BALTIMORE (WJZ) — An attempt to explain the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal is sparking new outrage.

Kelly McPherson explains the findings of a new report and why victims are outraged.

A five-year study of the causes of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church is disappointing abuse victims and their supporters.  The report says that homosexuality, celibacy and an all-male priesthood are not the reasons for the scandalous sex abuse.  Instead, the report blames the sexual revolution.

“The increase in frequency of abuse in the ’60s and ’70s is consistent with increased deviance in society during that time,” said principal investigator Dr. Karen Terry.

“I feel like they’re minimizing my own abuse and I feel like they’re minimizing by saying, ‘Well, it was what was going on in the ’60s and ’70s,'” said victim Becky Ianni.

The Baltimore Archdiocese says the church is filtering out potential abusers better than they did decades ago.

“I think people can look at the church’s performance in the last 20 years and say that it’s a much safer institution,” said Sean Caine, Archdiocese of Baltimore. “The one thing it does tell us is that the policies we have in place are working.”

“That’s bah humbug,” said Frank Drible.

Victim support groups in Maryland say the information used in the report can’t be trusted since it was provided by the church itself and the report was funded by U.S. bishops.

“To say that it wasn’t pedophilia or not homosexual—it was a sin.  It’s a sin to abuse a child,” Drible said.  “What we need is honesty and truth and we have not gotten it.”

Drible says his organization, SNAP, is now hearing from more recent victims who take decades to come forward.

“There’s still coming out now and we’re getting people now from the ’80s,” Drible said.  “It’s still going on right now, today.”

This is the third and final report commissioned by the church to look into the causes of priests abusing children.  Some victim groups want an outside organization to review the data.

The investigation was conducted by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and cost $2 million.

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  1. matt says:

    This is ridiculous. I am Catholic and I am disgusted by my church and the religion itself. Catholicism means nothing to me now because of this abuse issue and the new report that just came out from the pope offering guidelines to bishops etc. How can you not tell those ‘working’ under you that abuse is illegal and MUST be reported. How can you tip toe lightly around that issue? It is illegal, immoral and down right WRONG.

    And then the issue of not allowing gays into the priesthood. We have a dear friend who happens to be gay but is the most devout Catholic I know. He spoke with a priest about his strong desire to go into the priesthood- something he has wanted to do since he was a young child. However, he was told that he was not allowed to because the church frowns upon his personal lifestyle. How pathetic. This person is heartbroken. We had a priest in our parish who ministered to gays. He was told that if he didn’t stop, he should consider himself no longer a priest. How pathetic is that?

    I am sick and disgusted with the Catholic Church. I will no longer put my money in the collection basket because I am sick of paying the bills for these abusers and paying people to cover up and overlook things. My God does not see Catholicism as the ‘ultimate’ religion, which is the way Catholicism is portrayed. It certainly is not ‘better’ than any other religion. I will look elsewhere-into another church, another religion that does not encourage cover ups and lies.

    1. Dora Waddy says:

      You amost spoken verbatim my thoughts on this matter!

    2. Kimberly Blackwell says:


  2. sheriff says:

    This report which incidentally was issued by the Catholic church, Sort of like having the inmates running the asylum, is a blatant CYA by & for the Bishops & hierarchy. Blaming it on the times is like saying I had a bad education & should have gotten into Harvard because I received an inferior education at my Catholic H.S. Such malarky.
    My relationship is with God & no amount of weakness on the church’s part will diminish that. There are & were bad priests & nuns, but that doesn’t stop me from going to church. I found a solid a Jesuit church where I am comfortable & the priests there speak to you & not talk at you. Personally, this goes all the way to the top & I mean the Vatican as they were surely aware of the problems going on & elected to do nothing but look the other way. That list includes Pope John Paul, Pius the 6th, Pope Paul the 23rd & the current Pope Benedict, the Gucci Prada shoe wearing pope who wants to take the church back to medieval times.

    1. What He Said! says:

      I didn’t believe that I would ever agree with you on anything, sheriff, but I find that your comments seem to be “right on the money”.
      One of the lessons Jesus attempted to convey, was that “The Church” exists within us all. It is a temple that exists in the heart, and houses a personal relationship with Him.
      The Catholic church clearly does not have this relationship with Him, as other “worldy” lusts have replaced what once was.
      I am glad you have found what you seek. It was within you from the start.

