residence of the applicant, either prior to 1972 or since. Note: One should not make too much of the “geographical code.” It is not meant to be any kind of useable geographical information. The numbering scheme was designed in 1936 (before computers) to make it easier for SSA to store the applications in our files in Baltimore since the files were organized by regions as well as alphabetically. It was really just a bookkeeping device for our own internal use and was never intended to be anything more than that.

        BOTTOM LINE, Obama’s SSN has no bearing on where he was born or where he lived, especially if he got his SSN prior to 1972. He could have simply applied at a local SSN office while he was passing through CT on his way to Harvard. If Obama applied after 1972 while living in CT, he would have received an SSN based upon the zip code submitted on the application.

        You might try actually reading the facts before jumping to ridiculous conclusios that simply do not hold up.

      9. Large Peenus says:

        Maybe because that was where he applied for his first social security card you dolt. The geographic location of the SS office that is your residence when you first apply determines the number assigned.

    3. realleprechauns says:

      Doug, you could not be further from the TRUTH. The majority of us DO CARE where this individual was born…and why? Because he spent over 2 million dollars sequestering all pertinent information about himself. All potential presidential candidates are required to show proof of citizenship…he flatly refused. He has laughed and scoffed at our laws all through his process of turning us into a whimpering, simpering socialistic country. Terry Larkin is not a loser, Sir…you are!!

      1. leprecauns = fairytale chasers says:

        The “majority” of us does not consist of you “birther” lunatics, which have already had their little 5 mins of wasted media coverage.Its time for the tin foil hat club to find a new hobby. This joke has run its course.

      2. Just the facts please says:

        Poll results or whatever is printed in a newspaper are never accepted in Courts as fact. Polls reflect what folks think, and that can be manipulated.
        Example: Poll Seasoned Citizens with “Do you support sending your grandson to prison over having a joint of marijuana? Answer: “No”. Poll results: “ Senior Citizens favor legalizing marijuana”.

      3. wllharrington says:

        You do realize that what you say is not going to convince those who voted for him. Their minds are made up, don’t confuse them with the facts.

      4. BHO has a Connecticut SSN? says:

      5. pat says:

        great reply to pathetic people who really don’t care, which is why and how he
        got into the people’s house. The money spent was to coverup who the real father is. This poor creature has had a life built on lies, that now he has to deal with his real origins and the lies that go with it. He didn’t get into the white house without the ‘freedom of the press’,institution working vigorously to take away our freedom. The press was given their rights to prevent the wrong person from achieving the goal of president of the United States. They stopped many candidates in the past by investigating them, this one the vested in. Totally perverse action and the above article illustrates that it is still going on. The overwhelming evidence of his eligibility is the lead in, the truth is the opposite;overwhelming evidence that he is a complete fraud.
        I am a very sad American now, since the death of our country in November 2008. .

    4. muddahen says:

      I do care and so does millions. Some of us have great regard for the constitution. Living free under the constitution is my life and I’ll stand and fight with anyone who tries to take that away. President Obama could have ended this long ago. I can’t recall ever having a more self centered, self absorbed inept leader. You can rest easy, Jimmy Carter, you’ve moved up from the bottom. The empty suit is now the worst we’ve ever had.

      1. FugginMorons says:

        “Living free under the constitution is my life and I’ll stand and fight with anyone who tries to take that away”

        So how exactly did you fight when the PATRIOT act was signed?

      2. FugginMorons says:

        “Living free under the constitution is my life and I’ll stand and fight with anyone who tries to take that away”

        So how exactly did you fight when the PATRIOT act was signed?

    5. pete says:

      I sorta have to agree with the bed wetters on this one. Obozo is eligible (technically) to be president. People should concentrate on his competency. He’s clearly lacking that. The birther dip$h!ts can only marginalize those of us who oppose the moonbat messiah.

    6. Roy Rogers says:

      Obama made this an issue years ago.

      “Most Transparent President?”

      So transparent, you’d like to forget he was there.

      Where are his school records?

      1. acegikmo says:

        There’s no requirement to provide school records. Bush didn’t and Clinton didn’t. At some point in everybody’s life, employers stop looking at your schooling (and never request transcripts!) Who are you to request his transcripts?

    7. Ed says:

      The over whelming proof is that Obama is an illegal alien. Doug, you cannot prove he is going by his legal name, or which AKA is his legal name, let alone explain many different social security numbers he has used.

      You are the loser, as you do not support the Constitution nor do you have any idea whatsoever of the real America, plus it appears you are a rather brain dead brain washed fool that cannot produce any evidence of your ridiculous statements..

      Lakin did his duty and you are a rotten mo-fo for saying otherwise.

      1. acegikmo says:

        The overwhelming proof is that Obama has submitted two birth certificates publicly authenticated by the State of Hawaii. He travels with a real US Passport. What eveidence do you have for your citizenship that goes beyond that? Give it up. Oh, and social security numbers have nothing to do with citizenship; my wife got one five years before she became a citizen.

      2. Jack Pollack says:

        My three British stepchildren all have American social security cards.

    8. Frank Vecino says:

      Another clever liberal leading us to disaster— lets extend our credit

    9. VINCE says:


      1. tfb says:

        correct, his KENYAN FATHER is the issue



      2. Kim says:

        Respectfully, Vince, it isn’t. It doesn;t matter WHERE his father was born. Under the Constitution and federal law at teh time of his birth, as long as he was born on US soil (which Hawaii was) by someone who had a legal right to be there (his mother was a US citizen), he’s qualified.

        The idea that “natural born citizen” means both parents have to be America is simply incorrect. Neither the law nor the Constitution say anything of the sort.


        Kim you idiot, it’s the PARENTAL CITIZENSHIP not where they were born…nice try you lying obot!


        they are trying to wedge in precedent to destroy the constitution

      4. acegikmo says:

        Six previous presidents (13% of all previous US presidents) had one or both parents from other countries (Jefferson, Jackson, Buchanan, Arthur, Wilson and Hoover). Did you check their citizenship before posting your nonsense? Or will you give them a pass because they’re white?

        With Obama our country now has 15% of its presidents born of at least one foreign parent. It’s an immigration country, folks!

    10. girlnextdoor says:

      I can tell you are a liberal because you can’t make a comment without name calling…I don’t care if Obama was born on the moon either, I just care that he is driving the US into the ground and can’t wait until we kick him out in 2012.

    11. ByteRider says:

      Lakin is, unlike you Doug, a WINNER. He put his money where his mouth is, so to speak, and stood up for what he thought [and] was right. I commend him!

      Obama may have a b/c now… 2 1/2 years after people begged to see it.


    12. tfb says:


      doug sorry but you are dumb, typical obot, it has to do with the fact that Ofraud is not a constitutionally eligible president, as per article II a natural born citizen requires 2 US citizen parents, born on US soil, as defined by the basis of the Constitution itself, The Law of Nations (1758), a natural born citizen is BORN IN-COUNTRY OF PARENTS WHO ARE ITS CITIZENS

      1. Missy says:

        why don’t you look things up before you run your mouth, and I don’t mean the wack job sites listed in many of the posts. I went to a real website of the constitution and it does not specifically define a natural born citizen.”No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States”.

      2. acegikmo says:

        Let’s check what the Magna Carta says! Last I heard, the US Constitution has the final word, and it made no reference to parents being citizens or natural born. Has anybody checked the citizenship or possible foreign roots of every parent of every previous president? Or are we looking more closely because Obama isn’t as white?

    13. celador2 says:

      Its up to birthers to prove the long form is a fraud not the other way aorund. They had rheir moment of fame.

      1. tfb says:

        that was not the issue, it was to get obama to officially admit, which he did that his father was never a US citizen

        so he’s not eligble

      2. Daffyduck says:

        Why can’t you O-LOVERS answer oldwethen?I feel like she does — you don’t have the nerve to answer — If Obama had been a REPUBLICAN and withheld his B/C until AFTER poor Col. Lakin got out of prison, retirement lost, etc., would you have been MAD??? He didn’t have the DECENCY to bring it out then. TO SAVE A MILITARY PERSON. Maybe it took him those six months to reproduce one due to technicalities needed to FIX it. PLEASE WAKE UP, PEOPLE. You don’t know a dictator and a liar when you see one. Watch Glen Beck, Fox news 4:PM Central. Everything he predicts comes true. Check it out.

    14. tfb says:



      that is the requirement for POTUS

    15. tfb says:



      that is the requirement for POTUS

    16. endgametime says:

      The only losers here are the people who fail to question and stand up to their corrupt leaders.

    17. rootvg says:

      Fringe group or not, the reaction to Obama in the elections of 2010 were vicious and 2012 will be worse. We’re going back to the Right with a vengeance and there’s not much anyone can do to stop it now. People are so upset with Obama and his overtures to organized labor and all the spending that entitlement reform WILL not happen and the lefties aren’t gonna like it.

      Obama was a flat out gift to the Republican party. I think that’s clear.

    18. Richard Vondrus says:

      “Despite overwhelming evidence that President Obama was born in the U.S”., some people refuse to believe it. AHHHH well, would not call it over whelming evidence CBS… Just look how phony the entire thing is from the layers on Adobe to the name of the hospital that was not even call that yet to Kenya no an independent country yet…. You are pathetic CBS, NBC, ABC etc….

    19. pjd says:

      You at least should care that Comrade Obama is a sneak and a liar.

    20. OBAMA = FRAUD says:

      JEROME CORSI’S BOOK WILL BE RELEASED IN 12 HOURS – http://www.BirtherReport.com

      1. Tony says:

        Good, I need something new to line my birdcage.

    21. Robert DeBeaux says:

      Those persons who know the price of freedom, do not denegrate the Constitution. This has never been about Obama. It is and always has been about protecting the integrity of the Constitution.
      In addition, look at the other atrocities this administration has committed against freedom. But if you have never served in Uniform, it would be difficult to comprehend.

    22. Mattsalwaysright says:

      Hillary Clinton started the birther controversy, so please stop sayin git is a republican thing. Geeze, the media never mentions that in any of these articles.

    23. John Richard Walsh says:

      The only people who believe Obama was bornin USA are in the liberal Jewish mass media who have misled USA. Obama according to his birth certificate was born at Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya after his mom triggered labor pains by swimming at Mombasa beach trying to cool off from attending a week long Muslim festival in Mombasa with her husband and his mother Sarah who said mom took Barack to Honolulu 4 days later. Use google to find Obama kenyan birth certificate to see his real birth certificate he has spent $2 million to keep from you.

    24. DeputyMarshal says:

      Your statement that you don’t care if he was born here invalidates anything you have to say. It’s the Constitution, stupid. You’re thoughts are now as irrelevant as those who still question the birth certificate, but at least their concerns had validity. You… Eh! not at all

    25. GeneZ says:

      “I frankly don’t care if Obama was born on the moon at this point.”

      Doug.. His followers loved and adored Hilter, too. Like a bad sandwich, history repeats itself. Some will always have a love and affinity for evil. They see evil as being the good. They see the good as being evil. Your words simply state…”I don’t care. I like him. That’s all that matters to me.” Alll I hear from you, Doug? SIEG HEIL! Our fearless leader can do no wrong! Your kind is as old as history. You’re kind only becomes a problem when you are in a majority.

    26. RufusVonDufus says:

      Sorry, Doug, but it is people like you who would allow a non citizen to be president who have contributed so mightily to the downfall of our once great country. I do not believe his fabricated story or his fabricated birth certificate but I don’t think he should be impeached, I believe the Seals should go into the WH and literally throw him out. That would be the way to treat a complete impostor. Put his furniture down on the street.

    27. amplitude jones says:

      right…no matter where the slimy marxist unprintable epithet was born, it should be, we need it to be, REMOVED from office and jailed with ALL his pals.

    28. steve z says:

      Hey Doug, Great points in your logical approach to whether Obama is eligible to be our President. No wonder liberals call names. Lack of logic.

