Ray Lewis Makes Controversial Comments About NFL Lockout

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Controversial comments. Ravens star Ray Lewis issues a stern warning. He says if there is no football, crime will increase across the country.

As Kai Jackson explains, not everyone agrees.

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is known for speaking his mind and that’s exactly what he did when ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio asked Lewis about the NFL lockout.

“We really gotta remove pride, seriously. There’s no other reason the issue’s going on,” he said.

Perhaps his most controversial statement was about the possibility of no NFL season. Lewis painted a grim picture across America of people without jobs and nothing to do on Sundays.

“Do this research. If we don’t have a season, watch how much evil, which we call it crime, watch how much crime picks up when you take away our game,” he said.

“I would hope that it would not increase crime without football. Baltimore is a place where we do have other things for people to enjoy,” said Baltimore City Councilwoman Helen Holton.

Another city councilman says if Ray Lewis is that concerned about the possibility of crime increasing, he should do something about it. He issued a challenge to the linebacker.

“Well, Ray…that’s pretty irresponsible. If you really feel that way, then come on down. We could use your help,” said Councilman Jim Kraft.

All council members agree that the NFL lockout will have a detrimental financial impact in Baltimore and other cities with NFL teams.

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  • William Cooper

    Without entertainment people get board and do stupid things. Ray Lewis made a comment that is an educated prediction of what will happen.

    • Mike

      Educated? Was Rashard Mendenhall’s comment “educated” also?

      The crime that happens during the lockout is because many of these players can’t do anything but play football and rob, rape, and steal. All the NFL does is help keep the local prison population down.

      • TickTock

        I hope you do not reproduce.

      • bob

        Just think what would happen if the NBA shuts down


        I’d like to report an ongoing crime, taking place at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., in Washington, D.C.

        Please arrest The Usurper-In-Chief http://www.BirtherReport.com

      • LA Tax Payer

        >Just think what would happen if the NBA shuts down<
        The College Basket Ball fills in the gap

        Sad the Lakers lost but very good for the tax payers and business around Staples Center without riots every time they win

      • Charles Flanagan

        Yes Mr. Mendenhall’s comments were educated. Instead of bashing him for it, why not do a little research and find out if what he said was true. But you won’t! You will be just like the other millions of sheep out there who just go along with what the mainstream media and the government tells you. You will spend your time bashing someone who thinks for themselves. You should wake up.

      • jon

        Yeah those couch potatoes will start rioting if they don’t get their feetsbawl.

    • GMan

      Wow that is really a stupid comment. If people are that mentally challenged that without a Sunday afternoon football game their alternative is crime – then there is a level of ignorance and stupidity running rampant among football fans.

      • oarsman

        Yes, GMan, they are that mentally challenged. And it isn’t merely football fans.

      • Justin V.

        I don’t know what you’re saying. Was it a stupid comment, or is their a “level of ignorance and stupidity running rampant among football fans”? Maybe you’re saying football fans are all fantastic, law-abiding people? I gotta say, I disagree with you on your main point that 100% of the tens of millions of football fans (that’s right, every last one of them) are all angels that will redirect 100% of their energies toward lawful activity.

      • LA Tax Payer

        LA is just fine since the worthless Rams and Raiders left in 94
        As soon as USC and UCLA get their programs back up to speed
        There will be good football games again (with out the cry babiy NFL players!)

      • Little_Johnny

        He’s not talking about the fans, he’s talking about the players in the National Felons League!

      • Richard C Hamilton

        No G-Man. The level of ignorance and stupidity is rampant with Lewis.

    • Daystrom

      An educated prediction,you mean like being “board”.

      • Justin V.

        People who put down another’s opinion because said opinion contained a spelling mistake should shampoo my crotch.

      • cjw

        Well said!

    • Daryl Irwin

      Ray is Right! At least every hard-core dude is chillin’ on Sunday, hanging with their peeps, watching their boyz take a beating instead of going out and starting bum fights for entertainment … THIS is what Ray is talking about … San Diego already has this problem bad enough as it is and we are the sports capital of the world.

      Men HAVE to have a common testosterone denominator for many reasons … how bout we threaten to close down all the MALLS … You want to see the women of this country go on an axe-wielding rampage just threaten to close down all the shopping malls!

      • Bud

        Why is it that whenever they show these Mcdonalds, or Denny’s, or Dunkin Donuts, being trashed or fights are started, it’s always Black teens, or young adults doing the damage? They start fights and destroy things for the purpose of getting attention, well this country will soon get fed up with all the gang mentality, destruction ,and abuse these idiots are causing to innocent business’s and people. And soon , these criminals will be treated as the terrorists they are. It’s time to take responsibility for your actions..

