At One Baltimore Bar, Curse Words Will Cost You

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Hearing some colorful language inside a bar is nothing new, but one local tavern is trying to change that.

As Weijia Jiang explains, it’s costing some customers more than a pretty penny.

Since the Mount Royal  Tavern opened up in 1933, the walls have heard just about everything.

“A bar’s a bar, man, so you hear [expletive] [expletive], all that [expletive],” said bucket contributor Jeff Lewis.

And the owners have had their fill.

“It just gets old,” said owner Chris Kozak.

“I think anyone would come up with this idea if they sat in here long enough,” said owner Ron Carback.

Carback’s idea is what he calls the “cussing bucket.”  He charges 25 cents every time someone curses—a dollar if it’s a bartender. 

Lewis’ dirty mouth helped inspire the jar.

So what counts as a curse word?  It’s the same words comedian George Carlin said you can’t say on television.

Bartender Bob Goidin admits he’s paid the bucket plenty, so he’s cussing a lot less…and so is everyone else.

“The customers rat each other out, like, `Hey, that’s a quarter,'” Kozak said.

All the cash from the “cussing bucket” goes to charity.  The guys already gave $110 to the SPCA.  That’s 440 curse words.

The next bucket will be donated to the Maryland Zoo.

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