    29. Emery says:

      Wonder why people have to resort to ad hominem attacks like this? As far as the writer claiming “fringe”. That is just cheap propaganda that you would find in Pravda in the 80’s. At any rate the Bolshevik regime in the Zionist run White House is safe for now. Our Nobel Peace Prize winner is a real killer. Soon he can put another notch in his pistol for killing Gaddafi. Then Americans can be so proud of our Mafioso government behavior again.

    30. WeMadeAmistake says:

      I am less concerned about the birth certificate and more concerned about Obama’s dishonesty and incompetance. Under his mismanagement, we are now at 9.2% unemployed and borrowing $189,000,000 per hour. Yes, you read that correctly. $189 million per hour in debt be added. This alone is high treason and Obama should and must be removed from office through indictment and impeachment.

    31. Pamela Barnett says:

      You are a piece of excrement Doug.. POS.. You are not fit to even be near LTC Lakin.

      You are the one that is delusional.. a sheep… obama was born British and therefore not a Natural born citizen.. period.

      BTW, you are really stupid if you cannot see that obama’s aka soetoro’s newly released “birth certificate”is a complete forgery. You are the loser Dougy.

    32. BG says:

      I don’t care either just so long as the nappie headed cotton pickers get the hell out of the White House in 2012.

    33. Rich says:

      you show your ignorance by your point…..so if Obama was unlawfully president by being born on the moon, you’d be okay with that….

      Your a moron Doug

    34. cripplecreek says:

      Shut up,Dougie! Just another in a long line of handout voters.

    35. Deb says:

      I’m not a birther, nor do I believe the birth certificate is a phony. I do care that our laws are followed and if any President of the US is found to violate our laws, which includes lying about being born in the US even decades later, then they need to go to prison.

      With that being said, let’s move on….nothing to see here.

      1. gkm says:

        Deb, you are a birther if you care about our laws.

        Obama is not an article II natural born citizen, he is an installed usurper. It’s time you graduated from the 2nd grade and read your constitution.


    36. alan says:

      this so called jPres, has many issues as he openly shows now that he is in office, this bozo did not even show a birth certificate untill he tryed to cover up a bigger issue then that.. Obama is a chicago thug and that is as simple as it is

    37. Bryan says:

      The funniest thing here is watching how this played out.

      Just a recap, millions have questioned, and still to this day question Obama’s eligibility to be president due to our Constitution. We are being pointed at and made fun of.

      What happens when we’re all shouting the same thing maybe like what Hitler had done: “HES TRYING TO KILL ALL OF THE JEWS” …. was the other jews response: “HAHA YOU IDIOT WEARIN TIN FOIL, DUMB MUFHTER, HES NOT KILLIN US HE SAVIN US AND TAKIN US TO GOOD PLACE TO BE SAFE!!! YA SO WE WILL FOLLOIW HIM! CUZ HES GOOD GO HITLER!!”

      HA. The joke is on you, and the blood is on all of us. I just pray he murders your family last so you can sit and suffer.

    38. Regulas says:

      The so called new forgery that was released was proven on day one to be layered by Photoshop, that means another forgery from his liberal hacks in Hawaii. Liberals, the same mentality that followed Hitler in the 30s are now following the Socialist obama from kenya.

    39. Ssgt. D.R.McCoy says:

      Doug Is your head up your a$$ for the warmth? Or do you really give a S#!t about where the country is headed. Read the constitution you moron.

  2. Klumminati says:

    Sigh. Send him back in some more to think about it.

    1. Texasgene says:

      That’s not nice, Americans have freedom of speech, this is a Christian Nation no muslim

      1. Nick says:

        Since when did Christianity have anything to do with free speech?

      2. celador2 says:

        Obama is not Muslim but even if he were there is no religious test t o be president.

        i want someone who is prol ife and anti war like Ron Paul.

    2. Kip Petzold says:

      Since Moses invented the concept. Since the prophets exercised it, at the risk of their lives. Since Jesus got crucified for exercizing it. Since Christians got fed to the Lions by pagan Romans, for the same reason. Since FREE CHURCH anabaptists forged the concept of seperation of church and state, and were slaughtered by the thousands. Since Dutch Revolt occurred to defend it. Since the Glorious Revolution, in England – and The American Revolution – were fought for the same reason.

      Good enough?

  3. nick says:

    wow that guy is such a brain washed idiot and a Fox news dream.

    1. Texasgene says:

      Nick, Your ignorant and deceived , Proof is Obammie is a Fraud, and Judgement day is coming,

    2. Bryan says:

      Fox News had nothing to do with this. The belief that Obama was born outside the country was created by the Clinton Campaign, exacerbated by the fact that Obama acknowledges spending his childhood years outside the country (see statue in the Philippines as proof), and a total lack of scrutiny by the media. Members of the media are so in the tank for Obama they didn’t even bother to cover the story, simply state that it was legit. Because they said there was no story, it was ignored. Compare that to the George W Bush National Guard story. That was all over the media and determined to be a fraud as well. A little moderation in their coverage would have squashed this entire debate.

      Oh and when you refer to someone as a “brains washed idiot” you might want to acknowledge that “brain” is singular.

      1. Kip Petzold says:


        Democrats don’t seem to understand that, by not properly vetting their candidates, they get some HORRIBLE results.

        Can’t save them from themselves???
        Give them the rope.
        They’ll hang themselves.

    3. ByteRider says:

      Nick, you’re about as dumb as a box of rocks.

      This has nothing to do with Fox, CNN, etc.

      And who brained washed him? Fox? They reported the same thing CNN reported. Duh.

  4. PAUL E. MICELLI says:


    1. Herman Nelson says:

      It works when everybody honors that idea. It seems progressives like to shout down and cover over anything that they disagree with.

      1. Bryan says:

        That’s the only way they can get their point across. They cannot debate with their opposition because if they truly allowed their opponent to counter them, they’d be made to look every bit of the fools they are.

  5. LoveforGodNotforflesh says:

    You do have the right to your own beliefs… but I’ll be dog on if I’m going to prison for something as petty as that… that loser needs to get a life for real!!! I bet he believes in the system now!!! lol

    1. Rany says:

      wait, your LoveforGODnotforflesh name infers that you are a Christian. . . and yet you call another person a loser. If there’s one thing more disgusting than blind president worshipers, it’s hypocritical ‘Christians’. You are no different than Obama or the “loser” who stood up for what he believed in retrospect. So, who exactly are you trying to insult?
      YOU”RE the joke.

      1. Ned Schnittt says:

        Calm down, Rany. No one needs to hear righteous indignation from the unrighteous.

        Have a nice day.

    2. freedom fighter says:

      he took an oath to protect the constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. well, the constitution says the president has to be a natural born citizen. he was defending the constitution so shut your hole.

      1. Michael says:

        He is a natural born US citizen, so shut your hole!

    3. Texasgene says:

      You Love Your Flesh, No We will fight You and The System,
      petty An Illegal President isn’t petty, You don’t respect the rule of law, Like Obammie

      We Will Laugh Last,

    4. tinman2k says:

      Maybe when you grow up you’ll understand…

  6. My Black American President says:

    “Fringe groups”? Try white supremacy hate groups who just cannot accept that a black man has become president of the United States. The final nail in the coffin of the white supremacy movement in the US. I’m so proud of my Black US born president–he got Bin Laden! Something his numb skull white predecessor, Bush failed to do time and again. Get over it: The president is Black and he is your president. Also, get over the long told lie that black’s are not brave and intelligent. Obama’s extraordinarily brave and well thought out intelligent decision to go after Bin Laden in Pakistan was the single most incredible acts of heroism by any US president since Kennedy’s decision to blockade Cuba during the 1962 Cuban Missle Crisis.

    1. PJ says:

      He is 1/2 Black and 1/2 White, not a black American president. He was raised by his white grandparents because his dad was a bigamist and left his mom for another maybe 3rd wife. His mom had him at 18, not as a college graduate as purported for so long. His mom left him to the grandparents to raise as well. So please tell me how he is a black president??!!?? He only received the benefits of the government mandated SPECIAL RIGHTS of those of color. He has NEVER lived the “black” experience other than those special rights! What a joke!

      1. Texasgene says:

        Have you seen a picture of Obamma? OHH he’s Black, I don’t care his race, Its what he believes, and his father was not an American, I will vote for Herman Cain if he runs and I am white!!

      2. poculdoc says:

        What his father’s nationality have to do with it?

    2. Jimmy says:

      Thanking Obama is like going to McDonalds and thanking Ronald McDonald. You should be thanking the cook that made the hamburger, not the clown.

    3. IS it 2012 Yet says:

      Just FYI (IF you know what that means, which I doubt) Your president is NOT BLACK, he is a half-breed. End of story

    4. An American says:

      The only fringe group is the liberal progressive marxist group in the WH regardless of color.

    5. Raleigh says:

      Obama is not even half black. His linage thru his great grandparents ONLY has ONE black. The others are white (on his mothers side) and Arab and the ONE black on his dads side. Listen up! —- Arabs are considered Caucasian (ie: white) making Obama one sixteenth (1/16) or OVER 90% WHITE. His kids thru his wife are MORE black then he is (just the facts).

      Good luck.

    6. endgametime says:

      You are proud of your Negro Traitor. Yes, you have much to be proud of if you are Negro. Your Negro brother sure has accomplished a lot by flirting with our enemies, destroying our economy, and lowering the American standard of living. Your Negro had to be forced to kill Osama. If your Negro truly was a patriot, the negro wouldn’t take all the credit. He would take none. The fact that he claims credit with every breath indicates he is very insecure and doesn’t feel he did enough. Osama could have been killed at any time over the past 6 years. He was only killed now so that the US can pursue mining the lithium and other rare earth elements that US requires for its technology and weening off of oil. A government will be put in place in AF who will engage in mineral trade with the US. China cut the US off and is keeping their minerals so the US has no choice but to pillage AF. Heroism? That’s the biggest joke I have heard since the Negro took office. Heros are not forced to act. Obama was forced to act by his generals and if he didn’t they were going to act anyway. Your Negro hero is really a coward. So Negro, you can play your negro games all you want because in the end, all negroes, whites, hispanics, and asian americans are going to lose. You Negro is counting on it.

    7. dave says:

      “Thanking Obama for killing Bin Laden is like going into McDonalds and thanking Ronald McDonald for the hamburger. It’s the guy cooking the burger that should get the credit, not the clown.”

  7. nolia.slim says:

    Was it really worth his military career and military pension?

    1. Herman Nelson says:

      How about the signers of the Constitution? They to put their lives and fortunes on the line for their beliefs. Most died penniless and destitute.

      1. Michael says:

        You are typical of the teabaggers – You know absolutely nothing about what you say and invent history to suit your purpose. Most of the signers of the US Constitution went on to become Senators, Congressmen, Judges, Governors or other government positions. The only two to die “penniless and destitute” are the two who became real estate speculators (remnd you of anyone?? maybe someone with funny hair?)

        The bottom line is Dr. Larkin stood up for what he believed in (no matter how ridiculous it may be) which is commendable, but he violated direct orders from his superior officers and he has to pay the price for that. It’s the American way.

    2. Pete says:

      Would you not put everything on the line for something you believe in or do you not have that kind of honor and courage??

    3. ByteRider says:

      He wasn’t NEAR a pension.

      Nolia– in most cases, doing the right thing is also doing the hardest thing.

    4. endgametime says:

      Apparently, it is to him. The US Constitution is still important to patriots.

    5. dave says:

      Only if you believe in standing by your principles and your sense of right and wrong.

      If you don’t stand for something…. you’ll fall for ANYTHING!!

      This man stood up for what HE thought was right…. whether you, me or anyone else hold those same beliefs.

  8. jim says:

    what a freak and who ever follows him is a fool

    1. Texasgene says:

      Jimmy boy, your a racist, you call him that because he is white, if you where hurt and needed medical attention, and no one was available but DR. Terry Larkin, I am sure you would want him to help your sorry back side.
      Dr. Larkin has gone to more school than you…

    2. Merehuman says:

      Are you talking about Obama?