        I’ve always said, get all the gangs in the Country takem to the dessert, give them all guns, and surround them with the US Military. Let the gangs go at it shooting their rivals until there is only one super gang member left. Then have the military shoot the last man standing. The crime in the country will drop by 95% and there will be peace in the streets of America.

      • AeroJack7

        What a stupid statement. Making excuses for criminals to engage in bad bahaviour just because a football season is cancelled is moronic at best. Get a life and some morals.

      • LA Tax Payer

        >San Diego already has this problem bad enough as it is and we are the sports capital of the world<

        REALLY!! And what does that make LA or NY or Chicago?

      • jon

        Ray ray will have more time to stab peeps to deaf

      • Dyler Turden

        What a shame that a certain culture requires a diversion to keep from committing crimes. The rest of us avoid criminal activity because, well, we just find it morally repugnant.

        Fix your culture.

    • Ed Remillard

      Crime will increase because NFL players will have too much time on their hands.

    • No_Unions

      Coop’s right. With no season, those thug football playas will have nothing to do and will resort to looting and mayhem to sustain their bling-encrusted SUVs, jewelry and dope habits.

      • BigBoa

        The mighty Boa says let them,,,,,,,,

        In fact,,, let’s see them try to eek out an existence like most people have to do,,,,, working real jobs for barely over minimum wage………..

        They’ll change their tune quick,,,,,,,

    • Yirmin Snipe

      Of course that presumes that people aren’t able to turn the TV channel…. and guess what here is the other little thing people should consider. IF the NFL were to vanish then ESPN and ABC wouldn’t be having to pay billions for TV rights, that would mean that your cable bill would go down…. Hmmm… what do you really care about? watching some over paid thugs knock heads or having more money in your pocket.

      • Justin V.

        And YOU presume that alternate programming can replace football in every fan’s opinion (that’s the only reason I’d ever turn a TV on on Sunday), and you also presume that being a football fan only happens on Sunday afternoon. Also, your cable bill wouldn’t go down without football. That’s a stretch.

      • Lance Goodthrust

        Hahah you actually believe that if the networks save money they will give it to YOU? Haha you truly are a moron.

    • Steve Pickering

      What to do think a thug like Ray Lewis is gonna say. He should know being
      an expert in crime and violence. What a punk.

      • Justin V.

        Yup, he’s an expert in crime and violence for obstruction of justice a dozen years ago. I must be a pro athlete for my 50% freethrows on the basketball court!

    • Bob K

      Ray doesn’t think much of Baltimore.

    • Tharrigan

      “Ray Lewis made a comment that is an educated prediction of what will happen.”

      Wow. Ray Lewis and educated in the same sentence

    • Mike Higgins

      I’m wondering if he means more black people will be stealing stuff brcause there’s no football ??

    • Popeye

      First ever I heard someone use “educated” and “Ray Lewis”in the same sentence. Amazing!!!

    • Ron Langevin

      I have several guns and know how to shoot. I can hit a running deer at 100 yards every time and damm sure can shoot a pimp or a louis (murderer) trying to run and holding his pants up. I am waiting to send another one to jail or a box.

    • Will

      I’m pretty sure that Ray was talking about the likelihood that, left to his own devices during a strike season, he would probably be committing, errr, covering up, a lot of crimes.


    • TravlnTexan

      Like they need an excuse to break the law in Baltimore

    • jdogg33

      When I read that statement by Mr. Lewis, I assumed he meant the crime rate among NFL players will skyrocket. In all serious though, there probably are some statistics out there either back this up or refute it. Anyone know of such a study? As outrageous as his statement sounds at first glance, there may be some credibility to it, maybe more along the line of sports/entertainment in general.

    • JustFollowing

      I’m sure the two of us can sit down over a beer and figure out a more responsible way of talking.

    • b-fuss

      That’s spelled “bored.” A “board” is a plank of wood, like the one that must have hit you in the head and caused you to come to idiot conclusions like this one.

    • Tom Leone

      I’ve got GUNS!

      • Howie

        Yes it probably will. We will have all the thugs of the NFL that are in and out of jail all the time, on the streets instead of in the locker rooms and on the fields.

      • http://www.musingsofavastright-winger.blogspot.com/ fuzzysdad01

        Me too

    • marg1

      Build more jails then.

      • Gene

        We don’t need any more Jails. Send these people (whoever he is referring to) to the open areas of California and Arizona and let them fend for themselves. Better yet, Sheriff Joe will treat them just fine.in one of his Hotels

      • Daryl Irwin

        Lewis is Right! At least every hard-core dude is chillin’ on Sunday, hanging with their peeps, watching their boyz take a beating instead of going out and starting bum fights for entertainment … THIS is what Ray is talking about …

      • Joe


        and BTW… Sheriff Joe may soon be indicted.

