FUNKSTOWN, Md. (AP) — State police say a pair of pit bulls attacked 20 sheep at a farm near Funkstown, killing eight of the animals before attacking the owner of the farm.

Police say Joseph Frey encountered the dogs Sunday morning and they chased him to a barn, where he shut himself inside. Frey then called his son, Justin Frey, who shot and killed one of the dogs with a rifle. Justin Frey will not be charged.

The other dog ran away toward Funkstown. It was later found at a home there along with two other pit bulls, and police say the owner was told to keep the animals confined while the case is under investigation.

Police believe the two dogs attacked the sheep throughout the night.

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Comments (50)
  1. M.A. says:

    Sheriff willie,
    I have seen your posts before on here and am surprised that your post’s aren’t deleted. Though I do not like pit pulls, and have voiced my concern in the past about the breed on this forum-for the record I think the breed is dangerous and should be wiped out. It remains to be said that either your lack of education or your advanced age typifies your comments about people who are black. My guess is that you are both. When a perrson uses the deragatory name such as you did, it only reminds me that you are in the minority with your beliefs, thank God. You will probably come back as a person of color so that you may learn a thing or two….and it will keep happening until you get it right!

    1. EQ says:

      This problem is not about race.

    2. independent says:

      You need to get out more. Ever seen Cesar Millan’s Daddy, or Junior? That’s right, just wipe out one of the most gentle breeds just because they’re strong and are sometimes raised badly.

      Wipe out BAD owners.

      1. independent says:

        If we focus on the owners, we could permanently solve the problem. Do you think these bad owners will stop if Pits are banned, or will they just exploit another breed?

      2. sheriff willie says:

        I think we need to consult Michael Vick on this matter. He would reply: Lock up all the owners of Pit Bulls & kill all the dogs cause they be bad Mo-Fo’s.

  2. JackDaniels says:


    1. Kurt says:

      If anything, the owner’s of these dogs should have to face some serious consequences!

      1. vicki arrigo says:

        B.S. Bad Punish the OWNERS not the BREED!
        FYI I own 3
        & they ALL Share My Bed!

    2. EQ says:

      You are 99.9% right. I sincerely believe that some variations of the breed should be outlawed. On the chance that some of the breed is all right, I think it is dependent upon the way they are raised. In any case, i think the owner is always at fault, and that not pit bull should be allowed to be owned unless it is registered to a specific person/owner and that that person is pre-trained and pre-licensed before they can own such a dog, and above all, is warned of the liabilities of owning such a dog given the history of attacks of this type of dog on animal and humans, to date. Further, this should be a federal/national law to make sure no state escapes their responsibilities on such..

      1. EQ says:

        Last comment on my comment. This breed should otherwise be reduced to a number sufficient to be needed for in zoos, to preserve the existence of the breed. The breed is to dangerous to be used as a guard dog and it should be a felony to be used in dog fighting.

      2. Bullfrog says:

        Hey Vicki, you know that old saying (lay down with a dog wake up with flea’s). Vicki, evidently you have been fortunate so far, but beware strange things happen when we least expect them to. I would keep my eyes open and never trust a pit bull mine or not. I truly wish you luck with yours but i think that you are being naive.

      3. andy says:

        Vicki Arrigo, Do they ride you good? instead of condoms in the night stand, Vicki has flea spray. Watch out, one day they gonna bite your tit.

    3. independent says:

      Do you think these bad owners will stop if Pits are banned, or will they just exploit another breed?

  3. Franklin says:

    It’s time the Feds pass legisaltion to ban ownership of this breed before more people are killed. Many states and cities (and parts of Canada) have already done so inclduding parts of Michigan, Ohio, New York, Tennessee and Wisconsin — for starters. I don’t even necessarily blame the dogs, it’s consistently the idiot owners who are unwilling or unable to control these dogs. If you want a dog go buy a yellow lab or poodle.

    1. sheriffwille says:

      If Pit Bulls are so safe & loving, how come they are always & I mean always involved in a horrible incident attacking people. Don’t give that s….t about being trained. Sheppards, Rotweilers, Dobermans, all strong breeds don’t have half the problems. Bull’s have an innate manner of vicious meanness to them.