  9. teacher says:

    obama did not get bin laden. our dedicated troops did. you fail to see that clinton could have killed bin laden but he was too busy golfing. obama has done nothing but try to not pay our military – the same people that killed bin laden

    1. ghostdawg says:

      Bush II and his administration FAILED to capture Osama. President Obama and his administration killed Osama. It was under Obama’s command and watch that Osama was killed. The military doesn’t act on its own without orders from the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF. For a “teacher” you don’t sound too bright.

      That “birther” idiot deserved to lose his pension for being insubordination and masking racist actions under unproven conspiracy theories

      1. PJ says:

        “for being insubordination” – I think you meant insubordinate – so much for your IQ level.

      2. Denise says:

        you are a focking idiot too

      3. Betsy Ross Conservative says:

        Funny, everything else is “bush’s fault” but this isn’t???LMAO!

      4. Pete says:

        Yeah, when he got around to it after 9 months and 16 hours of trying to decide. He did it cause he was cornered by his commanders and public outrage if it was found out he didn’t do it. SCHMUCK!!!

      5. chance smith says:

        True and Good job Mr President, and now you are responsible for the economy and jobs. Mr Bush is now responsible any more.

      6. ImpeachThatPunk says:

        Ghostdawg: Moron. The military DOES ACT on its own. There has been a STANDING ORDER TO KILL OBL since PRESIDENT BUSH placed that order into effect. DO YOU THINK THE PRESIDENT HAS TO WAKE UP EACH MORNING AND CALL ALL HIS GENERALS & SAY ” YES, WE WANT TO CONTINUE TO KILL THE ENEMY TODAY ” …Not too bright…on YOUR part..

      7. ByteRider says:


        Bad news buddy– Obama didn’t kill Osama either. As you will see in the coming months, Osama was killed by his own guard execution style using a AK47. They disposed of the body and refuse to show the fotos because that’s exactly what the evidence shows– he was shot from behind, in the head, using a calibar not in the SEAL team’s arsenal.

        Obama: FAIL
        Bush: FAIL
        Osama Guard: WINNER

        Hey… it is what it is.

      8. lwlfnm says:

        President and his administration? I was under impression it was Navy SEALs

      9. cripplecreek says:

        You are a fool! That’s right a FOOL! When you say things like that about George Bush,what you are really saying is that OUR Military couldn’t not get Osama untill Obama got into the White House.You are blaming Bush for not getting him while in office,Bush was not out looking for him,Our Military was,nitwit.That Dr stood up for what he believes in,THE U.S CONSTITUTION.Something you idiot liberal loving handouts try daily to destroy.You better enjoy those free handouts,because they are about to end.Nitwit.

    2. Dwayne Talkington says:

      As a member of a military family please stop trying to use the payment of military to make your political point because it was Congress voting on whether my family got paid or not, the President only signs the budget once congress approves it. Go study and learn a little about the government and who does what before you complain about it and look like a fool.

      1. Shaking my Head.... says:

        Dwayne, Sorry to have to correct you, but you are wrong. Obama could have EASILY exempted the Military issue during the government shutdown debate by deeming the military pay as essential, and therefore allowing them to get paid through the government shutdown. Just as social security checks would have continued to been paid during the shutdown, the military could have been paid, on time, throughout the shutdown, if Obama wanted to take funding the military off of the political table. However, military getting paid is a political issue to Obama in HIS favor, so he kept it there.

    3. Jack Pollack says:

      Secretary Gates was opposed to the mission, but said that Obama should real “guts” in giving the go-ahead. Perhaps you idiots can make up another “fact” to disprove that.

  10. poca says:

    I believe him and OBAMA is not black his mother was WHITE and his father is black and Chinese I am so sick of hearing we have a black president when he isnt even a black man.

    1. REAL AMERICAN says:

      Does that line of thinking make you feel better about yourself?

      Stop grasping at straws.

      WASP are nothing more than bitter old racist.

      I can’t wait for the first Hispanic, Asian or Muslim President to watch all you haters spin out of control.

      Go burn a cross in your backyard if it will make you feel superior.


      1. PJ says:

        We already have a Muslim President pretending he is black! I see more racism coming from those that want Special Rights! You sound like a broken record from the 60’s.

      2. REAL AMERICAN says:

        Miss those hippie beating days…..HUH PJ? or should I call you Archie?

    2. ron says:

      whatever way you look at it he has african heritage in his blood, just get over it he is a black man, you white people are miserable

    3. President Obama is BLACK and says:

      considers himself black so get over it. Good luck with trying to convince him otherwise. His father was Kenyan (AFRICAN) not black and Chinese LOL

      1. chuck s says:

        And you forgot that Daddy was NOT an American Citizen

      2. retirednav says:

        “President Obama is BLACK and considers himself black so get over it. Good luck with trying to convince him otherwise. His father was Kenyan (AFRICAN) not black and Chinese LOL

        exactly and NOT AMERICAN! You just proved the case.

    4. Texasgene says:

      Ohhh He is Black to the bone, Black minded, and a muslim, an That Black father, he never knew, Or Should we say, Obammie who’s ya daddy, is not from America, so That makes Obammie an Illegal President, Judgement Day Is Coming!

  11. Melissa says:

    That lady is wrong. It’s just stupidity or willful ignorance on her part. Mommy and Daddy don’t have to both be born here.

    1. Sun is always shinning on me says:

      She should join the Westboro Baptist Church.

      They have the same narrow minded hatful outlook she has on life.

      Blacks and minorities are okay as long as I don’t have to live near them or my children have to attend school near them.

    2. retirednav says:

      correct but he needs to renounce the citizenship of the parents to be President cant me duel.

  12. lalamus says:

    The man is simply a deserter. He failed to report to duty in a time of war. He should have spend his life in prison. In the past he would have been hung.

    1. Edgar Friendly says:

      That means Bill Clinton would be dead now.

  13. I’ve never seen so much ignorance in my life–on both sides of the argument.

    1. Bmore girl says:

      Yes I will agree, So if they take his race out of the argument , what are you really mad about. Let’s get it together people.

      1. Not a Birther says:

        Hmmm… His policies SUCKS. Oh, and I am black, so his race is NO issue w/ me.

  14. Mary says:

    This guy does not have a brain…..he is just as dumb as “dump the trump”. He is making a big fool out of himself. Go back to prison, that is where you belong.

  15. lalamus says:

    Christian Rivera = annoying self-promoter

    1. @ lalamas – I really resent that comment. I was merely expressing my opinion, and I’m not here to “promote” anything, except maybe a bit of common sense.

  16. True American supporting our GREAT PRESIDENT says:

    Maybe he can start his own reality show called the biggest BIGOT.

    They could get plenty of contestants off of this page.

    Especially Lalamus

    1. Great President???? says:

      GREAT… from doing what exactly?

      He has done nothing but drive up the cost of fuel and food.

      Oh, and he got UBL. That was not just because of him.

    2. LTCB says:

      You’re obviously a participant in the president’s cult worship. Seems your ignorance is showing too. You ASSUME just because someone doesn’t like his policies or actually thinks we still need to follow the Constitution that they’re a “BIGOT”. You are not a “true American” by any stretch of the imagination. I would go so far as to propose you’re actually a terrorist on the blog trying to tear down America. Americans don’t agree on everything. But, one thing they do agree on is the Constitution is the basis for all of our civil laws. The basis for the Constitution was the Laws of Nations and the Bible. Try reading sometime. If your mind isn’t closed, you may learn something.

  17. Leigh says:

    this is just american racism. these people are just upset someone of a different skin color was elected president. they should know if john McCain won that um..he was born in the panama canal zone. which last time i checked was only a territory not a state….smh these people disgust me and im only a 16 year old kid..

      1. OLDWET HEN says:

        I challenge some of you O-LOVERS to answer this one thing!! Whether the B/C is fake, everybody can have an opinion —BUT what would you think of a REPUBLICAN RAT who only brought his B/C forward at the end of Col. Lakin’s prison term? TO THINK THAT HE COULD HAVE PREVENTED A FINE MAN FROM GOING TO PRISON AND LOSING HIS RETIREMENT AND RANK!!! YES, I AM SCREAMING AT YOU!!!

    1. retirednav says:

      IDIOT, he was born to military parents stationed in the canal zone a territory of the US and anyone born in a territory is a US citizen so learn your civics.

      1. poculdoc says:

        1. The court decision you refer made John McCain a citizen in the same way any immigrant would become a citizen.

        2. The court decision did not refer specifically to the status of those born outside insular areas. McCain did not show his birth certificate.

        3;. Those born even in insular areas are not generally considered citizens.

        Given that he was born to military parents a court likely would have found him eligible, but his situation was not cut and dry.

    2. littleleers says:

      Leigh…you are correct that the Panama Canal Zone was our territory, but it hasn’t been since 1977 when Pres. Jimmy Carter turned control back over to Panama.

      As for McCain, his U.S. birth was deemed legitimate by congress since he was born on a U.S. military base AND both his parents are American citizens. And you need to learn more though you think you know it all at 16. You will grow up someday and realize that just because someone doesn’t agree with someone of another skin color does not mean they are a racist. As Americans we have a right and a duty to disagree with our president, regardless of their skin color, if we feel that their policies are unconstitutional and/or are damaging.

    3. Barbara says:

      Blaming people’s criticism of Obama on racism is ignorant. I’m not a racist and I don’t like his policies or his broken promises. Saying that anyone who dislikes Obama is a racist is like saying we can’t criticize a black politician because he is black. I know many people who dislike Obama as much as they dislike Bush. We should have the right to criticize regardless of the race without being labeled as a racist, which is true equality actually.

    4. Barbara says:

      Also McCain showed his birth certificate when doubted, he did not wait two years than only do it because so many were questioning that it was a good move politically to show it.

    5. John says:

      OK, let us assume it is racism as the basis for the claim. If the claim is correct, does that mean it should not be looked into because of the motive? With that logic, because you like him, even if he was not born here you would say, “Oh, no problem, it’s just the Consitution – we can ignore it.” People like you are a threat to logic, and Freedom

  18. UP YOURS says:

    Finally and AMERICAN OFFICER AND SOLDIER AND GENTLEMAN who had the courage to stand up to the Manchurian candidate and the communist takeover of my country. If only the rest of the military had as much balls as this HERO .

    1. MORE LIKE UP HIS says:

      for being a COWARD and not serving. He deservedly lost his pension and served jail time for his unproven conspiracy theories. Lunatics like him are usually in the minority, so no thanks in other upstanding members of the military following behind CHICKEN LITTLE.

      1. Jimmy says:

        He certainly was no soldier, nor gentleman. He was an Officer thanks to Congress. He is also a Deserter and a Traitor. He refused to obey the orders of the officer’s appointed above him. No, not Obama, but the General who issued the orders to got to Afghanistan. He was a coward who just didn’t want to go to war. He certainly should be stripped of all rank, dismissed from the Army with no pension or healthcare at a minimum.

      2. retirednav says:

        he was honor bound to question this, he should have followed the order then questioned it. But he did what he did.

      3. mike b says:

        he already did a tour in Afganistan in 2005 .it would have been a second trip. His first under BHO.
        In addition, he holds: Combat Medical Badge, the Bronze Star Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, the Army Achievement Medal with one Oak Leaf Clusters, the National Defense Service Medal with Bronze Service Star, the Armed Forces Expedition Medal, the Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal, the Army Service Ribbon, the Overseas Service Ribbon sixth award and the NATO service medal.

  19. Larry says:

    Why all the hatred and controvery? He went to jail because he was afraid to serve his country in Afghanistan. Almighty God places those in power He chooses. We need to respect His choices even when we don’t agree.