      • rs

        marg1 for president!

      • The Don

        @Gene, why should they be sent to California or Arizona to fend for themselves. People in those states don’t want the problems from the other states as you imply. Why should we take your criminals we have enough problems of our own without having to fend off those from other states as well.

      • Ben

        Good call marg1……………….

      • BRDG

        I agree, he be knowin’ his peeps and what they be capable of. Time to build private prisons to avoid ridiculously lucrative government pensions.

      • Doug Roberts

        Build more jails?? Really!!?? The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. How is that working out so far?

      • LA Tax Payer

        Shoot the criminals
        Soo glad the worthless Rams and Raiders bailed from LA in 94
        Hope the NFL never returns!

      • whatever

        http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/24/us/24crime.html?ref=us thanks but no thanks marg1. read the entire article. jails dont work. if you like the idea of them so much, why dont you go live in one and tell us what you think after 24 hours. (btw RayRay is right. sports keeps us in line. when it comes to violence, better them than us)

      • dtech001

        Doug – The incarceration rate is working out pretty well, actually. Big story today is the dramatic decrease in the violent crime rates (“FBI Says Violent Crime Rate Down Again,” Associated Press, May 24 2010 http://www.newsmax.com/US/US-FBI-Crime/2010/05/24/id/359937). A minority of the general population commits crimes; the vast majority are law abiding. There are probably other factors at work as well, but it stands to reason that if criminals are locked up they are not on the streets to commit crime. Logic works.

      • Jon

        That says alot about the average football fan. How come there isn’t a surge of crime after football season ends in February?

      • Durazac

        We already have guys like “Joe” here – we don’t need any more bad guys. As for Sheriff Joe being indicted – the crooks, cartels, and illegal aliens, and screaming liberals are doing their best to get him, but until the feds want to open fire on the AZ population – we will stand with our sheriff – armed to gills.

      • dtech001

        Whatever – “If you like the idea of them so much…” Where to begin with that one? I will start with this: No, I don’t like the idea of jail – and I am not supposed to. It’s for punishment, not vacation.

        Secondly, it’s relatively easy to stay out of jail – as the vast majority of all races, creeds and colors do. You don’t have to obey all ten commandments, but “Thou Shalt Not Steal” and “Thou Shalt not Commit Murder” (or “Kill” in some translations) are a good start. You don’t have to be religious to recognize these as a good foundation for staying out of trouble and being a decent member of society.

      • RufusVonDufus

        If the police simply shot criminals, Ray Lewis would have been dead years ago!

      • TLC

        Precisely, build more jails! The state is suppose to punish criminals. The criminal is supposed to do pennance (Thus: penitentiary) and therefore be “corrected.”

        If the criminal does not re-pent (repentance) then the authority presses down even twice as hard. If the criminal does not repent keep him eternally warehouse or execute him (stop him from freely harming others by taking him out of this realm.)

        YES! You want to harm others? We have a terrible place to put you so you can think about it. If you don’t want to change you mind and actions…we will take you out permanently.

      • marg2

        That’s what we need! More jails! (idiot) How about quit locking up people for smoking crack, and quit letting violent criminals back on the street due to overflooding?

      • Jerry

        Ray Lewis is a joke like most people of his persuasion. He is a murder that got away with murdering twp people. First murder that occurs in his area he should be the first suspect. Jack Ass!!!!!!! read the following story and refresh your memory.

        At around 4 a.m. on January 31st outside of an Atlanta nightclub where a post Super Bowl party was winding down, an argument broke out between two groups. The altercation escalated from verbal to physical when one man struck another over the head with a champagne bottle. The actions to take place in the following chaotic moments were fast and furious, and it seems no two eyewitnesses saw the same thing. What is conclusive about the outcome is that a limousine sped away, gunshots were fired at it, and Jacinth Baker and Richard Lollar died from multiple stab wounds. If convicted along with his two friends, Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens will go from three-time All-Pro to lifetime inmate.

        “I’m not trying to end my career like this,” Lewis reportedly said in his hotel room after the fatal fight. This will be the very same room that the prosecution will attempt to show a “blood trail” leading to, with the assistance of a forensics expert no less renowned than Henry Lee of the famed O.J. Simpson defense team. So far, the state of Georgia’s case against Lewis has been rather flawed. Since the trial began, several witnesses whose testimony would supposedly demonstrate Lewis’ guilt have altered the stories initially given to investigators. Their testimonies were supposed to show that Ray Lewis hit, kicked or stabbed someone, and that he even admitted as much afterwards. Instead, the vast majority of testimony has either been inconclusive, or else supports the defense’s contention that Lewis acted solely as a peacemaker, trying in vain to prevent a tragedy that he would be tied to. It is crucial that jurors believe this if Lewis is to be acquitted, for even though no one has placed a knife in his hand or claims to have seen him stab anyone, he can still be convicted of murder if it is proven that he participated in the brawl that led to two deaths.

