WHITE MARSH, Md. (WJZ)— According to the The National Weather Service they say they are not sending anyone on the ground to investigate tornado reports on the Eastern Shore, but Queen Anne’s County and Kent County Emergency Management officials have completed a very detailed assessment of the areas of concern.  The counties took pictures and video and sent it to the National Weather Service.

The National Weather Service will use that data along with their radar to make a determination on what occurred Thursday.

Meanwhile, Andrea Fujii explains the rain caused several roads in the White Marsh area to be washed over.

Several major roads had to be shut down for several hours Thursday evening, including Honeygo Boulevard and Philadelphia Road. And that’s because all of a sudden there were massive puddles blocking the roadway for cars.

Flash flooding created an obstacle course in Baltimore County Thursday evening.

“It was heavy,” said one motorist. “It was coming down no doubt about it.”

Rain waters swelled Gunpowder Falls, pushing it on to major roads.

“A lot of people were putting on their hazard lights,” said one witness. “And a lot of people were pulling off to the sides.”

Baltimore County Police have been responding to spots throughout the area, especially in White Marsh and Perry Hall. But they hadn’t made it to Philadelphia Road where people were driving through several inches of rain. The water was rising quickly and moving very fast.

Eventually, patches of sunlight finally came through creating one pleasant sight: a rainbow.

  1. marian says:

    all the spots listed as flooding always do when its a heavy rain. i live in this area and know that when it rains as hard as it did yesterday to advoid these areas and if the people who were traveling these roads coming from work then they too know this is a flood zone so they were stupid for not taking an another route and deserve to get stuck.

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