    1. dave says:

      Afraid??? I think not…. he already did a tour in Afganistan in 2005 .it would have been a second trip. His first under BHO.
      In addition, he holds: Combat Medical Badge, the Bronze Star Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, the Army Achievement Medal with one Oak Leaf Clusters, the National Defense Service Medal with Bronze Service Star, the Armed Forces Expedition Medal, the Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal, the Army Service Ribbon, the Overseas Service Ribbon sixth award and the NATO service medal.

  20. jmiller17314 says:

    While Obama was not my choice for president. I respect that a majority vote of Americans put him in office. I also respect that he is of African American decent. But in all fairness should he not be referred to a the first mixed race president? Isn’t he also a child with a white parent and a parent with not only African but Asian genes? Why must he just be classified as a “black” president? Is this to make the African American community feel justified?

    1. ghostdawg says:

      President Obama is black and checks “black” on the census form. Culturally, he lived his life as a black American male growing up. The 1st family is a black family. Just about everyone in the world is “mixed”, so it would be silly to classify the President as “1st mixed president”. In case you haven’t noticed, black people come in different shades.


        Obama DID NOT even write “DREAMS FROM MY FATHER” – his Terrorist Buddy Bill Ayers did. PROOF – http://www.DeconstructingObama.com

    2. Byron Davis says:

      Many African Americans in the United States are mixed. Most races in the United States are mixed, but it seems if the race has minority blood, then the race is defined by the minority.

  21. Bill Ayers conspiracy whackos says:

    That link you posted doesn’t prove anything and the Obama “quote” has no source. That blog is nothing more than a tool to sell a book thro9ugh manufactured controversy akin to his buddies over at FIXED NEWS

      1. {YAWN} says:

        More useless drivel from questionable sources

  22. @ lalamas – I really resent that comment. I was merely expressing my opinion, and I’m not here to “promote” anything, except maybe a bit of common sense.

  23. Matthew Don Pablo Curtian says:

    Obama is the Commander in Chief. You MUST FOLLOW HIS ORDERS!!!! Period. I had to follow that Idiot Bush’s orders when I was in. Good Lord Up above all this is is a man not wanting to fulfill his rightful duties he swore to when he enlisted.

    1. TRUTH says:

      CORRECTION: BHO is The Usurper-In-Chief. http://www.ProtectOurLiberty.org

  24. Wiley says:

    What a waste but this doctor is showing us all just how big a deal it is if you are black and in charge I willing to bet that he has a checkered history in race relations while he’s been in the military the president should dig up all of his less than credable service besides him being a coward using the president as an exuse for refusale to deploy which is noraly 2 years so there are a lot of racist sitting in the military directing son and daughters while they are already in harms way this behaivoir should be struct down no matter the rank

    1. GREEN JOB$ CZAR says:

      Perhaps we should ask his non-caucasian wife about his “checkered history in race relations” as you contend.

      You are a typical Obama Zombie. http://www.terrylankinactionfund.com

  25. alain says:

    What’s even more disturbing is this individual is a doctor and will contine to be one. I wouldn’t want him as my doctor either in the military or private sector. He’s scary!! Might shoot air up into his patiences veins or something.

  26. Bruce Goldfarb says:

    Here is an extended version of the Arbutus Patch video used by WJZ-TV for this report: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_73eJe3Y9WU

  27. FU Doug says:

    Not even going to entertain this Doug. FU Doug Funnie.

  28. RDNKKKGRL says:



      The Navy or any other branch of military does not act without the orders of the commander-in-chief President Obama and advisement of federal intelligence. The military was simply following orders of execution after Osama’s location was found.


      1. me says:


        “Thanking Obama for killing Bin Laden is like going into McDonalds and thanking Ronald McDonald for the hamburger. It’s the guy cooking the burger that should get the credit, not the clown.”

  29. Jack Pollack says:

    Cowardice comes in all forms. This guy suported the war, loves Bush, and is happy to see others go to fight for their country. Dr Coward.

  30. Rob Vicker says:

    The reason why people wonder about is birth certificate is that Obama is acting like he wants to destroy this country. 14 trillion is debt? Are you serious? Bush was bad but this guy is off the charts! But hey, I don’t feel it in my wallet so it doesn’t matter. Well it’s coming down the line and most people posting here will feel it but until then let the party continue till we run out of people to tax. Then we will be just like Venezuela.

  31. Norm G says:

    For heaven’s sake, Obama’s Birth Certificate has been proved a fake by several unrelated experts. Yup, I’m a “birther” or more accurately a “prover.” I can see by some of your comments that you haven’t read Corsi’s book. To be ignorant through no fault of your own is one thing–To be willfully ignorant is quite another.

    1. Tony says:

      Please feel free to name these unrelated experts and provide their credentials with regards to electronic forgeries. Thus far, the only experts I’ve seen referenced have been people hiding behind online nicknames who don’t seem to understand how a PDF file actually works.
      Oh, and Corsi seriously needs psychiatric treatment for delusions, so don’t be referring to his books as a gospel on anything.

  32. Violet Wilson says:

    You Obamites are in such denial. This man is a fraud and a puppet and you are so bull headed that you refuse to admit that you were sucked in. The old P.T. Barnum quote applies to YOU. “A sucker is born every minute”, and you suckers were sucked in big time. We are a nation of laws which BO keeps reminding us ,however, he picks and chooses which laws he wants to enforce. i.e. being a legal citizen himself as our President ,illegal aliens flowing over our border . Is there a connection here? He feels their pain?

  33. Poculdoc says:

    “Mommy and Daddy have to be born here”

    Ya call ‘at blood lawl. And all real white peple kno’ at blood lawl beats govment lawl.

    Wher’is my shotgun?

  34. Laura says:

    I couldn’t care less where he was born be it here or Kathmandu. All I want is a President that actually knows what he’s doing. He makes George Bush look Mensa.

  35. Jay Cunnington says:

    Ignorance. Mommy AND daddy don’t have to be born here. Mommy and daddy don’t even have to be born here. That woman admits the legality of 8USC1401(a) but denied paragraphs (b) through (h). You don’t get to pick and choose the law.

    I’m not even a lawyer and I can see this doctor was in the wrong. I’ve referred to the law. All anyone who doubts has to do is read it.

  36. Pete says:

    A Photo Shopped Fake Birth Certificate is all it takes to convince most Liberals that Obama is legit. His Grandmother witnessed his Birth in Kenya, no sense in
    listening to someone who was there. Most Liberals are Apple Heads, squeeze
    their ears together and juice pops out!

  37. citizen says:

    Why does the so-called long form birth certificate have porportional fonts in it and can be deconstructed to reveal it was created by layering?

    The long-form birth certificate is a forgery.

  38. Roy Rogers says:

    Why is Obama ashamed to release his school records?

    1. Jack Pollack says:

      Maybe for the same reason that George Bush refused to release his military records.

  39. WB says:

    To the reporter who wrote this story…Where is your “overwhelming ” body of evidence.
    I think you NEED to return to journalism school to complete your training…oh wait…I understand, you did have to go to school for that. It was a mail order degree!
    Well, if this article is “evidence” of your journalism education, then the truth be told…you have ZERO, nada, nothing to support your claim because you haven’t done any investigation into this matter.
    Try WORKING for a living at your profession before you try getting me to believe your story.

  40. OBL says:

    Obama Bin Lyin should have released his birth certificate back when this case first came up. But instead OBL let it continue on all these months- and for what purpose? OBL should have taken care of this 2.5 years ago, and spared this Army doctor a prison sentence.

  41. barb says:

    The left resorts to name calling and smears if they don’t like what they hear! Can you say Saul Alynski tactic? I don’t remember the left ridiculing the 911 idiots who said that Bush orchestrated 911. Get a good argument and people may listen to you. Frankly I can’t see why people ridicule someone who wants to see the PROOF that Citizen O was born in the US> Does he have something to hide??? Ah, are you recommending that we discard the LAW of the US that says a President must be born in the US? Ah..maybe so like Citizen O has decided after pledging to uphold the laws of the US, to stop upholding the marriage ace…between and man and a woman. Why argue with them, they make NO sense EVER!

  42. Massimo Deportado says:

    Overwhelming? N____ please, there is overwhelming evidence to the CONTRARY.

    Has America gotten so dumb that it can’t recognize a forgery at face value?

    WHY DID THE DOCTOR NAME CHANGE on the Whitehouse’s second try?
    No idiot on the left seems to be able to answer to this FACT.

  43. Hank Warren says:

    This is all about limiting Free Speech. After all, censorship is everywhere. The gov’t (and their big business cronies) censor free speech, shut down dissent and ban the book “America Deceived II”. Free speech for all.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  44. Soothsayer says:

    “A duel citizen can’t be president. Mommy and Daddy have to be born here,” said one woman.

    If that’s true, then Romney and Trump are ineligible to run for the presidency. Romney’s dad was born in Mexico and Trump’s mom was born in Scotland.

    1. mike b says:

      trump’s mommy was a naturalized citizen years BEFORE the Don was born. As for Romney,I don’t want him no matter where his family’s from.

  45. Bob Collins says:

    I like how the so-called birthers are also called fringe. Since when is 20% fringe? Let the man have his beliefs, it is not against the law to say what he belives as long as nobody is harmed. His thoughts and comments are not dangerous like yelling fire in a theater.

    We did not throw 0bama into jail when he said he visited all 57 states.

  46. freedom fighter says:

    obama is 50% black and 50% white, how does that make him the first black president?

  47. Lee Reynolds says:

    Obama is a cypto-marxist in the Alynsky tradition who never would have been elected had the news media done its job of honest reporting.

    That being said, he’s a cypto-marxist from HAWAII, not Gondwanaland.

    Also, the requirement that one be a “born American” only means YOU have to be born here, not that one or both of your parents do.

  48. John says:

    If a young man or woman wants to be a to linguist in the US Army it is necessary to undergo a security clearance that takes a year, costs a million dollars, and proves him and both his parents are US citizens and all were born in the US. Nowadays merely to get a drivers license it is necessary to have an official birth certificate copy. We have a president who couldn’t provide one to run for office, nor could he pass an Army security clearance.

    What’s the danger you stupid non-birthers? What if your dearly beloved president was an Iranian or Russian spy? What if he has stocked up the intelligence agencies and military with spies? What if he fails to intercept a missile from Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, China, Russia, or some Islamic terrorist group? What if you find your electricity off, your computers non-working, your car not starting, your grocery store and its supplier’s warehouses empty, your phones not working, and you start starving to death in a couple weeks?

    Or what if everybody in your stupid liberal neighborhood got a fatal case of some disease and just all died? Because a guy at the top made it possible for foreign agents to enter the country at will unopposed? You are too stupid to think of the possibilities. You should not be allowed to vote without an intelligence and knowledge test.

  49. Bill says:

    This article makes me yet again wonder about the education system when it comes to the author and editor who approved it. It isn’t “duel” citizen (they aren’t having a sword fight!) it is “dual” citizen – dual as in two of something.
    Please CBS – send your reporter and editor back to school for some grammar and English instruction!

    1. Hunter says:

      I’m glad someone else noticed this glaring error!

  50. Early Ardmore says:

    But wait there’s more …………..

    Obama/Dunham marriage license — Not released

    Soetoro/Dunham marriage license — Not released

    Soetoro adoption records — Not released

    Fransiskus Assisi School School application — Released

    Punahou School records — Not released

    Selective Service Registration — Released – Proven Counterfeit

    Occidental College records — Not released

    Passport (Pakistan) — Not released

    Columbia College records — Not released

    Columbia thesis — Not released

    Harvard College records — Not released

    Harvard Law Review articles — None (maybe 1, Not Signed)

    Baptism certificate — None

    Medical records — Not released

    Illinois State Senate records — None (Locked up to prohibit public view)

    Illinois State Senate schedule — Lost (All other Illinois state senators’ records are intact)

    Law practice client list — Not released

    University of Chicago scholarly articles — None

    When you have your finger on thermo-nuclear weapons we want to know everything about you. —- http://911essentials.com

    1. Jack Pollack says:

      Did you know everything about George Bush? School grades? DIY arrest? Evasion of military service in Vietnam when his outfit was sent over? No, bush is white.