        The lone person sticking to his assertion that Lewis acted violently has been Chester Anderson, not exactly an ideal witness. Anderson is an admitted con artist in jail on identification fraud charges. This has given the defense the opportunity to attack Anderson’s credibility, suggesting that he is falsely testifying in hopes of winning leniency in his own legal problems. It has been shown that Ray Lewis gave a false statement to the police, mentioning only two people in the limousine that fled the scene, omitting the names of his friends and now co-defendants, Reginald Oakley and Joseph Sweeting. However, Lewis has not been charged with lesser crimes such as lying to the authorities and obstruction of justice, but stands accused of murder. Unless there is a dramatic turn in the case, it appears that at most, Lewis’ guilt is strictly by association.
        The copyright of the article The Ray Lewis Murder Trial in Sports Issues is owned by Roy Pickering. Permission to republish The Ray Lewis Murder Trial in print or online must be granted by the author in writing.

    • Dr. Edgbert Souse'

      You’re right Ray . . . if it wasn’t for professional sports, many athletes would just be another inmate!

    • Joe

      Maybe then there should be 7 different leagues that have games every day of the week. That will reduce overall crime to almost zero! That will leave more room in the prisons for politicians.

      • Great Idea

        OR resort back to the Roman way of “sport”. I would love to watch Ray, Ray fight a pack lions!!!!

      • LA Tax Payer

        >”. I would love to watch Ray, Ray fight a pack lions!!!<
        If it was a pack of Detroit Lions it would not be a contest!

    • Jam,es Strickler

      His “educated” comment comes from a particular vantage point. One of the pinnacle qualities of an educated person is their ability to entertain themselves. If people learned to entertain themselves temporarily while the NFL folks come to agreement, crime rates would dramatically reduce. Reading a good book, visiting a significant other or shut in in a nursing home, learning to juggle while riding a unicycle are just a few of the meaningful possibilities that come to mind!

    • SteveThomas

      Is William Cooper really Stephen Zane? Someone wants to know.

    • Parker

      William – I don’t understand what ‘get board’ is? Would that mean that people get a board? What would they do with that board? Build something? With no NFL I might get a little BORED on Sundays but I don’t think I’ll go get a board. I have no use for a piece of wood.

      • Justin V.

        Given the choice between a guy who misspells words and a tool, I’d seal the latter in a rocket and fire it into the sun, and buy the former a beer.

    • Cousin Eddie

      If anybody knows about crime, its Ray Lewis.

      • Rich in Cali

        So much THIS!!!

    • crustas

      NFL exists for disabling the capacity of citizens to use the brain and think for themselves about their live and society.

      Weekend are the only time that citizens have time to reflect about what’s around them.

      But NFL entertainment is like anesthesia.

      And if people without entertainment become criminal, so there’s must be something wrong with them. Let them try to read a book, for a change.


      • Ron Langevin

        Who ever said they could read???????????


    • Mitch

      Ray Lewis and educated prediction…right.

    • Brian

      Educated guess? #1 You are claiming Ray Lewis is educated that in itself is funny. #2 Ray Lewis is talking about what he did when get got bored. Murdered people.

      • Justin V.

        Nope, you’re wrong! An education is not required to make an educated guess, and if you knew what an educated guess was, why, you’d know that. You’re doubly wrong because most football players have a college education (to a debatable extent, I know), but they have one nonetheless. Ray’s one that does. Man, I’m having a great time defending Ray Lewis today, mostly because he’s a better man than any dipsh*& on this site.

    • Ratt

      Well, with this kind of reasoning then why don’t they have Football on TV 7 Nites a Week ?

      On another note: I assume you meant bored ?

    • Paul Revere

      Right because the NFL has an audience every sunday of 330 million americans. This is the stupidest prediction since the end of the world last weekend.

      If crime rises, it will only rise in the places these players spend their time with their entourages causing fights in clubs, stabbing people outside stripclubs, etc etc.

      Ray is lucky he isnt doing time for being an accomplice to murder and still gets to live his charmed life. To be honest, there is no excuse for cancelling the season, if these clowns wont play for the millions they are getting paid, then find 500-600 guys who will, and let’s get ready for some football.

      • Justin V.

        Paul Revere?!? Pfff. Look midnight rider. The audience is in the tens of millions. Think of all the superfans you’ve ever met–these weirdos who just live for football. Don’t you think that just maybe, without football, some of them might cause trouble they otherwise wouldn’t? That the entertainment football provides acts as a sort of sedative? Only a handful would need to do so for Ray’s comment to be entirely correct. He could be wrong, but what he said wasn’t stupid. There’s also the clear, linear relationship between the economy and crime, and killing a 9 billion dollar golden goose for a year could contribute to that. So Ray’s not stupid.

