By Ron Matz

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — If you’re planning a trip to Ocean City, you know it will cost you more this year because of the price of gas. But some resort hotels and condos are trying to make it easier on your wallet.

Ron Matz has more on the deals and discounts on the table.

In Ocean City, the Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Association is keeping a close eye on gas prices and so are would be vacationers here in Baltimore.

“The price of gas is terrible. We’ve got to do something about it. We can’t afford it. Each year we try to go to Ocean City or South Carolina. This year we’re going to go, but the budget has been cut back tremendously. It used to be food and other expenses, but now it’s just gas,” said James Stokes, from West Baltimore and an Ocean City vacationer.

“We’re going over to the Eastern Shore this weekend, but we don’t know if we’re going to go over there quite as often. The price of gas is ridiculous. It’s gotten outrageous,” said Tony Viglione of Hampden.

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan says despite the price of gas, reservations are up over last year.

“Advance reservations are up over last year, especially the condominium rentals. That’s a really good sign, a great sign for Ocean City,” said Meehan. “I don’t think the high price of gas negatively affects us. Most of our market is within 150 miles. We’re a “drive to” destination. I think people are going to take that family vacation. I think unfortunately, they’ve seen this happen a couple of times in the past five years and I just think they are still planning to come.”

So far, more than 10 Ocean City hotels and condo complexes are offering gas card giveaways or lowered gas discount room rates.

That’s music to the ears of the folks at Maryland’s number one resort. Many are hoping that even though pump prices are up, people will still head down to the ocean.

“We’re going to go. President Obama caught Osama, now he’s got to catch the gas man,” said Stokes.

For a complete list of the Ocean City gas discounts, click here.

Comments (15)
  1. sheriff willie says:

    Why anyone want’s to go to that s…..t hole O.C. is beyond me. It’s Miami beach without the palm trees. Overpriced gas to get there & overpriced rooms, Chinzy cheap restaurants & rude people. Drunks, Black gangs etc etc. Forget it, You could fly to a nice beach in the Bahamas or Florida for less money & in quicker time than it would take getting over that &^%$#@*& bridge.

    1. Smiley says:

      Willie, why are you always so negative? You sound like all you ever want to do is P*ss and moan about every post on here. You sound like such an unhappy person.

      1. sheriff says:

        Smiley, Bet you’re anything but a “Smiley”. Me, I’m the voice of reason & tell it like it is, not how people would like to think it should be.

    2. fraught says:

      ” You could fly to a nice beach in the Bahamas or Florida for less money”.

      I think that’s a pretty good glimpse of the sheriffs intelligence, absolutely nothing to see!

      1. sheriff says:

        Fraught, I would expect that line of reasoning from someone as provincial as your kind. For under $399 I can fly to Nassau & stay at an all inclusive hotel on a very clean beach in the time it takes to drive to O.C. I can also gamble at a real casino & not some po-dunk rip off in Md. I also don’t have all the spoonies walking down the boardwalk or street five, six abreast forcing me to the street. You need to get out more often sonny boy pimples.

      2. Smiley says:

        Sheriff- how much would a one way ticket cost you?? I’ll even pay for it

    3. KP says:

      black gangs??? hahahahaha u have nothing better to do but spew ignorance on WJZ…smh

      1. sheriff says:

        KP, Hey a…hole what about the nine coon’s from Delaware who were arrested last month on the boardwalk? Short memory eh?

    4. George Fetter says:

      Florida isn’t all its cracked up to be (crack is the #1 past time here). Give me OCMD anyday. Lived in Daytona 10 years, ready to move back to OCMD.

      Check out:

  2. Agnese Jay Worthen says:

    Atleast Ocean City, Maryland Knows how to keep their Tourists!Where Myrtle Beach South Carolina wants to drive them away!
    Way to go Ocean City Maryland!

  3. s says:

    I love Ocean City! sheriff willie never has anything nice to say so that makes me like Ocean City even more,,,

    1. sheriff says:

      S, I’m coming to O.C. & haunt you.

      1. baltimore resident says:

        It’s fine that you don’t like OC and of course that is you opinion and right to say, but why feed into all the comments made when others disagree with you, that are their rights to and opinion same as you; and if your tag, sheriff willie is a hint as to your profession, then you should be more professional not to let things get to you, as your training taught you, that is if your really a sheriff.

  4. JOJO DANCER says:

    I doubt very seriously if he has anything to do with law enforcement and if he is, he should be fired. He is probably a lonely mad individual that has nothing positive to say about anything or anyone. Hey, sheriff was you abused as a child or bully in school. Please instead of posting all this negativity why not seek some professional help.

  5. Ocean city maryland thanksgiving 2011 says:

    These people differ from 1 spot to yet another. Land that comes with the beach front throughout sea area, annapolis has various aspects of dirt found on the beach in Myrtle beach,…motels

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