  3. JOJO DANCER says:

    sheriff, dose your GOD approve of you being a racist bigot. The GOD I believe in and serve teaches that we are all his children no matter the color of his or her skin. Judging from your other post, you not believe in anything but yourself.

  4. RS says:

    I am confused about this article. On one hand, the article states that the report was provided by the church, but on the other hand, the article states that the investigation was run by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Did the church perform the study, or did the church pay an independent third party to perform the study? If the latter, then wouldn’t that be akin to a publicly-traded corporation hiring an independent auditor and publishing the audit results? Who had control over the report goes to the core of the integrity of the report.

    1. Nicole Renee Creech says:

      Agreed. The report makes no sense.

    2. Dora Waddy says:

      My jaw dropped when I read that!!! $2 Million dollars too!!

  5. Nicole Renee Creech says:

    JOJO DANCER, I think your taking Sheriffs comments out of context. Now with that being said you’ll think I’m a racist bigot, but I don’t care. I spent all my school years in a Catholic School attended church every Sunday or Saturday night and attended CCD. I am ashamed that they are willing to cast these issues away and pretend it didn’t happen. To blame it on a time period is ridiculous. This is not the church I grew up in. I’m sure Bishop Murphy of Baltimore would agree, god rest his soul, But calling names as making comments such as you did to the Sheriff now that’s not being very Catholic of you. Here’s an idea, next time read it several times before you act so harshly. I read your post multiple times and then the Sheriffs post trying to figure out why you would respond that way, I still don’t get it.

    1. Kimberly Blackwell says:


  6. sheriff says:

    JOJO, Reading your retort, It’s painfully obvious that you did not attend Catholic school & that if you did, they taught Ebonics. Your grammar much like your logic is flawed.
    My take on Blacks is the young street punks from 13 to 30 who make up 99% of the crime in Baltimore & other major city’s. Blacks of this ilk are not parents but merely sperm donors. They have no family values or vision for the future as they look to Grandma to raise the kids. You can deny this accusation all you want but it is the truth & the statistics prove me right.

    1. Jack Pollack says:

      99%?? Good to see the old bigoted sherrif back on form.

    2. mike says:

      united knight of tennessee of the ku klux klan realm of maryland

      1. A Fine Analogy. says:

        Your organization is antiqLet go of your paddle, and the water shall washyou cleanted, feeble and has outlived its uslessness.
        The world is evolving around you, like a stream; flowing around a fallen tree. The tree will decay until the stream washes away its very existence, without so much as a trace of the ripples it created.


  7. Stu Weiss says:

    I’m not catholic but religion has nothing to do with what went on. These guys are perverts..simple as that. They broke the law, abused children and deserve to go to jail for the rest of their lives. I feel sorry for those of you who fill the plate with your hard earned money every Sunday… you’d be better off donating to a worth while charity than those who are blind to what went on and is probably still going on.

  8. James F Moran says:

    The numbers are all skewed by the bishops and the John Jay College of Criminal Justice! As a general rule psychologists use age 13 as the beginning of puberty — the report says it is 10 years of age. Naturally a LOT of the victims fell in the 10-13 years old category — so using the 10 year the numbers are all showing a lower percentage of pedophile priests.

    Who can trust the bishops to give ACCURATE and HONEST figures? Case in point, Philadelphia! For years we were told there are no priests with accusations against them in active ministry – and then suddenly last February the grand jury discovers thirty-seven!!! Bishops also try to tell us that 4% of priests were abusers — the actual numbers counted at is closer to 10%!!!

    As for blaming society and “the 60’s!” I was raped in 1970 by a priest who was ordained in the early 1950’s — certainly his moral ethics were well established by the time the 60’s rolled around. His history of abuse runs from the 1950’s until just 2 months before his death in 2006 at the age of 82! After my rape I reported to my deacon supervisor — another priest in the same parish. Remember, this was 1970. Nothing happened because he was diagnosed in 1957 s having a psycho-pathological personality and was STILL playing with mentally ill teen aged girls. He, too, was ordained in the early 1950’s. By the time the 1960’s rolled around these two priests were WELL into their 40’s — and at that time would be considered “old” and not part of the “current age.”