        YOU, on the other hand, having all the benefit of typing on the internet with no cameras in front of you, and with the luxury of rereading what you write before submitting, have said demonstrably stupid things just now. That also includes blaming Ray Lewis for being an accomplice to murder, when he certainly was not; as anyone who cares to look into the facts will plainly see.

      • Spanky

        I quit being a baseball fan a long time ago during one of the many players strikes. The owners should NOT give in to union extortion.

    • Spanky

      “Without entertainment people get board…”

      They do knot!

      • Diane King

        Oh yea, their gonna git board fer sure.

      • spike

        they dew two!

      • Jimbo

        They need a “board” upside da hed

      • dtech

        Very well played!

      • Robert Miller

        Maybe some of those Dad’s can take their kids to the park and spend some time with them instead. Football is fun to watch, and is entertaining. These players, some of them, consider themselves to be more then entertainment. There is nothing lasting they are doing. Some of them are using their postion in a positive way, others are miiking the sytem for their selfish ways. Come on Ray, you can do better!!

      • marg1

        LOL!! My first laugh of the day; thanks :-)

      • marg1

        I believe what Ray Lewis was doing was threatening us. He wants us to contact the owners to settle the strike in the players’ favor.

        Well, I’m shakin’ in my boots and I’m gonna do just what he wants.

    • NFL4Life

      Who’s going to be committing these crimes, disgruntled football FANS or disgruntled football PLAYERS?

      • dennis is fed up in Atlanta

        When the repo man comes knocking on their door because they can’t pay their house notes. the players

    • Grant Smith

      I’d like to suggest that workplace productivity will actually increase because my idiot co-workers won’t be fiddling around with their fantasy football pools for a change.

    • Turna

      Oh, really. So should we have Pro Football 7 days a week. If that is all it takes to end crime then maybe we should make those babies play football 8 hours every day.

    • iamwinstonsmith

      Are they too “board” to read a book?

      Never confuse “educated” with “Ray Lewis”.

      • dennis is fed up in Atlanta

        do what? READ? Are you kidding? It is easier for them to play with their video games. doesn’t take brains, education or imagination to play thoes stupid games.

    • bob

      Hes right, if all those crinimal arents playing football, they gotta find something to do.

    • Erin

      Football season is 4 weeks for preseason, 17 weeks for the season, 5 weeks for playoffs and Super Bowl, and 1 week for the All-star game. What about all the other weeks of the year?!?! Ray, show me proof that football season weeks have less crime than other weeks. I would even bet that there is less crime, less drunk driving etc without football season.

      • Justin V.

        Oh yeah? SHOW ME PROOF! Oh wait, you can’t. And that’s OK. You and Ray could both be right at the same time. If you can’t see how that’s true, stop commenting on the internet.

    • Johnny Dangerously

      People get “board”? Is that like the new planking craze? Get off of my internet you dope.

    • Ivan Yurkenov

      What Ray is referencing is that the entire NFL roster will have idle time on their collective hands…idle hands lead to criminal mischief.


    • Gorf

      Yes, as he is only talking about the crimes he will personally committ.

    • Andrew

      I thought he was refering to the NFL players….

    • S Moore

      Ray should know, look what happened in Atl when he had a little free time.

    • William R. Smith

      well, when you type board when you mean to type bored, you truly remove “educated” from your argument…. more like edu-ma-cated as I see it…YO!! homey….

    • max renn

      Then let’s have football year round and stop all crime. What a dummy.

    • bob

      Rapistberger will have alot more time out on the streets with no games played.

    • Russ

      An educated prediction? Oh yes, very educated. And it says a lot for the level of humanity that follows football. Or plays it.

    • Jason

      Ray Lewis speaking on issues of crime. That’s the kettle calling the pot black isn’t it?


      Do you mean European- Americans or African Americans you JERK!!!!!

    • Tim Timmy

      educated? based on what? all the statistical analysis that Ray is incapable of doing? stick to football Ray Ray

    • Nick

      Haha they should make a show called Athletes Say the Darndest Things. So what he’s saying is that without the NFL the players would have nothing to do on Sundays and then turn to a life of crime to get their aggression out since they won’t be able to do it on the field anymore.

      • Justin V.

        That’s not what he’s saying, and you’re an idiot.

    • Norman

      If a white man had made the same comments that Ray Lewis made they would not have been reported as controversial, they would have been reported as racist.