  51. unclesmrgol says:

    Seems the guy had a legitimate grievance, which Mr. Obama addressed only after he was sent to the brig.

  52. daniel says:

    If you have anything negative to say about Obama, you are immediately branded as a racist

  53. DudeInMI says:

    Here are the facts:
    1. Enlisted men swear allegiance to the Constitution AND the President. Officers swear allegiance to the Constitution ONLY. The Officers also must make this oath “freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion”. http://www.history.army.mil/html/faq/oaths.html
    2. Mr. Lakin was a Lt. Col. so he took the Officer oath.
    3. The President of the U.S. must be a natural born citizen to be qualified to be president.
    4. The short form birth certificate that Obama originally produced was only a computer record that did not prove anything. The long form birth certificate that he recently produced indicates that he was born in Hawaii. The difference between the short form and the long form is that one is a COMPUTER RECORD and the other is an AFFIDAVIT SWORN TO by a real life doctor.

    My Opinion: Lt. Col. Lakin was acting in conformance with his Oath by disobeying his orders because Obama had not proven that he was qualified to be POTUS and to issue Lakin’s orders. Therefore, Lt. Col. Lakin could not freely and without mental reservation follow those orders. By doing what he did Lt. Col. Lakin has more CHARACTER and respect for the Constitution than Obama, who played games with the people for years. If you are going to give the keys to the white house and the assets of the most powerful country on the planet to one man, why is it wrong to want to know that he is constitutionally qualified? The president should be TRUTHFUL with and have RESPECT for those he seeks to govern. Obama, clearly, does not.

    1. endgametime says:

      The long form cert does not exist in Hawaii records. The governor says so. So how can Hawaii produce a cert that the governor says does not exist? Easy, forge one. People who accept this cert are naive and brainwashed. If this cert had been provided prior to Barack spending several million dollars to hide the fact that it does not exist, the fraud wouldn’t be so obvious. The conspiracy runs deeper than anyone can imagine.

  54. Texasgene says:

    Why do both Obama’s State Department and the Senate require two US citizen parents for those born abroad to attain natural born citizen status?

  55. Tom Walter says:


  56. AAA says:

    “Despite oberwhelming evidence???” Oh really, where? Typical IDIOT media morons….

  57. AAA says:

    “muslim” ain’t a “religion!” It’s an occult. Call it properly or don’t call it at all.

    1. Michael says:

      Maybe you should learn the English language.

  58. Aray says:

    Are we really still talking about this birth certificate thing? I mean really people get a life. We voted him in without proof so why worry about it now? Get a life and deal with it. He is our leader for the time being.

  59. Ranma says:

    What a loser! He took an oath to follow the lawful orders issued to him. Those orders were from a higher level than him. Now that he is released from prison and a convicted fellow, he can get his dishonorable discharge.
    Look people, the military can not determine if the President is lawful or not. The military runs on discipline. I went to Iraq when ordered, he did not deploy and has earned his “reward”.

  60. hmmm says:

    Was it a copy of the ORIGINAL llong form birth certificate? Or just a reconstituted or copy thereof a new long form birth certificate?

  61. TERRI TERESE says:

    GOOGLE this GOOGLE this 4 Supreme Court Cases define “natural born citizen”| The Post & Email


    1. Michael says:

      GOOGLE this GOOGLE this… “Birther idiots”

  62. StampedAmerican says:

    You “birthers’ are very entertaining! I laugh at those hilarious comments. I wonder if you are all really just comedians trying to get a laugh out of us all!?

  63. Amac says:

    I agree that it makes no difference if he was born on the moon, at this point he is socializing this country regardless of where he was born.

    BUT, if there was no question as to his citizenship, then why did he hide it? If there is no question as to his validity, then hiding the information makes him look guilty and suspicious. Now everyone has the right to think that he spent 2 years getting his ducks in a row to have faked a birth certificate if that is what you want to believe. He didn’t plan on using the release if his alleged birth certificate for any political gain as some on her believe. He is just an arrogant socialist SOB that thumbs his nose at the American people and their constitution,

  64. TERRI TERESE says:

    GOOGLE this GOOGLE this 4 Supreme Court Cases define “natural born citizen”| The Post & Email


  65. Bryan says:

    Obama found and killed Osama in 2.5 years as President.


    1. DJ says:

      You are really that Fu%##&* stupid,

      1. ferg says:

        I’ve been a better citizen of this country than Obama in 2.5 years.

  66. ferg says:

    Obama just wants to divide the country and play games. Its the devils game. Worst president ever. He’s not a Christian either, a true Christian does not support abortion period. And Obama is an abortionist.

    Why does the Kenya ambassador say Obama was born in Kenya?

  67. Mark says:

    Silly birthers…and I am glad they sent that Doctor to jail, you join the service and we pay your salary to do what is asked. I noticed he didn’t make a fuss and resign his commission BEFORE he got orders to dploy. He and his moral outrage didn’t mind that paycheck now did they?

  68. LibsAreCommies says:

    The difference here between the Right and Left is that the Left does not care if Obama is eligible or not. The Left cares not for rules, laws or the Constitution just so long as they have their beloved black Radical Leftist in power.
    This is what we get from a group whose motto is “By any means necessay”…

  69. DJ says:

    The term independt voter is used for people who are ashamed to call themselves demacrats.

  70. ferg says:

    Liberals are just ignorant of the truth.

  71. Michael says:

    Yeah, Obama is a Muslim, Kenyan, Communist, Radical, Socialist, Liar, Affirmative Action User, Mixed Race, Single Mother Child who wants to radically change this country.

    But guess what? He was elected by more than 50% of the people in this country and he is the President of the United States of America. Unfortunately you are just some unemployed dolt with not an original thought in your head sitting around in the middle of the day on your computer collecting your welfare check and reading vitriolic (look it up) propoganda from Drudge, Breitbart and Fox while listening to your false god Rush and there is not a thing you can do about it. Hmmmmmm, sucks to be you.

  72. TruckerMatt says:

    Why is everyone in he media so afraid of digging deep into the facts around these descrepancies in the Obama birth records. If he isn’t a natural born citizen, or born in another country, WE NEED TO KNOW.

  73. John Seaman says:

    People seem to forget that John McCain was the original target of the birthers, who claimed he had actually been born in the Republic of Panama, not the US Panama Canal Zone. McCain ignored them, but his campaign manager had enough sense to release McCain’s full birth certificate. It showed that he was born at the hospital at the submarine base in the Canal Zone. That ended the birther attacks on McCain. President Obama instead delayed releasing his birth certificate for more than 2 years. One does wonder if Obama was playing games by waiting so long.

  74. pato onyi says:

    white people, your president is a black man. get over it!

    1. Todd Clemmer says:

      Brown people, we are. Now stop using race to stifle debate. It makes you look ignorant and scared.

      1. ferg says:

        I thought he was white too. Stop racism , keep the Democrats out.

  75. john says:

    Obama is a fart in the wind.

    1. ferg says:

      and a really smelly nasty one too.

  76. Bush II presidency steered us here says:

    Under the Bush II presidency two MASSIVE DEBT creating wars were started and unpaid for with less regulation for wall street to run a muck and increased tax breaks for the rich. That flawed “trickle-down” formula will NEVER stop a plummeting economy. Did you really think 8 years of running up the deficit would miraculously overturn in three years under the next elected Administration?

    1. Jack Pollack says:

      What’s the idea of using facts in your argument? That’s not fair. You’re only supposed to rant and rave and confuse idiotic opinions as so-called facts.

  77. DBH says:

    Two and a half years ago BO said he released the BC. Sheeple believed that, but
    some were not drinking the Kool-Aid. Lies begets more lies and Soetoro has lost
    count, so—– the Spin MUST go on. Dimocrats have SOROS who sows seeds of
    “Disharmony” in many orgs. Soetoro is his biggest “pusher”. The NWO is about to
    pull the plug on finances and the world economy will collapse with them at the top,
    of course. Google “Georgia Gidestones” to see the 1st commandment of these
    NWO elites.

  78. jb80538 says:

    If obama had released his phoney BC months aago, this Dr would still have his Army commission and still be serving our soldiers.

    I wish him the best in his practice.

  79. John Patricio says:

    I don’t understand the misconception among Birthers that both parents have to be born in the USA. It’s not true! Only one parent needs to be a US citizen. You’d think these people would know the law before accusing someone of breaking it.

    1. dave says:

      John… you are correct to a point…. to be declared a USA citizen as a new born child… no matter where you are born… only ONE parent need to be a US citizen.

      As outlined in the constitution however… to be a NATURAL born citizen… and eligible to run and be the POTUS…. both parents are supposed to be US born parents and the birth take place on US soil.

      There is a difference in being a citizen… and a “natural born” citizen according to the constitution.

    2. Mary Incerto Tomlin says:

      You should probably check the law before you comment. The Constitution requires that the President be a “natural born citizen”. It is the only place in the Constitution that the distinction is made, and it is defined as 1. born on US soil AND 2. both parents are US citizens. The Federal Papers set forth the reasoning…the Framers wanted to ensure the President’s loyalty was solely to the US, and not split between the US and another territory. Obama himself affirmed this with his signature on S.Res.511, defining “natural born citizen”, while declaring McCain eligible.

  80. Adam in VA says:

    The fact is Obama spends a lot of effort in keeping his life a secret which just opens the door to suspicion. There is way to much confusion on the subject. One interesting thing is Obama’s grandmother says he was born in Kenya….she was there for the birth according to her….interesting……does your grandmother know where you were born…mind did…births of grandchildren are always important events and one generally doesn’t forget details of such. However, he was born to a underage person who could not pass on citzenship which means he automatically falls into the citizenship of his father who at the time was a British citizen giving Obama dual citizenship. Which disqualifies him for the presidency.

  81. Tony says:

    Oy, threads like this wish I had bought vast amounts of stock in aluminum companies before 2008…

  82. Bob Smith says:

    This is such a moot point now. I just we could make it a mute point as well.

  83. EET says:

    This man is an American hero, you can bet on that. His questions are the questions of many who are just too scared to speak up. If it took this long to release an original form the Whitehouse can rest assured that more questions than ever are going to come up. Nixon was impeached not for Watergate but for covering it up. Lies only beget more lies and it seems the lies are mounting.

  84. Randolph says:

    Just facts. What Obama showed, was not the original birth certificate, but a composite manufactured from records, and then edited, and then displayed to the public in a graphics scan. The problems with the scanned display are these:
    – It has no seal like all other Hawaiians’ certificates have.
    – The birth hospital is named as “Kapiolani.” The hospital did not acquire that name until 1978. Obama was born in 1961.
    – Certain fields have been tampered with, as is easily seen in an analysis of the layered scan. (Significance unclear.)
    – There is a birth certificate of a woman born one day after Obama, whose record was registered with the state three days after Obama’s. The registration number is lower on her certificate, than on Obama’s. This is at least an interesting apparent discrepancy.

    Then add that we have eyewitness accounts from Obama’s own immediate family, regarding his birth in Kenya; the fact that he was identified by the mainstream press, throughout his state senate campaign and afterwards, as Kenyan-born, with no correction ever made (back then, it was no issue for him to be Kenyan-born); the fact that Kenya had an Obama Birthplace Monument until it was recently torn down; etc.

    I do not know the full story, but details that would corroborate the official story are far and few between since most of Obama’s records are still sealed under secrecy by presidential executive order #13489, signed on Obama’s first day in office.

  85. Michael - who is in Afghanistan says:

    Did anyone notice the name on the “birth certificate” was “Barack Obama” ? Pardon me…but that is NOT the name he went by as a child. Minor detail in plain sight.