    As for the bishops’ honesty in numbers — when I brought my case back to Boston I was informed that “I was the only one” — that there were no other accusations against my perp. I managed to get hold of the investigation and found THREE letters dating back to the 1990’s accusing him of sexual abuse. If the bishop (cardinal) can nget away with lying to me as a priest — how much easier is it to lie to a lay person?

    The Hierarchy of the church (all the way to Rome) needs to come clean, be honest, transparent etc. LIST THE NAMES of all perpetrators who have been credibly accused. They cannot be taken to court because of the statutes of limitations. They are still just as dangerous and society in general needs to know about them. Our society is is so migrant! A priest who abuses in Boston can also abuse in Minnesota, or Nevada or anywhere. The names need to be public and acessible.

    Fr. Jim Moran

  9. JOJO DANCER says:

    Nicole, you might be a racist bigot, I do not know. However, if you would read some of sheriff other comments I am sure you would agree with my statement. Now if the truth hurt I am not sorry, but its people like sheriff, williejoe and chakie who pretend to believe in GOD but do not practice his teaching.
    They go to mass on Sunday and on Monday; they will burn a cross in your yard. The KKK is still alive in America today they just have a new way of disseminating their hatred and bigotry. No needs for white sheet and hoods anymore they have the ability to spew it on the internet now.

    1. Are You Honest With Yourself? says:

      I like to think that as we get older, we get wiser as well. I believe this is possible only when we continue to look at life from multiple angles, and resist a human tendency to place ourselves at the “center of the universe”. The truly wise observer in life knows that he/she is but a speck of dust in the stars, and that knowledge and understanding must be pursued before it can be obtained.
      When I read the various posts on forums such as this; with their conflicting viewpoints, I am careful to note that the truth is likely evasive to us all. Whether Left, Right, Pro, or Con, all of our viewpoints are flawed. This signifies a need for patience, with regard to interpreting the views of those around us.
      Whenever I find myself quick to judge those that differ with me, whether in thought, race, color, or wealth; I try to practice temperance, for when I am truly honest with myself, I can almost always find faults within my own being that are similar to those that I pass judgment upon.
      I think that this goes for all individuals in general. It is not race, color, religious background, ect. that separates us, rather, our willingness to look within ourselves and make the difficult changes that, in time mold us more closely to the creature we would like to be. None of us are perfect. Myself being at, perhaps, the bottom of the list, admittedly. However, I respect the fact that I am willing to identify my shortcomings and work to correct them as best I can. This is what gives us self-respect in life, and cause for hope for a better tomorrow.
      I feel it would benefit us all, to become self-critics, rather than to lash out at others. If this were a reality, our differences would diminish, as we inevitably would become closer to knowing the Truth as a society.
      In the end, it becomes clear that we are not able to save ourselves, as our religions so plainly teach, because we lack the desire for personal growth.

  10. Otts Laupus says:

    What the report didn’t include or examine was the cover-up by the hierarchy of the Church- the denial, the transfers to other parishes and in some instances forbiddiing reporting of abuses. Example: Bernard Law, Cardinal in charge of the Boston Diocese, blatantly transferred pedophile priests. His punishment? He was transferred to the Vatican by Pope Paul and was even asked to give an eulogy when Pope Paul died. And they want to make Pope Paul II a saint????

  11. joe singer says:

    Being a criminal organization as they are and always have been, the church should have to pay taxes on their billions of dollars in real estate. Better yet, lets all realize that the bible and religion are the products of uneducated bronze age goat herders. No person with respectable morals derived them from the bible.

  12. wllharrington says:

    The major problem is that the report did not fit with most people’s belief so they are not willing to accept it.

    1. Perhaps Not... says:

      It could also be considered, that the $2,000,000.00 spent by the church to conduct the Investigation/Report, would have yielded far more information than was delivered to the public.
      When I consider this report, I find myself questioning the process, by which, various bodies of information were eliminated from the conclusion, and the effect of these ommissions on the overall impact of the presentation.

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