      • HarlanR

        You are absolutely correct. And, if the white guy had pointed out that more white people watch football than black people, they would have said, “But that’s not what you meant.” because when it comes to white people making remarks about black people, the race-hustlers are great mind readers. Outside of that, they’re too stupid to find a bass drum in a broom closet.

    • hugh jassol

      ohhhh palease, Wlliam cooper show me the stats that show the increased crime rate when the NFL season is over. People will move on and get tired of these over paid idiots, that think because they can run, catch or throw that their word is the gospel. They need to get over themselves and you need to stop drinking their koolaid

    • Pete

      Crimes like having one of your boys kill someone, Ray?

    • Mario

      Nothing to do on Sundays??? Maybe everyone should go back to church and “Change your evil ways….baby” Santana

      • HarlanR

        There’s these things called books and you can ever eat pizza and drink beer while you read them.

    • J Harbaugh

      Board? Really. You do stupid things.

    • mgee

      Fix the black American family, they have become unruly out of control animals.

    • tsandco

      Forget Football and the spoiled children (owners/players) of the NFL, real men play Rugby, Rugby is back in the 2016 Olympics!

    • Bobby

      Lewis is correct- If they’re not occupied with playing football, a great number of NFL players will be out committing crimes. Fact.

    • P. Hertz


    • mrgenius

      Ray really meant that “Black People” will riot and commit crime …but they do that anyway ..perhaps a small uptick …..ain’t gonna be no white people using the NFL as an excuse to go out and strongarm old ladies or “flash-pack-rob” your local wal-mart.

    • mrgenius

      Ray was speaking about what black people are gonna do ….no white people are gonna go out and strong-arm grandma or flash-pack-rob Walmart cause the football game is cancelled ….black people need no excuse for crime and violence but will use any excuse …

    • spike

      ray lewis knows a thing or two about violent crime…it’s one of his hobbies

    • Jchron

      Ray Lewis may have that kind of mentality because he comes from trash and is trash but categorizing the entire NFL audience as a bunch of thugs who will run rampant if they aren’t throwing a leather ball to each other once a week is insulting. Some people are still decent. Ray Lewis is a simple minded fool.

    • katie

      Yes, every educated person knows that “board” people do bad things…lol!!! knucklehead!
      After reading the headline I thought that the players would have more time to do stupid things like gamble, drink and drive, deal drugs and get into bar fights. :)

    • LLinLa

      With entertainment, people do stupider things. Actually, I understand what he meant. Without football, the NFL players would be on the streets and we know how they’re magnets for off-field violent associations, right, Ray?

    • kat38

      board? and you say Lewis made an “educated” prediction?

    • kat

      board?? and you say he made an “educated” prediction?

    • Layla

      Ray Lewis made a stupid comment. THIS is the type of individuals Americans revere as their idols, and you wonder what’s causing the downfall of America? Pay your stupid jocks millions and the average teacher minimum wage. Familiies cannot even afford to attend these games anymore, only corporate America.

    • Real American 1776

      Blacks will be the ones causing trouble. They always are – stats prove that! It must be the liberal policies of Hussein Obama that allow this. And they wonder why they’re called n-words. Buncha of no good blacks. Get out of my country!!!

    • JimCT

      He made a statement that is not supported by any empirical study at all. There is NO evidence that the absence of football games increases violence due to lack of alternative entertainment or any other reason.

      Complete and utter nonsense. Indefensible and irresponsible.

    • 10-8

      Working as an officer in a large city our calls for service drastically drop on the weekends during the football season. Even bad guys watch football.

    • Stormbringer

      This from a person who does not know the difference between board and bored.

    • Matt

      speaking of educated, the word is “b-o-r-e-d”.

    • dave stolp

      There is already proof that crime goes up when the NFL is not playing, look at all the NFL players involved in criminal behavior this off-season.

    • Plaxico Buress

      Yea!!! Imagine the rampant rise in criminal activity with hundreds of unemployed NFL players with no training camp, practice, scrimmages or season to keep them occupied!! SCARY!!!

    • Hoot4RE

      Hmmm, Ray MIGHT be right, considering the brawls that have been happening in fast-food resturants lately…..,

    • jay murphy

      Ray Lewis is such a moron that he thinks the only things people can find to do on Sunday is watch football. Blackmail does not work on most of us. Maybe its time for Ray to retire.

      More crime? More guns for the police seems like a reasonable response.

    • DOUG

      Is he calling football fans criminals, or is he saying the football players will have more time to get in jail?

    • Justice League of America


    • John

      Just like the Romans – BHO will step in and make sure we have gladiators in the coliseums.

    • Beerman

      How is it that people get board? I always was taught that a BOARD is something you use to build something. Maybe when someone gets board it’s just like when William Cooper’s daddy beat him. Getting bored is no excuse for criminal behavior. Go grill out with the framily on Sundays or play a dang game. I heard you can find a few for the computer that teach grammar.

