BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A local lawyer and owner of a children’s entertainment company has been arrested in Florida on child sex charges.

 Howard Scott Kalin, 47, was arrested Monday afternoon, caught in an undercover cyber sting.

Undercover detectives were contacted by Kalin in January 2011 through online chatting services. During that time, Kalin identified himself under his alias name of “Ben Aldridge.” Since then, cyber crimes undercover detectives posing simultaneously as a 14-year-old boy and as a caregiver communicated with Kalin numerous times online. Detectives say he flew to Lake County, Fla. to have sex with whom he thought was the 14-year-old boy.

Kalin lives in Essex and owns “Funhouse Entertainment” where he advertises himself as a magician.

He’s being held without bond.

Comments (30)
  1. Bullfrog says:

    Make him disappear through the judicial system and put him in prison. Parasites like him cannot be rehabilitated they need to be locked up FOREVER! My second suggestion would be castration (open to the public) if people are interested. I can almost guarantee that if castration was an alternative there would be less parasites in our country. Parasites are yellow bellied COWARDS who have to use children for their sick perversions because they are the sons and daughters of SATAN and are scared of real men and the consequences of their own actions. On second thought Satan would probably be ashamed to call these child molesters (parasites) sons and daughters his!

  2. Ronald G Miner Jr says:

    Why is it that most of these animals are men looking for boys? No wonder many people equate gays with pedophiles. I know it’s stereotypical but appearance is reality..

  3. this guy says:

    GROSS! He must not watch Dateline! HA

    1. Julz says:

      lol Rite!!! Hes a dummy!

  4. cris says:

    white men and little boys, what is it. this is nasty and disgusting foreal

    1. pigeon says:

      You best go back and read records – it isn’t just “white men and little boys” involved in this garbage; it’s men of ALL races. However, from what is reported by the media, it appears that the white men are the worse, just not the only.
      Yes it is digusting!

  5. KSO says:

    “this guy” sooooo true hahaha. msnbc dateline, c’mon now! nasty pedophiles. i dont believe in the death penalty but shoot id enjoy sitting there watching that one…

  6. andy says:

    This POS is from Essex? What do you expect from the gateway city on the red neck riviera.

    1. Essex Resident says:

      Congratulations andy, you’ve managed to slur blacks, southerners and residents of Baltimore and Essex with your comments about an article that reports a potential crime, nothing more. This man is ill and has already to begun to suffer the consequences of his actions. He has lost his dignity, career and ultimately his family for his actions not to mention his fate in our stellar penal system. Educate yourself and try move beyond the vitreol that you spew.

  7. andy says:

    Blacks,…..13% of the U.S. population yet 58% of the inmate population in prisons. Is it a poverty thing? NO, Look at all the Black athletes in major sports. They have fame & money yet their morals are lower than whale s…..t & their deviant behavior is abhorrent.

    1. cris says:

      andy who cares more stupid white men like little boys. and you andy you root for the black athletes running up and down the field and on the court so dont talk about them buddy. so ebonics that clown lllssss

      1. pigeon says:

        Andy is a twit – doesn’t deserve recognition of his postings. But, you too, need to step back and read some of the ones you have posted. Both of you have too much resentment and hatred in your souls.

  8. vigvee says:

    Hmm, since no child was ever actually involved, exactly what is the crime? Sounds like entrapment to me, Cops down in Lake County mmust have a shortage of REAL crime to be sitting around all day pretending to be kids online. Go find some REAL criminals to harass!

    1. s says:

      so we’re supposed to wait until a child is attacked???? I think not! We need to protect out children from predators and I certainly would have it done before they ruin a child’s life

      1. s says:

        sorry OUR children, My finger hit the t instead of the r

    2. Ballsdeep, Esq says:

      I guess you would sing a different showtune if it was your little boy scouring the pedo websites, looking for some old esquire balls slapping against his underage ass.

    3. P says:

      obviously you have no kids of your own, and…………wait for it……….your an idiot.

    4. pigeon says:

      Just in case you are misinformed; postings like he did ARE criminal in nature. How would you like someone to hop a plane and come see you or one of the members of your family with the same intentions. AND, who is to say he hasn’t already “got his jollies” with some kid out there who is to darn afraid to say something to someone. What he did was wrong, Wrong, WRONG!

  9. s says:

    It’s a shame we have to resort to throwing racism out there. A crime is a crime no matter what race and making excuses is a crime in itself. How about if we concentrate on making the world a better place instead of blaming a person’s crimes on his heritage? As for this guy-it’s the ultimate betrayal and I agree with all the thoughts on what his punishment should be.

  10. Just another reason to hate Lawyers says:

    Hurray for the Detectives for taking another sicko off the streets, it seems like there is just no end to these sicko’s….I will never ever understand it….when they go to prison the inmates will kill them or molest them ….so after there caught they get what’s coming to them ….In Triple….which is what they deserve

  11. RavenLude says:

    im sure he was a criminal defense attorney… the looks of his face in the mugshot i doubt he will be able to manipulate and weasel his way out of this one.
    when and how did this article’s responses become racial?
    yes facts show that white males are serial killers and child sex offenders more then any other demographic.
    and facts also state that black males in urban settings of this country are committing mass genocide against there own people.
    cris, good job sturring up racial issues on a non racial article.

  12. RavenLude says:

    cris the racist and vigvee the nambla member…..u 2 should rent a motel room together

  13. bmoregyrl says:

    Its scary to think that he is a child entertainer and he likes little boys. I work birthday parties as a clown and to think this prev is out there doing this makes me sick. I hope they put in away for a long time.

  14. andy says:

    Truth is, I wish it was me he was coming to see. I also really liked when the aliens came down and gave me an anal probe.

  15. Beware says:

    “Gacy” was one of the worst othe worst pedophile and murderer Chicago had to offer and what did he do in his spare time…He was a clown…. the worst offender’s are the one’s that are among us that look and act as normal and unsuspecting as they come , dont trust anyone with your children “NO ONE”
    pedophiles are the best at concealing their “Dirty Deed’s” , there was a guy down the street from us who had at least 4 adopted kids and now he is on the “Sex offender” website ….never would you ever think this about this guy
    yet now he is convicted and he has been stopped…IT Scares me to think that theses type of people exist …but they do and as Parents Never take anyone for
    granted. I am not trying to scare you just make you aware

  16. Retired From BPD says:

    Let’s keep the race rants off this thread. ALL feces are responsible for committing crimes. Some commit more than others, some get caught more than others. This thread is about a “man” ski g interstate travel for the purpose of having sex with what he THOUGHT was a 14 year old boy. To answer the question of where the crime is in this, it’s in the intent. It’s also in the interstate travel. I’ll bet you’d feel a lot different if it were your 14 year old son he was coming to see. I don’t know you, but, it seems you’re on the side of this guy. I can only assume that you may be into little boys also. At any cost, the FEDS had him the moment he agreed to travel and HE sealed the deal when he bought the plane ticket.

  17. bnjpartyproducions says:

    I hope that this does not hurt good children’s entertainment. There is a lot of clowns and magicians who really love children and love to entertain them and see the smiles on their faces. This jerk is a bad mark on all children entertainers. I am a children’s entertainer in Maryland. I feel bad for this person’s family. I pray that the media keeps away from them.

  18. vigvee says:

    I’m with Andy. I want to take a trip to Area 57 so the aliens can finish probing me. If that doesn’t work I’ll just move to San Francisco where I’ll be accepted for who I am.

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