    2. independent says:

      Then you’d also have to ban poodles, the most naturally aggressive breed. And Sheppards, they’re strong too, and sometimes raised badly. And the many breeds shown on Cesar Millan’s dog whisperer who are aggressive should be banned.


      Get rid of BAD DOG OWNERS!

  4. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

    Unfortunate that irresponsbile dog owners are cause for such a hatred of the breed. I have encountered a multitude of pits in my work with rescues and all were loving, sweet dogs. Those bred for fighting by uneducated, moronic and violent individuals who starve them, feed them smalll animals and abuse them are placed into survival mode and then we wonder why they have such violent dispositons. I am glad the farmer is safe and I agree that the owner of these dogs should be charged. I am willing to bet that if authorities look hard enough these dogs were somehow involved in the fighting industry and escaped, were stolen or just let loose when they were finished with them.. I am also willing to bet that one of these dogs was an unneutered male which increases the tendencies to horrific behavior.

  5. Shane Boyer says:

    now this is bull sh?t im sorry its not the dog its the owner that trains them to be bad and aggressive, i am a proud owner of a pitbull and is loved by my neice and nepthew and my baby brother very much my town there is nothing but pitt bulls and are nothing but good to other ppl animals and esp. children so before you go off on your spill about how bad pitbulls are maybe you should do some reshearch and stop judging a breed that has no choice to be good or bad

    1. I said so says:

      Not True…… There have also been MANY cases of pits that were raised from pups that were loved and well taken care of………. and they impulsivley attacked

      1. Erik says:

        That’s true. Many of the instincts of these dogs just seem to take over even when raised in a nice happy home.

      2. I know lots of people who attack says:

        name one.

    2. JackDaniels says:


      1. independent says:

        Jack you couldn’t be more wrong. Pits were bred as baby sitters, do some simple google searches before looking ignorant.

  6. tyrone biggums says:

    Has anyone ever seen a respectable white business man who owns a pit bull? didn’t think so, but i bet you have seen plenty of blacks and white trash who do!!! Always remember, it’s not a stereotype, if it’s true!!!!

    1. RWBM says:

      Actually, Yes I have seen White and Black Business Men who own them. What the hell does there Career have to do with anything. The Breed is misled and used cruelly by idiots no matter color, gender, or race. I actually owned 2 and never had any issues. My family is also very devoted to this Breed as well .And besides one incident with a cat from one of there dogs, They also haven’t had any issues. But if you grew up in the modern day and owned a Television you would know that Cats and Dogs don’t aren’t best of friends. Although some do Coexist from time to time. I have seen Little dogs that would attack just as fast as any other pitbull. The Breed are meant to be Socialized and Loved just like any other and I’m living proof that if you do so they will give you the same in return.

      A Respectable White Business Man

    2. Kelli says:

      My husband and I are both white “Business people” and are the proud owners of the most loving 2 year old “Pit”. She loves everyone she comes in contact with and shows no animal aggression with our Chihuahuas. I really believe it is how you raise them!

      1. williejoe says:

        Too many spooks own Pit Bulls. That in itself is enough for me. Dumb owner, dumber dog. Vicious is , vicious will be. End of story. Shoot them all.

  7. jordan says:

    people are in the news for killing every day lets start with people so us as humans should we start by race like dogs are breeds we are no better pit bulls do attack but so do we but why stop at pit bulls all dogs can kill just like all humans can hmm……………

  8. TR says:

    Anyone with a name like BIGGUMS, obviously has no clue what they are talking about…BIGGUMS u need to shut your mouth and grow up…IDIOT….


  9. Evil Pitbulls must die says:

    Wipe that breed of dog off the face of this planet.
    It was breed for hatred and that’s it.
    Sure they are cute and obey when they are puppies and when someone truly cares for them. But when they are given free range to do what they want, they become what they were breed for, “Killing Machines.”

    1. James says:

      If that were to be done another dog would be selected as public enemy number one. Why is is that only dog attacks including a sterotyped animal make the news? The press uses the pit bull breed unfairly to draw attention their news articles. If you look at the history of the dog is is pretty significant. The only reason the dogs are not outlawed is becaue the statistics that would be used to erradicated the breed do not support the decision.