    • berrnard

      Educated? Does Ray Lewis have a criminal record?

    • Early Ardmore

      Since Peter Gabriel hasn’t toured for years I guess there will be more white collar crime going down until he’s back on the road. Stop the madness! Tour so the crime will stop.

      See how stupid and degenerate this sounds? Almost as lame as Ray Lewis comments that could only come from a mental deficient.

      http://911essentials.com say stop listening to morons

    • lorenzi

      It seems as if your trying to sound smart and educated…..it’s bored, not board…..a 2×4 is a board……

    • Ben Gunn

      LOL I am thinking there will be more crime because the players are on the streets able to perpetrate and not training

    • Ric

      I’m not “entertained” at the moment – and the only crime I’m committing is wasting 30 seconds of my life reading William Cooper’s drivel about Ray Lewis’ “educated prediction,” and replying to it. Oh wait…. you mean there’s a 7-11 I could be sticking up instead? Well day-um! I bes git mah lazy azz outchair an do whut a man need ta do dat ain’t gots no entertainment….. seem sane?”

    • angel wilson

      He is talking about his self-he killed my newphew and his friend-jason baker and richard lollart. money will get you off in this world but not forever-GOD is the one who will judge. God is the one you have to face. All the people who knew what he did will be judged – Funny how the world will indorse somebody who is evil and even looks it in his commercials-but forgot about the victims. What has this world come too.

  • George Mouring

    Criminals are going to be criminals, with, or without football. The only increase I think would be seen is petty stuff, troubled kids getting into mischief. Both sides of this controversey need to get over there greed and get on with it. In my opinion there all grossly overpaid, for what they do, making 50 times what the President of the US does, to say the least. They make more than doctors, lawyers, and hollywood stars for Gods sake, only because the fans around the country are addicted to a stupid game. That kind of money would serve better, for the poor of this country.

    • uncle-grumpy

      And a great big “AMEN” to kevin! When we “stupid people” stop shelling out our hard-earned money for the garbage Holly-weird pumps out, as well as throwing money at grown-up children playing children’s games,maybe guys like Ray Lewis will cease making idiotic statements and find productive employment. Lewis is like one of the other overpaid babies in the NFL crying that there is a strike, he won’t be able to pay for his family’s health care. After all, his contract only paid him $16 million. Boo hoo. Used to be pro athletes behaved like men on and off the field. Now they’re like the “elites” of Holly-weird, somebody needs to tell them what to say so they don’t sound like complete morons.

    • Tom D.

      And exactly what does the POTUS DO?
      BTW, what happens during the off season, is there a crime spree then.

      Pitiful self important leeches.

      • Spanky

        “And exactly what does the POTUS DO?”

        Reads from teleprompters.
        Takes vacations.
        Destroys America.
        etc., etc., etc..

      • Russ

        What Spanky said.

    • Jake

      Yeah right George…these players should be payed WAY less for the hits they take. Instead they should take a huge paycut and give it to their owners so they can give it to the needy…since they are so kind hearted and all. I mean, most of these players don’t have needy families, you know…since they come from such well-to-do families. GIVE ME A BREAK…do you even know what the hell you’re talking about???

      • Spanky

        paid not “payed.”

    • cris

      look thats the owners fault for paying these guys the way they do. the owner are making billions by rasing pricing all around the stadium so i dont feel bad for them. i could care less if its a season or not.

      • kevintheelder

        It’s certainly not the owner’s fault, nor the player’s fault. If you want to place blame then look no farther than into the mirror, for as long as we support and watch the sport, WE are paying.


      You’re right. Many of the criminals prefer Basketball -http://www.BirtherReport.com

  • X-Fan

    I agree with Ray BUCK-KNIFE Lewis, he and his co-players will have more time to committ Murder, DUI’s, Assults, Thefts, and Drug distrubution.

    NFL= National Felony League

    • RufusVonDufus

      X-Fan, you forgot rapes, pillaging, and many others. Too bad they don’t all overdose and be done with it. Ray Lewis is a trashbag of a person who knows all about killing. He would be in prison except for the NFL.

    • cris

      and you are the one screaming and hollering for ray lewis and the ravens on sundays. fare weather fans like you we dont need. get a life idiot

      • RufusVonDufus

        You know the one about pot meet kettle, right! Well in your case it must be Idiot, meet Idiot!

  • sheriff

    The NFL owners & players are already committing crimes by charging us the prices they do to watch a game. Parking, food, PSL seats, unwanted preseason games. The prices are for greedy owners & to pay a lot of otherwise mediocre players their salaries & retirement fund. They don’t pay mine!…..So, Ray Lewis says there will be more crime because no football? Possibly but the hard criminal will still be out there doing their thing & I think this will mostly be domestic violence, drinking abuses etc due to the people being bored. Either way, I really don’t care. Football is not my God on Sunday.

