BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The NCAA Men’s Lacrosse tournament has just wrapped up here in Baltimore. While it was a difficult way to end it for the University of Maryland, the entire weekend has been a huge success for the sport and the city.

Jessica Kartalija has more on the incredible amount of fan support throughout this entire tournament.

35,000 people came to watch the game against Virginia. About 70,000 came to watch the tournament over the weekend which is great news for the city of Baltimore and the state of Maryland.

“They’re going to dominate,” said one fan.

Just outside of M&T Bank Stadium…

“This is terrific for Maryland. It’s wonderful. The national championship for lacrosse men. Here we go, we’re going to beat Virginia today,” said another fan.

Thousands of fan eat up the face off for ACC rivals Virginia and Maryland.

“If Maryland plays good and they win the championship it will be good for the state and fun to see them play,” said a fan.

“Virginia has no chance against them, they’re just going to win,” said another.

The last time Maryland won the title was back in 1975.

“It’s huge, recruiting-wise. They haven’t done it in awhile. Since ’75 i think. So if they win today it will be great for the program,” said a fan.

The tournament brought in $15 million for the economy.

Comments (5)
  1. williejoe says:

    As usual, no one fears the Turtle. They played so well & in the big one, they suddenly realized how big the stage they were on & ………..choked!

  2. ernie says:

    your name is willie so naturally no one cares.

    1. pside0nine says:

      ernie isnt much better ha

  3. Jake says:

    Maryland comes up short again. As an alum I am not surprised

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