  86. Moose says:

    This just in…Channel 13 News CBS Affiliate in Baltimore suspected of suffering from a lack of objectivity! Film at 11!

    And it is not “duel” citizenship Mr. News Director. It is “dual” citizenship. Completely ridiculous. Forget the Obama “birther” controversy…our nation is going to hell in a hand basket due to an obvious and extreme lliberal bias among journalists.

  87. LTCB says:

    Anyone who says “it doesn’t matter where he was born” or “it doesn’t matter what his qualifications for the presidency are” is guilty of teason. Deal with it. We are a Constitutional republic. End of discussion. Go somewhere socialist if you don’t like th form of government and stop trying to change this one. The President presented evidence that proves he is NOT a “natural born” citizen of the United States. He is a citizen and I’m not arguing that point. I truly don’t care WHERE he was born. I do care WHO HIS FATHER IS. THAT is what sets the requirement for a President to hold office. I don’t like Biden one bit but, the current holder of the office needs booted out and VP Biden sworn in. End of it. Read sometime before you try slandering people.

    1. Jack Pollack says:

      Really, what’s “teason”? I’ll slander you. You’re an idiot who can’t spell and doesn’t know a fact from a fart in the wind. Do’t pick up a social security check because that’s socialism. Don’t use medicare because that’s socialism. You don’t have the moral strength to follow your convictions.

  88. Zelda says:

    “Birthers” don’t seem to understand that Mr. Obama is a whole lot smarter than they’d like him to be. He let them crawl as far out on their conspiracy llimb as possible before cutting them off. They look like idiots and no one with any sense pays any attention to them. Their issues are automatically discounted, because they come across as the lunatic fringe. They might actually have some legitimate questions, but no intelligent person wants to be associated with them. The louder they screech, the less credible they seem. What a waste of everyone’s time!

    1. gkm says:

      you have the IQ of a rock, Zelda, and never graduated 2nd grade

      why not try to readthe constitution, article II, moron?

      president must be a natural born citizen, not a statutory citizen
      means born incountry of parents who are its citizens

  89. poetopoet says:

    This begs the question! Why would Mrs. Lolo Ann Soetoro ever change her two children’s names to a divorced-penniless polygamist and bigamist name of a deceased Barack Hessian Obama Sr. name? When she unwittingly at 17-18 married into a multiple marriage Muslum group’s name making Obama‘s name and use of it null and void by law! Unless Obama claims and can prove he was born in and is a Kenyan, where it is legal. Obama had to assume his mother’s maiden name as recorded and keep it until his adopted name of Barry Soetoro, unless he was readopted later in life by a verified copy of Hawaiian COLB of a deceased Kenyan, from Barry Soetoro and changed back to Barack Hessian Obama IIs, scenario.

  90. Tina says:

    Thankyou for standing for America Lt.Col.Terry Lakin,you sir are a true Patriot. We have an illegal in the whitehouse,committing the “BIGGEST CRIME IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD” justice is coming for all involved.

    1. Jack Pollack says:

      Tina, although you’re a bit confused, at least you’re commenting on the article. Lakin is a coward who would hve been shot during the war. Laking supported the war under Bush. What’s the difference now? A black president.

  91. Carol Nelson says:

    It all boils down to a simple fact…if Obama was born in the USA he would not have let this drag on and refuse to address the question from the very beginning…It probably took this long to convince someone to “help” the POTUS get this behind him with the appearance of a certificate that would quiet the building numbers of doubters.

  92. GeneZ says:

    Why did Obama let this doctor go to jail to begin wit?. He just proved he can provide a certificate of birth if he wanted to. I think the doctor should sue Obama for not being forthright when it was needed. Instead, Obama let the doctor go to jail. The doctor had every right to demand to know. But! A certificate of birth *from Hawaai* is the same thing as a real birth certificate. If it were? Sun Yat-sen could have qualified to run for President of the United States . He obtained one and was shown to be born in Kula, Maui. Of course, he was really born in China.

  93. freeworld says:

    Isn’t it sickening how the hypocrites on the left label anyone who disagrees with Obama a racist. But of course that standard doesn’t apply to the left wing. CLARENCE THOMAS, CONDOLEEZA RICE, ALAN KEYES, ERIK RUSH, WALTER WILLIAMS, HERMAN CAIN etc etc etc. All brilliant (and right wing) black men/women that the left constantly disparages. And yet no one calls them racists for expressing their beliefs. That’s because the racist label is the new tool of the marxist left. If you don’t support the welfare state, you’re labeled a racist in order to destroy your credibility. A disgusting tactic by a truly disgusting group of people!

    1. Jack Pollack says:

      Freeworld, YOU ARE NOT A RECIST, but you are stupid. Now support your beliefs and do not pick up your social security check, or use Medicare. They[re socialism. You’re not a racist, but you are a hypocrite.

  94. AJ says:

    So are you tin foil hats types saying that childrebn born to military families deployed overseas would not be eligible to become president!?

  95. skeptic17 says:

    Y’know, Kenya became a country in 1963 and Obama’s birth certificate states his father is from Kenya at the time of Obama’s birth, two years before it became a country. How can this be? Did someone in the administration forget that little detail?

  96. Keith says:

    So you want to say that the one they showed off was a fake, yet you say they can be reproduced….even if you had it in your hands, you would still say it was fake…..idiots. There are far more important things facing this country and the president now is only cleaning up the mess that Dubya left him…….when it comes down to it, the only reason you don’t want him as president is not his birth place, but rather the color of his skin….and the fact that he has a muslim name. Lets see, you wouldn’t like it very much if I were to question your ability based on your skin and how your name was spelled…..bunch of idiots you people are

    1. ed says:

      Bad news for you, calling people racist doesn’t work anymore . You lefties have used it up by using it whenever your pint size brain realizes that you have no legitimate answer. If you think this is racist feel free to bite me—–Ed

  97. j j hoehn says:

    OK, I’ll accept his citizenship if you’ll agree that he’s not qualified to lead our great country. Will you?

    1. Jack Pollack says:

      What great country? Are you talking about China or Japan?

  98. Black Eagle says:

    Obama critics just have to learn, that Obama supporters don’t give a damn about the Constitution. They wanted a Marxist Muslim, to “stick it in the eye” of the nation, to use the flag as a tissue to blow their nose, and wipe their arse, figuratively. So things like forged birth certificates are irrelevant to them, who believes that stealing, lying and cheating are just A-OK, so long as it is done in favor of “the cause”, “the revolution”, or just “gettin’ even with th’ man”.

  99. huntcity says:

    Obama the fraud never lived in Connecticut, and therefore could not nave a social security number issued in CT. If he had a CT address, when and where? Tell us, or shut up.

  100. davec says:

    Talk about BLATANT MEDIA BIAS:

    “Despite overwhelming evidence that President Obama was born in the U.S., some people refuse to believe it.”

    That is OPINION.

    And no, there is no proof he was born in America. The BC is a clear forgery and eye witnesses say he wasnt

  101. Tom says:

    Most people are missing the point. It matters not whether the certificate is real or forged. The information on the certificate, specifically that his father was not a US citizen, disqualifies Obama for the presidency. As has been argued numerous times by the Supreme Court, both parents must be US citizens to produce a child of natural born US citizenship. Obama wasn’t stalling on the producing the birthcertificate because of his birthplace, it was because of his lineage.

  102. Joe Public says:

    I could care less whether he was born in Hawaii. What matters are that:

    1. He may well not be a natural born citizen.

    2. He has lied and obfuscated over this issue to such an extent, and released misrepresented information in such an extraordinary and reprehensible fashion, that I firmly believe he is covering up the fact that he himself believes that he may not be a natural born citizen.

    As such he should recuse himself from the position of President.

    1. Matt says:

      What exactly has he lied about?

  103. QB369er says:

    READ the top: “Certificate Of LIVE Birth” not “Birth Certificate”. The certificate of Live Birth is a certification (by request at any time) that a given person was born as stated. A Birth Certificate, however, is THE original long form with foot and handprints as a form of ID.
    But that isn’t the issue – he attended schools as a youth in Indonesia as (Barry Soetoro). Back then Indonesia (going through a communist purge) did NOT allow for a dual citizenship, therefore HAD to give up his US citizenship to attend the schools. Once you renounce it, it is as if it didn’t happen. He further traveled to Pakistan (late70s) at a time when US citizens were forbidden from travel to Pakistan (would not have been allowed as a US citizen to enter). Did he become a citizen once arriving the US? Who knows?

    Bottom line: It is accepted now that since the citizens by majority decided that the Constitutional law for presidential qualifications mandating “natural born citizen” does NOT apply to Obama, the Constitution is VOID. It doesn’t matter if he magically makes gold bars every morning – it’s about the demise of what made us free which isn’t his fault. It is our fault for not enforcing it.

    We can now laugh at people (especially the dismissive idiot lemmings) who say they have “rights” under the Constitution when they are violated (search/seizure/speech, etc). It is (unfortunately) worthless like our dollar.

  104. Montgomery says:

    The tricksters selected this Obama show for his mixed heritage and religion to divide the people while the bankers loot our Nation and kill off our best and brightest through foreign wars that only benefit the international lien holders.

  105. Aircaptain says:

    CBS Baltimore is a typical left-leaning publication with little objjectivity. The story on Col. Lakin’s release “explains” that he got into problems because he doubted Obama’s birth PLACE.

    This is not factual. Col. Lakin doubted that Obama was a natural born citizen, This is a legal term well defined, It simply means this “Commander in Chief” willfully withheld evidence that he was born on American soil of two American parents who were qualified to bestow Ameican citizenship on their child.

    The liberal press repeatedly mischaracterizes what “Birthers” doubt. Without proof, anything can be fairly doubted. Why withhold such GENUINE proof, unless such evidence is wanting? Will it show that Obama is after all ineligible because his mother was not of an age to bestow citizenship under current law? Will it show he is ineligible because his father was NEVER an American citizen? Will it show his later adoption made him a citizen of Indonesia, later eligible for foreign college scholarships but novating any form of his his American citizenship?

    These are reasonable questions by honest Americans. Colonel Lakin gave an oath to support and defend the Constitution, the bedrock law of all American jurisprudence. This oath superscedes his duty to a “perhaps President” who shows divided loyalties. Is this bedrock law important? Damn right! Without it we have no rule of law. Obama knows this, but has been unwilling to uphold it..
    The importance of this law is right up there with liberty and oxigen!

  106. Eric B says:

    Wow, this was a really unbiased article.

  107. Chris David says:

    Missing items

    (1) the original, long-form 1961 Hawaiian birth certificate. Update: Released certificate has wrong hospital name, changed years later and refers to Kenya, then known only as British East Africa (Kenya independent in 1963). You can also play with the photoshop layers and move the print around, etc. not true of a simple photocopy.
    2) Marriage license between Obama’s father (Barak Sr.) and mother (Stanley Ann Dunham) — not found, not released
    3) Obama’s baptism records — sealed
    4) Obama’s adoption records — sealed
    5) Records of Obama’s and his mother’s repatriation as US citizens on return from Indonesia — not found, not released
    6) Name change (Barry Sotero to Barack Hussein Obama) records — not found, not released
    7) Noelani Elementary School (Hawaii) — not released
    8) Punahou School financial aid or school records — not released
    9) Occidental College financial aid records — not released. (These records were, however, subpoenaed but Obama lawyers succeeded in quashing the subpoena in court. No other Occi records have been released.)
    10) Columbia College records — not released
    11) Columbia senior thesis — not released
    12) Harvard Law School records — not released
    13) Obama’s law client list — sealed
    14) Obama’s files from career as an Illinois State Senator — sealed
    15) Obama’s record with Illinois State Bar Association — sealed
    16) Obama’s medical records — not released
    17) Obama’s passport records — not released

  108. FedUp! says:

    Jury’s out until we see his school records! He’s hiding something!

    1. Jack Pollack says:

      We saw Geo Bush’s school record. He was a C student whose father gave lots of money to the University.

