BALTIMORE (AP) — The city’s liquor board has decided to allow a floating bar near the Inner Harbor stay open in July, backing away from a decision that would have suspended the Tiki Barge’s operations for that month.

The board on Thursday “formally reconsidered” its decision from April 28. The Baltimore Sun reports that the Tiki Barge has paid a $3,000 fine in lieu of a 14-day suspension and has agreed to conditions laid out by the board. The Tiki Barge has agreed to have two guards to escort rowdy customers out of the Harborview community. It has also agreed to allow the board to only sanction the Tiki Barge.

Two other businesses share a single liquor license with the Tiki Barge and could have been affected.

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Comments (2)
  1. Jeff says:

    The board did a complete 180 and reversed their own decision. The article says “It has also agreed to allow the board to only sanction the Tiki Barge.” That means that they limited their own power when dealing with the Tiki Barge. Who’s pockets got greased for those decisions. I’m not saying it should have been shut down for a month, just pointing out how fishy this looks to change their own decision abruptly like that.

  2. PAUL E. MICELLI says:


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