ELKTON, Md. (AP) — Police in Elkton are investigating reports that teenagers have been brawling in a park after organizing the fights on Facebook.

Police officials have beefed up patrols around Eder Park after hearing reports of the fights. But they say they have no first-hand knowledge of the fights. Officers haven’t been dispatched to break up any brawl, and they’re not aware of anyone needing medical help afterward.

Police say they believe most of the fights involve Elkton and Cherry Hill middle school students, and some from Elkton High School. Police believe they’re organized online.

School officials alerted the police after a parent reported watching two fights that were recorded and posted on Facebook.

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Comments (2)
  1. Leah C says:

    What the hell is wrong wth kids today? They can’t find anything better to do so they want to bash each others faces in? How about reading a book? Volunteering in your neighborhood nursing home or hospital? What is with this thuggish, hoodlum mentality?

    1. Kay says:

      They have NO HOME TRAINING!!! Being a THUG is too glorified these days. Intil they get to jail or prison and there friends are no where to be found.

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