WASHINGTON (AP) — A Metro spokesman says two transit officers involved in a confrontation with a man in a wheelchair have had their police powers suspended.

Dan Stessel says the men have been reassigned to administrative duties pending the outcome of an investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s office. A video of the encounter posted on YouTube shows the officers forcing the man to the ground outside the U Street station.

Metro has said the man was drinking alcohol outside the station last Thursday and refused to leave the area and accept a citation.

The agency said the man resisted arrest and fell from his wheelchair during the resulting scuffle with the officers.

The man was arrested for assault and drinking in public. On Tuesday, the U.S. Attorney’s office dropped the assault charge.

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Comments (34)
  1. C'mon son!!!!! says:

    This man certainly did not assault these officers!!! They must be fired!

    1. shelli says:

      the two metro cop’s should be fired !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. baltimore resident says:

    I am not a Police hater, but right is right and wrong is wrong, if I was on a jury these 2 would being seeing some serious time behind bars, it shows one on each side and then up and out of the wheelchair the guy goes and then both cops on top of the guy, my question is how do you fall out of a chair going upward first?

  3. Perry says:

    I used to work in one of the prisons in Maryland, and the funniest thing I had ever seen was a man in a wheelchair beat up a regular not hurt man

    1. End violence! says:

      I never think its “funny” to see anyone hurting someone else. So sad and barbaric.



  5. Mi 13 says:

    so…if the guy was able bodied and drunk…thye would have what…shot him?

  6. Disabled Vet says:

    For those who have not seen the actual video: Go to Youtube and paste:
    POLICE BRUTALITY – Man In Wheelchair Bodyslammed To The Floor By Terrorist Cops

    I am wheelchair-bound myself, and am horrified at the way that these two cops treated this crippled man. You give a little power to a couple of bad cops, and they resort to violence to show their power. When I watch the video, I see Excessive Force, as they both lift him from the wheelchair, and slam him to the concrete face-first. Just look at the pool of blood that this poor black man is loosing from his head. And for what? Failure to leave the area? Did these two bad cops ever think to just push this man’s wheelchair to wherever they wanted him? Of course not. They needed to show all of the minorities in the area what happens when you don’t listen to them. Put these two cops in jail with the rest of the violent criminals.
    sheriff: you are just as bad. What comes around, goes around. I don’t wish harm to anyone, but with your attitude, you are going to get shot one day.

  7. Throw The Book At Them says:

    Any cop that uses force to make a crippled person be more submissive is sick in the head.
    I wonder if either of their mothers are wheelchair bound. They would probably abuse their own mother too.

    I saw the video. The cops said that the man assaulted them, but the DA dropped the charge. I guess he saw the video too.

    And for that other cop, sheriff, who said that the crippled man was “lucky I was not on duty” shame on you. Turn in your badge before you hurt someone and shame your family.

  8. Ric says:

    Fire them…. I hear there is at least one opening at the McDonald’s in White Marsh. They’re a perfect fit for that gig.

  9. randy g. says:

    Dearest “I can read”,
    I have tried several times to reply and tell you what I really think of you, your family and your kind. However, the moderator has declined to post my remarks even though an earlier post speaks of shooting someone. Trust me when I say that you calling me an idiot is like MC Hammer calling Mark Zuckerberger a pauper. I’m not even sure you will fully understand that last comment, but some others will.

    1. I can read says:

      Kind of like how you can’t understand that Washington D.C is not Baltimore city, but “other people do”. Go get an education and keep on judging people. You ARE an IDIOT!

  10. Matt says:

    While I agree that the amount of force used appears excessive I am willing to bet that we did not see the entire incident on video. I would be willing to bet there is alot more to this then shown on video. The man was bleeding from a minor headwound (they tend to look alot worse then they are) and does appear to be paralyzed. However, was he intoxicated and belligerent? Did he spit at the cops (yep that constitutes assault) and warrants an arrest for disobeying police direction to leave. More to the story I am sure.

    1. pigeon says:

      Matt, it is on YouTube. Definitely action and force uncalled for taken against an individual in a wheelchair and two able bodied individuals. They are no better then the jerk downtown at the inner harbor with the kids skateboarding.
      I don’t say this often because too many people suing for stupid reasons, but I hope this individual gets himself a damn good lawyer and sue the pants off those two “bullies” (which is exactly what they were).
      And if any of you out there think you can reason with a drunk – WRONG!!
      To the others, please not there was nothing in this story indicating he was a threat to the officers. The officers gave no indication they feared for their safety or that the drunk had any weapons.

      1. pigeon says:

        To correct my errors:
        (1)…by two able bodied…
        (2)…sues the pants off…
        (3)…please note there was…
        I apologize for not proofreading before submitting my comment(s).

  11. sheriff says:

    Randy G & I can’t read, Man you’re getting personal. Take it outside dudes….Baltimore blows & D.C. is Dark country.

  12. Ravens1 says:

    If this guy wasn’t in a wheel chair – no one would be upset. He was drinking in public, assulted a cop or two, and resisted arrest. Just because he is in a wheel chair doesn’t allow him to have special rules and he should be arrested and the cops should be able to keep their jobs. Did the cops use a little much force? Yes they probably did, but they were treating that guy like they would anyone else (in a wheel chair or not). You want equallity – you don’t get to pick and chose which areas you want it in.

  13. JO JO DANCER says:

    sheriff is not a police officer is is just and idiot.

  14. randy g. says:

    I can read….first of all you’re a little to proud of having mastered a skill (reading) that I was doing at age 3. Next..Baltimore, D.C., Chicago, etc….they are all the same…65-80% minority rat and roach infested dumps where you could very easily get killed by some piece of garbage. It sounds like you fit right in. By the way, I have a master’s degree…that’s what your wife likes best about me.

    1. I can read says:

      IDIOT lives up to his name! Once again your facts and statistics are about as accurate as your fake degree. Get a life tool bag. I am sorry for you.

  15. JR says:

    I’m waiting for someone to say this is a “Hate Crime”. Everything is a hate crime to you people now.

    Go to Youtube and watch the entire video. You can clearly see when the Officer go in to make a lawful arrest, the suspect strikes the officer on the left with his left hand. The Officer gets struck in the neck and face.

    1. Verified Truth says:


      this is a “Hate Crime”

  16. Joey Mudd says:

    Personally, I think both of these PUNKS deserve a serious beating!


  17. randy g. says:

    Oh yeah, and I can see through your grandiose claims. To have a degree higher than mine, you would need a doctorate degree. You don’t have one of those…I can tell by your writing style. My guess is that you work part-time days at Ruby Tuesdays and full time nights on your back.

  18. Thanks says:

    Thankyou all for contributing to this page.
    Special thanks to those that said something intelligent.

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