Love Triangle Leaves 2 Sisters With Stab Wounds

WESTMINSTER, Md. (AP) — A teenage love triangle leaves two sisters with stab wounds in Carroll County.

The incident happened on Pennsylvania Avenue in Westminster.

The Carroll County Times is reporting that a 14-year-old girl stabbed two sisters, ages 15 and 23, during a fight over a boy.

The suspect and the sisters were rushed to the hospital, and are expected to be OK.

  • SMH

    Seriously? Stabbed over a boy? at the age of 14? Sheesh!
    Saw that girl at the hospital in handcuffs!!!!! My son was in the hospital that same night!

  • Kay

    How did the 14yr stab the 23 yr old??? And how did 14 yr old take the both of them??? I have 3 sisters and we are all close. Thie 14 yr old wouldn’t have stood a chance if that was me & my sisters.

  • Ashley

    lmfao! I’m 23 and wish I would let someone younger than me get… OVER A BOY!!! bahahaha smh. thank God no-one lost their lives, but seriously, this is funny! What happened to blood being thicker than water?!

  • erin

    the full story was that the 14 & 15yr olds were arguing over a boy & the 14yr old stabbed the 15yr old in the back. the 23yr old sister came out to try & help & was stabbed in the process.

  • pigeon

    Stupidity played a stronger role then the “knife”. Thank God all 3 will recover okay. So ridiculous to ruin your own life over something so mundane at such a young age.

  • Skylar Hockman

    this was so stupid , they have this all wrong this is one of my bestfriend.

  • Gabe

    do you have any idea how to get a hold of the family…you can reach me at

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