  10. pit owner says:

    The SPAC in Baltimore took in 16 MILLION dollars last year.They should be the leaders to help spay and neuter agressive animals for help ease the over abundance of aggressive pit bulls for people who in this economy cannot afford it. But the SPCA turns its back on the taxpayers of maryland..over and over

    1. Laura Shenk says:

      I believe the SPCA is privately funded, so I’m not sure what the taxpayers have to do with this. They do have a very low cost spay & neuter program. If you would like the dogs altered for free, perhaps you should start an advocacy group, and do some fund raising to make that happen.

  11. Pat says:

    I have met several pits that were the sweetest dogs. IT IS THE OWNER….inner breeding, teaching the dog at a young age to be nasty to strangers….I have had Rotties all my life, and they are the next dog to get a bad rap. Wake up people,…

  12. Shane says:

    these are the best dogs in the world lovable careing and loyal as a family member even the FBI police stations and shearch and rescue enforcement uses Pitbulls

    1. Ken says:

      Pit Bull. Bred for fighting. Need I say more?

  13. Michael Nauton says:


    1. sheriff willie says:

      Vicki ‘s going to the Dogs!

  14. spellcheck says:

    RWBM SINCERELY !!!!!!!

  15. Jerry says:

    Alot of the Pit Bull owners in my neghiborhood don’t give a damn. 2x I had a hard time getting out of my house, saw the owner with the pit bull tried talking to him. It went in one ear out the other, luckaly they moved. How many owners like this are out there who knows.

  16. Julie Robichaud says:

    I don’t really know much about pit bulls. My neighbor has one and she is a sweettheart. I wouldn’t necessarily allow her around other animals or small children. People claim the breed isn’t dangerous and its the OWNERS training the dog to be aggressive. There is story after story on the news all over the country every year about pits attacking people, children, other animals and reports are getting more frequent. If it isn’t the breed then why don’t we hear, German Shepherd attacks, Collie attacks, Lab attacks and kills small child? Huge % of of attacks are pit bulls. Just making an observation. .

  17. Correct says:

    One day this breed will be outlawed and we can all rest easy. More than one Pitbull owner has been driven out of our neighborhood. There is no reason to put our children at risk because you want to own a monster. The more that are put down the better, it should be all of them.

  18. Tired of Stupid says:

    Exactly Julie! There are all types of dogs being mistreated, but these pitbulls are constantly in the spotlight for attacking and/or killing (especially children). I think the safety of society is more important than trying 2 figure out if an animal is “brought up correctly”. By then, it’s too late because ur child’s face is ripped off. Outlaw these monsters!

  19. independent says:

    We need to start taking animals more seriously. Serious jail time for animal abusers, serious jail time for owners like these ones.

    An animal is not an ornament.

    1. williejoe says:

      Go f……k yourself, we have too many mutts now!

      1. independent says:

        Who raised you?

  20. independent says:

    The press likes to sensationalize. Consider that when reading pit bull stories. If you watch Cesar Millan, you see many breeds behaving aggressively while his two pits are calm. It’s the owners.

  21. Irritated says:

    Why is it always people who don’t seem to know the first thing about dogs and their behaviors that post “kill them all” kind of comments? Applying the same logic they use that “it is the breed” to human beings most in the news for violence, would be considered genocide and is an appalling concept. You have to look at individual cases!! Yes, pitbulls can be dangerous in the wrong hands. However, I will point out that pencils can be dangerous if you poke yourself in the eye with them. Technically speaking you are more likely to be bitten by a small breed dog such as a Poodle, Jack Russell or Chihuahua.

    I have a better suggestion, why don’t we outlaw stupidity

  22. JK says:

    Justin Frey will not be charged? Why even put that in the story! You DO have a right to protect yourself and your livestock!!!

    Fact: this breed was bred for bull baitingup until the 19th century. It is instinctive trait of the breed just as a Labrador retriever retrieves or a collie herds.Its 200+ years of evolution working against the breed. It is not the animals fault or should I say the owners. There are plenty of cases where normally sound animals can turn.

    Personalty I can’t see why someone would want this questionable breed when there are so many other breeds that would make suitable pets.

  23. ANGEL says:


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