  109. Tom M. says:

    “Despite overwhelming evidence that President Obama was born in the U.S., some people refuse to believe it.”

  110. Tom M says:

    “Despite overwhelming evidence that President Obama was born in the U.S., some people refuse to believe it.”

    Sorry, I wasn’t overwhelmed….

  111. Rick says:

    Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud. At best it shows that he’s a UK citizen because his US mother was too young to give him citizenship rights. So far, it’s been proven to be a fake. That still doesn’t explain his Social Security number that was issued in Conneticut, where he’s never lived or worked and the number was tracked back to a dead man.

    1. Jack Pollack says:

      Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. You are really a fart in the wind. Too stupid to be believed. “tracked back to a dead man”. Where in the world did you get that? Ha Ha Ha

  112. Captain Moroni says:

    There is quite a bit of evidence that the BC recent released by Obama is a fraud. All one has to do is search using Goiogle. NBC News is simply a pimp of those he believe in a large federal government.

    1. Jack Pollack says:

      You added an unnecessary “i” to your name.

  113. Richard says:

    Obama admits not being born in the US is on a You Tube clip verified by his wife. Go check it out.


    a natural born citizen is born in-county of parents who are its citizens
    The Law of Nations 1758, basis of US Constitution
    and obama agrees that he’s ineligible (SR511)
    everyone knows he’s a fraud, the purpose is to set precedent to destroy the Constitution to establish a marxist dictatorship

  115. usnret says:

    That overwhelming evidence, the long form BC, had more layers than a wedding cake!

  116. larken says:

    President Obama’s birth certificate only proves he is a U. S. citizen. It does not prove he is a “natural born citizen” as stated in our constitution. Our founding fathers required both parents to be U. S. citizens. Only the mother is a U. S. citizen. But the father is not. It only proves to us all our lack of understanding we have related to our U. S. constitution.

  117. Robert says:

    I accept the fact that obama was born in the USA, that his mother was a US citizen, that his father was not, and since only one parent was a US citizen, that makes obama a native born and not a natural born citizen (where both parents are US citizens). Our Constitution says only a natural born citizen can be president. Obama is ineligible.

  118. usnret says:

    I forgot to mention that “overwhelming evidence” also had computer generated edits on one or more of those layers. Computer generated edits in 1961?!?!

  119. Taylor says:

    It’s DUAL, not duel citizenship. Please read what you write before you publish.

  120. conifir says:

    it is simple…
    the birthers have a problem with a person of color being the president…

  121. Harry says:

    “We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers,” said Obama. Interesting comment by BO considering Washington is run by a circus full of clowns.

  122. Keith says:

    Birthers = Racists
    Find me an African American birther!!! Please!!
    Get over it people, a black man is President! Losers.

  123. Bill W. says:

    So many stupid people in this thread it’s ridiculous. First off, if you are born in the United States your parents’ birthplace doesn’t matter at all, YOU ARE A NATURAL BORN U.S. CITIZEN. Both of the Birth Certificates short and long attest to this, so the argument should end there though I know it won’t.

    For arguments sake, lets say he was born in Kenya (I don’t believe that) but if he was, it still would not matter, in that case if 1 READ AGAIN 1 of his parents is a U.S. Citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least 14 years he would still be a natural born U.S. Citizen.

    By the way, to the people who say you have to be born in the U.S., John McCain was not born in the United States he was born in the Panama Canal Zone to a U.S. Admiral, and there are thousands of children born world wide to military families, guess what THEY ARE NATURAL BORN U.S. CITIZENS.

    Problem with Birthers is they are the type of people that will believe what ever they read that supports their hate for Obama (purely racial in my opinion).

    “What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.” ~ Christopher Hitchens

    1. freeworld says:

      Sorry Bill but you’re wrong. In 1961, the law for babies born abroad to only 1 US ciziten parent was that for the baby to be considered a citizen all of the following needed to be true:
      1.The person’s parents were married at the time of birth
      2.One of the person’s parents was a U.S. citizen when the person was born
      3.The citizen parent lived at least ten years in the United States before the child’s birth;
      4.A minimum of 5 of these 10 years in the United States were after the citizen parent’s 14th birthday.

      #4 would be false because Obama’s mother was only 18 at the time and therefore didn’t live 5 years in the US after her 14th birthday. You’re also confusing the definition of “natural born citizen” with “native born citizen”. You should really learn more about the topics before posting such nonsense!

      1. Irátus es says:

        U MAD?

  124. Clear Headed says:

    He has brown skin, and therefore he is questioned and doubted by racist carnival barkers. No other reason

    1. Dina says:

      Then why do LOTS of conservatives LOVE Herman Cain and Allen West???????????????? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

  125. jim says:

    what is this overwhelm ing evidence please show it

  126. Biff says:

    “Despite overwhelming evidence…”. As opposed to proof.

  127. Dina says:

    Why did OBAMA demand that Senator John McCain produce his birth certificate? That’s like the pot calling the kettle black. It was important to O when it wasn’t his birth certificate. BTW, the LAST BC was pieced together. Open it is Photoshop and you will see it is fake.

  128. shawn says:

    read obamas zionist czar on population, holdren. In the text it says, population will be taken to 1 billion, decided by self appointed (rothschilds) psychojews. Holdren also psychojew. Big shocker!!! hahahaa. It goes on to say, by methods of possibly poisoning food, water, air. This is actual in there. David Rockefeller, you idiots idol, said in his memoirs that, “some say that I am involved with an international cabal working against the best interests of the united states, deindustrializing america, if that is what I am accused of, I plead guilty and proud of it.

  129. Dew says:

    I’m a proud birther and am also proud to wish the commie-leon Maobama’s removal from office. The patch.com reporter is absolutely correct claiming we birthers won’t be happy until Maobama is removed from office!

  130. Gloria says:

    Is is any wonder that people have turned away from CBS and the mainstream media to the more objective and independent sources on the internet?

  131. Photoshop Barry says:

    BARry Obama is a fake. Fake SS#, photoshopped BC, fake scripted rhetoric. He’s the sacrifial lamb designated to go down in flames as the next banker selected puppet is installed. It’s all PR, psychology and controlled media. People are waking up rapidly so look out for major false flag terror.

  132. Creed says:

    All this aside, you would think someone in the media would be asking why the president posts a fake, photoshopped birth certificate. TWICE! You KNOW a Republican would never get away with that. Something is really amiss here. When our country goes down, we will have our media to thank for their unflinching complicity. Seems they would get tired of living their life on their knees for this guy.

  133. John C says:

    Despite overwhelming evidence that President Obama was born in the U.S., some people refuse to believe it.

    He should be released, and indeed, some people don’t believe Obama is a natural born citizen, especially after the release of his latest “official” birth certificate on 4-27-11, which hundreds of imaging software experts quickly labeled as an “obvious fake”.

  134. Deskboy says:

    I used to live in Harford County as a high school student. I see that Baltimore and Maryland is still full of fools and loonies…….on the left. The closer you get to Washington, the harder it is for people to see clearly, because their heads are shoved so far up their……
    The majority believes that Obama is an illegitimate President. Birthers or not, they know that ol’ Barry Sotero who recalls fondly his youth in the madrasa of Indonesia is a plant, a Munchurian Candidate, only it is Muslim not Manchuria.

  135. Love the USA says:

    The pitchfork & torch crowd may want to bear in mind that McCain was not born in the USA. (He was born in the Panama Canal Zone.)

    The Democrats, being gentlemen, co-sponsored the bill the Bush signed into law re-defining “natural born citizen” in order to allow McCain to be eligible.

    Kinda highlights the differences between the two parties: there was a legitimate question of McCain’s eligibility and the Democrats sought to include him. There has been no legitimate question as to Obama’s eligibility (as the Feds under Bush accepted the standard birth certificate provided by the Obama campaign); yet, the ugliness of the Right doesn’t stop foaming at the mouth.

    The founders were classist: they created the electoral college because the same base mob mentality existed back in their time.

  136. John says:

    News Flash! US Navy SEALS just discovered Joe Biden living in a walled compound a quarter-mile from West Point.

  137. thomas says:

    Here’s the deal.

    Obama should have released his birth certificate before he even became president. But he didn’t. So people started to question his eligibility. Now that he released it (2 years later) you don’t have to be a moron to question it. My question is, what took him so long? If he had any respect for the law then he would have released it RIGHT AWAY.

  138. blert says:

    The Harvard-immigration records on the web make it crystal clear that Barry was born out of wed-lock. ( Bigamy issues ) How embarrassing for a politician.

    The latest BC fraud is a joke.

    You can find KERNING all over entries that HAD TO BE typed.

    But no typewriter ever made can kern letters. Only computers and set type can kern.

    MSM — carrying lies for Barry — again.

    1. Jack Pollack says:

      blert. Are you going to vote for Obama in 2012? He’s gonna win!

  139. joe says:

    There is no reason for anyone to die because of Dopebama and his puppet masters playing the conquering invaders game.

  140. WeMadeAmistake says:

    I am less concerned about the birth certificate and more concerned about Obama’s dishonesty and incompetance. Under his mismanagement, we are now at 9.2% unemployed and borrowing $189,000,000 per hour. Yes, you read that correctly. $189 million per hour in debt he has created and has done nothing to counter this calamity. If he was CEO of a corporation he would have been fired a long time ago. This refusal to properly manage the nation in a responsible manner alone is high treason and Obama should and must be removed from office through indictment and impeachment.

  141. Johnm says:

    Birthers are about as relevant and laughed at as the moon landing non-believers. You could take one to the moon and they’d still swear it was some kind of hollywood trick and they weren’t really there… Same with birthers.

    And I saw several comments about dual-citizenship and you’re parents BOTH have to be born in the US to be President, these people REALLY need to read the Constitution again because nowhere does it say that. “Natural born, OR A CITIZEN” is what it says.

  142. I.C.Weiner says:

    He’s the product of a failed abortion…

  143. Abe Froman says:

    For about 10% of our population. there is not a piece of paper on earth that could authorize a black man to be their President.

  144. reality_bites says:

    Obama is a great man and a great President. I also LOVE you birthers! You are making it so easy to re-elect Obama because you make ALL Republicans looks like nut jobs and make it easy to marginalize all of you. Keep it up!

  145. Chris says:

    People keep saying birthers are idiots. I’m not saying I agree with them, but if it is so obvious that they are wrong and crazy, why legitimize their arguments by challenging them? Isn’t that what Obama was trying to do? And before any birthers jump on me, I’m no fan of Obama, and he was a clear idiot to sit on his birth certificate for so long when he had all the power in the world from day one to prevent this from happening.

    Seriously, you anti-birthers look just as crazy because you are so determined to prove a group you keep denigrating wrong. All you do is encourage them. Want to do something productive? How about pushing our useless government to stop wasting money and actually do something to improve things here in the US.

  146. Robert Terhune says:

    If I am to accept the premise that a “natural born citizen” has to be both A.) born on U.S. territory and B.) born of two American citizens, then why didn’t the birther movement go after John McCain. There wasn’t any contraversy about where he was born. It was Panama.

    I think the birther movement is nothing more than garden variety liberal hating. Republicans just flat-out hate liberals and if there is any excuse to push one out of office the Republicans will explore it (see Bill Clinton).

    If that wasn’t the case then where were all these great defenders of the Constitution when the Patriot Act shredded the 4th Amendment. Or when dozens of U.S. citizens were jailed without charges for indiscriminate periods of time while “Habeas Corpus” was being denied to them. Or how about Article Six which declares treaties that were ratified by the U.S. to be the supreme law of the land and carry as much legal weight as laws enacted by Congress and the Constitution itself. The U.S. has ratified both the Geneva Conventions and the Torture conventions as treaties and thus is bound to uphold them as dutifully as it upholds the Constitution, even the President. And if you don’t think waterboarding is torture (even though Japanese soldiers were tried and executed under the Geneva Conventions following WWII for committing waterboarding) then what about the taking of hostages. That is expressly forbidden in the Geneva Conventions (Article 3) and yet was routine practice in Iraq.