    • Eroneous

      THEN DON”T GO!!!! This is how supply and demand works. They wil charge you the most they can for whatever fills the seats. Ironically you probably feal entitled to go to games as if it is a right so you continue to go and complain about the price…save your breath!

      • Spanky

        You’re forgetting that evil businesses should not be allowed to make any money on things we like. Congress should regulate all businesses because they can do a much better job than free enterprise.

    • Spanky

      It’s clear that Congress needs to more closely regulate football to prevent owners from making too much money. Selected Democrat Senators should have direct lines to the helmets of every QB during every game so they could tell them what plays to run. It’s time The People took control of our national sport!


      • Russ

        And there should be no scores, because fans with disappointed or hurt feelings often justifiably act-out, starting fires, beating up fans of other teams, and other things. Just play to a zero-zero tie and everyone go home happy!



  • Homer

    I guess crime increases dramatically during non-football seasons?

    • Spanky

      Well, we spectators have curling and badminton to take up the slack during those non-football times..

  • Bob

    Does this mean that he will go out and kill again?

    • Jesse

      Hahaha thats one idea on how to get the lockout canceled! Threaten to kill one person a day untill he gets to play football. Could that be what he is implying?

    • Chris

      I think you’re right. We should keep a close eye on this man.

  • Hank Warren

    This is all about Free Speech. After all, censorship is everywhere. The gov’t (and their big business cronies) censor free speech, shut down dissent and ban the book “America Deceived II”. Free speech for all.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  • cj

    I have to agree, with all the free time they will get when they strike, the players of the “national felons league” will wreck havoc on society. Keep these criminals working and off our streets

  • RufusVonDufus

    Sounds to me like Ray has spent every penny he ever earned on; probably on ho’s, drugs, gambling, drinking and any other perversion one can thiink of and knows he cannot afford a couple of months w/o a payday. That’s all right, Ray, you know how to get money without working. There is money in every little quick shop and minimart in Baltimore.

  • Joe

    A silly comment from a man who sees the world through a football “lens.” The reality is it’s not all that important.

    • Barry A Kenyan

      Well remember this is the guy that SHOT someone at the superbowl in Atlanta and got away with it!!

      • shannon

        get it right

  • Htos1


  • reaganredux

    those thug football players are just one torn ligament from being drug dealers.

    • Barry A Kenyan

      LOL………… Very true

  • Greggers

    People will just have another excuse as to why it’s someone else’s fault they commit crime. There, fixed it for you, Ray.

  • John

    INstead of pillaging and looting, people could, oh, I don’t know, go to church and thank their God for the many blessings!

  • Crazyhorse

    Ray Lewis, what are you thinking? Did you think before you spoke or is this really you. I guess the crime will increase because of all the football players won’t have anything to do. IThe players and the owners are both at fault here. The game is not what it used to be. There is too much in your face chatting and too much fighting. Not enough respect out there. Can’t believe your stupid remarks – you need to apologize.

  • Prorkba

    Yep, he’s right. If these thug football players are left to wander the streets, they’ll commit crimes wherever they are. I say jail them now to prevent crime! I mean, c’mon. Stop making terrorist threats and start acting like a human being Lewis!

  • Fallon

    Biden/Lewis 2012!

  • Barry A Kenyan

    Well of course if they let the football players run around unattended!!

  • T. Michael Barclay

    Just maybe Ray is afraid they will find something else to do!

  • Bill

    Is this geneltman suggesting a relationship between thugs and criminals and the NFL?

  • Trueblueroo

    Watch real football instead! You know, the one being played by the feet.

    • whodat1

      Okay, that’s enough! Back to Europe with you!

    • GoOrange

      I’d rather be a victim of the crime Ray is talking about than have to watch soccer all weekend…

      • Deskboy

        Or the Canadian Football League. Up next Toronto vs. Montreal, eh? , and on the West Coast, Regina vs. Vancouver this Thursday night online.

  • Prog.Journalism101

    Maybe he is on to something. Look at the crimes he committed when there was NO Lockout!

    I wonder why this fact is neglected (kept from the readers)?????

  • WDC

    It isn’t clear if he means crimes among NFL players or society as a whole becuase we will miss football. If he means players then he is saying that everyone in the NFL is inherently criminal and only football is keeping them from committing crimes. If he means all of society then he is sorely misguided on just how popular football is. Not everyone watches football and not everyone that watches football is going to committ crimes out of boardom this fall.

  • Rog

    Just another treat from a union thug. Ignor him.

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