    The truth is that Republicans only care whether or not Democrats uphold the Constitution.

    1. Mary Incerto Tomlin says:

      They DID question John McCain’s eligibility, and in the process defined “natural born citizen”. It’s called S.Res.511, and Obama co-sponsored and signed it. The Constitution requires that the President be a “natural born citizen”. It is the only place in the Constitution that the distinction is made, and it is defined as 1. born on US soil AND 2. both parents are US citizens. The Federal Papers set forth the reasoning…the Framers wanted to ensure the President’s loyalty was solely to the US, and not split between the US and another territory.

      1. Mary Incerto Tomlin says:

        By the way, I’m not a Republican…I’m an Constitutionalist.

  147. Bruce_Baker says:

    The released long form birth certificate is something put together with photoshop in an amatuerish way. That was done on purpose. They have a hospitial produced birth certificate that is essentially identical. They WANTED people to detect the photoshopping and raise the issue.

    They play “We, the people” like a violin!

  148. Dave M. says:

    Mr. Obama disqualified himself after co-sponsoring Senate Resolution 511
    HIs recently released “long form” reveals his father was a Kenyan citizen.

    The Supreme Court won’t touch it. It’s above their pay grade.

  149. Robert Terhune says:

    @johnm. the constitution says natural-born citizen or a citizen at the time of the constitution’s ratification (not exact wording). I don’t like giving the birthers ammo any more than you do, but that’s what it says.

  150. Black Prince says:

    Here is why we don’t think the birth certificate is real. Go here –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s9StxsFllY
    and check it out. If he had a birth certificate all along, why wait for it to become such a big deal? Why not release it immedictely? The answer is the same reason why he does not release his college transcripts. The will show he did not have the grades required to get into Harvard.

  151. Robert Terhune says:

    @ chucks It is true that people born on a military base on forign soil can be president. McCain wasn’t born on a military base. Get your facts straight.

  152. Robert Terhune says:

    @John M
    I looked it up. Here’s what the constitution says.

    No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President;

    Like I said, I don’t like giving em ammo, but that’s what it says.

  153. Robert Terhune says:

    Ok, I was wrong about McCain. Apparently a law was enacted declaring anyone born to U.S. citizens in the Panama Canal Zone after 1904 to be a “natural-born citizen” I think McCain just slid under that deadline. lol. So I was wrong about that. Fine. I’m man enough to admit it. Are you man enough to admit that torture and taking of hostages are violations of international treaties ratified by the U.S. and thus violating them is a violation of article six of the Constitution.

    1. Mary Incerto Tomlin says:

      I’m woman enough to admit it. 😉

  154. Bill says:

    CBS, NBC and ABC are all carrying water for Obama, there is no overwhelming evidence.

  155. Palmetto says:

    ghostdawg, you, and millions of other gulliable fools, do not have the courage to watch and hear the absolute proof of zero’s fraudulent birth certificate that can be seen at the url above!

    1. ghostdawg says:

      Pametto, you and the other tea-bagging tin foil hat wearing lunatics have no brain to see logic. Your conspiracy theories change nothing and are only good for laughs like Trump’s candidacy LOL

  156. yogiman says:

    Lets assume Obama was born in the US as a natural born citizen and look at some known facts..

    He was adopted by a man from Indonesia who became his step-father. He went to school in Indonesia when they would not accept Americans at that time. He was registered in an Indonesian school as Barry Soetoro and his faith as Muslim. His mother had his name on a passport as Barry Soetoro Soebarkah.

    He went on a visit to Pakistan when Pakistan would not accept an American in their nation.

    Knowing these facts, we do not know if he changed his name back to Barack Obama. Assuming he was a “natural born” citizen, he lost that natural born status when he was adopted.

    If he didn’t convert his name back to Barry Obama, then we have a Indonesian Muslim sitting in the Oval Office.

  157. sam says:

    well … i don’t care about his birth certificate anymore. He is doing the job he said he would do and we need to support him,

    1. picomanning says:

      He’s getting the job done but not the job he said he’d do.
      Obama leads by looking over his shoulder. Right or wrong is not within his moral purview. Obama is a classic moral relativist while politically a democratic pragmatist. Obama, whose relative moralism can aspire at best to appeal to the lowest common morality (ethically, socially, sexually) of the relative moralist class he identifies with in order to gain his majority. As America goes down, His standing goes up! Just watch him and think about this that I’m saying.
      He’s a second rate leader, even destructive to America as his non-accomplishments and failures continue to show.

  158. sam says:

    people … OBAMA is kicking BUTT in the ISLAMIC world .. you gotta appreciate that

  159. Bob says:

    Why doesn’t the president do the simple solution that would satisfy everyone. The fact is the original birth certificate remains in Obama’s hands. He refuses to release the original to be examined by forensic scientists. WHY?

  160. Miguel says:

    The real question centers around the now-learned fact that when Obama speaks he is lying. Whatever he says is one sort of a lie or another. No matter what he says, it’s not the truth, only maybe a part of the truth mixed with lies to form yet another lie. That’s what we are faced with.

  161. bomma boy says:

    propaganda.!!! doesnt matter where obama was born. his father was a kenyan citizen at the time of obamas birth. therefore he is not q NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. as required by the constitution and not eligible to be president. house S. Res. 511 [110th] states that mccain was eligible to run for potus because BOTH parent were CITIZENS. the certificate of birth is also a photoshoped fraud with many anamolies.

  162. TJP says:

    If you voluntarily agreed to serve in the armed forces, and you’re not being ordered to do something morally wrong (shooting unarmed civilian, for instance), it shouldn’t matter who’s president. There are ways to protest Obama’s lack of citizenship, this is not one of them.

  163. Timothy Cochran says:

    I could care less where the man was born. Whether his birthplace is Hawaii, Kenya or somewhere on Neptune, his policies have been disastrous and that should be the primary focus going into 2012.

  164. Dion says:

    Hey cwxj415, Give th constitution a read before you try to interpret it. Here is an excerpt: “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

  165. Bryan says:

    You Obamatrons are easily duped – Furthermore it wouldn’t matter where this disgrace is from – he is a teleprompter reading disaster and a compulsive liar. That is not a Birth Certificate- Obviously Obama is depending upon the ignorance of the populace- That is a sure bet.

  166. Bryan says:

    I Notice how the Dem’s Spew Hate—- calling themselve’s Tolerant– Only of what “they “deem appropriate and acceptable–
    Articulating FACTS and TRUTH is harder than just calling names– The sign of Ignorance and in fact the names they hurl –mostly suit themselves.
    I say good for the Officer who stood up to the Liar in Chief

  167. sam says:

    Too bad they didn’t keep this TOOL LOCKED UP til 2016… it would be fitting. I actually would ask him now make a choice ….(A) president Obama is legal or (B) Go back and serve till 2016 if you think he ISN’T, lets see what he CHOOSE.

  168. Brian says:

    Birth certificate issue is not the issue here. The ‘birther’ issue was just a means for him to justify his cowardice.
    Lakin failed his fellow soldiers for not deploying as ordered. We are military officers and bound by our oath. We give up the luxury to choose which orders we will obey short of an unlawful order. Obama’s order was lawful. A person’s political affiliation does not change the legality of our commander-in-chief’s orders.
    He should’ve received a stronger sentence for his unprofessional behavior. He failed himself, his fellow soldiers, every military patient he would’ve treated, and this nation.

    1. Steve says:

      A fellow officer, and physician, being hung out to dry by a questionable commander-in-chief is unprofessional behavior. Allowing a good soldier to sit in jail due to the dishonesty of a politician, is unprofessional behavior. Also, political affiliation has absolutely nothing to do with the Lakin case.

  169. Pete says:

    There is pretty good proof it is fake at http://www.2012infocenter.com

  170. Gus Hagquist says:

    To think, it If Obama just released his birth certificate in the first place none this would’ve happened. Oh well, what the heck! We get a Apollo president, a member of the Arab League, and a representative of the African National Congress all in one! What a deal!

  171. KipNoxzema says:

    We don’t care where he was born.

    We just want the Premier out of office.

    Then we can rebuild this country and the American Dream.

  172. tonyL says:

    It’s the birthers who will finally help Obama get re elected. Thank you birthers.

  173. picomanning says:

    The man acted as a conscientious objector. That’s his right as an American. As a Viet Nam era veteran we saw many of these. They did not want to serve out of conscience concerns. I can appreciate that Obama’s birthplace is suspect. The story says that inspite of wverwhelming evidence but there is NO overwhelming evidence. There is in fact OVERWHELMING evidence that Obama has much to hide. His school records, his medical records, and he had spent millions supressing his birth records. WHY?

  174. TexasForever says:

    There is no doubt that I will use the name cited by Libya’s dicator, Muaumer Qaddaffi in his April 5, 2011 letter to the White House, ” Our dear son, Baraka Hussein Abu oumama” was not born in the United States, why else would he spend 3 million dollars to hide it?
    Where is his passport?
    Where is his marriage certificate?
    Where is his college papers?
    Where is his drivers’ license?
    Where are is friends from his school days?
    Judging from the way he throws a baseball, he was not born here. Every red-bloodied American boy can throw a baseball. He throws like a girl.
    This guy isnothing but a Marxist college professor.
    Never held a gun.
    Never held a job.
    Never run a business.
    A complete shadow of a human being.

  175. Moodybloo says:

    After all this B.S., we still don’t have a real birth certificate. I guess they haven’t had enough time to falseafy Obama’s school records yet !!!!!

  176. What was that old Bob Dylan maxim: “Patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings”? Nothing like a guy claiming Obama’s birth certificate is illegitimate because he’s too much of a coward to do his duty. And people get mad when you say that a lot of the Obama hatred is racially motivated. Why does this guy doubt what even Karl Rove doesn’t doubt? Believe me, it ain’t because of politics.

  177. Nothing But the TRUTH says:

    Can I get some of what you nut case birthers are smoking to be as delusional as you guys?

  178. lessthantolerant says:

    It really doesn’t matter where the clown prince was born. He would prove to be a failure anywhere.

    Electing an idiot savant because he is part black just proves to everyone how pathetic Parasite Nation and the Socialist democrats really are.

  179. LARGEMOUTH says:

    What’s the difference between a birther and a bucket of manure…. THE BUCKET

  180. BJP says:

    Idiots, idiots, idiots. Perhaps you Obama Kool Aid drinkers would have felt differently if you had been marched to the gas chambers by another Obama whose name was Hitler. Gee, was Austrian, not German yet he took over Germany and killed millions in Germany and throughout the world.

    Okay, let’s take a look at the fake Obummer showed us. The certificate numbers are out of sequence. There is no raised seal on the fake. There is a misspelling on the stamp of the state registrar where there should not have been a misspelling as the same stamp is used over and over again. Here is more proof:


  181. B Forrest says:

    Obama spends millions of dollars on lawyers to hide his past and no one cares. If this was Bush, everyone would be screaming from the roof tops. What gives?

  182. Ralph says:

    Here’s another point, our son has been deployed twice BOTH TIMES we had to get a certified copy of his original birth certificate. So why should the President not produce one?

  183. Great review! This is truly the type of article that needs to be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not ranking this article higher!

  184. just me says:

    The fact that the very poorly forged birth certificate does nothing to satisfy those of us who believe the vetting should have been done before the election. He spent so much to conceal the truth that one must wonder what was in the original, if indeed there is an original that he didn’t want us to know. I don’t believe there is an overwhelming majority that believes he is qualified to be president but we do have other issues to focus on that are far more pertinent. I am tired of being told that wanting the laws of the United States of America followed is extremist. If that is so, then I am most certainly an extremist.

  185. State Employee says:

    All of you Ass wipes need to get over it, he is President weather you like it or not. Sounds like you’ll are bitter and need a life. jerks

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